Long Time Gone

January 25, 2019

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Long Time Gone

Javier Gonzalez, the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club patch holder who killed a widely respected Bandido named wounded Juan “Compa” Martinez Jr. and wounded three other men in the Mulligan’s Chopped Hog bar in El Paso in the summer of 2017 was sentenced yesterday to serve 56 years in prison for murder.

He was also sentenced to 30 years in prison for each of two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and 15 years on a third count of aggravated assault. He will serve all four sentences concurrently.

Gonzalez is 35. He will be eligible for parole when he is 63, which is just two years older than Compa Martinez was when he died. Gonzalez has been incarcerated since shortly after the murder in protective custody.

Texas Justice

A jury found Gonzalez guilty of the crimes on Wednesday and sentenced him after deliberating for about three hours yesterday.

There was never any doubt that Gonzalez killed Martinez or that he wounded Ballardo Salcido, Juan Miguel Vega-Rivera and David Villalobos. The prosecution showed the jury video, ballistic, and DNA evidence and Gonzalez admitted he fired at least ten shots in the crowded bar. Martinez said that after a brother Kinfolk member named Manuel Gallegos entered the bar and started a fight he quickly rode to the bar to rescue Gallegos and had to shoot Martinez seven times in self-defense.

“There is no verdict,” Gonzalez lawyer told the jury, “there is no argument that can bring back Mr. Martinez. There is nothing that can make Mr. Martinez’s family whole again. Mr. Gonzalez is not a cold-blooded killer. He is no monster.”


There were five violent encounters between members of the Kinfolk and the Bandidos in the first half of 2017. Prosecutors characterized the shooting at Mulligan’s Chopped Hog as a premeditated attack.

Before the jury considered Gonzalez sentence, Compa Martinez’ widow Graciela wept and told her husband’s killer, “You ran like a coward…. You didn’t care about or consider the consequences of your actions or the families you destroyed. I ask you to remember Juan Martinez and the families you destroyed…. You took my life partner…. Don’t you ever forget Juan Martinez.”


7 Responses to “Long Time Gone”

  1. Gih Says:

    56 years? How do they come up with these sentences?

  2. Not Surprised Says:

    Been around a bit. Never understood how it can it can be a source of pride to take a group of almost out bad malcontents and start a “club”
    It’s no club at all.

  3. freebird Says:

    So much loss….

    No one looks forward to death

    If there is a positive to this story

    Juan “Compa” Martinez Jr died doing what he loved………

    If given the opportunity, what more could you ask for?

  4. Mark Says:

    If I remember correctly, didn’t this coward beat up a man who was having dinner with his family at a local restaurant. Severely injuring the man in a sucker punch attack where the victim didn’t have any chance to defend himself. Too bad the victim’s wife wasn’t packing because a good man would likely be alive today.

  5. Largeandy Says:

    Same old fucking song time after time…deal in shit…get paid in shit.

  6. jrino Says:

    The way things are going I would bet there is no “kinfolk MC” when Javier gets out. So he might be riding a “Bobcat 3 wheel scooter by Drive Medical”. Then again, there may be no MC’S if the violence keeps up. Endangered Species comes to mind.

  7. I.J Says:

    Looking at the security footage it looked like the Bandito’s had their backs to Gonzalez when he started shooting…… doesn’t look like self defense to me!

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