Reyna Lands On His Paws

January 16, 2019

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Reyna Lands On His Paws

Abel Reyna, the former McLennan County District Attorney who is most famous for locking up 177 people and throwing away the key because he didn’t like the symbols that decorated their clothing, has reinvented himself as white collar defense lawyer.

Reyna was at the center of a dispute over whether certain symbols are a priori proof of a criminal conspiracy which began after a “biker brawl” at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015. About 70 members of the Cossack Motorcycle Club crashed a meeting of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents, took most of the parking spaces except a few right in front of the restaurants, then attacked eight members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club who tried to park there.


Reyna, who “helped” with the investigation of the incident, ordered everyone who displayed indicators of membership in, or sympathy or support for, either motorcycle club arrested.

Ever since, Reyna has repeatedly lied about almost every facet of the tragedy. Only one person has ever been tried in connection with the brawl. Christopher Jacob Carrizal, a Bandido from Dallas, stood trial for numerous counts of murder and attempted murder late in 2017. The trial was a grotesque parody of justice that ended in a mistrial.

Reyna lost the next election, last March, to current District Attorney Barry Johnson and spent the next ten months of his time in office settling scores.

After less than two weeks out of work Reyna told local reporter John Carroll of Waco television station KWTX on Monday that he had found a new career.

White Collar Defense

In a press release dated the next day, Reyna’s new employer wrote:

“Houston-based intellectual property law firm Patterson + Sheridan announced this week that it has opened a new office in Waco, Texas.”

“Abelino ‘Abel’ Reyna, a former two-term district attorney of McLennan County, will lead the outpost in Waco.”

“The hiring of Reyna is part of a larger firm strategy to expand its expertise beyond intellectual property law.”

“We are expanding our litigation practice to include not only intellectual property cases, but also general business litigation and white-collar criminal defense cases,” Patterson + Sheridan founding partner B. Todd Patterson said in a statement. “Abel Reyna had an extensive background in criminal defense work before he became district attorney.”


18 Responses to “Reyna Lands On His Paws”

  1. BigV Says:

    And there was a reptile farm too in New Braunfels.

    Also, down on I-75 coming back into GA from FL, there was a titty bar that was nick named Snake Farm by truckers. It had three bill boards, and when you turned off the interstate to get to it, you went right on an overpass, took a left on a paved road, there was a wooded area that said “Girls” and you drove into a pasture. Place was about like two cabins that had been put together, served hard liquor and beer, none of the furniture matched, motorcyclists had their names carved into the wood. I think there was a trailer in the back, a single wide, rumored to be their refrigerator unit. Even though it was just a single wide with a reefer unit and place for people too ride/drive to drunk, the little piss ant county made them put a pop up camper back there- thought maybe it wadn’t no reefer unit.

    I heard story where this old boy pulled up on his bike, and he was pretty clean cut, no tats, nodded and smiled at this ol’ trucker- and the trucker said son, “Ain’t nothin’ in there worth seeing. It is what it says it is, but them Macon __________ is inside and you’re riding a Harley.”

    The big ol’ boy, took off his wind breaker, stashed it in his saddle bag, and the ol trucker like to have shit himself when he saw the big ol boy was wearing soft colors. He says “Hey man. No worries. Din’t mean nothin'”

    Prick smiled but no less than 15 minutes later Georgia State Patrol, the county mounties, and a damn GBI agent had everybody in the place outside, face on the ground, sucking red Georgia clay. Including the strippers.

    Got the strippers of all the goddamned people because some weren’t wearing g-strings, and some pasties had fallen off the girls- so they got charged with indecency or some shit.

    I know nothing of it. Just rumors I heard in a bar.

  2. Paladin Says:

    @ jrino;

    At the time of his death, John Wesley Harden had paid what was then considered to be his debt to society and had embarked on a carrier in the legal profession.

    John Wesley Harden was shot in the back of the head while minding his own business, shooting dice in El Paso’s Acme Saloon, by a cowardly sheriff named John Selman.

    So; based on your assessment, an individual that has paid his debt to society should expect to be murdered while minding his own business, by a cowardly sheriff in Texas? And, how do you equate John Wesley Harden to Abel Reyna?


  3. BigV Says:

    Snake Farm was(maybe still is) a big tittie bar offa I-35 in I guess what’s now North San Antonio.

    Big girls, honky tonk girls, goth girls, hill country girls…

  4. david Says:

    Maybe, he landed on his hooves.

  5. jrino Says:

    Texas allowed John Wesley Hardin a killer of at least 26 men to complete his sentence and then pass the bar to become a lawyer, so what do you expect from that state, Reyna fits right in!

  6. Lurch Says:

    They hired him because he has golden knee pads, and a deep throat.

  7. James W Crawford Says:

    I too am amazed that a big law firm would hire a proven perveyor of perjury such as Renya. There are codes of conduct for lawyers and on rare occassions, they are enforced. A single, scum sucking whore of an attorney working out of a store front office will destroy only his own career. Renya could cost his new employers tens of millions.

  8. Nags Says:

    Anytime I see the word intellectual in a sentence with Reyna’s name I know someone made a mistake.

  9. Penguin Says:

    @ freebird > cool bit of music. Thanks, Accurate too!

    Where is snakefarm? hint> I have heard retired law professors lament that they taught some of the “lawyers” we hear about in the news.

    People of low character are supposed to be prohibited from the Bar. Part of the canon of legal ethics…and generally also in statue law. I hadn’t noticed this being enforced…snakes don’t bite each other, I suppose.

    They don’t like what their former students have done. Never heard them take the next logical step though, and admit that the law has devolved into a fascist tool, a threat to civil and economic order rather than a partial guarantee of freedom. They’re not stupid, they know this, but since it’s obvious and also negates their entire life’s work, they avoid stating the deduction of the obvious. That they themselves have assisted the real criminals behind the green curtain (that’s the green curtain from the wizard of oz)

    Bush the younger, whose elevation was illegally achieved via an illegal court order used to say that the Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper…

    Then of course Scalia met an “unusual” death, after a suitable and decent interval…snake-bite? Youbetcha!

    The USC is primarily a list of what the feds are prohibited from doing.

  10. Paladin Says:

    Ironic that a firm would be so quick to hire an individual that the public deemed unfit. But then again, it’s a law firm and in Texas.


  11. Phuquehed Says:

    At least the shit-stain can’t be automatically appointed by the courts and foisted off on some poor sap who desperately needs *good* representation!

    I hope you fail miserably at this job too, Reyna, you corrupt piece of shit!

  12. Todd Says:

    Well it sounds like a mundane job to me. Far cry from state attorney general or governor, which I am sure is where he expected to go after twin peaks. Looser…

  13. Griz's Gal Says:

    That same law firm had some issues a little over four years ago. Now I guess they hope The Sawed Off One will bring a better clientele?


  14. Paladin Says:

    Based on the hiring of Reyna, the more accurate statement would be: “The hiring of Reyna is part of a larger firm strategy to expand its depravity beyond intellectual property law.”


  15. Trebor Says:

    Geez what a shit stain.

  16. freebird Says:

    Hopefully they get everything they deserve…..

    And don’t mind snake skins in the conference room

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