Judge Throws Augello Away

December 5, 2018

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Judge Throws Augello Away

The beast ate Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello this morning.

Atlantic County, New Jersey judge Bernard E. DeLury Jr. sentenced the 62-year-old retired Pagan to life in prison plus 30 years, He will not be eligible for parole until after his 117th birthday. The sentence is, in the overblown way of contemporary justice, a version of the cruel curse Dante Alighieri imagined over the gate to hell: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

Augello was arrested on January 9 and convicted on October 2 of arranging the murder of New Jersey housewife April Kauffman on May 8, 2012; of conspiring to murder April Kauffman’s husband Dr. James Kauffman in the fall of 2017; and of distributing prescription narcotics he obtained from Dr. James Kauffman.


Objectively, Augello was innocent of the first two charges and probably should have been found not guilty of the third charge. Most defendants represented by competent counsel would still be awaiting trial. Throughout the course of his case, Augello rushed to his fate because he thought he would be found innocent and he was eager to return to his mostly cheerful, mundane, former life.

April Kauffman was provably and admittedly murdered by Joseph and Frank Mulholland at the behest of James Kauffman who was afraid his wife would divorce him, take half or more of his money and possibly betray a custom prescription drug scheme he had devised to defraud Medicare and Medicaid. Frank Mulholland actually shot April Kauffman with a gun he had been given by James Kauffman.

Augello stubbornly maintained that he knew both Kauffmans and Joseph Mulholland but had never met Frank Mulholland. Although the case was prosecuted in state court, it resulted from an FBI investigation of drug dealing by members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

Former Brothers

Augello was implicated by a former Pagan and drug dealer named Andrew “Chef” Glick. Glick agreed to cooperate with the FBI after he was caught with large amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine, $38,000 in cash and numerous pistols he intended to sell.

Frank Mulholland died of a suspicious drug overdose the year after April Kauffman was murdered. Former Pagan Joseph Mulholland and Glick both testified against Augello at trial. Glick said he had invented a fictitious scheme to murder James Kauffman in jail by poisoning his food and that Augello had agreed to participate in it, although how Augello would participate in the murder plot was never elaborated. James Kauffman later committed suicide in jail.

The drug charges were substantiated at trial by witnesses who were facing drug charges themselves and who said they had bought drugs from Augello. There was no direct physical evidence against Augello. The evidence against him was the testimony of other defendants who were all promised leniency for testifying and multiple ambiguous recordings.

Public Defender

Augello’s lead attorney, a public defender named Mary Linehan, told Augello not to take the stand in his own defense and failed to obtain witnesses who might cast doubt on the testimony against him.

The case was tainted by pretrial publicity in which prosecutors presented their case against Augello to the public over and over. The prosecution also told the jury that Augello was a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club and that the Pagans had been accused of racketeering activity including drug dealing.

A jury convicted Augello after deliberating for only two hours.

A week after Augello’s conviction three attorneys accused Atlantic County prosecutor Damon Tyner of “unethical media contact” and of withholding exculpatory evidence in Augello’s case.


11 Responses to “Judge Throws Augello Away”

  1. david Says:

    Fascist governments use law and order not to punish actual criminals, but to criminalize “out groups”, such as minority non-conformists.

    And they ain’t above stacking a jury with their own ass-kissers, or propagandizing the entire jury pool via their owned media outlets.

  2. freebird Says:

    @ Paladin


  3. FF Says:

    To Tyner, Levy, deluray and all the other Stasi goons too numerous to mention:

    May you and your children live in interesting times.

  4. Sieg Says:

    You mean any of you are STILL capable of being surprised by this shit?!

    OF COURSE Freddy was found guilty, that’s why you are brought to court, to receive your official punishment.

    This shit is going to continue, right up until the time the lampposts start bearing fruit.


  5. Jim Says:

    It is a terrible thing that happened to Freddy he didn’t commit or hire anyone to murder mrs kauffman nor is he a drug king pin I know Freddy 20yrs after Freddy retired from the club in 2010 I didn’t see much of him mr glick became president and was when this terrible thing happened to mrs kauffman. Mr glick was removed as president after this ordeal had happened but still sold pills and meth and coke and sold guns mr glick made a lot of money and maybe he was the drug king pin mr glick was a cook at a retirement home I guess the make a lot of money you see mr glick had more then 1 homes and several bikes and as you know got caught with a lot of shit and cash mr augello had 1 bike shared a home with his girlfriend and made a living painting signs and playing music he got caught with no drugs no cash and was anti drug the guns in Fred’s house were legal he had a permit for them mr glick on the other hand had illegally obtained guns to sell mr mulholand openly admitted he took part in the murder said mr augello pointed a gun at him and made him do it bullshit Fred was a good with martial arts and would not point a gun trust me so mr mulholand is a fucking liar now the other mr mulholand ends up dead and it looks like mr mulholand cleaned up his mess by taken out the one who could pin him my opinion only I do not no mr mulholand anyway they put away the wrong guy and the prosecutor and mr glick are responsible for dr kauffman death I didn’t know him and I’m sure he was a scum bag oh Fred’s mom was best friends with mrs kauffman s grandmother don’t think Fred would disrespect his moms friend and have her grand daughter killed

  6. Stevo Says:

    I feel sick to my stomach


  7. MtPockets Says:

    I dont get it.
    One of the defendants ADMITS IN OPEN COURT that he made up the story of murdering the Doc, yet they STILL convict Freddie?
    How is this even possible????
    On the other charges, there is not one shred of actual evidence that he was involved yet, here again, they convict him?
    Wtf? No shit?!
    This whole thing has seemed, since the very beginning, to be a “convict someone- ANYONE” kind of story. I honestly don’t think anyone on the prosecution or on the jury gave two shits what the actual facts are- as long as they could get a conviction.
    April was a very well known and loved local celebrity, and they just couldnt stand the thought of nobody going to jail for her death.
    Best of luck, Freddie, as you move forward with whatever you can move forward with.
    With the absolutely pathetic lack of a defense, I would sure think a new trial would be warranted.

  8. Paladin Says:

    After reading Rebel’s story, it would seem that Augello has solid grounds for an appeal, based on unethical media contact and withholding exculpatory evidence. I would be surprised if Augello wasn’t granted a new trial. Unfortunately; no one can give back Augello’s lost freedom.


  9. Road Rage Says:

    So sad. The old sayings ring true – “there’s no justice, just us.” Stay strong Freddy and don’t let them take your pride.

    Respect to the few – ride hard, stay free.

    Road Rage

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking corrupt judge and trial, as usual. It seems as though our ‘justice system’ is run by those with their heads up their asses, and those who get burnt by it are those who refuse to also put their own heads up their asses too.

    Fuck the judge and fuck the prosecutor in this case…both corrupt, moronic, air-wasting pieces of shit sitting at chairs of their supper tables every night.

  11. Paul Harris Says:

    I can imagine bent atf agents, cops , prosecutors not giving a shit, but shame on that fucking jury.

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