Mason Found Guilty

January 30, 2019

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Mason Found Guilty

Details are sparse, but television station KTXS is reporting that a jury in Abilene, Texas has found former Bandido Motorcycle Club member Wesley Dale Mason guilty of the murder of Kinfolk Motorcycle Club member Dusty Childress on Jones County Road 341 just east of the Abilene, Texas dump. on March 4, 2017.

Childress was on a motorcycle. Mason was in a pickup truck. Both men fired multiple shots. Mason was wounded and fled.

According to published reports, the government’s case was thin. A single witness testified that he saw someone resembling Mason shoot Childress three times but he could not identify Mason as the shooter. Childress’ wife, Jennifer, testified that he husband called her and told her “”I was shot by that Bandido “Boom.’” A third witness said he arrived at the scene after Jennifer Childress and saw her try to revive her husband.

The gunfight between Childress and Mason was one of five violent encounters between members of the Kinfolk and Bandidos or Bandidos suporters that year. The hostilities culminated in the murder of Bandido Juan “Compa” Martinez Jr. by Kinfolk member Javier Gonzalez in El Paso. Gonzalez was found guilty of murder last week and sentenced to 56 years in prison.

Mason had developed an unfortunate reputation in Abilene. He was alleged to have been a participant in a brawl with members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club in the parking lot of a Logan’s Roadhouse in Abilene. Those charges were later dropped. but the case was frequently connected to the Twin Peaks Mass Murder in Waco in May 2015. In 2016, Mason was sentenced to eight deferred years in prison and fined $1,000 for lending a large dog carrier and a dolly to John Patrick Gutierrez. Gutierrez used the equipment to move and bury the body of a man named Carey Rod Tate.


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  1. stroker Says:

    @Ed, and anyone else like him that reads this:
    Ed says:
    “The truth is that the Bandits did take over the COC in all their states and were extorting all the indepenant clubs.”
    I’m a former chairman of my local COC. I’ve been to plenty of NCOM conventions, and have friends in a great many clubs, and I’m here to tell you, and others who read this page, that that statement is bullshit. COC’s charge ALL clubs dues. Those dues are held by the elected officers of the COC’s, who are elected by the membership of the coc’s, and may include members of the local dominate club, but in many, many cases are made up of people from local small clubs in the area. The $$ collected
    goes into the COC’s coffers to help fight biker discrimination and bad laws…..usually in their area.
    You seem like a cop. Or you’re a fed. You want to make your story stick, as in throwing shit against the wall UNTIL it sticks. The more you foist this crap on the world, the more others will believe.
    I don’t believe it, and most of the regulars on this page don’t believe. it. Aside from exposing your game plan here, I write so others who read this page will know your crap is just that.
    While a dominate club may have a strong presence in their local coc’s, I’ve never seen them become dictators to the other clubs.
    STFU ed.

    Click the links, and/or send Rebel a few $$.

  2. Mojoman Says:

    1%er clubs days are numbered whether we like it or not.

  3. Shameful Says:


    What’s funny to me is that the only non-nutsack reference to preventing people from riding in a club and doing what they wanted was from a nutsack prospect who wanted to start a club with his friends in Waco and ride around together. I believe the statement and court record show that he was denied that by the nutsacks, and told the only way they wear patches is if they become nutsacks. No one besides those wearing yellow seem to go along with the pay to ride theory, but seems like the other is pretty solid. Also kinda odd that the DPS gang assessment forgot y’all, conveniently, again.

    But by all means keep the narrative up. I’m sure your handlers and the top brass appreciate that.

  4. Trebor Says:

    Ed you’re a fucking idiot.Plenty of Independent clubs in Washington state.No ones forcing anybody to do shit

  5. freebird Says:

    @ Paladin

    No doubt your right on cost and location….

  6. Paladin Says:

    @ David;

    No one “pays” for their life with death. It is understood that the life you’re given is a “loaner” and at some point you’ll have to return it. Make no mistake; from the time you arrive ’till the time you leave, you’re absolutely free to do whatever you’d like with the life you’ve been loaned. Because we’re free to do as we please, we make choices. There are greater risks and consequences associated with some of the choices we choose to make. Therefore; choose wisely.


  7. david Says:

    Because everyone pays for life(in general, wherever)by death, everything between birth and death should be free.

  8. Paladin Says:

    freebird Says:
    February 3, 2019 at 11:38 am

    “Have you ever figured out how much by your definition you pay to be an American…… and none of those cost are voluntary”

    You’d be paying a whole lot more and getting a whole lot less if you were having to live elsewhere.


  9. freebird Says:

    @ Ed

    With all due respect that dog don’t hunt

    The simple pleasures in life are about how much you are willing to voluntarily pay for something you want

    Have you ever figured out how much by your definition you pay to be an American…… and none of those cost are voluntary

    Gives a whole new meaning who the real extortionist are……

  10. Matlock Says:

    On Thursday afternoon the jury gave him life.

  11. Ed Says:

    The truth is that the Bandits did take over the COC in all their states and were extorting all the indepenant clubs. I saw it happen, others saw it happen. Print the fucking truth if your going to report. They bullied indepenants into becoming support clubs or they would shut them down. That’s the fuckin truth. PRINT it like a man.

  12. IRONSIDE 1%ER Says:

    All this shit happens, Then you Have Black and White Patching over Kinjoke all over Texas. There National P, Swore up and down to the Brother’s of his club that they weren’t. But they definitely are! He claims they patched over Bandits, when in reality it was Red and Gold Rejects that got kicked out of there Support Clubs.

    I’m mentioning this here because, when a Club is facing Federal Trademark Case like Black in white is. It’s pretty hard to keep the Feds from continuing there assault on you, when your Patching in PopUp Club Members. Do they do background Checks on there guys? NOPE A DMV check isn’t a Background Check. Texas will never belong to anyone other than Red and Gold.

  13. Shameful Says:

    Mack, maybe you should be more worried about your riot charge and what Big O plans on spilling when he rats everyone else out. Might make the spelling on your neck tattoo change. Keep playing musical patches. One thing about patch designs, none come with respect sewn into them. It’s the man inside. Something you guys who just sew shit on will never understand.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    I live in Texas and I gotta agree with Mack on this one. “Wont you find a Cossack….” anyfuckingwhere. Maybe if you staked out a Cop Shop or Fed Building.

  15. Mark Says:

    I’m seeing a lot of stuff being said as if the people are being coached. Just after Twin Peaks, one of the P’s for the club that give cops full member cuts to wear and hang out in. Said that Red and Gold was muscling in on them and demanding they pay $75 per month per chapter and on and on.
    Look at the testimony of Gonzalez: “He said he had previously belonged to a Bandidos support club and had felt mistreated. “They were like peons for the Bandidos. ‘Get me a beer, watch my bike…. I saw the monopoly of telling people what to do and beating people up.” He accused the Bandidos of profiting from a motorcycle rights organization called the Texas Coalition of Clubs and Independents”
    I’m seeing this story line coming up time and time again, it’s being pushed by whom?

  16. Neuro Says:

    Rebel, it looks like he is saying it to Phuquehead.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mack,

    Who are you talking to? Are you talking to me?


  18. Mack Says:

    Wont you find a Cossack and call him that looking him in the eyes fucking keyboard pussy.

  19. jrino Says:

    guilty of murder, another patch-holder headed into state pen. One at a time or in groups?

  20. Phuquehed Says:

    Kidpoke and Cocksacks…’nuff said.

  21. freebird Says:

    They also had a captivating article title…..

    “Man with ties to Bandidos found guilty of murder in shooting death of Abilene man”

    With the new and improved rules of association we have seen recently, did they check and see if he was a registered voter?

    Ties to a political party….. juicy

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