Bouncing Checks At Christmas

November 29, 2018

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Bouncing Checks At Christmas

It is debatable whether I do an adequate job as a writer or a journalist. The only thing I can say about that is that I am a much better writer and journalist than I am a bookkeeper.

I have never been a particularly money driven individual. I have lost a couple of wives being contempt-uous of money like that. I have been homeless a couple of times like that. I have been homeless since I started writing this page. There was a long stretch in about 2011 when this website stayed lit but there wasn’t any new content. That is because I wasn’t sitting behind a computer during those months. I am always pretty amused when somebody comes along and accuses me of getting rich off The Aging Rebel.

I live pretty modestly but I am pretty stupid about money. It is not that I am stupid in general or that I squander money on things like steak.

I think my problems with money might be part of a pathological family culture.

Here’s Your Story

My grandfather went to work as a slate picker in Beckley, West Virginia when he was seven-years-old. His grandfather, for whom he was named, was a hero in a coal mine disaster in Durham in England a couple of generations before that. I know this because the one thing we have all been stubborn about for the last few hundred years is telling stories. I have heard about the guy in 1681 who went to prison for stealing a rich man’s clothes, We might not have the coin to buy you a drink but we will tell you a story if you buy us one.

The stories are sometimes embellished to make them more true. Like the guy in England who was a hero.

My great, great grandfather was a hero but the way I always heard the story was that he was given a reward for his heroism that made him “one of the richest men in England.” My grandfather’s eyes used to light up when he told me that. “One of the richest men in England!”

Eventually I looked it all up. He was a hero. He saved the lives of scores of men. But for his reward, Queen Victoria gave him the grand sum of 11 pounds. So I suppose whether he was a rich man or not depends on how you define rich. He probably never had to buy another drink for the rest of his life. He was rich like that. That was also how his grandson wound up in a coal mine at seven.

Literary Digression

Stephen Crane reported about slate pickers for an article published in McClures Magazine in August 1894. I have always wondered if one of the boys was my grandfather.

“These little men were a terrifically dirty band,” Crane reported. “They resembled the New York gamins in some ways, but they laughed more, and when they laughed their faces were a wonder and a terror. They had an air of supreme independence, and seemed proud of their kind of villainy. They swore long oaths with skill.

“Through their ragged shirts we could get occasional glimpses of shoulders black as stoves. They looked precisely like imps as they scrambled to get a view of us. Work ceased while they tried to ascertain if we were willing to give away any tobacco. The man who perhaps believes that he controls them came and harangued the crowd. He talked to the air.

“The slate-pickers all through this region are yet at the spanking period. One continually wonders about their mothers, and if there are any schoolhouses. But as for them, they are not concerned. When they get time off, they go out on the culm heap and play baseball, or fight with boys from other ‘breakers’ or among themselves, according to the opportunities. And before them always is the hope of one day getting to be door-boys down in the mines; and, later, mule-boys; and yet later, laborers and helpers. Finally, when they have grown to be great big men, they may become miners, real miners, and go down and get ‘squeezed,’ or perhaps escape to a shattered old man’s estate with a mere ‘miner’s asthma.’ They are very ambitious.”

I suspect this is where impoverished writers who report on motorcycle outlaws come from. I expect that is also where the motto of this website, “The Man Who Dies With The Most Stories Wins,” came from.

I know that was a long, meandering aside but I do think if I am going to ask you for money I should at least tell you a story for it. And I am about to ask you for money

Open Immediately

Usually the first clue I have that I am in trouble is when the rent is due and I start getting letters from the bank that say “Urgent – Open Immediately” on the envelope. To be completely honest, they usually sit around for about a week or two before I open them.

By now, I thought I would have a book called Expect No Mercy in print and that it would wind up selling five or six thousand copies. That would keep me going for about a year. Unfortunately, what started as a simple book about a trial in Texas grew to encompass all of a dirty, mostly secret war on the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. With this and that, with other stories I thought I had to cover, like the long, stupid ordeal of Freddy Augello, I haven’t gotten the damned book done yet.

So, once again I am forced to ask the people who read these words whether they think The Aging Rebel should continue or not. I think it should but I am not the guy who decides. You are.

In defense of the site I will say that I have personally seen the outrage and contempt I inspire in prosecutors. I do know these words are banned in most American prisons for some reason. But that is just the view from here.

This site is here for you. I don’t expect you to be here for The Aging Rebel. But it is a simple matter that unless you are here for this site this site now, this site is not going to be here much longer for you.

Merry Christmas.


50 Responses to “Bouncing Checks At Christmas”

  1. DaYooper Says:

    Thanks for all you do Rebel. Been reading here since the Waco massacre. Bought several of your books, all great reads. Been out of work since 6/2017 due to health problems but finally got disability so I was able to toss some cabbage your way a couple days ago. Will do so on a regular basis going forward. Respects to you and the regulars here. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and great New year.


  2. oldskewl Says:


    Merry Christmas.

  3. Oddball Says:

    Sorry it took this long rebel. Got you hooked up. Just wish I could of sent more

  4. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party, but glad I made it in time to add a bit to the coffer.

    Happy Holidays, all!

  5. commonsense Says:

    To Sieg. I did not see the donate button. After I read your post I went back and looked and found it. No disrespect intended.

  6. Mike T Says:

    Hey Rebel, I’m not one for donating due to many things in my life. In 1967 I was blown up and almost lost my eyesight. In 1970 was shot and almost died. In 2006 I had a bad accident and shattered four vertebrae and my neck and one of my back,damaged my spinal, internal injuries, life support, tracheotomy, drug-induced coma for 10 days, had to learn to walk again and lost use of most of my right hand. Can still use the throttle so that never stopped me from riding. Then i went throgh protate cancer treatment for two years and then treatable colon cancer three years ago. I started riding in 1969 (a Sportster i chopped, stroker kit and sifton race cam) and never stopped (except for recovery from shit). Nobody ever donated shit to me, no benefits, etc. I am 68 and retired on social security so income is limited, so I am not one to donate …but i did post $10 to you, wish it could have been more.

  7. Johnny Rotten Says:


    glad to see yer still kickin
    miss ya on the other site
    hope all is well



  8. bcnasty Says:

    Done, been a bit busy and off the radar.

  9. IAIN AFRIN Says:

    @ Sieg


    Total lack of commonsense by Commonsense.

    Ante up if you haven’t already MOFO’s….. No excuses. This place is irreplaceable……..

  10. Sieg Says:


    You don’t need to be on farcebook, or participate in any social media. If you want to kick in a few bucks to keep this site up and running, all you have to do is hit the “Donate” button, and it will walk you through making a donation using a credit card or Paypal. If you want to mail a check in, you can hit the “contact” button and get an answer about where to send it.

    To tell Rebel to e-mail you to ask for money? No class, homes, not even a little bit. Is the man supposed to e-mail everyone who visits and/or posts on this site and ask them for coin?


  11. oldskewl Says:

    Dear, Rebel.

    Regardless of what happens to this site, I want to say “thank you for all you’ve done, said and given to this community over the years”. I know you’ve poured blood sweat and tears into this and every book you’ve ever written. Well done!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,



  12. commonsense Says:

    Rebel, I’m not on facebook or any other social media sites. You have my email address and you can contact me thru it and let me know how to help. Good luck.

  13. Peachy Says:

    Merry Christmas Rebel,

    Sent you a donation last week. I assumed that you remember my real name but thought I would post in case you needed to connect the two. Keep up what you are doing.

  14. Lou Sassel Says:

    Donated last week. Rarely post, read regularly. Keep up the good work.

    Respects to the regulars that contribute to the cause.


  15. Hero Says:


    I am embarrsed to say I am just as or more broke than you. I want so badly to send you money, and if you want another bounced check I can do that and deal with the consequences that come with it. I read your page daily and most of the time multiple times during the day waiting for updates because I know they’re honest and true and your integrity I have realized over the years is of the utmost. I’m trying to figure out how to buy my kids a couple of presents for Christmas and pay my mortgage 3 months late as I’m 2 months behind on and already. I expect that I might get a few bad responses to what I’m posting and I’m a man and I can deal with that. But I’m really trying to say is I can’t offer you any money cuz I don’t have any right now but I know it’ll come back around and at some point I’ll be flush again, but what I can provide is if you need a place to stay with or without the lights on, and as long as we have food to eat I’m willing to break bread and I would feel it as an honor to put food in your stomach. Right now that’s the best I can do but I’m not going to come over here and not post something when you’re in need when I post something when you’re not will be one of those guys that disappears behind the screen. I know people all the time say it’s the thought that counts, Bowman the lights are out and there’s nothing on the stove all you have left is your thoughts and that will take you to a bad place. Let me know if you come to the 480 and I’ll take care of what I can for as long as I can and that’s the best I can do.

  16. Kranky Klaus Says:

    I would loudly echo everyone else who suggested starting a patreon. Let’s face it; you are the only person who does motorcycle reportage with any skill, flair, grasp of the english language and, most importantly, IMPARTIALITY. There are many readers willing to make a commitment to you financially. The monthly allowance the Patreon would give you would hopefully take the sting out of the monthly “life bills” and keep this place afloat.

    Those are my two cents. Though, in a moment, I will donate many more.

    Big respect

  17. Mad Midget Says:

    Wish it could be more. I’ll have some saved by the time the book hits the shelves. Merry Christmas, and thanks for all you do to keep ’em honest and us informed. MM

  18. Bob Says:

    I have writer friends who make a few hundred to a few thousand each month on Patreon. Some articles are always free, other stuff for subscribers may be released early before being made public or is only for subscribers. Maybe subscribers could get excerpts from upcoming books, that kind of thing.

    Might make some steady income for you.

  19. Huff Says:

    Donation sent. Best of luck, Rebel.


  20. Jim Bob Says:

    Hey Rebel,
    I’ve recently been “let go” of my job so my income is not in the best situation but until I get back on track I’ll at least click the links a few dozen times whenever I check out your site as some way to help out. Keep doing what you do!

  21. Tom Barker Says:

    Sent. Have you ever considered co-authoring a book with other “biker” writers, such as Bill Hayes.

  22. Anon Says:

    Tricky Tramp: Someone tried t-shirts and caps. Rebel would only allow the funds to go to Brothers Behind Bars. Wasn’t real successful endeavor anyway. I did get a cap drop and shirt drop shipped to me. Dude was in Cali.

    I think the failure of the caps and shirts kinda hurt him personally because he left never to be heard from again. That or he’s probating. Probating will shut a person right the fuck up on the Interwebs.

  23. Clyde Says:

    Your voice is one of the few I trust any more. Donation sent your way.

  24. RLG Says:

    Sent some chips.

    Thanks Rebel

  25. Tj Says:

    Donation done, thanks for all you do

  26. Wolfy Says:

    You provide a public service, at least to us!

  27. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Hey Rebel.
    Still think that T.shirt thing is a good idea. I’m ready to go and I’ll sort it all out. Give me or Izzy a call and say yeah or nay.
    Respects T.T.

  28. Big Al Says:

    Surely, this crap cannot go on forever!

  29. Just Bob Says:

    Donation done.

    You’ve been a source of information and inspiration Rebel. Thank you for both.

    Wish you all the best.

  30. Griz's Gal Says:

    Not much, but it’s coming every month from my other eMail address. Stay with us, Rebel. We depend on you.


  31. Coondawg Says:

    Your financial habits just about mirror mine.
    Request you made: fulfilled.
    Peace, out.
    oh and Merry Christmas to you Rebel.

  32. Sieg Says:

    Hey Greg, you contribute anything to this site but endless streams of bullshit?

  33. irish Says:

    keep on keeping on man.

  34. Verne Says:

    Monthly set up

  35. freebird Says:

    Expect No Mercy

    It’s the proverbial story that has no end

    No matter where you stop, it will never be the end

    The police will invent new ways to fuck us over……

  36. Desdicado Says:

    Sending some scratch for you. And please finish the damn book, been waiting a while for it. Courage!

  37. Big Bry Says:

    Thank you for the reminder to donate. Its easy to get caught up with “free” internet content and forget that time and effort that goes in to putting this site together and getting out the information. An occasional reminder to hit the donate button is all I need.

    Thanks for all you do,
    Big Bry

  38. Adios Says:

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks for all you do

  39. Oddball Says:

    Hang in there. Donations coming.
    I wouldn’t want to see this site go down.

  40. Verne Says:

    Donate every month when I remember, done………

  41. Old & Jaded Says:

    This is a unique site that provides a straight up look at the cases/issues within a world that many know very little about. I believe that Rebel’s reporting made a difference in the Waco mess and that even through the obits, he honors those in a world that mainstream society may not otherwise view very kindly. While we may see things differently at times, it’s hard not to respect his knowledge and independence as a journalist. I’d frankly miss reading these articles and the remarks of some of the characters that post. If everyone that stops by can scrape up even a small donation, it would help a lot.

  42. Trebor Says:

    Bought all your books and will definately be in line for Expect No Mercy

  43. Phuquehed Says:

    You “owe’ nobody a thing, Rebel. You’re doing that which the hypocritical, lying, lazy and air-wasting real ‘news’ sources refuse to do or are just too stupid to do or don’t understand and don’t want to understand and *then* report or, the most obvious, all of those things rolled into one.

    You’re ‘The Man’ when it comes to giving out the real word on what’s happening in the motorcycle world, everyone else is feeding off your scraps.

    We got your 6, Rebel, at least going to try. I’ll do what I can to help pitch in, you’re more than worth anything I can throw in to the pot. Hell…I’m going to look into what my site can hold and do and maybe I can help another way too, it’s not like I actually am doing anything with it. Give me a day or two, server stuff doesn’t work its way to easily with my brain, heh.

  44. andy uk Says:

    Always a good page, $20 on the way.

  45. Shine Says:

    Just signed up for a monthly donation of 10.00. Hopefully others have or will as well. Merry Christmas Rebel.

  46. Shine Says:

    Just signed up to donate 10.00 every month. Hopefully some others will do something similar Rebel.

  47. Uncle Ace Says:

    Please keep it going. I check your site 2, 3 times daily & it’s always worth it. Theres so much I doubt I would’ve heard of if it wasnt for your research.

  48. ptk Says:

    Read a statement many, many years ago about wealth, the author, unfortunately, long forgotten.
    Regardless of origin, it struck a moment of clarity pertaining to my own status in life.
    I slightly paraphrase.
    The richest I ever was, was when I could tie everything I owned to the handlebars of my motorcycle.
    I will never be that rich again.
    Donation on the way.
    Hope everyone, everywhere has a great Christmas.

  49. JMacK Says:

    Well its been a helluva go the last bit for me Rebel, but the voice of this page matters more than most material things in my life, so I will make sure we get something your way in the next few days.

    And i promise not to send it in Canadian currency.

    Thanks for all you do and deepest Respects,


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