Year Of The Rat

January 2, 2019

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Year Of The Rat

More so than any other year in the last decade, 2018 was the year of the rat.

A couple of cases, one state and one federal, related only by an obvious reliance on an evolving federal playbook, illustrate this. Both resulted in murder convictions. In one case, a retired Pagan named Ferdinand Augello was improbably convicted of the murder of a celebrity housewife named April Kauffman in 2010. In the other former Bandidos national officers Jeff Pike and John Portillo were convicted of the murder of a drug dealer named Anthony Benesh.

There was no physical evidence to connect any of the three men to the murders. The accusations were far-fetched. But separate juries convicted these men because prosecutors offered legal favors to a string a witnesses, including the probable actual murderers in both cases, to testify against the defendants.


Prosecutors in these cases clearly did not act in the interests of justice as most people understand “justice.” That raises the question of what the prosecutors were trying to accomplish. The obvious answer is that they were trying criminalize membership in outlaw motorcycle clubs because they think those clubs represent a threat to some emerging, officially approved idea, like the perfection of America through police enforced social control.

That’s not new. Police, with all the best intentions, have been framing people forever. But up until now that has always involved actually framing people: By falsifying evidence and by having policemen tell their carefully rehearsed lies on the stand. What is new is that prosecutors are negotiating secret deals with actual murderers in order to convict people who the prosecutors think are more dangerous than murderers.

The snitch business twists American criminal justice. The case of a woman named Ann Colomb and her three sons in Louisiana in 2006 is generally regarded as a bell buoy showing prosecutors what they can and cannot get away with. The Colombs were convicted of distributing crack. The evidence against them was the testimony of dozens of informants in a for-profit snitch ring. Prisoners bought and solde information about pending cases in order to offer it to prosecutors for reduced sentences.

The Kauffman and Benesh convictions go beyond that.


Bemesh was an Austin drug dealer who was assassinated by a sniper in front of his family outside a pizza parlor on March 18, 2006. Before his murder he had taken to wearing an ersatz Hells Angels vest in order to intimidate his competitors. He was never actually a Hells Angel. Ralph Hubert “Sonny” Barger, who is as informed about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club as anyone alive, testified to that at trial.

Benesh was most likely murdered by two drug dealers who were, coincidentally, members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. They were Johnny and Robert Romo. They admitted they killed Benesh. They probably killed Benesh for the same reason any drug dealer kills another drug dealer – money. The murder almost certainly had nothing to do with either Pike or Portillo. They probably learned about it after the fact, along with the rest of Texas.

But an unscrupulous federal prosecutor named Eric Fuchs told the jury “Benesh was attempting to start a Texas Chapter of the Hell’s Angels OMO in Austin, Texas in 2006. Members of the Bandidos OMO warned Benesh to cease his activities and recruitment, which Benesh ignored.”

The Romos corroborated Fuchs’ lie. They testified that they killed Benesh because he was a Hells Angel and Pike and Portillo told them to do it. The Romos were sentenced to 15 and 18 years in prison.
Their actual legal jeopardy was probably greater than that. There has never been an explanation of why they copped to murder. They can get their sentences reduced again if they continue to cooperate with prosecutors.

That is exactly what Johnny Romo promised to do at his sentencing hearing in October. “I will continue to cooperate with the government if they ever need an expert witness on an outlaw motorcycle gang,” he said.

In September, Portillo was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, plus twenty years and Pike was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus ten years.


Augello was also convicted on the testimony of a confessed accessory to the murder of his alleged victim.

April Kauffman, a pretty, charitable and lovingly remembered doctor’s wife was murdered at the request of her drug dealing husband because the husband, Dr. James Kauffman, thought it would be cheaper to kill her than divorce her. He hired two drug addicts named Joseph and Frank Mulholland to do the job. Joseph was a Pagan and Augello knew everybody except Frank who was the actual trigger man. Frank got the gun from the doctor.

James Kauffman later killed himself. Frank Mulholland died of a drug overdose. There is some evidence that it was an intentional overdose and he got the heroin from Joseph Mulholland.
The case went cold for more than five years. Augello was implicated by another Pagan drug dealer named Andrew Glick. Glick had been caught with lots of drugs, lots of guns and lots of cash and was apparently charming enough to convince the FBI that Augello was a more important Pagan than he was.

Joseph Mulholland and Glick both testified against Augello in return for leniency. They told the jury that April Kauffman’s murder was Augello’s idea.

Glick doesn’t seem to be looking at any jail time at all. Mulholland will probably do less than five years. A parade of witness, all facing drug charges, testified that Augello was a bad character and small time drug dealer. One of those was his ex-wife Beverly Augello and those two had had a fairly rocky breakup.

There was absolutely no physical evidence against Augello. All the evidence of his guilt was anecdotal and offered by people who had good reasons to cooperate with prosecutors. On the advice of his attorney, Augello never testified in his own defense. Last month, a New Jersey judge sentenced him to life in prison plus 30 years.


29 Responses to “Year Of The Rat”

  1. Penguin Says:


    Yes, it is a sad and serious matter…but like most such things it can also be amusing… Issac the Super-rat…

    Sooo…two kinna rats exist..the rats that are land-mines, and the rats that find ’em…

    This might seem to suggest a subroutine… I suggest nothing…

  2. Kenny1%er Says:

    Years ago in Canada a Canadian Magistrate or Judge ruled . That testamony by a individual who was basically going free for the testamony against the defendants they once where part of.. Would not be used in any trials.It was deemed unreliable testamony.Can U imagine not USA but Canada figured this out. That day proud brothers walked out of jail. The case was over. But the men who took pleas where fucked.

  3. Penguin Says:

    Sorry nobody replied, yet…

    Now that we, I myself, and y’all (I imagine) are ourselves, ah… “old”, aging, and we assume, have become more or less men of certain memory, and out of the game, past it. and all that stuff. Now that this is the time of repose and thought, reflection, now we “write our histories”.

    The “Great Writ”? Magna Carta, has been repealed. This is the document that laid the Logos of modern western law. It is repealed. There is no right to trial, no right to jury, no presumption of innocence. Occasionally “they” do bow in pro-forma acknowledgement to the icon, but that’s it…the rest is shuffling paper to convict the innocent so as to enable a criminal neo-feudal elite to Govern a police state – one they intend to become global.

    Wile we wait for the inevitable revolution, for the “sans culottes” (the people too poor to afford nice clothes) to get their youthful enterprises, and their pitch-forks and guillotines (I expect), we may enjoy entertainments. Can’t do much else…

    And so, about who is a Rat, and who simply tries to live among rats)…About this topic, a fairy-tale about a place where Magna Carta was, grudgingly, observed…

    (they really did repeal the last of MC)

    There’s a large body of Rumpole. The writer was trying, we may assume, to point out who’s the Rat, and who’s just an honest, decent, criminal.

    I have read that the average American “commits” 3 federal felonies per day – and does not know it… So assume we’re all “decent honest criminals…and minding here the dictum of Dylan…who wrote: “you live outside the Law you must be honest”…

    minding that

    ……I ought to add that brotherhood is what Jesus was promoting….not that I am especially a Christian….just that making criminals out of decent men is a sure sign of impending…ah…”trouble”, eh? Then, as now…

    They do this, not us. Enjoy old Rumpole…


  4. B Cavey Says:

    To rat and save yourself is something you really can’t say you wouldn’t do until faced with the reality. To FABRICATE shit to save yourself for the man’s agenda is totally beyond my comprehension. I mean really! WTF!?

  5. Penguin Says:

    Blaming helpless men for their moral lapse, such as bearing false witness against their brothers… Such blaming may bring a flush of satisfying emotion, but it also, by blaming, ends any attempt to understand or stop the machine.

    If it’s always the rat or snitch at fault, then the “solution” can only be to have no brotherhood. Great Idea! (sarcasm). In fact this destruction of Brotherhood is…

    is “their” goal… Blaming Rats for the situation may feel good, but it helps the man at your expense, and at the cost of brotherhood.

    Let’s see… The man comes and burns down my house, steals all my stuff, kidnaps my kids, steals even my freedom of movement and association…and sets me up (or you up) so I can lie and get out or be tortured in prison for many years, or even murdered in prison… All that and you fellas want to blame the victim?

    Ok, do that. And you shall have more of the same…

    When do think the outcome will change?

    Insanity is when you keep doing the same stuff and expect a different outcome, eh?

    Yes, the Rat is a worse man than his falsely accused brother….but both men are the cogs in a Policemachine that lives off our blood. Parasites.

    When blame is focused on the men who act under color of authority, in the name of the Law, pigs and “officers of the courts” act to suborn perjury and worse, then you can know your enemies. And see what’s going on.

    Me? I accept the reality. We live in a dangerous time when Brotherhood is not permitted. History suggests that these times are the ground, the Logos, that creates violence. As we see, the pigs are providing superb examples of this.

    Are they so blinded by ego that they themselves cannot see that their example “authorizes” popular “reply in kind”?

    Only fools advocate for violence… Evidently the pigs, cops n courts, are, ahemm, fools. (in fact I have known, slightly, several examples…stupidity was what they had in common, cruelty came in a close second, and Paladin’s psycos are there in abundance)

    The game in this time, our time, is divide to rule..and the clubs are being divided into individuals that cannot trust…

    They fear Brotherhood itself…

    Ok, whatyagunna do about it?

    Study your local court rules and jury procedures, quietly. Get on a jury… It’s, they say, your duty…

    That’s a start. Further ideas will come…

    I suppose there might be a remote possibility that I might vote to convict…

  6. Cavey Says:

    Contiued cooperation should be called for what it is cofabrication! Spineless fu#&$!

  7. Anon Says:

    Re: Zero:
    That is part of the tragedy that Rebel talked about and hit home the biggest cut the feds have done to us: we are now paranoid of our brothers actions. We get to go around w/ a sick festering pit in our stomach wondering: is Wirehead Willie going to short out and then we’re all fucked up and all fucked over because Wirehead got in because somebody thought they’d make a few dollars on the side and they brought in a Wirehead because of a combination of trying to be a “businessman” and “politician”.

    Re: Trebor
    The loudmouth, shoots-off-his-mouth jittery unable to think bully motherfucker is the one who is the biggest risk of causing shit or turning snitch bar one.

    Re: Painfully Crying
    I wept when John Portillo was convicted. He was convicted for thought crime.

  8. MtPockets Says:

    I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that the juries in both of these cases could not see how contrived the testimony was.
    I didnt keep up with the Texas trial as much as I should have, but in Freddies case I didnt see one single shred of evidence against him- just stories told by those who were only interested in saving their own bacon.
    I hope every one of them suffers enough guilt to permanently take care of the problem- after writing out a confession to right the wrong.

  9. Papa Says:

    Does no one in America remember the “supergrass” prosecutions in Northern Ireland in the late seventies and early eighties? An y one who does must surely remember the number of innocent men who did long sentences based on the testimony of proven liars. I am not a member of any club, nor have I any interest in joining any clubs however it is my understanding that when you join a club you swear allegience to that organisation and give your oath to that effect. Same as if you join a police department or one of the armed services.
    The point being by testifying these people are breaking their solemn oath. That being the case how can their oath to “tell the truth etc” possibly be considered valid. Also these people invariably are trying to avoid doing large amounts of time for their own crimes by implicating others. How can anyone with a working brain consider that just?
    In the case of the supergrass trials they were pretty much all eventually overturned and massive compensation was ultimately paid. Not much help to the innocent men who died in custody whilst the guilty were in witness protection schemes.

  10. Painfully Weeping Says:

    Ratting someone out is easy. Get yourself jammed up on some bullshit charge and they tell you “we are here to help you if tell us…..”.
    It is coached testimonies and hollow promises.
    Never believe a cop., Never trust a cop and never ever say shit to a cop.
    Be a man and DO your time.

    Respect to those who earned it.

  11. Painfully Weeping Says:

    Ratting someone out is easy. Get yourself jammed up on some bullshit charge and they tell you “we are here to help you if tell us…..”.
    It is coached testimonies and hollow promises.
    Never believe a cop., Never trust a cop and never ever say shit to a cop.
    Be a man and your time.

    Respect to those who earned it.

  12. freebird Says:

    Even the El Chapo trial had a really big blood rat…..

    No one can fuck you over better than family….. blood or not

    Trust but verify is a happy medium, but not bullet proof

  13. TX_Biker Says:

    Keep your circle very very small because if this can happen to innocent, honorable men, it can happen to any of us. Biker or not.

  14. Trebor Says:

    Those that crow the loudest usually are the ones that end of being garbage.

  15. Paladin Says:

    Stevo Says:
    January 4, 2019 at 6:21 am

    “How the fuck do these men look at themselves in the mirror and not die of shame?”

    Answer: Sociopaths and psychopaths have no shame.

    Long May You Ride,


  16. Stevo Says:

    How the fuck do these men look at themselves in the mirror and not die of shame?

  17. Paladin Says:

    What befell Augello, Pike and Portillo and will undoubtedly befall many more is a direct result of those not wanting to accept the stupid prizes they’ve won while playing their stupid games.


  18. BeemerCM Says:

    Thank you OS. Reading comments from bottom to top sometimes requires wading through all the pontification to get to someone real.
    Perhaps knowing Brotherhood must be a lifestyle, missed by those looking in from the outside.
    Respects to the real.

  19. New England Rider Says:

    Both these cases hinge on testimony from people passing the buck onto someone else under the promise of getting leniency. It makes you want to pull your hair out because of how crazy insane it is. And shame on the jurors who can’t see through the bullcrap.

    New England Rider

  20. Phuquehed Says:

    @Shovelhead – Right on! It’s still there, just a little harder to find is all. Keep on staying strong!

  21. Hero Says:


    Not to be confused with Hero, what happened?
    A Crap ton of really bad choices happened. MC members doing really stupid shit in the plain sight of the public. Prosecutors can’t get a conviction if the jury doesn’t cooperate, and the jury is the general public who sees all these really stupid decisions that members have made most of them on video tape the main thing hey everyone in the motorcycle club is like that they’re guilty of something and then they convict. As to why people rat, I have no idea. Some people cant do time. Or they were never your brother, just saw the MC as a way to make money or their life better in some way.

  22. Shovelhead Says:

    Old School Brotherhood is still here and will never go away…Never!! I don’t give a fuck how many laws are passed. They can take all the patches away, melt down all of our Bikes, outlaw being outlaws and still Brotherhood will exist. Be it underground, back allies, whatever, the strong survive, the week die. Freedom lives!

    All Rats and dirty Cops will eventually get what’s coming to them. There’s no escape.

    Respect to the real 1%

  23. freebird Says:

    Great article Rebel!!

    Through out life we hear quotes defining a specific situation and never really know how or where they came about

    I remember hearing one that in part said, for those with lofty aspiration’s cannot reach those heights without stepping on skulls to get there…..

    I prefer my friends and brother’s in low places where it’s still real

  24. oldskewl Says:

    zero Says:
    January 2, 2019 at 6:00 pm
    Is there no brotherhood left?
    “I was talking to a cop in a bar”
    We used to know better, What has happened?

    Talking to cops, calling patch members “punks”.. What’s happened you ask?
    Keyboard cop loving commandos giving advice and opinions on the internet is a great start.


  25. Penguin Says:

    I am glad to see Rebel’s fine article. Thanks Rebel.

    @zero…good question. It may be brotherhood that’s on their agenda, the destruction of brotherhood itself, the atomization of all people into helpless individuals.

    Rebel’s idea that the prosecutors and cops mean well is charitable I suppose, but is this reasonable?

    I mean “they” make their lives and pensions by “discovering” crime…their agenda is to put bodies into cages…and they get a steady paycheck for this, and lose their jobs after awhile if they do not “perform”… So who, precisely is a rat, a criminal, and who is not?

    Is this racket of deliberate creating false confessions and testimony not a criminal conspiracy to violate (inter alia) the 5th amendment of the USC?

    They took an oath to the Constitution, not to their jobs or paycheck…who’s the criminal, the tortured, or the torturer?

    We may want to re-define “rat”, eh?

    I looked up the coke family, “Ann Colomb and her three sons”… interesting what came up… and

    What “they” do to the least of us, they do to all, including (though they themselves may not realize it) to themselves.

    What organization curated the importation and distribution of the stuff? Surely that’s a “Rat-based Gang”?

    No, Rebel, I disagree. these people that, under color of authority and the guise of Justice, organize and curate a systematic destruction of fundamental US law and the logos within which everything, every institution, must function (and without which cannot function) are not merely misguided and lied to, they are principals in institutional crime. Crime that cannot produce “perfection of America through police enforced social control”. And they are led by educated professionals in Law. The word “traitor” somehow comes to mind.

    The ugly truth is that they bear a close resemblance to STASI finks in East Germany, to the KGB, and to GESTAPO… The shoe fits – it’s a fascist jack-boot.

    Further afield…where does it stop? The most recent example of similar criminal fascist organization (usually without the overt ideologies) were the DDR, USSR, and of course the Third Reich…

    These rat-fink pigs and their enabling co-conspirator lawyers would seem to be destroying the US, just as their brother rats ruined Germany, East Germany, and the USSR.

    At Nuremberg they tried the lawyers, you know…odd, there are no obvious hits on search engine…only fragments on YT…Judgment at Nuremberg (1961).

    The real Rats, and those they suborn to sworn lies, are deeply involved in the destruction of the operating ground under the USA. Their “success” can only be the destruction of their own Country.

    Now that’s a Rat!

  26. Mark Says:

    The one twist of the story that seems to be missing is, why are the government employees framing innocent people with crimes that they were never involved in? No main stream reporter or investigation journalist ever tackles this issue, why are all of these government employees committing crimes of railroading innocent people and letting the real criminals of those very crimes walk away with deals to lie and help frame innocent people? The answer is, for larger retirement pay. Retirement is based on wages and/or job level. Railroading innocent people in big crimes that makes the public think the criminal justice system really works and is dealing with dangerous criminals. This moves up the government employees in their employment status which means that their retirement is growing. Pretty much all government employees work for that, Golden Egg’s Nest, their retirement. That is the, motive, because it’s clearly obvious justice isn’t the agenda and never has been. Anyone reading what Rebel writes knows justice is only a word and the real criminals are many times the very people in the system. I.E., Waco and how about the sloppy drunks in Pittsburgh? Who’s doing all the lying in Waco and Pittsburgh? Thanks Rebel, for exposing these crimes against humanity, which exactly what the hell is going on, crimes against humanity.

  27. Agnarr Says:

    @ Zero;
    Looks like today there is a total lack of Balls, Spine and Loyalty for the man willing to stand up next to you when it is needed most.


  28. FF Says:

    Stay away from anyone trafficking drugs. Stay away from cops. Stay away from rats.

  29. zero Says:

    Is there no brotherhood left?

    These are just the most popular rats, they are everywhere. I was talking to a cop in a bar and he was telling me how when he pulls these punks over they start ratting before they even know why he stopped them.

    We used to know better, but people used to know not to fuck with a Harley too.

    What has happened?

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