Tampa Biker Drama Continues

January 17, 2019

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Tampa Biker Drama Continues

A member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club named James William Earl was found shot to death in his driveway yesterday morning in Spring Hill, Florida, about 50 miles north of Tampa.

There is no reason to believe that Earl’s murder had anything to do his membership in the Pagans. Fox television affiliate WTVT has reported that “there is known drug activity in the neighborhood and (neighbors) often hear gunshots in the night.”

Nevertheless, Florida is home to at least eight one-percenter motorcycle clubs – Outlaws, Mongols, Pagans, Kingsmen, Warbird Warlocks, Harpy Warlocks, 69ers and Kinfolk – and the self-proclaimed, law-abiding Iron Order and Iron Legacy. Three piece patches are everywhere people look. There have been multiple, biker related murders and attempted murders in the state in the last three years and the apparent murder of another motorcycle outlaw makes for big headlines.

Crime Stoppers

A group called Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay, “a community based program” which is partially funded by “special law enforcement funds related to repossessed property and forfeiture sales” is offering “a reward of up to $3,000 for information leading to the arrest of any suspects.”

Including the victims of of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last February, there were between 1050 and 1100 murders in Florida in 2018 according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s 2018 Semi-Annual Uniform Crime Report. The incidence of violent crimes seems to be declining in the Sunshine State.

The lead sentence in every news account of Earl’s murder mentions that he was a member of either the “Pagans Motorcycle Club” or the “Pagans Motorcycle Gang.”

Now! Breaking! Blood!

The Tampa Bay Times, which has run multiple, sensational outlaw biker stories in the last three weeks, immediately tried to place Earl’s murder in the context of the murder of “the president of a local chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club (who) was gunned down in broad daylight as he waited at a red light in a pickup truck in December 2017. That shooting was in apparent retribution for an incident at a Palm Harbor bike night, when a group of Outlaws beat and stole the vests from a pair of 69’ers Motorcycle Club members.”

“After Anderson’s killing,” the Times warns the world, “Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said he feared of an impending war between biker gangs.”

James William Earl was 32-years-old.


31 Responses to “Tampa Biker Drama Continues”

  1. FF Says:

    Google image search Vincent sansevere


  2. FBV Says:

    I must be too old school since when is that OK

  3. anon Says:

    @FBV you are correct. I believe he is a Pagan now? Like the 5th club in 3 years.

  4. FBV Says:

    Click Clack is the new Vinnie…. He is in one of the clubs not sure which one there was so many

  5. Neuro Says:

    That’s exactly right OS.

  6. oldskewl Says:

    @ Sieg:

    When someone says “if you’ve been around AR long enough you will know Vinne” we all assumed the same thing. I guess some of us have been around much longer than those who think they’ve been here a long time. Nobody was on the same thought pattern as 1nondescript.
    VT81, Vince1%er, Vinne, S&S145 all the same dude.



  7. Sieg Says:

    Big V, that one could take awhile, but I think our host has an updated version.

    1nondescript, I got no clue what you’re talking about, and don’t really care. Vincent Lawrence Sansevere is indeed a real person, who did some real rip-offs, and set some real people up.


  8. BigV Says:

    Sieg: I know you don’t use email. Pretend you do. Many thanks.

  9. 1%er Says:

    @[email protected] first of all this is a website of opinions and we all have one like a—holes you have yours and I have mine. I read this site very regularly and been following a lot for a long time. I sure would like to see the video of those brand new patches that another reader mentioned awhile ago his name was Mike so nobody is hiding behind keyboards. Maybe the secret squirrel shot him in the tree lol. I think I hit a nerve with some people here or maybe you are someone else?

  10. 1nondescript Says:

    In reference to the lip…all I can say is….those 16 patches sure did look new and clean..almost like someone could buy them off the internet and play dress up…15 and 16 have been on respectful terms for.many years in this area.. that hasn’t changes since the lip….so…..read between the lines…..lets.not feed in a bunch of drama and help the cops turn this in to something it aint….k…thanks….sometimes the best support is learning to stfu

  11. 1nondescript Says:

    Maybe there are 2 vinnies..but I dont share facts unless they are solid..next chapter…f.b.i.search warrant…find nothing…home of chap pres and fire capt they been after awhile..they are trying to turn this into more biker war drama..it aint..meanwhile…..when the flash bangs went of early this morning..the house was filled with such degenerate s as …a grieving ole lady. Her very young daughter..and a fire fighter with no criminal record..so the victims are the bad guys because of patches…he was a vet by the way…God bless america

  12. Witchy Says:

    LDL finally has some retribution. Crime Stoppers puts up a reward? How much did they put up for LDL? Nothing. They won’t even investigate it. I like to think it’s so modicum of justice for a good man.

  13. 1nondescript Says:

    The patch jumper who used to come blabbing on here alot who called himself “vinnie”.
    4 facts,
    #1 his real name ain’t vinnie..(duh)
    #2 “v innie” is the guy referenced in the Springhill shooting.
    #3..nothing to do with lip or 15
    #4 nothing to do with colors.
    Now….is that pretty clear for all you.keyboard geniuses?
    Jesus fucking christ…context clues

  14. Sieg Says:

    Vinnie the Angry Inch…

    Much as I dislike jacking an article, here’s the latest on Vinnie.

    For all his various misdeeds in 2008, Impersonating a pig, possession of narcotics, felon in possession, drunk riding, resisting, fleeing, all that good stuff, he caught a year. For the felon in possession, he caught five years, but two were suspended and three were on-paper. He apparently did the year, or whatever part of it Connecticut mandates-no record of how long he actually did. This is two separate busts, about a year apart, all rolled into one.

    Now, being the fearless type of motherfucker who would naturally win the Silver Star with “V” device, he still cribs in the same spot in Shelton, or Huntington, or whatever you want to call that shithole now. Address available on request. The big undercover move he jumped was to get the house put in his wife’s name.

    Apparently the HA didn’t care enough about him saying he was hooked-up when he wasn’t, or putting HA decals on firearms that were later seized by the piggers, to go after him. Or maybe they got the word he was/is working for the pigs and decided to let well enough alone…who knows?!

    Enough bandwidth wasted.


  15. Hellequiain Says:

    Isn’t he in Prison? Someone posted a link to some Guitar Sites a while back where he’d been scamming folk with hooky deals and they were celebrating his arrest and conviction……..

  16. Dasein Says:

    That obit says “2010”. Vince was posting here primarily in maybe ’15 ’16, 17, and ’18, I believe, most recently under another name. He was 86’d from this site under both IDs.

  17. FF Says:

    My account on FB was hijacked for sticking up for Nick Sandman from Kentucky Covington School. We are not OK

  18. Va.Bob Says:

    Wrong dude,Peng.Five years later ,he was yappin’ away here.Stolen Valor and other dumb shit.

  19. Penguin Says:


    Might be the wrong guy.

    I simply used duckduckgo with the cats name…

    Once or twice the “media” has reported my own death. This is always amusing. But also it happens that incorrect reports of death can be created…for reasons unstated.

    I know nothing about Vince.

  20. Smasher Says:

    @1%er I mean pretender stop coming in here and slandering and pulling shit out of your ass prob some faggot wanna be talking shit if you have balls post your name and what club your with. If not sit your puss ass down and fire monkey?? sounds like something some faggot maggot would come up with. Always wanna talk shit and make stuff up

  21. oldskewl Says:

    Can’t find anything on Vincent Sansevere being dead. If ya got a link please post it.



  22. 1nondescript Says:

    Ain’t got shit to do with the lip..or colors.

  23. Dave Says:

    @1nondescript – Dave Mustaine must be really broken up. Any place to read about it?

  24. 1%er Says:

    Well well another dead Firemonkey well maybe payback for Louie the Lip but I think it’s a little to late!! But the cops ain’t gonna give 2 shits about solving it like they didn’t when Louie and the had video of those people they don’t care unless they catch them red handed like in the case of those idiots from the 69ers!!

  25. Neuro Says:

    Can it be true ?

  26. Va.Bob Says:

    @Inondescript: You’re saying Vinnie the guitar repairer sleeps with the fishes?

  27. 1nondescript Says:

    If you have been on A.R. for awhile you will remember vinnie a.k.a.click clack…well, in the infamous words of fat clemenza….”You ain’t gonna here from dat guy no more”

  28. Irish Mike Says:

    Paybacks are a bitch

  29. freebird Says:

    I feel like an asshole after thinking about this today. Condolences to his club brothers!


  30. James W Crawford Says:

    Interesting. The shooting of a scum sucking whore of an attorney outside his home was not portrayed as part of a war between litagators and lawsuit targets.


    Given the use of a .17 caliber mouse rifle, the suspect should argue that he didn’t have lethal intent.

  31. freebird Says:

    If it bleeds….. it leads

    Only mark yourself safe if you are secured in your saferoom

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