Mongols Deliberations Continue

December 7, 2018

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Mongols Deliberations Continue

The trial jury in the Mongol Nation racketeering trial continued to deliberate as of noon Pacific Time, Friday.

The trial, which took just over five weeks, is the latest manifestation of a decade long attempt by the federal government to confiscate the insignia worn by members and friends of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.


The prosecution is based on a theoretical distinction between what prosecutors describe as the “Mongols Gang” which is comprised of all full members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, and “Mongol Nation” which includes patched members of the club and former members, club hang arounds, prospects, probationary members and so-called “associates.” Prosecutors defined “associates” to mean Mongols family members, visitors at Mongols sponsored events and people who buy Mongols support gear. Mongol Nation was the named defendant in the case.

Some of the crimes described to the jury were not committed by Mongols members or prospects but by Mongols associates.

If “Mongol Nation” is convicted the government will once again begin proceedings to confiscate various items that proclaim an affiliation with the Mongols Motorcycle Club: That say, for example, “Mongols,” “Support Your Local Mongols,” “MFFM” and “Free The M*****S.” Throughout the fist half of 2009, police executed indicia search warrants of suspected Mongols associates and confiscated personal photographs of men wearing the Mongols patch.

Nothing Until Tuesday

The intent of this prosecution, based on statements made by prosecutors during this trial, appears to be to similarly prosecute other associations in the motorcycle club “subculture” starting with the Hells Angels.

That result seems to be blatantly unconstitutional but the United States government continues to pursue it anyway.

The jury is not sequestered and there is some speculation about how long the jurors may deliberate. There appear to be factions, for the prosecution and for the defense, within the panel.

The presiding judge, David O. Carter, who lectures and advises on international law, has left town and will be speaking at the United Nations in New York through Monday. Consequently, if the jury does reach a verdict today, or over the weekend or on Monday its verdict will remain sealed until Tuesday.

There should be more news then.


22 Responses to “Mongols Deliberations Continue”

  1. jrino Says:

    Well next the appeal then “who’s next?”

  2. rollinnorth Says:

    “Several trademark experts, however, have questioned whether the federal government could enforce the trademark in that way.

    Susan M. Natland, a partner with Knobbe Martens and former adjunct trademarks professor at UCLA Law School, said the government could be found to have abandoned the patch trademark immediately, because it has no interest in providing goods and services under the mark, as the law requires.

    That could mean the government could not prevent gang members from continuing to wear the patch, she said.

    Jurors return to Carter’s courtroom on Jan. 8 to decide whether prosecutors demonstrated a ‘nexus’ between the Mongol Nation’s crimes and the assets the government wants to seize.

    The judge will decide whether and which forfeitures can happen.

    Carter said he also intends to decide whether Mongols have a First Amendment right to wear the patch.”

    “Mongols Convicted of Racketeering, but Trial Isn’t Over.”


  3. What Ever Says:

    Honestly thought worst case was a hung jury in the first round but unfortunately the Mongols lost

  4. Thatguy Says:

    A rebel I posted a link to the verdict of this case about 20 minutes ago can you please not post…I put wrong name

  5. Snitch Says:

    Well now i see US Attorney Chris Michael Brunwim, esq
    has been a naughty boy, as how did he eavesdrop on the Jury Deliberations ?

    Ask Him: [email protected] did the fed’s bug the deliberations ? have some of the Feds been using electronic listening devices and U/C methods to see what the Jurors are thinking ?

    Apparently some of the paid snitches have been also helping the Prosecutor get inside information that violates the Rule of Law and every ethical rule they are suppose to stand for, Mr. Brunwim apparently does not like the Judge very much either so we wonder who is watching who ?

    Illicit electronic eavesdropping with out a court order ? sounds like a Mistrial needs to be done.

  6. BadGuy Says:

    I like to read what the copyright / trademark Attorney’s have written in this matter. And I tend to agree with them. Let’s say Apple loses it’s famous apple trademark to the government, everyone will not have to turn over their computer, ipad, iphone, etc. Because when the unit was made, Apple did own the trademark.

  7. Austin Says:


    freebird Says:
    December 7, 2018 at 5:14 pm
    Going to go out on a limb here….. a big fatty

    Even if the govt loses in the current case, this will not be the end of the story

    They will continue to look for an unlocked back door…..

  8. Austin Says:

    freebird Says:
    December 7, 2018 at 5:14 pm
    Going to go out on a limb here….. a big fatty

    Even if the govt loses in the current case, this will not be the end of the story

    They will continue to look for an unlocked back door…..

  9. Chief Says:

    wow, Hero, even fayettenamhoe would look at that like “WTF? You make no sense.”



  10. Muck 1%er Says:

    I was going to say something intelligent, like…Huh? Wtf are you talking about?

    Grammar, punctuation and sentence structure go a long way in making your point comprehensible.

  11. Sieg Says:

    Just wanted to take a second to remind everyone-you too, Hero-that google translate doesn’t always quite get it…


  12. Hero Says:

    Tomorrow’s the day tell him where we find out exactly what the future of our lifestyle holds. Are all of us going to burn for a few people you’re stupid and make bad decisions. Someone wants told me the holder holds the patch up not the patch making the man. This case is 100% directed at those Outsiders never get the family in the club and the club and the family, the 1% of the true 1% that slipped through the cracks oh, that we don’t want that nobody wants once we realize exactly what they’re all about. That’s what we will be judged on, our mistakes for letting them in. Everybody’s been bamboozled bunny suckers including the American public look at the clintons now, we elected in president now we can’t even say their name without feeling dirty, there’s no mouthwash for this I just hope and pray that the jury understands are Lifestyle the club lifestyle isn’t the Bad Apple it slipped through the cracks

  13. commonsense Says:

    The prosecutors definition of associates should never hold up in court. They say if someone shows up at a Mongols event they are an associate. I call bullshit. I’m a straight man and if my girlfriend drags me into some LGBT event then that makes me an associate of them ? I don’t think so. Sometimes LE bites off more than they can handle. Thats why usually the DA (not feds) will go for a manslaughter charge as opposed to murder because they are all about statistics. They want a conviction. If the feds get involved they pull the rico card and it’s balls to the wall.

  14. Kenny1%er Says:

    Hey Rebel I scrribble ???some stuff and the pist disappears

  15. Gandalf Says:

    What Joe said!

  16. Joe Russo Says:

    First off I’m not even a biker,but what the fuck is going on with big brother.?? But here is the Reality of this waste of time,( follow me) So I’m not a Mongol shut I don’t even or never have rode a Harley, And I’m not a member of anything,So if I wear a full cut jacket they can not take it Rico doesn’t apply to society, And I promise.I would sue and win as we all would,its seems the would have to prove a Mongol is actually a member ?? And not a hang around or a fan .. And god forbid if I’m actually a Mongolian from Mongolia ?? And last I say this with nothing but pure honest love. The patch doesn’t make the man it doesn’t define you brothers. Your good people your unique and this will not takeaway your brother hood. A lot of us none bikers are on your side…
    Gilmer tx

  17. Kenny1%er Says:

    Say the fools come back and say that their stuff is now to be stolen. It would have to go to I velieve the next court. Supreme like a Pizza. But if you change I think six points. No disrespect here. But really. U could really get creative. With lady justus. Blowing a Biker.I mean FBBF. Could be changed to FBN.Like I said no disrespect. Thsts why the M is not even used … Its really got to be stopped. Just as it goes first they took my enemy, then they took my friend, now they are taking me.

  18. Brain Says:

    Thank you rebel…

  19. freebird Says:

    Going to go out on a limb here….. a big fatty

    Even if the govt loses in the current case, this will not be the end of the story

    They will continue to look for an unlocked back door…..

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