The Kopy’s Miracle

March 6, 2019

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The Kopy’s Miracle

There was a real miracle in Kopy’s bar in Pittsburgh in the early morning hours of October 12, 2018.

The miracle was that four, drunk, Pittsburgh cops didn’t murder everybody in the place. If they had, their innocent victims would have been vilified and the murderers would have been celebrated. Probably statues of the murderers would have been commissioned at public expense and erected outside the police union hall. Probably mere war heroes would have been expected to thank them for their service.

That night in Kopy’s, the drunk cops, whose names are Brian Martin, David Honick, Brian Burgunder and David Lincoln, maliciously sought to dominate, brutalize and bully four Pagan Motorcycle Club members named Frank Deluca, Michael Zokaites, Erik Heitzenrater and Bruce Thomas.. The drunk cops all prepared to use their service weapons. Honick brandished his.

The drunk cops wanted the Pagans out of the bar. Honick explained this to the bartender by grabbing him by the back of the head and drawing their faces close. Then the drunk cops didn’t want the Pagans out of the bar. They stood in a line in front of the door to keep everybody inside. Then the cops attacked.

As they beat Deluca, they screamed, “Feel it faggot! Feel it!”

The only reason this didn’t end up as a massacre was that Honick was too drunk to pull his gun.


Afterward the police filed false affidavits against their victims and had them arrested for riot, aggravated assault and conspiracy. The charges were completely bogus. There was a video of the attack. The police tried to destroy it but it was too late. The bar owner had already made a copy. The charges against the four Pagans were eventually dropped. And the Pagans began filing lawsuits.

The most recent was filed a week ago by Michael Zokaites in federal court against the four drunk cops, the city of Pittsburgh and the police union. It alleges that the way the Pittsburgh cops behaved that night in Kopy’s is almost routine. It accuses the police, their union and the city of multiple criminal conspiracies obstruct justice. It alleges that the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police,is a racketeering enterprise under the RICO statute.

“Since at least the early 1980’s (and possibly earlier) Defendants, utilizing the Enterprise, have engaged (and continue to engage) in unlawful and intentional schemes to defraud Plaintiff, and others similarly situated, via misrepresentations and omissions (on which Plaintiff’s, Defendants, the Police Officers, and/or other third parties justifiably relied, and defraud Plaintiff and others similarly situated, by allowing the schematic deprivation of their constitutional and civil rights by means of false or fraudulent pretenses—first subjecting Plaintiff, and other similarly situated, to Officers’ excessive use of force, then covering up and concealing the excessive use of force in order to maintain Defendants’ reputations and maintain and expand the promotion and profiting of these officers whereby officers and the Enterprise obtained (and continue to obtain) money, funds, credits, assets, and/or other property, and, in the process, cheating and defrauding Plaintiff, and others similarly situated, out of their liberty, innocence, families, jobs, finances, assets—in short, their lives. Defendants carried out these schemes to defraud through the Enterprise using the United States and international mail in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1501, 1511 & 1512 through the Enterprise using electronic communications in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1343.”

Gutless Politicians

The suit probably should have described the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsyslvania, a ruggedly handsome corrupt politician named Scott W. Brady who, among other lies, claims to have worked his way through Harvard Law working in a foundry.

“Upon review of the FBI investigation into the incident, the United States Attorney’s Office determined there is no basis for charging any individual with a federal crime,” Brady’s propagandist wrote a day after Zokaites filed his suit.

The day after the Feds bailed on their job, the local district attorney, Stephen A. Zappala, Jr., proved he is as afraid of the police as the U.S. Attorney. Maybe they are afraid of what the Outlaw Pittsburgh Crtiminal Police Enterprise will do to their mothers, wives and children if they dare to talk back. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “suggested” Zappala “did not want to pursue police in an election year because prosecuting officers is usually unpopular.”

Let’s Meet Brad

The 52-page complaint details eight previous lawsuits in which Pittsburgh police brutalized people and then covered up their crimes with blatantly false criminal allegations. The poster boy in this parody of justice is”Officer Bradley Walker.”

“The City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police employed Police Officer Bradley Walker from 1993 until 2010. During that time, Walker amassed over thirty documented complaints of excessive force. These included, inter alia, numerous on and off-duty road rage incidents, as well as allegations that he hit a man so hard that he lost the use of his eye, beat a motorist in the head and placed a gun in his mouth, choked a pregnant women and knelt on her back, hit a juvenile in the head with a gun and reported that the boy had tripped, choked a woman, slammed her to the ground and sexually fondled and groped her, broke a man’s ankle by stomping on it during a routine traffic stop, choked his son and beat his wife.

“Defendant City Pittsburgh exhibited a pattern and practice of failing to adequately investigate complaints about Walker, failing to keep a record of the investigations it did conduct, failing to impose discipline when use of excessive force was confirmed, and failing to follow through with and/or arbitrarily reducing the severity of discipline of the rare occasions that it was ordered.

“In May of 2010, the Pennsylvania State Police criminally prosecuted Walker for an off-duty road rage incident in which he sideswiped another motorist’s car and then went on a rampage choking the motorist, brandishing his firearm and threatening to shoot him, punching the driver’s side, windshield and roof of the motorist’s car with his bare fist and gun (cracking the driver-side window and windshield) and waving his firearm and shouting obscenities at other motorists. After the Pennsylvania State Police charged Walker, he was terminated for ‘conduct unbecoming an officer.’

“Despite knowledge of numerous previous incidents of misconduct and false reports to cover up this misconduct, Defendant City of Pittsburgh made no effort to criminally prosecute, terminate or even seriously discipline Walker until an independent agency stepped in and initiated criminal proceedings.”

Zokaites is being represented by Pittsburgh attorney Wendy L. Williams. He is seeking more than $75,000 in damages and he wants a jury trial.


20 Responses to “The Kopy’s Miracle”

  1. Penguin Says:

    About those special cops videos…”Officer’s Body Cam Fails To Capture Footage Of Woman Shooting Herself In The Head While Her Hands Were Cuffed Behind Her”

    (the ME says she was shot in the mouth… ;)

    Yeah, sorta off topic, I guess. Innarestin’ tho…

  2. Not Surprised Says:

    I hope you’re right Rebel

  3. freebird Says:

    David Harris, a University of Pittsburgh law professor stated the question should be were they on or off duty

    Guess he missed the undercover safety blanket story had already been thrown down

    When the Union and the employer are posing for pictures together

    Squeeze your ass cheeks together boys……

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised.

    Without belaboring the point, criminal RICO cases have been brought against polic e departments including the Key West P.D., the L.A.P.D. and the Puerto Rico Police Department. Civil RICO cases have been brought against a couple of L.A. police chiefs — Darryl Gates and Bernard Parks. I don’t think the Pittsburgh police union’s argument holds water.


  5. Not Surprised Says:

    @commonsense. I’m with you
    I don’t think a police dept has ever been sued. RICO requires proving an “enterprise” and the Police union already released a statement they could not belong to an enterprise, if one exists, be cause it is their function to be in an adversarial relations relationship with the city ad an emoyr, in behalf if their members. Doesn’t mean the suit won’t go tbrough, but highly unlikely. Not for nothing,the attorney on the case was popped last year for DUO and drugs. RICO allows triple damages above the stated amount. I’m no attorney it it would appear a case of pudding in the wind

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,

    Get a lawyer. Pay him a retainer. Have him draft a civil complaint in federal court against the criminal enterprise that has harmed you. Pay the filing fee.



  7. Not Surprised Says:

    Rebel. Ok. How can a private citizen sue under RICO ?

  8. Rotten Says:

    Its my understanding that one of the Pagans had a gun…if they were as ‘outlaw’ as that 1% diamond says they were…there should be a couple of cops with holes in them in P’burg.

  9. RLG Says:

    Woa, the cops did have guns.

    (post via vpn)

  10. freebird Says:

    They all deserve way more than that amount

    Under cover Drunks did not follow procedure in the technical sense of the word….

    Policy did not govern the misconduct as requested by WESA

    There is an expired Working Agreement dated Dec of 2014. From everything i see both parties are still following the provisions of that agreement except the pay raise section.

    Starting @ page 132 Section 22 kind of speaks for itself……

    So there response that there was no policy is not a lie…. it’s not policy

    Both parties agreed to it and there is no carve out language for under covers. It’s one size fits all….

    Sometimes what we agree to comes back and takes a big bite out of our ass

  11. commonsense Says:

    I’ve never heard of LE being charged under the R.I.C.O. act. This must be a first.

  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear Not Surprised,

    Rico is also civil. A criminal enterise can be sued as well as prosecuted.


  13. Not Surprised Says:

    Couple of things. RICO is criminal, a law suit is civil .FBI said they weren’t guilty of s federal crime, but did NOT say state laws were off the table .I dont think there is any question they’re guilty, I’m just not expecting Pittsburg or PA to do anything

  14. freebird Says:

    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “suggested” Zazppala “did not want to pursue police in an election year because prosecuting officers is usually unpopular.”

    So we have added another layer to determining when to charge unlawful conduct

    It HAS to be popular during an election year……

  15. I.J Says:

    This scumbag Bradley Walker needs to go down……

  16. Skag Says:

    No shit? A prosecutor named Brady. You can’t make this stuff up.

  17. jrino Says:

    I hope he gets every freakin dime! Drunk undercover my ass! These PIGS deserve jail time!

  18. New England Rider Says:


    Were you able to get your hands on the raw security video from that night? Have you seen it yourself? Just curious – thanks.

  19. Bone Head Says:

    Only $75,000.00?

  20. david Says:

    Scott Brady’s basis for NOT charging any of the criminal bar-pigs was solely the contents of an alleged FBI “investigation” report. Any and all other investigations, private or public, apparently not included in his decision to not prosecute.

    He also apparently ruled out doing his OWN investigating,of the bar-pigs crimes.

    He,since he’s the law school graduate,should also know there is NO provision in the U.S. Consti. for any federal secret-police, such as the FBI. The FBI is now, and has been, extra-constitutional.

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