El Cortez Shooting

March 22, 2019

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El Cortez Shooting

Three men arrested in connection to a shooting at the El Cortez Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas last Saturday night appear unlikely to be convicted.

The suspects are Travis Callahan of Las Vegas and Matthew Norris and Roberto Romero of Tucson. All three are charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit murder and four counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon. Their bail was set at $100,000 on Monday.

According to witnesses, the three were dressed in red flannel shirts when they opened fire on four associates of the Vagos Motorcycle Club on the fifth floor of the hotel. A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spokesman described the shooting as “a dispute between two rival motorcycle gangs.” Two of the four victims made it to the casino floor before collapsing. Police found the other two victims were they fell. One victim was reported to be in critical condition. The other three suffered “non-life-threatening injuries.”

Silent Sleuths

A helpful witness provided police with a description of the three shooters and the car in which they left the hotel. The car was later discovered outside the Hells Angels Las Vegas clubhouse at 1505 Bonanza Road.

Callahan, Norris and Romero are all represented by local attorney David Chesnoff. Chesnoff has a long and successful history of representing members of the Hells Angels.

At the bail hearing, Chesnoff told Justice of the Peace Ann Zimmerman that his clients had acted in self-defense.

There has been a virtual news blackout of the incident since Monday. The El Cortez incident was the second shooting connected to a Las Vegas casino that weekend. Earlier, police shot and killed a man who tried to rob the Bellagio Casino on the Strip.


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  1. Neuro Says:

    Where is Beau ? Does Rebel know ?

  2. Beau Says:

    @avagovffv just couldn’t let the comments end at 81 haha. Just an observation.

  3. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    It’s been awhile.

    I’ve read bout enough comments and retorts while the monkey shit is being slung around. Also I really loath social media platforms. They tend to open the door for people to behave differently and without much accountability.

    However, on the upside there were good observations and a few intelligent opinions shared. I’ll share mine. If you gotta beef, take it off the web go get intimate and share the wisdom of valor.

    Remember this. There are people currently on ice doing time and waiting for a outcome of their RICO indictments. So showboating while exchanging catty bullshit won’t help squat nor will this recent shit show.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships.

    Viva Los Vagos

    My Respects to those who know how shit really works.

  4. david Says:

    @ Berdoo , Well written, on point, and cool.

    The Roman method of conquering nations is still being used by the Romans now located in the District of Criminals; Washington, D.C.

  5. Digger Says:

    For all the talk about “legit clubs” and “calling people out”, Palafin is an ex cup that NO respectable club would patch.
    Paper gangster who loved to hear himself talk.

  6. Berdoo Says:

    I agree with your overall statement. The shooting has to stop. One guy dies or is injured and the others are jammed up and it gives fuel to the Feds to kick in doors and destroy lives. No ever wins. I do wish it would return to knuckles. What I don’t agree with is K9 attitude that him and his are somehow righteous and it’s all the others. 10 years huh? That makes you a lifetime member in your club then. Let’s not forget Reno was a direct result of your brother not being a man, not acting righteous. He caused all of that and then sung like a bird along with other of your brothers and they could not take an ass kicking so they opened fire! Jethro did NOT have a gun. What about your brother BO who couldn’t take an ass whooping so he shot and killed his P and VP? I agree the guns gotta go but that’s on all sides! This was also a direct result of guys being bullies. Your side try’s to punk regular Joe blow supporters wearing red and white vans. Bottom line is ALL sides need to come together or this whole thing is coming down. Nothing righteous about shooting a dude off his scoot or in the back while he’s getting gas. I don’t have the the answer is above my pay grade but a return to knuckles is definitely the right step!!

  7. Aanon Says:

    I wonder what happened to that hemple fella.

  8. Not Surprised Says:


    No.You did not disrespect me.

  9. oldskewl Says:

    Stroker and a couple others hit the nail on the head. You don’t advertise your club on a known website with readers from all the major clubs, including your own. I have to believe if K9 is truly with the club he says he is then he’s sitting in the dog pound (no pun intended) about now. It may be cool with his chapter but as soon as nationals gets a whiff (no pun intended) they won’t be happy.

    Just my 2 cents.

  10. Dasein Says:

    Paladin, thanks for that.

  11. SoCal Says:

    Why is everyone arguing over the original comment by K9? He called them 3 pussies who pulled guns & started shooting during a verbal argument. By one of their own, Callahan, said that to police when he agreed to talk to police. Now they are not represented by the H A attorney but are split up with court appointed attorneys. They sound like pussies to me. When Paladin commented on acts of war, comparing Vietnam to a verbal altercation, it kind of sounded like he was taking sides against the Vagos. You say K9 is proclaiming his club but so is Paladin by saying he’s patched in SFV and he doesn’t seem to be green or B&W. At any rate, K9 was absolutely right in his original post. I doubt those 3 are proud 81 supporters today…. SoCal

  12. Neuro Says:

    Ok, thanks Paladin. You have no reason to bullshit about it.

  13. Paladin Says:

    Dasein Says:
    April 1, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    “Fearn testified he was pistol whipped by Pettigre.”

    The video evidence contradicts Fearn’s testimony.


  14. Dasein Says:

    “Fearn testified he was pistol whipped by Pettigrew.”


  15. Paladin Says:

    @ Neuro;

    The individual that died in the altercation at the casino didn’t draw first. He didn’t have a gun.


  16. panamaa Says:

    Paladin, One right after another…. Right?…

  17. Neuro Says:

    As long as your dominant leg is intact, you can easily kick someone to death minus one leg. I can assure you of that, given that your target is already down. Not to split hairs, but K9 never said the guy fired first. He said the guy drew first.We are not privy to private viewings of security footage, so most of us don’t know.

  18. Not Surprised Says:

    I for one find it difficult,bit not impossible a man with a prosthetic leg could be lethal enough to kick someone to death. Bit it’s been a dead issue for years.

  19. Paladin Says:

    @ K9;

    If you were actually in Reno and on the floor of the casino at the time of the altercation, you would know that the individual that died did not fire the first shot. The first shot fired was fired by an individual belonging to the same Club as the individual that died. I know this because I reviewed all of the security video from multiple cameras within the casino.

    My partner and I were contacted by the attorney representing the individual that fired the first shot in the altercation. The attorney contacted us regarding the possibility of providing expert testimony on behalf of his client. Taking the advice of his attorney, the client chose to plead to a lesser charge.

    I’m calling you out on this because if you are truly a member of the Club you claim and if you really were where you say you were when everything went sideways, you are purposely spreading misinformation. There is more than enough animosity between certain Patches without adding to it by twisting the facts.

    As has been said by others; I don’t favor one club over another, nor do I take sides.


  20. Phuquehed Says:

    @K9 – Wow! A whole 10 years?! Well shit, that makes you the ultimate to listen to! All other club members, of any club, should kowtow to you and non-club members should all quake in their boots! Your self-professed bad-assery and involvement of your club name should make us all wish we could be like you.

    On second though, no, most club members with more than one neuron to rub together knows better than to do any of that shit. Paladin and Stroker were right on target about you. Your shit-mongering here did not make your club look any better knowing it allows people like you in it, which is a shame because in these times all *real* clubs (any club but a pop-up and/or pig clubs) need all the support they can get.

  21. Paladin Says:

    @ Not Surprised;

    You asked me a question. I respected you by answering it. I disparaged no one.


  22. Neuro Says:

    I think they are, Shovelhead. Small but ruthless, sounds cool. Hooray for K9, bravo (even though I am not generally rooting for green).

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