Kingsmen Tragedy Continues

March 1, 2019

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Kingsmen Tragedy Continues

In a grim episode of show justice, former Kingsmen Motorcycle Club president David Pirk and convicted murderer Andre Jenkins were both sentenced to three consecutive life terms plus ten years yesterday by federal district judge Elizabeth A. Wolford. Neither of them were going anywhere anyway.

The sentencing seemed intended to punctuate the fact that both men were probably going to die in prison.

Jenkins was sentenced to serve the rest of his life in state prison in October 2015. He is currently incarcerated in the Attica Correctional Facility. He is 41. Pirk has been confined since May 2016. Pirk is 68.

Last May, after a three-month trial,the men were convicted of criminal conspiracy; possession of firearms in furtherance of a crime of violence; using and maintaining premises for drug dealing; possession of firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime; possession and discharge of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence; and two counts of murder in aid of racketeering.

Back Story

The Kingsmen was founded in 1958. It was a multi-chapter, regional club until Pirk, possibly under the influence of Sons of Anarchy, decided it should be more important. He established chapters in Tennessee and Florida and decided that the Kingsmen should put on a one percenter diamond patch and compete for prestige in the motorcycle club world with clubs like the Hells Angels and Outlaws.

A split developed in the club. Paranoia ran rampant.

The drama climaxed in the early morning hours of September 5, 2014 when Jenkins, a prospective member from Florida, executed club brothers Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski outside the Kingsmen’s North Tonawanda, New York clubhouse. According to prosecutors, Pirk ordered the murders because he thought Maue and Szymanski were either going to defect to another club or lead a club revolt against him.

At his trial, Pirk unsuccessfully tried to blame the murders on a Kingsmen named Filip Caruso. Caruso was a drug dealer with a bad reputation. Maue, according to testimony, had killed Caruso’s dog and Caruso wanted revenge.

The jury didn’t buy Pirk’s defense.


13 Responses to “Kingsmen Tragedy Continues”

  1. Thetruth Says:

    From the beginning of their legal issues the king men started ratting on each other. Their Regional pres changed his story while on the stand saying he became suspicious of what was really going on. (Like he didn’t know). These clubs wanna be like the Outlaws and Hell’s Angels until it’s time to do Outlaw and Hell’s Angel type shit. And now everyone is locked up for life except the Enix fella who got 20 years. He’s 60 so that’s life for him. At some point the Feds will shut it all down nation wide and the members will help them do it.

  2. RipBigBro Says:

    RIP BIG BRO DJ LOVE U, THE PIECES OF SHIT WILL ROT NOW U MAY REST! To bad there is not a eye for a eye anymore scum bags they r they deserve hell!!!!

  3. Tiger Says:

    Sad day,
    I was downtown at the festival. Had just finished getting ready to leave from the Rat’s’s Hole bikeshow is all. What happened later was actually out of town. Just inside the Leesburg line. I could not hear what was being sad. Just saw who was acting like a fool. I will always have the utmost respect for the Outlaws since they were the guys I grew up seeing around. They have always treated me well and have shown respect when it was being given.
    I have no dog in this fight. Just know what I saw is all.

  4. Sad Day Says:

    I don’t know how tiger knows this, but he’s exactly right. One side wanted nothing but a conversation and the other side decided it was time to play cowboy. It’s bad enough the kingsmen are letting their cowardly sergeant-at-arms testify against another club, but to make it worse, they’re letting him lie. But you know what doesn’t lie? The surveillance video. Cowardly sergeant of arms is going to have some explaining to do.

  5. Tiger Says:

    I was at the bike fest. I witnessed the disrespect being shown. I know what was going to happen if you fuck with the big boys. Too bad there isn’t audio of what the kings man was saying. Sad but what did he think was going to happen? This isn’t Westside Story, he wasn’t going to be dancing with the Jets. He fucked with a Shark and now the guppies are hiding in the corner singing like canaries. The Outlaws were being nothing but respectful to all so why did the fat man start something when there was no need to.

  6. Sad Day Says:

    Zeso. I’m not going to debate this on the internet. But I will give you this advice, if you’re listening to the cowardly sergeant-at-arms version of events, you’re making a very big mistake. He has a reason to portray himself as a victim and he has an even better reason to conceal what happened that day. Ask him who he called 45 seconds after arriving at the gas station.

  7. Zeso Says:

    How did the Kingsmen initiate the Leesburg confrontation?

  8. Hellequiain Says:

    @ SadDay. ‘even they don’t rat on anyone’

    Errrrrrrr! Juice Ortiz. Season 4…………..8-)

  9. Mike T Says:

    My son and I were friends with DJ. The real tragedy was his death. As for bikers rating on others, it isn’t limited to the Kingsmen club and it isn’t limited to MC world, it brought the mafia down a few notches.

  10. SadDay Says:

    SOA is a pretend club and even they don’t rat on anyone. The Kingsmen in Florida are straight-up testifying in open court against the Outlaws MC and trying to get a few of them sent to prison for life. I never thought I’d see the day where one club testifies in open court against another. You wear a patch, you walk the walk, you look the part, but when it comes down to it, you call the cops and testify against another club. The Kingsmen initiated that confrontation in Leesburg. When it didn’t go their way, they ratted. Now the Kingsmen are going to go from being a decent club to being a club that no one respects and no one wants to be associated with. These are sad days.

  11. Crinkle Says:

    Kingsmen were in Florida well before SOA…

  12. Paladin Says:

    “Jenkins was sentenced to serve the rest of his life in state prison in October 2015. He is currently incarcerated in the Attica Correctional Facility. He is 41. Pirk has been confined since May 2016. Pirk is 68.”

    Based on what these two did, I fail to see the “tragedy” in this, with the exception being the fact that the members of a long established MC allowed their club to be hijacked by a couple of sociopaths.


  13. jrino Says:

    Sounds like a case of more ” Brothers” ratin on “Brothers” {so someone doesn’t do time}

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