Stay Calm, Don’t Panic

January 8, 2019

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Stay Calm, Don't Panic

Mongol Nation probably lost the forfeiture phase of its RICO case today. The trial has been going on since Halloween.

Everybody lost, just by having to be there. The jury looked like they were there because they violated their parole and this time they weren’t afraid of the guards.

I hit the road at 6:30 this morning and rolled back to my desk at 7 p.m. I was little Mary Sunshine all day.

At the first break, Mongols president David Santillan who was in court yesterday from 7:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m, told me out in the hall, “I want to shoot myself in the face!” I think he meant it.

Assistant United States Attorney Steven Welk did not look tired. He looked like he was tweaking. He has a sarcastic laugh that comes out when he is cross examining or arguing. It sounds like “Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!” And his voice becomes a kind of a rising, banshee shriek when he demands, “Are you telling me?”

Officially, two witnesses testified: The ever available, former ATF agent, Mongols authority Darrin Kozlowski and an intellectual property lawyer named Michael Dinardo who happens to be defense attorney Joe Yanny’s cousin. The star witness was Welk who testified about the evilness of the Mongols like a frustrated bully who has been impatiently waiting for more than 10 years to get this particular motorcycle club.


The government wants to punish Mongol Nation for the guilty verdict this same jury found against Mongol Nation last month by confiscating the Mongols Motorcycle Club’s: Word Mark, which is the word “Mongols;” the club’s logogram or “picture mark,” which is the club’s center patch; and the “composite mark” which is the word “Mongols,” the center patch and the letters “MC” arranged to form the back of a Mongols vest.

Welk also wants to confiscate parts of the three marks that might appear on shirts, rings, belt buckles, helmets, bandannas, stickers, cigarette lighters, mouse pads, pins, baseball caps, bottle openers, kitchen magnets, coffee mugs, motorcycle parts, motorcycle saddles, and everything else.

During another break, I had a little discussion with Attorney Stephen Stubbs about what this could mean. Stubbs think it means that police will contrive reasons to stop motorcyclists, steal their Mongols souvenirs and never give them back. I think that it means that a thousand swat raids are imminent as police everywhere search out the forbidden symbols.


The Mongols defense probably lost today because it kept trying to win the jury with logic and reason. In his closing argument and rebuttal Welk gave a carefully rehearsed argument for why the Mongols symbols must be erased from the world

The Mongols symbols must be outlawed because, “it is the only way to stop the endless cycle of crime this organization encourages.”

The Mongols, and their filthy symbols, “commit wholesale crime against everyone in the world who isn’t a full patch Mongol,” and they are empowered by their symbols that they wear like armor.”

The club “infantilizes” its members because prospects have a “Daddy,” a sponsor, in the club and they answer to a “mother chapter.” So members don’t take responsibility for their criminal actions.
“These symbols are pervasive.”

The “personal items” that bear Mongols symbols “are part of a steady incoming flow of cash that keeps the organization going. A lot of money is involved.”

Eventually Welk got around to telling the jury the motorcycle club’s real crime, which is the club’s members “seething contempt for law enforcement and the government.”

The jury has already convicted Mongol Nation once. Late this afternoon, as Yanny was trying to tell the jury why they shouldn’t forfeit the marks, one of the jurors fell asleep. Judge David O. Carter had to awaken her.

The good news for the Mongols is that it does not matter what the jury rules. Whoever loses will appeal. Under the federal rules of procedure, prosecutors can appeal forfeiture decisions that goes against them.

The jury will start deliberating Wednesday at 8 a.m.


29 Responses to “Stay Calm, Don’t Panic”

  1. New England Rider Says:

    @Paladin – I suppose I’d give a shit about your opinion if you didn’t post it on every Rebel article ad nauseum. I mean my gawd in all this posting you do at any point do you ever actually ride a motorcycle? And cool avatar, did you borrow that from your kids Dungeons and Dragons game?

    @white witch – Go away little boy before I embarrass you again with how incredibly stupid you really are. And while you’re at it, lick my nutz fruity.

  2. straight Shooter Says:

    QUOTE:The club “infantilizes” its members because prospects have a “Daddy,” a sponsor, in the club and they answer to a “mother chapter.” So members don’t take responsibility for their criminal actions.” Like when ‘UNCLE SCAM” sends in it’s code enforcers, foreign & domestic.

  3. James W Crawford Says:

    Just FYI, my previous comment went through moderation. Rebel had an opportunity to reject it but didn’t.

    I know how much Outlaw Motorcycle Club members detest police. I do not have much respect for BATF or the Federal Bureau of Incineration’s Hostage Roasting Team. I also had a Clackamas County Deputy try to shoot me in the groin with my own pistol, either from stupidity or malice I am uncertain. On a subsequent encounter, he lost bowell control as well as bladder control on my back porch before bravely running away.

    On the other hand, I know an uncommonly competent Washington County Sheriff’s detective who resisted the community’s efforts to lynch me for a series of arson fires on property belonging to the local parks district. I was the preferred suspect because THPRD coveted my land for a park but didn’t want to pay for it, and implicating me for arson would have enabled civil forefeiture. Although the clearance rate for arson is barely 10%, this uncommonly competent detective solved the crime which resulted in THPRD’s own security guard being arrested and pleading guilty.

    Cops are like members of OMCs, they are people. Some people are decent, some are vermin.

  4. white witch Says:

    @ Paladin, Well said, Tedious is being gentle.
    @ new england i like how u throw anti mongol and cop lover in there.
    once again you open your mouth and stupid comes out.
    no one cares about your fucking opinion.

    ride free
    white witch

  5. Paladin Says:

    @ James W Crawford & New England Rider;

    The both of you are rather tedious individuals.


  6. growlingfhardt Says:

    @ Trebor ; You are right, I was trying to be ‘cute’ and do a ‘work around’ of the problem, but that doesn’t cut it. It is necessary to fight the good fight and not give up nor give in to dishonorable pressure from dishonorable people. Reputation is as important as respect. Thank you for setting me right on that.

  7. New England Rider Says:

    @ white witch – LOL OK dude. All I did was state my opinion but if you disagree that’s cool. I just find what is happening to the Mongols to be infuriating and the government is way out of line. But hey if your anti-Mongol and pro-LEO that’s your business.

    New England Rider

  8. freebird Says:

    “personal items” and “seething contempt for law enforcement and the government.”

    Think i will call Nancy Pelosi and have her translate that for me since she is so articulate……

  9. Sieg Says:

    @That Crawford Idiot.

    You don’t ride.
    You never have.
    You don’t know anyone that does.
    You are a cop-caller.
    You testify in court.

    In short, you are everything most here don’t care for.

    Fuck off and stop wasting Rebel’s bandwidth-no one cares if you got in a beef with a fraternal organization.


  10. Penguin Says:

    Thinking about what’s a club? “They” claim that some clubs, their tennis club, or their Bar Associations, for example, are legal..and that other clubs are “illegal”? Generally they attack clubs they do not like and which have nearly zero political power. I propose that’s why they have attacked “Club M”…and many others. But question remains…what is a club?

    Reduced to the most essential, I propose that a Nth Club is a basic political association…and if an Nth club is of many individuals it necessarily has a committee… Soooo?

    A club, including a motorcycle club, could structure itself so that it is under the statutes a “Political Action Committee”.

    This would, ahemmm, seem to present serious difficulties for prosecutors, as PACs are far less vulnerable than a naked club.

    Awaiting “Mongols PAC”… The IRA did the same thing with Sinn Fein.

    They would have to make even bigger fools of themselves and tell us that some PACs are illegal, but not theirs.

  11. Hellequiain Says:

    @ James W Crawloff

    It doesn’t displease ME!!!

    It bores me SHITLESS. Change the fucking record or find someone who gives a twopenny fuck! Rat!!

  12. Trebor Says:

    In true 1%er fashion its go down with the ship.Its call artillery onto your own position when you are surrounded and theres no hope.Its last patchholder standing.Changing the club name to Mongolians or whatever just isnt an otion.You would be dilluting your image your reputation.

  13. white witch Says:

    @ new england,

    Dude you never cease to amaze at how little you know about what you are talking about.

    ride free
    white witch

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dasein,

    The El Lay Times is wrong. What a shock!


  15. Aanon Says:

    New England, you underestimate the California highway patrol. Ask anyone who has sat on a median due to a t shirt.
    Bars are too tall. Too low. Too loud. Priors, warrants, fuck you equals cop car. Hey, jump in the water is fine.

  16. Aanon Says:

    Crawford, no you aren’t. You couldn’t give a Frenchman fuck less what happens to the club. You are trying to tell on people. Displeased? No, but disappointed that after 10 times you are still trying.
    Just imagine how many people were just making comparisons: now it’s court. Be a man and take it up with them.
    Happy New Year to the rest of the don’t give a fuck fellas

  17. Penguin Says:

    With apology since it’s off topic – @ growlingfhardt…Hastings and all that…

    It will get worse, Brother. Seth Rich joined little Mike…

    I have noticed that “they” (I like SCMODS” from Blues brothers, but we mean “them” GESTAPO pig finks of all sorts)…anyway noticed that they seem to have trouble tracking bikes by using license-plate readers…there are probably several reasons for this, single plate, orientation, vibration, resolution, IR background radiation from exhaust and lights and so forth..but I have noticed it. And facial recognition can’t work well if face-shields and beanies are the order of the day…

    Soooo…if you ride as group through tunnel or two, or under trees, etc, they can’t know which bike is which or who’s riding where…unless you carry a nifty DARPA approved radio-location beacon…so-called phonegadgets, cell, flip, smart…

    Take the battery out of a clean burnphone…otherwise? Go “naked”. Insist on gizmo-free club-space…make it so. Of course it is also possible to fill their tiny rat-brains with stories and send them off on stupid missions…

    A little reading in cryptology doesn’t hurt either. I mean, you know they’re listening…you control them. Think about that.

    ELINT requires OPSEC…so they drummed into me many years ago…

    This forces physical “surveillance” and opens door to fun and games.

    In youthful adventures, some say, it’s fun to spin them stories and watch their antics…so some people say. Not me, however! Not Penguin!

    I have seen a spin out in a cloud of desert dust, but maybe I imagined it. I’m probably senile, eh?

    What? I fergit…did you feel that? Drool…yawn…

  18. New England Rider Says:

    I am not one who picks sides or gets involved with MC politics but goddamn this whole story makes me want to move to California, put on a bunch of Mongols support gear and ride around on my bike. If 25,000 bikers did this would they pull us all over? Maybe the Mongols should have a “Show Your Gear” day to test just that. What the government is doing to them is disgusting.

    New England Rider

  19. growlingfhardt Says:

    So the Mongols lose their collective identity logo. Suppose they ‘rebrand’ themselves as the Mayans ! or the Mongoals !!

    On the electric Harley, I suspect that with your all-electric bike plugged into the Cloud etc, it would be more than easy for the motorcycle hating ‘Establishment’ to ‘kill’ your engine on a sharp curve at high speed from access to your real-time GPS location and vector, causing you to go over a big cliff and to your immediate demise. Similar to what they did to Michael Hastings who was about to publish a tell-all book on General McChrystal of Afghanistan US Military fame, or infame, by electronically hijacking his Mercedes and crashing it into a palm tree at 80mph on Melrose Ave in LA. Though he was most likely already dead when they put him in the car before his last ride.

  20. James W Crawford Says:

    By this logic, the Federal Government should be prosecuting the Knights of Pithius order because members of the Gaston Oregon chapter have conspired to engage in criminal activity. They conspired to install a very large scale (800 plant) marijunna grow that was unlicensed, unregulated and therefore illegal even under Oregon in a rented barn without the knowledge or consent of the landlord. When the landlord discovered the grow and attempted to evict, the tennant retaliated and attempted to intimidate the landlord by firing two rounds from a Remington 870, 12 gauge shotgun, probably loaded with slugs, at the landlord’s children.

    The landlord sufferred the misfortune of having the eviction case heard by Judge Ladd Wiles, aka “Amanda Marshall’s cuckold.” Judge Wiles brings to his courtroom the same profound discernment that enabled him to remain oblivious to his wife’s spectacularly flagrant adulteries until charges that she had stalked her boyfriend compelled her to resign as US Attorney for the State of Oregon. Judge Wiles accepted the perjured testimony from the tenant’s grandson who was the operator of the marijunna grow that his grow was legal evennthough he hadno growers license or grow site certificate as required by Oregon law. The grandson who was misrepresented as an alleged “gun expert” also testified that the psychopathic pot plantationist could not have been firing anything heavier than “harmless” #8 birshot because he had a choke in his shotgun. This alleged expert testified that attempting to fire slugs or even buckshot through a choked barrel would cause the shotgun to explode just like happens to Elmer Fudd when Buggs Bunny shoves a carrot into the muzzle of his gun.

    Of course Judge Wiles was a bit distracted because the eviction hearing occurred concurrently with the proceedings by the Oregon State Bar association against his wife. I have no doubt that if Amanda Marshall had not been suspended, she would have attempted to rehabilitate her professional and political career by maliciously prosecuting the landlord for the tennant’s illegal marijunna grow. Ms Marshall is now in private prsctice representing the marijunna industry. Perhaps she now represents the tennant which would result in Judge Wiles having a conflict of interest?

    I know that my rant displeases many, but it demonstrates how the prosecution of Mongols threatens everyone.

  21. Dasein Says:

    Are they really trying to confiscate all the physical stuff, or just the legal Trademark, or Copyright, whichever it is? I believe it was in an LA Times article on this where the commentary focused mostly on this latter legal point. Some suggested the implications of that included that ANYbody could wear a Patch, and not suffer legal consequences, and that the Brand would become so diluted as to as to be worthless. Others answered that the Club could probably find its way around that enforcement hurdle. So if a)it’s the physical stuff, it seems a pretty retarded and uselessly petty effort (tattoos?), though it could lead to countless harassing enforcement efforts. If it’s b), screw it. If you need the government’s laws to protect your Patch, better be prepared to find another way.

  22. freebird Says:

    The “personal items” that bear Mongols symbols “are part of a steady incoming flow of cash that keeps the organization going. A lot of money is involved.”

    When did this change?

    They have been saying all along the cash flow was coming from illegal activity

    Can’t have it both ways….. which one is it

  23. Mark Says:

    People better pay attention, because this maybe could be in a few years, the foundation to attack Christians and their churches and the Bible itself. The number one thing that holds such people together is they are all Godless. The left is now the center hub for the Godless movement and they will pack their courts with Godless judges that hate God, Christians and free people who want to stay free and will make up the law as they see fit. Watch and see when Ruthie can’t stay on the SCOTUS. That will be a huge set back in their agenda to destroy the Constitution and force the American People to live by Man’s Laws, their laws that they make up as they go along. History is beyond ugly when these types of people take over. In the 20th century they murdered no less than 262 million of their own people. We are watching Godless people trying to get their foothold in the courts to destroy the US Constitution. This isn’t about Bikers, this is about an easy way to make case law to destroy this country and it’s people. There is no other reason because these are not lawful people and they have an agenda and it’s not one that serves the America People.

  24. RLG Says:

    I never thought I would say this, if the courts declare it illegal I might start wearing a shirt that says “Mongols” on the sidewalk in front of the police station while a half dozen citizen journalists film me.

  25. Molasses Says:

    Will the guberment overreaching ever end? The rico convictions are a farce and now this again over and over till they get the verdict they want.

  26. Penguin Says:

    The great American Hero, Babe Ruth, got his start throwing rocks at New York cops and leading the pigs on merry chases through his dad’s bar…which gave out to an alley, and was filled with guys who had really bad eye-sight ;)

    Let’s not confuse respect for law with respect for pigs and corrupt courts…

    I’ll happily obey the Constitution, as most of us would, and do.

    The first given “justification” (above, thanks Rebel) is “It’s the only way…” This is mafia logic.

    This logic would “authorize” outright murder, false testimony, bribes, everything, every crime…this is the prosecutor’s “argument”!…it’s a characteristic example of nazi political logos. These and the other example were, in actual fact, written on the black-board in my Junior High civics class.

    History has many examples of the people responding in kind, – responding to violence against themselves, violence such as this club is being subject to – ah, “creating a response in kind”. I am sorry to know this, but it is simply the facts from history, and we ought to expect more, not less, of this terror.

    This said, the standards of character of some members of some clubs does seem to have declined over the years…just as the standards of the pigs and courts have done…and this leads to?

    Bad outcomes. Film at 11, as they used to tell us…when we believed ’em.

  27. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    First they came for the Mongols, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Mongol…

    (With all due respect to Niemöller)

  28. Mickey Snider Says:

    Nice one Paladin

  29. Paladin Says:

    “Eventually Welk got around to telling the jury the motorcycle club’s real crime, which is the club’s members “seething contempt for law enforcement and the government.”

    If contempt for law enforcement and the government were truly crimes, over half the country would be in league with the Mongol Nation.


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