Undercover Drunks On Vacation

December 17, 2018

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Undercover Drunks On Vacation

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has given the four, drunken Pittsburgh cops who pepper sprayed, Tased and beat four Pagans Motorcycle Club members paid leaves.

There are multiple investigations of the ugly incident in Kopy’s Bar on October 12 – by a Citizen Police Review Board, the FBI. the Pittsburgh Office of Municipal Investigations and the Allegheny County District Attorney – and none of them will stop until Peduto can find an excuse to give bad cops David Honick, David Lincoln, Brian Burgunder and Brian Martin round trip tickets to the French Rivera.

Thick Blue Wall

Also, the police department is investigating itself. Their investigation remains ongoing.

There is incontrovertible video and eyewitness evidence that the four “undercover” narcotics officers were falling down drunk, that they provoked a shoving match, used the shove to justify multiple, felony, aggravated assaults and conspired with other Pittsburgh police officers to falsely charge Pagans Frank Deluca, Michael Zokaites, Erik Heitzenrater and Bruce Thomas and destroy or suppress evidence.

Deluca, who was the most severely beaten of the four, and Heitzenrater have both filed federal lawsuits. Neither the city nor the police have commented on the suits.

Prior to the assaults on the Pagans, Honick had at least 13 drinks, Burgunder had 19;, Martin had 14 and Lincoln had seven. In general, police consider civilians to be legally intoxicated after three or four drinks. Honick has previously been implicated in at least four episodes of violent misconduct that have cost the city at least $113,500 in civil penalties.

The official song and dance is that the four drunken cops were working undercover in the bar to investigate an unspecified complaint of drug transactions on the premises. So, they got drunk rather than undermine their undercover personas.

Chocolate Milk

“With narcotics and vice, you’re going to have situations where officers are involved in a situation where they don’t want to have their cover blown,” Peduto said in November “Obviously you’re not going to go to a bar and order chocolate milk, but at the same time there has to be accountability to be able to carry out your job.”

“I don’t know that they were undercover,” said about the police assailants. “I don’t know why they’re in the bar. We haven’t heard from the supervisor that they were on duty. We haven’t heard from the supervisor who the target was, if there was – in fact – a target.”

In October, Peduto called criticism of the four drunk undercovers “disappointing” and “unfortunate.”
He fednied that the video of the assault was definitive. “What I saw is troubling,” he said, “with the actions of escalation of force that didn’t seem to be warranted, but without full evidence of what actually happened, it’s very difficult to make that judgmental call.”

More than two months later, the four drunks are still on the payroll.


11 Responses to “Undercover Drunks On Vacation”

  1. MtPockets Says:

    Gone, but not locked up like they should be.

  2. commonsense Says:

    To Paladin, your are right. a lot of folks think off with pay is an easy way out. It’s not, they are probably gone.

  3. Not Surprised Says:

    Very strong Union cops have in Pittsburgh.

  4. freebird Says:

    @ John Smith

    Spending others peoples money is such a rush for elected officials

    If there is a drug that should be illegal, this is it……

  5. Painfully Weeping Says:

    Pittsburgh and Waco are just a few. The cloaking of criminals must stop.

  6. Kenny1%er Says:

    Pennsylvania has alot of cops that hate bikers. They have fone far worse then this. Ya they may be fired in Pittsburgh. But rehired in Philadelphia.

  7. MtPockets Says:

    I agree. They should not only lose their jobs, they should go through asset forfeiture to settle the lawsuits and find their happy asses in prison- just like anyone else would, had a civilian done what they were filmed doing.

  8. jrino Says:

    Standard Operating Procedure in the general work place would mean termination immediately.
    Baristas at Starbucks get fired for sending Black men out the door! These cock suckers deserve prison where they can serve and protect!

  9. Paladin Says:

    When suspended, it’s SOP to be suspended with pay. To be suspended indefinitely without pay while under what might be a somewhat lengthy investigation is considered to be a punitive punishment, and that’s why it isn’t done.

    It’s pretty much understood that when you’re suspended with pay while under a criminal investigation such as this one, you’ll be fired when the investigation is concluded.


  10. freebird Says:

    It was just a big misunderstanding……

    All 4 will be ordered to attend a cultural sensitivity class

    They were so undercover even their direct supervisor did not know where they were

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