Mongols Freeway Shooting Alleged

February 25, 2019

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Mongols Freeway Shooting Alleged

Just in time for this Thursday’s motion hearing in The Mongol Nation patch forfeiture proceedings, the California Highway Patrol alleged Saturday that a member of a pack of four to six Mongols shot t two sport bike riders near the intersection of two major Los Angeles freeways wounding one of them.

A man riding a red Honda CBR 1000 was shot in the thigh with a .380 caliber round. His companion, riding a Triumph Daytona 675 was not injured.

The men were riding west on the 10 Freeway, which runs from Santa Monica to San Bernardino. They were just east of the 605 Freeway, which connects the 210 Freeway to Long Beach, The shooting happened about one p.m.

According to a police statement, the sport bike riders were “surrounded” by “four to six” Mongols and a rider behind the Honda opened fire. The Highway Patrol said the shooter has a tattooed forehead and a long ponytail.

Police closed the westbound lanes of the 10 and the transition lanes to the 605 for five hours, and recovered two .380 shell casings and a bullet fragment.

The victim was treated at County USC Medical Center.

There have been no arrests.




32 Responses to “Mongols Freeway Shooting Alleged”

  1. Meh Says:

    The story doesn’t stand scrutiny. Sounds like the sportbike riders had a beef with someone else they didn’t dare rat on. Real bikers know any sport or touring rider can be wearing a camera or have one on their bike because it’s the Instagram era. Adults know leaving witnesses is retarded. Adults know a weapon which ejects spent brass on-scene must be destroyed after illegal use.

    What could some civilian rider do to merit the stupidly risky action of wounding them but which didn’t merit finishing the act?

    The (hack, cough) “victim” somehow had the supernatural ability to see through helmets, presence of mind to note a forehead tat, yet didn’t get tag info on any of the (supposed) bikes. The shooter supposedly chose the worst place available, behind the “victim”. What was he gonna do if the “victim” went down? Jump the wreck like a trials rider?

    An automobile drive by makes sense. Shooter in a cage would not be visible to adjacent traffic unless he hung out a window. Typically sloppy hood rat shooting left survivors who made up a simple but absurd story.

  2. The Truth Says:

    Well my comment is really short, tattood forehead? Really?!? What the fuck! He’s wearing a helmet so how do you know? Lies!

  3. Concerned Citizen Says:

    The feds are still trying to turn nothing into something I see… FTF

  4. Neuro Says:

    Didn’t Jeff Adachi originally defend Stony Ablett when it was a state case ?

  5. Penguin Says:

    Another “odd” death of a key man – and it’s being investigated by the man he was firing… In ‘Frisco…

    Yeah, offtopic, except the topic is largely about cops, lies, and claims and fakenewzzz set-ups.

    And what they do to you, me, us, and others is all the same…


  6. Gandalf Says:

    Without being Political… They locked up ‘The Egyptian’ (16) for a FB post now a Congressman totally threatens Dude on twitter. There is no justice… get over it. If a Club member tweeted those same words and tagged a guy who was to testify… LOL He would be arrested in 10 minuets… “Tell the Jury your excuses”

  7. Gandalf Says:

    Y’all can wait for your Freedom and Justice with the guy waiting for his 40 acers/mule or Obama Phone. Or just walk away. (see 1%ers)

  8. Gandalf Says:

    When Justice and Freedom become entitlements we cry about not getting… 1%ers and Clubs are the only people who really get it right. Ignore the cocksuckers. Why cry? Follow no laws because they don’t. And on the day they get fucked, framed and jailed at least they go knowing they fucked them 1st. Over and over. When in court Lie, cheat and steal. Anything goes. I’d hate to be a “Law abiding Citizen” thinking the system is fair… then getting the shaft.

  9. Penguin Says:

    Seems to me, after thinking further, that like 911 and boston and sandyhook and so on, this entire story is…a story. That’s all. Probably something happened, but I did not see it, and staged false-flags are generally set ups or even entirely fake with hired “talent”. This one sure is “convenient”. Read up on GLADIO in Europe…well GLADIO came home? You bet.

  10. Sieg Says:

    And if you blee dat..


  11. Potmetal Says:

    They need better writers. This script is garbage and will never be a movie. I’d bet dollars to dimes that it really is Mayans extras or some shit.
    The police no doubt have access to whatever they need outta Hollywood because it’s just work for the actors. If you think johnny law is above doing some fucked up shit like this, think again. I think they’re sweating the load because their case is at risk. Gotta stir up some MC Hate in that case.

  12. Lunchbox Says:

    Probably Urine Order. The riders probably saw black and white patches and automatically assume Mongols.

    At a time like this the Mongols are most likely all minding their P & Q’s. Personally this sounds like a set up to me. Only ever met a couple Mongols and they were cool guys. I would not want to be on their bad side, but when I met them they seemed cool.

  13. Shovel Says:

    “Pillow talk” from a “friend of theirs” who is “sleeping with the enemy:” “That said, some [Police Officers] have treated me fairly, even kindly…” Shovel says to the police including G-men: “Give me 6 of your best.” .380 is a joke.

  14. 10G Says:

    Play stupid games…win stupid prizes.

  15. T1%er Says:

    This story does not surprise me.

  16. Psycho Says:

    Stevo, I see what you did there… lol

  17. Steel Says:

    This sounds like BS. Sounds like the guy got himself in a scrape and decided to blame the Mongols. Mongols MC is innocent and hopefully this idiot’s story will unravel.



  18. Penguin Says:

    On the personal level I have to say that cops have as a group made it absolutely clear that they themselves are often criminals, and cannot be trusted. I have heard cops, even senior manager cops, brag about their crimes, including burglary using cop cars to transport their swag. That said, some have treated me fairly, even kindly – while others have violently attacked me with deadly and felonious actions – false arrest, kidnapping, armed assault under cover of authority, and regularly and entirely without the slightest provocation threatened me with guns. After many decads I see nothing but an increase in such cop crime. They cannot be trusted.

    Taken altogether I never believe a word they utter.

    My bet? It’s a false flag for political purposes to influence a court. That’s what they themselves call “terrorism”… Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  19. SlickBack Civilian Says:

    To Rebel;
    Sorry if I posted inappropos earlier, it was not intentional, I think I know why, it won’t happen again.

    Can I say this….
    We, all of us who ride, whatever,whenever,whomever, need to hang together or we will all hang separately.

    Individuality, either alone or in a non state-sanctioned group is anathema to the controller class.

  20. anon Says:

    Bullshit. More likely to be Iron Order than MMC.

    Respect to those who’ve earned it.

  21. SlickBack Civilian Says:

    I’m a lifelong civilian and sportbike/sporttourer rider and I can say with certainty that some sportbike squirrels go out of their way to antagonize everyone around them.
    They either don’t know or don’t care about etiquette or safety, or what a 3 piece patch means. Perhaps they were dumb enough to split the pack or worse, wearing a ‘sportbike club’ patch setup, a giant no-no as was explained to me by a Gypsy Joker many moons ago.
    When I’m riding, If I see some patches, I either pull over for a break or head in another’s just safer for all concerned, as I also carry a small .45 to protect against errant wildlife.
    As has been said, never poke a sleeping bear, not even in fun, not even a small amount…ever. That should be in the DMV curricula for an MC license endorsement.

  22. Paladin Says:

    Considering the current legal morass the Mongols MC finds itself in, it seems rather far fetched that they would be the guilty party in this.


  23. Aanon Says:

    L Frame, I’m going to say this is awfully convenient, but you know I just read a story where the same shit happened… 6 on 2.

  24. TheOne Says:

    The Highway Patrol said the shooter has a tattooed forehead and a long ponytail lol!

  25. FUNNY MAN Says:

    So with a HELMET ON, you can see a Tattooed FOREHEAD. I will let that sit right there!

  26. Yeaok Says:

    They yelled “This is mongol country “ before shooting him. It was just awful.

  27. freebird Says:

    Welk must have found some unemployed Mayans between seasons looking for work….

  28. L-Frame S&W Says:

    This sounds like complete bullshit to me, why would 4 1%ers (or 4 anybodys) faced with 2 people resort to shooting at them. I think this is just more hyped up bullshit to make this MC look bad.

    L-Frame S&W

  29. rocco151 Says:

    What a load of shit…I find it impossible to believe that four to six “13” members would allow one of their group to act like that at this tenuous time especially…that dog won’t hunt !


    Fuck those sport bike riders. They did something to piss off the club riders. Don’t poke a bear with a stick. Big Jim Whittier

  31. New England Rider Says:

    LOL – sounds like a Jussie Smollett story in that it is a little too perfect. Did they yell “die rice rocket scum” as well? LMAO!

  32. Stevo Says:

    It must be a Mongol ‘KOZ he had a ponytail, right? ‘KOZ everyone knows all Mongols have ponytails, right? ‘KOZ it couldn’t be another fucking set up could it? ‘KOZ the ATF wouldn’t do that, right?

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