Bowman Funeral

March 15, 2019

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Bowman Funeral

Harry Joseph “Taco” Bowman, the international president of the American Outlaws Association from 1984 until 1997, will be laid to rest tomorrow, March 16, in Dayton, Ohio.

Bowman, one of the last larger-than-life motorcycle outlaws, died at the beginning of this month of a stroke following a long illness at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina. His death was announced Sunday, March 3.

His funeral will begin at 10:30 a.m. at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds are at the intersection of Main and Stewart Streets in Dayton. His final ride to the Bear Creek Cemetery on the other side of the Miami River, on North Union Road in Madison Township, will begin at noon.

It should be about a four-mile ride.

Needless to say, there will be uniformed and undercover police, automated license plate readers, stingrays and drones everywhere.


12 Responses to “Bowman Funeral”

  1. Abyss Says:

    Cocksuckin cops can’t even let him have a funeral, what a bunch of cunts. Need some countersurveillace out there…

  2. anon Says:

    There once was a man named T
    He was mighty, he was free
    They said he was mean but only if you
    asked $10k as a wedding gift like a fee.
    Said Taco he, “Chopper shoot Sid Collins”
    “See if that puts some sense into him”
    Lead went in.
    Collins sang a said tale
    Mark went to jail
    T didn’t go the Wedding, no…

    T had one thing to tell the Feds on his death bed on Saturday
    Fuck You
    I won this fight
    You chased like dogs
    You tried to beat us down
    But Charlie will fly
    Until the Sun goes down
    And never again rises…

  3. Azbrick Says:

    RIP OL Taco.. condolences to his club brothers and family. Never met you but I used to talk to Witchywoman back in the day

  4. Sieg Says:

    RIP Taco 1%’er GBNF
    Seated in the Great Hall of Warriors
    The Forever Chapter has another class Brother riding with them.

    Taco was what anyone who claims the diamond should try to be. Stand-up to the end.

    MLL&R Sieg/SYLO


  5. richard cunningham Says:

    Rip Vagos Nomads.

  6. Igo Says:

    And everybody who shows up will be charged with RICO in the next sweep, because the feds will have proof of association…..

  7. old guy Says:

    Must be another taco,the one I remember shot some of his own club time heals everything.

  8. Danish Says:

    Does he have any surviving blood family? I have not seen anybody mentioned.

  9. freebird Says:

    Needless to say, there will be uniformed and undercover police, automated license plate readers, stingrays and drones everywhere

    A life more than well lived…..

  10. SlickBack Civilian Says:

    I remember reading about this gentleman for years. Time marches on. Old icons die. New ones are born. R.I.P.

  11. Jim Bob Says:

    Said it before, say it again, rest in peace Taco 1% er

  12. Aanon Says:

    It’s a shame that a man can’t even be buried without the cops fucking up the scene. I hope that 4 mile ride is a 10 mile snake and everyone goes home after.
    Condolences on the loss of Mr bowman. Send him home in style.

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