Gypsy Joker Plea Deal (Corrected)

November 28, 2018

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Gypsy Joker Plea Deal (Corrected)

This story was published on November 28 and corrected on November 29, 2018. The original story described Tiler Evan Pribbernow as a member of the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club. Since publication, multiple sources that The Aging Rebel believes to be credible have told this page that Pribbernow is not and never has been a member of that motorcycle club. The Aging Rebel apologizes for and regrets the error.

Tiler Evan Pribbernow, an alleged associate of the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club from Portland, Oregon, pled guilty November 7 to one count of racketeering conspiracy. As part of the agreement with federal prosecutors, charges of Kidnapping and murder in aid of racketeering activity are being dismissed.

Pribbernow, along with Gypsy Jokers Mark Leroy Dencklau and Earl Devearl Fisher was indicted by a federal grand jury last July for the 2015 kidnapping and murder of a former member of the club named Robert Lee “Bagger Bobby” Huggins.

Criminal Enterprise

Huggins was a former chapter treasurer who stole club funds to support his heroin habit. He was kicked out of the club in 2014. The next year, he broke into Dencklau’s home, tied Dencklau’s girlfriend to a chair, threatened her with a gun and stole Dencklau’s property. Police allege Huggins was tortured before he was killed. A state investigation into Huggins’ murder remained stalled for almost three years.

The federal case accuses the Gypsy Joker of being a racist, sexist, criminal enterprise.

“Violations of the code may result in fines, probation, expulsion, a new prospecting period, or acts of violence against the violator.”

“Membership in the GJOMC is available only to men over the age of 21. The GJOMC excludes African Americans, law enforcement officers, homosexuals, and intravenous drug users from membership. Members must own an American made motorcycle.” The Department of Justice insists that the club should properly be called, in the Australian manner, the “Gypsy Joker Outlaw Motorcycle Club” because the addition of the word “outlaw” makes the club sound more criminal than the government can prove with mere evidence.


The indictment alleges that “members of the enterprise and their associates trafficked in methamphetamine and marijuana.”

The government has charged, and presumably Pribbernow has also now alleged, that rather than being murdered as an act of vigilante justice Huggins was murdered “for the purpose of maintaining and increasing position in the GJOMC, an enterprise engaged in racketeering activity.”

Details of Pribbernow’s agreement are not available.

Dencklau and Fisher are scheduled for trial next month.


15 Responses to “Gypsy Joker Plea Deal (Corrected)”

  1. Delta Venus Says:

    Just curious if anyone has seen what Tiler was actually sentenced too. Several other brothers have also been arrested. There is another name not mentioned any more at all and he is sitting in Mult Co. in USM custody. He wasn’t a joker like Tiler wanted to be. I have been watching the case closely and can’t find anything on what Tiler actually got. Also a random question if his crime was conspiracy to commit crimes in a racketeering organization and he wasn’t a member couldn’t all brothers essentially be charged with this if they were charged with any crime while a brother in the organization? thoughts?

  2. sled tramp Says:

    @ North Star-R.B.M.C. is NOT a support club of G.J.M.C.

  3. William Jung Says:

    The really sad part is that hearsay evidence is allowed in federal court and not state . he said she said is fucking bullshit . be sure and let the jury know this !

  4. WTF? Says:

    North Star Pribbernow is not and has never been a member of Road Brother Northwest.

  5. NorthStar Says:

    Didn’t Tyler ride with Road Brother NW? Simon’s support club?

  6. Danish Says:

    Clubs bylaws state “No Homo’s”. Why not? Don’t ask Dot Tell. LOL

  7. jrino Says:

    “The federal case accuses the Gypsy Joker of being a racist, sexist, criminal enterprise” I’m shocked!

  8. BMF Says:

    This is ridiculous. The State did not have a case so the feds picked it up. Then Pribbernow tells lies to get out of charges. The feds dont care they just want a conviction. Travesty of Justice.

  9. Matlock Says:

    Ok. I acknowledge the update. That changes things a little. But if anything that makes this matter EVEN LESS OF A CLUB CONSPIRACY!

  10. Dallas Lee Says:

    Mr. Pribbenow is not, nor was he, a Gypsy Joker.

  11. Matlock Says:

    This case is truly sad on so many levels. A Brother, presumably at one time a good Brother b/c he was the chapter treasurer, gets addicted to heroin, steals from his own chapter Brothers, and goes out in bad. Then he brings it back by terrorizing his former Brother’s girlfriend and stealing more. A man who was clearly wronged seeks justice, perhaps ill advised as to manner and method, but something we’d all at least think about doing in the same situation. He gets his closest friends, his chapter Brothers to help, which is only natural. The original OIB ends up dead. The cops and prosecutors then take something that had NOTHING to do w/club business and make it another evil biker conspiracy. And the poor bastard pleas, essentially f’n his current Brothers. This case is truly sad on so many levels and totally wrong on so many levels. This is definitely NOT a racketeering case. The cops call it a “3 for 1 Special”. One poor bastard is dead and they get to lock 3 more up. Meanwhile Joe and Jane Public hear more bad stuff about bikers. I think I’m about to vomit….

  12. Ron Nokes Says:

    Just love the words “Gang Banger” mother fuckers cant even buy a clue!

  13. James W Crawford Says:

    I’m still waiting for the Feds to bring charges for conspiracy to distribute marijuana against the Gaston Oregon chapter of the Knights of Pythius.

  14. Paladin Says:

    What’s right isn’t always legal. What’s legal isn’t always right.


  15. freebird Says:

    Details of Pribbernow’s agreement are not available

    There’s a fucking shocker…….

    Guess he did not know there are others way to change your last name

    Couple of years in administration custody, single celled

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