Crusade Against Bandidos Continues

March 8, 2019

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Crusade Against Bandidos Continues

Eric Fuchs, the Assistant United States Attorney in San Antonio who railroaded former Bandidos national officers Jeffrey Pike and John Portillo into prison, has claimed another victim.

Wednesday, Fuchs convinced a grand jury to return an indictment that began:

“On or about February 22,2019, in the Western District of Texas, the defendant, Alberet DeLeon did knowingly engage in conduct and thereby threaten, and attempt to threaten, to cause bodily injury to a person known to the Grand Jury (the ‘Known Person’), with intent to retaliate against the Known Person for providing information to a law enforcement officer relating to the commission and possible commission of Federal offenses, that is, defendant Albert DeLeon, a member of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization, approached the Known Person and threatened to harm the Known Person in retaliation for the Known Person providing information and evidence relating to the criminal activities of the Bandidos, including the case of United States v. John Xavier Portillo et. al.

Propaganda Games

The indictment was unsealed late yesterday and DeLeon had his initial appearance today. Fuchs has asked that DeLeon be denied bail because “A serious risk exists that the Defendant will obstruct or attempt to obstruct justice, or threaten, injure, or intimidate or attempt to threaten, injure, or intimidate a prospective witness or juror.”

As is customary, the Western Judicial District of Texas issued a press release about the arrest before any other documents filed in the case were available to the public. And as is also customary, most news coverage of the arrest has been written from the press release under some variation of the headline “Bsandido Arrested For Threatening Government Informant.”

Strong And Unified Message

The release reads:

“According to the indictment, on or about February 22, 2019, DeLeon, a member of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization (OMO), approached an individual and threatened to harm the individual in retaliation for the individual providing information and evidence relating to the criminal activities of the Bandidos, including information provided in the case of United States v. John Portillo, Jeffrey Pike, et. al.

“The arrest of Albert Deleon sends a strong and unified message that the mere intimidation and threating of a Government witness will not be endured and those who commit these offenses will rightfully be brought to justice,” stated Will R. Glaspy, Special Agent in Charge, DEA.

“‘Unlawful coercion, intimidation or threats against an individual, who cooperates with or testifies on behalf of the Government, will not be tolerated,’ stated Christopher Combs, Special Agent in Charge, FBI.”

Bandidos Bad Prosecutors Good

Most of the release is a reiteration of the government’s case that the Bandidos Motorcycle Club is a public menace. That broad accusation, that the Bandits are bad people who want to hurt you, seemed to be the point of the Pike-Portillo trial.

“On May 17, 2018, after a nearly three-month trial, jurors convicted Pike, the National President of the Bandidos, and Portillo, the National Vice President, of wide-ranging criminal activity, including conspiring to to conduct the affairs of a criminal organization through racketeering acts including directing, sanctioning, approving and permitting members of the Bandidos to commit murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault, intimidation, extortion and drug trafficking.

“Evidence during trial revealed that in 2006, Pike and Portillo ordered other Bandidos members to murder Anthony Benesh. At the time, Benesh was attempting to start a Texas Chapter of the Hell’s Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Organization in Austin. Members of the Bandidos warned Benesh to cease his activities and recruitment, which Benesh ignored. Several Bandido members then murdered Benesh on March 18, 2006, outside an Austin restaurant to protect the power, reputation and territory of the Bandido enterprise.

“Jurors also found that Portillo and others killed Robert Lara in January 2002 in Atascosa County as payback for killing Bandido member Javier Negrete. Negrete, a member of the same Bandido chapter as Portillo, was killed outside a San Antonio bar in October 2001.

“Jurors also found that Pike, Portillo and others conspired to murder and assault members and associates of the Cossacks Outlaw Motorcycle Organization (Cossacks). Testimony revealed that Portillo, with Pike’s approval, declared that the Bandidos were “at war” with the Cossacks. A number of violent acts were committed by the Bandidos around Texas in furtherance of this “war,” including in Fort Worth, Gordon, Odessa, Port Aransas, Crystal City and elsewhere.

“Testimony also revealed that Portillo and other members of the Bandidos were engaged in trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine and maintained an agreement with the Texas Mexican Mafia wherein Bandido members were not required to pay the 10-percent “dime” to the Texas Mexican Mafia in exchange for permission to traffic narcotics.

“In September 2018, Portillo and Pike were each sentenced to life in federal prison.”


11 Responses to “Crusade Against Bandidos Continues”

  1. Strongs Says:

    @ northside bipolar. He was NOT killed because he was “trying to start a club.” Even the club you seem to believe he was trying to start a charter for, testified that he was not a member, and he was not starting any official charter of the club. His murder had nothing to do with either club. It was 2 sad-assed drug dealers, murdering another drug dealer. That’s what it was about. And the two blood brothers who actually committed the murder, are getting preferential treatment from “the justice system”, for doing and testifying as they were instructed to, by “the justice system”. You may not know this, but Fuchs has been trying to get the BANDIDOS, since he was a local prosecutor decades ago. Fast forward to him, after failing for decades as a local prosecutor, finally getting a job as a federal prosecutor, with endless resources, and one does not have to be a Rocket Surgeon, to see there was, and continues to be, Fuchs ego, and personal vendetta as the real reasons for his continuing efforts to find those already convicted of serious crimes, to get on the stand and lie to try to dismantle the motorcycle club. Robert Merla, one of those who made up evidence to convict Pike and Portio, to make his life in prison shorter and sweeter, even says in an interview for one of those over sensationalized made up “bike hand” documentaries, that he will get the Bandidos back for putting him out bad, after he murdered a local boxing hero. Another murder that had NOTHING to do with the motorcycle club.

  2. CoolhandLuke Says:

    Maybe the formatting of my comment got it deleted. I intended to point out the irony of prosecuting a man in one state, for allegedly intimidating a witness, and watching a public service union intentionally use it’s influence to conceal evidence and direct sworn witnesses to be uncooperative, in another state. Somehow it only rises to the level of a crime in Texas. Or maybe irony isn’t the right word.

  3. CoolhandLuke Says:

    From your very next article (it’s difficult not to notice the irony):
    “Consequently, we are left to wonder why those in positions of authority allowed the disruptive conduct of a Union official to go unchallenged when an ordinary civilian who behaved in the same manner could have found himself in police custody.”

  4. Shovel Says:

    If I ever come in contact with 1%ers I’ll buy all of them a beer even though I’m a civilian (citizen) and would be risking a beat down because of my bad attitude. Does anyone have any other suggestions about how ordinary people can respect outlaw bikers? By the way, their use of the term “citizen” instead of “civilian” to refer to the 99% is an accurate message indicating that they are under attack by their own government and therefore are not treated as citizens in the usual sense of the word. After I’ve had a few brewskies with my new homies I’ll try to say this. Ha ha.

  5. Charles plyler Says:

    I sat through Rock Hall’s H A.s trial.No doubt about everyone being entrapped. The judge, at the jury not present stated that if she heard the word entrapment stated,that person would be held in contempt. The judge also stated she issued the warrants for gathering all evidence,they were legal and could not be challenged. So… She helped build the case,then tried it.Our judicial system is corrupt from the bottom to top.

  6. david Says:

    Eric fucks, his way to the higher levels of the corrupt, in it for the money, shit pile.

  7. SNOOPY Says:

    @Northside Bipolar, you are correct that was wrong and I sat in on that trial and I will tell you that those two people that committed that murder will be walking the streets in less than a year and guess what they pulled the trigger not the two men behind bars. You think that those two didn’t say what they needed to say against Pike and Portillo only to get a reduced sentence. Hell yes they did. Just like anyone else who is a known repeat criminal offender heck he just went from life in prison to 5 years all because Fuchs wanted to make his presence known. I know that those men in prison for life are only in there because the real criminals said anything to not be in prison and guess what this little RICO act was the only way the feds could do it. This system is the most unjust I have ever seen and everyone needs to wake up because who is to say that the same thing couldn’t happen to you? Just go sit in on a federal trial I promise you will leave with a different opinion.

  8. SNOOPY Says:

    This federal judicial system is the most corrupt system ever. It’s a shame that we cictizens can not charge and hold the government responsible for the many crimes they commit against us. What they do and have done is Entrapment. Eric Fuchs is on a mission to make a name for himself and he will do whatever he has to to get to the top; including sending innocent men to prison. It’s a shame that he lets the real murderers on the streets and feeds bullshit to the public like he is some Saint! How these people sleep at night knowing they are falsely convicting these people??? Watching the Cohen hearing was like sitting in the trial of Portillo and Trump was Portillo and Cohen was the witnesses who testified. It’s realy simple the government basically lets the criminals go free on false testimony just to make a name for themself and pat themselves on the back as if they are saving the world. When in reality they will be releasing a man who not only committed two murders but attempted murder on his own stepfather, they have drug traffickers on the streets at this very moment while an innocent man is behind bars. Not one shred of evidence presented in this federal trial only testimony from known criminals. There is something wrong with this picture.

  9. Northside Bipolar Says:

    A rat is bad but so are folks killing a guy in front of his kids just because they don’t like him starting a club. Bullies are definitely bad. Glad the scene is somewhat changing.

  10. jrino Says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would think {at this point} that the prosecution’s will stop. They eat what they can kill and Pike and Portillo were big deals.

  11. Griz's Gal Says:

    Sad. This cat’s not just a rat, but a pu$$y, too!


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