Charity Gone Wrong

November 26, 2018

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Charity Gone Wrong

Last Friday, between 10:00 a.m. and 2 p.m., three Hells Angels in Porter County Indiana, east of Chicago, tried to show their community and Christmas spirit by manning a Salvation Army donation kettle at a Walmart in Valparaiso.

You know, big, tough guys with hearts of gold.

Saturday afternoon, the Northwest Indiana Region charter of the big red club posted photographs of three members posing next to a kettle with the caption “Thank you Valparaiso for showing your support for our less fortunate neighbors, You helped us fill 6 buckets fulla cash! Big thanks to the Salvation Army for the opportunity to help our community.”

What could go wrong? One of the Angels was wearing a side rocker that read “Aryan.” Another guy had adorned his vest with a Confederate flag. The photos were on Facebook and 10,000 people saw them.

The situation cooked off for about a day before finally exploding into a storm of political correctness yesterday.


Walmart told Newsweek the offensive word “Aryan” and the flag of the Lost Cause were not the retailers fault.

“As soon as this was brought to our attention we asked the Salvation Army Bell Ringers to leave. We made the Salvation Army aware and they apologized,” Walmart said. “The Salvation Army is responsible for screening its volunteers stationed outside our stores. We’ve had a long history of supporting the Salvation Army and regret this isolated incident. We will direct further questions to the Salvation Army.”

A spokesman for the Salvation Army told The Times of Northwest Indiana that the charity was “embarrassed” by the patches. Lt. Christopher Nicolai told the paper, “Our commitment to nondiscrimination includes a dress code for bell ringers, requiring that they wear red Salvation Army aprons, and making it clear that no ‘symbol, marking or lettering that is viewed as discrimination” may be worn.’ Clearly, the bell ringers in question did not comply with this dress code. They will not be allowed to volunteer in the future. We are embarrassed that we were unable to prevent this incident, and apologize to all who were offended, as were we.”

Angel Responds

The Times quoted an anonymous Hells Angels spokesman who said, “Our worldwide, multinational, multiracial motorcycle club accepts motorcyclists from all walks of life.”

According to the newspaper, “the representative said some members may wear ‘heritage-based’ patches, such as Latinos wearing ‘LATINO,’ Japanese wearing ‘BUSHIDO’ and whites wearing ‘ARYAN.’”

“That’s not what our clubs is about,” he said. “However like all Americans, we love exercising our freedom. Sometimes freedom means you see and hear things you may not like. We accept that. The focus of today has nothing to do with freedom though. It has to do with charity and sacrificing for you community. I’d suggest to those making negative comments that maybe a little less time should be spent exercising your freedom of speech and a little more be spent to making a positive difference in our society.”


64 Responses to “Charity Gone Wrong”

  1. panamaa Says:

    It would not have surprised me had he been one….


  2. Gandalf Says:

    Fucking Paladin, thinks he know me. That comment… 100% wrong. (as usual) He should have added I was a Lawyer. Or a rat. Heck Paladin, say any fucking thing. I can’t believe some of you follow him. What a POS.

  3. Iron Rider Says:

    Honestly so what if MC members where there collecting donations for the SA?Obviously the public didn’t give a rats ass considering the guys were saying how pleased they were with all the donations that were received and sent the SA’s way.

    I would also be willing to be that no petty fucking thief lowlife even thought about jacking the kettle from these fellas unlike other SA kettle attendees have had happen to them on occasion.

    I wonder which law enforcement agency made sure to send that pic to their favourite media outlet

  4. Gandalf Says:

    @ PALADIN…. Exactly my point. You never did. After I TOLD you not to. Good boy. LOL

    BTW- I made a comment about the article. I got bum rushed by the Cyber Insulters because I had a different opinion of the story. Another View. Seems Jonny Reb got a problem with this “true blue” Yankee’s Opinion… Sorry about that Losers. So I get Cyber insulted. By the same Cyber mob who insults ANYONE on this page who doesn’t agree with them. You know who you are. Now you cry when a fight breaks out and I insult back. Paladin thinks He’s 1 of you… LOL, He’s not. “By arriving HERE, it would seem that you’ve lost your way.” Give me a fucking break. Dude doesn’t know “here” from there. Dude drops clues in every comment. Someone needs to voir dire the cop. Especially if He’s gonna be your leader. Aanon had been a suspect 2 years ago… slipped up. (Yea, I remember) Then came back again. Always playing tag team with Paladin….. Cyber Insulting at will. Anyone who doesn’t agree.

  5. david Says:

    For many of the word,and flag, objecting Facebook followers, freedom is an empty political slogan. If true freedom was a snake biting ’em on the nose, they still would not recognize it.

  6. MtPockets Says:

    I read this thing 3 times, but I just know I missed it- you know, the part about the Salvation Army being so totally upset that they returned the 6 buckets full of cash.
    Apparently, the locals weren’t that offended.

  7. Concerned Citizen Says:

    This is so stupid all the PC shit in the world has got to go. As a blakc man looking at this situation I don’t see a problem with it… so ol boy had a patch that said Aryan and confederate patch so the fucc what dude was doing charity work he wasn’t running around starting shit name calling and what not people really need to learn to toughen up. Shit the amount of shirts and tattoos I see with 1488 and that other shit out where I’m at is rediculous but you see it and keep moving I’m sure people feel the same way when I wear panther party gear. Siege made a great point tho and that is most likely somebody I wouldn’t agree with but like he said it’s only the hyper sensitive pussies that are gonna feel some type of way about it most people will just see it and look on. I think what bugs me the most is they saw a man doing a good deed and over looked that cause they saw some patches they didn’t like. ThisPC bullshit has gotta go

  8. Paladin Says:

    @ panamaa;

    No; The “knucllehead” you speak of is not an attorney, although he does have a one sided love affair with Casie Gotro, but from what I’ve been told, she won’t have anything to do with him. Lee West is this shit stick’s real name. He’s nothing more than a coward that’s been run out of Texas and was heard to be hiding under a bed somewhere in Colorado. He may have found a new hiding place by now.

    Long May You Ride,


  9. freebird Says:

    @ New England Rider

    It’s just part of life……

    As a fringe rider i learned years ago, stay out of the ditch

    Once you hit the ditch there is no graceful dismount

    There is nothing in the first aid kit for that shit either…..

  10. Paladin Says:

    @ Stupid Cunt;

    I never mentioned your name.


  11. New England Rider Says:

    Why does every article on this website turn into a goddamn cock-off? Bunch of grown-ass men sounding like f*cking high schoolers. It is so sad and kinda pathetic. We get it, you all have big penises. Congratulations. Gawd.

    New England Rider

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @ Aanon. Do you have some kind of black dick fetish? I mean, If a guy is fucking you in your neck does it really matter what color the dick is? Or did you just add that to get a better visual for yourself? To “use” later.

  13. rocco151 Says:


    I also wear support caps, t-shirts and sweatshirts supporting the group of the guy that taught me motorcycle etiquette of the road in Chicago. I’m not necessarily saying I’m anti any group but I AM SAYING that I am appreciative of my friends group. I’ve been to parties near 26th and Cal in the heat of the summer and never had a problem getting in or out of the neighborhood with anything more than a curious glance. One thing I’ve always noticed about my friend’s friends is that they want to ride, hang together and be left alone and that they treat me as I treat them…with respect. It’s support gear…not anti another group gear ! Not to get too crazy here but the mission of the Salvation Army is based on Christianity…who was doing the right thing in Indiana, the guys volunteering or the officials criticizing the way the volunteers were dressed ? Publicly the officials were aghast but you can be damn sure that didn’t prevent them from keeping the money these good guys collected !

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Thanks Stevo, I was beginning to think none of these posers would ever use my name again. BECAUSE I TOLD THEM NOT TO. ??? LOL Am I the only one here who finds it odd that I tell Paladin and Aaron not to use my name… and they don’t? Aaron goes as far as to rhyme my name for fear of using it. LOL As if I’m going to smack them through the internet with my magic staff. LOL Y’all ain’t “real”! The “real” would stand up, face to face… with King Kong and scream his nane 1st thing after being told not to. Come on you Cyber Bitches… Rat pack me on the internet… again. LOL

    BTW: A X COP (NOT a 1%er) SAID THIS, “Civilians are NEVER in the 1% world. It isn’t hard for civilians to get along with those within the 1%er world but make no mistake, they’re NEVER in the same world.
    By arriving here, it would seem that you’ve lost your way.

    #WannaBe poser. “By arriving here” LOL Where is that Paladin? Disney World or your moms basement? FOESAD

  15. panamaa Says:

    Aaron, Paladin,

    Wait the fuck a minute… Are you telling me this knucklehead is an attorney?

  16. panamaa Says:



  17. Sieg Says:

    So, firstly, you’d have to about import a nigro if you wanted to offend one in Porter County…there just ain’t hardly any there. On top of that, that’s been Klan Kountry for at least the last hundred years-rumor has it you can still spot a lit cross now and again, you know where to look.

    And as far as offending other WalMart shoppers, hell, they were probably high-fiving the guys with the patches on the way in.

    So some limp-dick, cheese-eating, dick-breath, take-it-in-the-ass, wannabe a man faggot punk saw a picture of it online and it offended him. Big fucking deal.

    Fuck the Sally and all there bell-ringers, spend your money at home.

    And lastly, if you don’t know the difference between flying a club patch in foreign territory and having a random patch on your clothes, you damn sure got no business running your cocksucker here.

    Just as a note, I have had license plates that refer to my race since 1982, drive around in and park in what has been described as the worst ghettos in the country-come visit us in Chicago sometime, and have never, EVER, had a problem. I’ve had a few slackjawed bedwetters whine at me about how “that might be offensive to African-Americans”, and I promised them that if I ever drove to Africa, I’d ask the first nigro I saw if it bothered him.

    In addition, I wear, on a regular basis, t-shirts, jackets, patches, hats, etc., with so-called “racist” emblems and wording on them. Aryan Wear jackets, White Power t-shirts, like that. Nope…never a bit of trouble. Gone back and forth with the Indigenes about it a few times, but it never has gotten heated. Really, most of them, at least the real-deal nigros, they just don’t get offended as easily as the genetically-white, piece of shit, worthless whiggers do.

    Last but not least, one of my favorite jernts to eat in that area is Mr. Kenny’s, on Broadway in Gary. Killer fried-chicken, $10 gets you a whole chicken and a half-loaf of white bread with gravy. And Gary? Nope…never had a lick of trouble, and I’ve got ink that’s given more than one whigger a heart-attack. When I eat there, I’m typically the only White man in a two mile radius…try it sometime.

    So yeah, if any of that offends you, suck the snotty-end of my fuck-stick.


  18. Stevo Says:


    You are one boring, self important cunt. Since when do you decide who speaks to who on Dons page? You dont like it? Fuck off elsewhere then and do us all a favour you dull little man.

  19. Gandalf Says:

    @ Aanon and Palidin What part of, “I’m not talking to you” don’t you get. Didn’t I tell you not to be mentioning my name anymore? WTF?

  20. Gandalf Says:

    Funny… Walmart and the (NAACP) didn’t say a thing about that HA patch. Didn’t use the G word and only saw the Reb Flag and word Aryan… Imagine that?

  21. Gandalf Says:

    Rebel told a story… didn’t blame anyone… just told a story about an act of Charity gone wrong. It was Charity and good of the man, YES.. but it went wrong. He wore the wrong patch and didn’t mean to offend anyone. (I believe that) The Reb flag doesn’t mean your a Racist… it used to mean Traitor to the USA… but doesn’t anymore. It means lots of things to lots of people. Different things. Some good. Some not so good. Oh Well. I am no Reb. I am no Niger. I am no 16. I am no HA. Just a true independent American who can’t believe you guys, of all people, would not understand being “Offended” (to say the least) over a patch.

  22. Gandalf Says:

    A Reb Flag patch in Walmart (Harlem). A HA patch in Philly. I fail to see the difference. Dude is lucky the Nigers didn’t stomp Him…. like the 16 would have that HA patch in S Philly. Or the HA would that 16 patch in Oakland. Who the Fuck are you trying to kid.

  23. Paladin Says:

    @ Aanon;

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Long May You Ride,


  24. Aanon Says:

    Hey asshole, no we don’t like you here either. In the neck with a big black dick is how you can get fucked. ….rhymes with handoff. Or mouths off. The greatest attorney that couldn’t keep his ass off the line.
    Phuqehed, send this fool the test bag.

  25. Aanon Says:

    No good deed will go unpunished. Kris kringle is a fucking kracker, the rocker seems fitting for the season.

    Good on the HA for helping some kids meet Santa.

  26. Paladin Says:

    @ Frank;

    Civilians are NEVER in the 1% world. It isn’t hard for civilians to get along with those within the 1%er world but make no mistake, they’re NEVER in the same world.

    By arriving here, it would seem that you’ve lost your way.


  27. popeye Says:

    Offending Walmart shoppers. I didnt think that was possible

  28. New England Rider Says:

    @ toyez – I 100% agree, that was the first thing I thought of! Being born here in New England I have a “Yankee by birth, Rebel by choice” patch that has a Confederate Flag and never, ever once has some whiny Lefty said word one to my face about it! I also have some Rebel Flag tees I wear from various bars in the South and again, nary a peep from the Left when I go out! But it is certainly easy to whine behind a keyboard, isn’t it?!

    New England Rider

  29. Gandalf Says:

    Let me get this straight… Y’all are wondering why a Reb Flag patch is offensive at a Walmart… LOL. But know exactly why a 16 patch might be offensive at an HA event. NEWSFLASH: Your the guys who INVENTED Patch correctness? ROTFLMAO!

  30. Frank Says:


    I said WHEN they are in a 1%er world.

  31. growlingfhardt Says:

    (hey, look what I found on the web)

    Charities as Cash-Cows for the Super-Rich

    Social convention would be much too embarrassed to question the accounts and books of a charity, and demand an audit. As charities do social good works, how could we demand an audit, it would be like looking the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. Any recipient of a free handout would be loath or crazy to question the financial books of the donating organization, and this is exactly what the SuperRich are counting on.

    In 2005 American Charities received $62.5 Billion Dollars, up 16% from 2004, CNN reported in October 2006. $52.5 Billion would be the 2004 haul for Charities. My question is: How in the world can they spend $115 Billion in two years, and where ? That seems like enough to solve both world hunger and the AIDS crisis; yet all the world’s problems continue to roll on unabated and undiminished. (Not to mention the many tens of Billion’$ they received in the decades previous, and since.)

    Does anyone ‘follow the money’ in the case of Big Charities ? Where does it all go ? And yet Charities have their ad agencies extend the proverbial ‘hat in hand’ for donations every time there is any kind of disaster. How much was donated to their cause for 9/11 ? , and how much did they actually give to the families afflicted ? (answer: a lot, and very little/none; respectively.)

    In light of Enron and other big business scandals involving cooking the books and fraud, how hard would it be for the SuperRich to ‘cook the books’ of a charity and get away with it for decades ? Answer: It would be all too easy. Tens of millions if not hundreds of millions could be siphoned off every year in various ways, directly and indirectly, right into the pockets of the SuperRich as disguised by ‘pet projects’ or ‘infrastructure building’ for pet projects, because after all they are the ‘big-wheels’ running all medium to major size charities.

    In their advertising and donation solicitations, Big Charities nurture the connotation that they are honest and do ‘God’s Work’, to the extent that it is possible for human institutions to do that; and as such they are above reproach and suspicion, they are needed by society, for they are the goose that lays the golden eggs, they require the public’s trust, and have earned it in deeds past. This is all the perfect set-up so that the SuperRich can, with perfect impunity and protection, siphon off vast amounts of tax-free dollars for their own uses. As Big Business and the SuperRich have enormous influence over Big Government, no major charity has ever been audited or gotten in trouble, or even been looked at once, let alone twice, for any impropriety regarding the spending of donated funds. Big charities are a ‘hands off’ area for Government’s prying eyes and noses.

    Big Charities are accountable to no one, they have a ‘blue ribbon’ standing in society; they do not seek a profit, they do not pay taxes, they carry no debt, they are a private business not a public corporation; they are similar to a religion in many ways, and there is no one with any interest nor position of authority to audit them; so where their money goes and how they run their business is entirely up to senior management, who are most definitely under the thumb of the SuperRich who are ultimately in charge of almost all charities. Big salaries for upper management keeps things quiet and sequestered on all fronts.

    All this being said, there are a few small charities which are shown to be fraudulent from time to time (Bob Jones et al), so there is some sort of ostensible government oversight of ‘not for profit’ institutions, but these rotten apples are weeded out and hushed up as quickly and as quietly as possible to keep from blemishing the major charities’ image in the public mind. The public must never start to doubt the true role of charities, for if it became public knowledge how much money is siphoned off yearly from charities it would signal a social disruption on an unprecedented scale, as the public would be outraged at how they had been conned and lied to by the SuperRich for so many decades, and how their good trust was so abused by those who pretended to care about the poor, but who had actually been ripping them off for decades, and getting away with it, all the while continuing to plead for ever more contributions, which were in reality mostly being used for the aggrandizement of the SuperRich and their private agendas, and at the expense of those who the charities are supposedly helping.

    One indicator that an Empire has passed its peak and is descending into the decadence and degradation of scandalous behavior is when corruption becomes evident in those at the top, because it is they who actually know the precarious position the Empire is truly in, and when many of them lose their faith in the Empire, they become selfish and spendthrift in their own behaviors and don’t care about the future like they used to do. They will begin to use charity monies to fund their own political and social visions, and not do what their charity’s ‘statement of purpose’ describes. (for example David Rockefeller and his world population reduction agenda.)

    It is beyond this investigative reporters resources at present to connect all the names and dots in the Big Charity arena, so this paper is more of a conceptual theory hypothesis of probability and potentiality thru easily observed behaviors, and the results of Big Charities actions and accounts as reported in the public domain.

  32. Shovelhead Says:

    How dare they show pride for the White Race!

    I’d bet if some black men were there ringing the bell with Black Lives Matter shirts, that would’ve been perfectly OK. But hey, a white Man who’s proud of his race?…well he must be a racist!! If that’s the case, then count me a RACIST too.

    Fuck You Salvation Army and all the piece of shit complainers in this new world.
    Why don’t you pussy parents go home and spank your kids, give them some discipline, teach them right from wrong, so maybe they won’t have a hissy fit, and go out shooting up a school or Mall. Pay more attention to your own life….fucking assholes.
    Oh and Frank, Civilians don’t have to follow 1% rules you idiot. They’re not in our world!

    Respect for the real 1%

  33. Frank Says:

    When you are in front of a Walmart you go by their rules just as civilians go by 1%er rules when they are in that world.

  34. Bone Head Says:

    This is why I avoid ALL charities. As Phuquehed stated most of them tend to keep an unreasonable amount for themselves.

    What you want to do is help someone you know locally with direct donations. How many know another biker who went down and needs help?

  35. SteveP Says:

    WWII – Paddington Station, England.
    My father steps off the train after a 9 hour journey from port without a drink and walks up to the Salvation Army stand giving out free cups of tea to army personnel.
    My father, in Royal Navy uniform was refused a cup of tea as he was not army.
    Looks like the Salvation Army has not changed its dress code in a long time!
    Oh, and the Salvation Army has been given fuck all by any member of this family since!

  36. Gustavo Says:

    Wow, squares don’t like outlaws, who would have thunk.

  37. Not Surprised Says:

    More than anything, Pigs hate anything charitable done by 1%
    They say it’s to polish the clubs image. 1.They don’t give a fuck what the public thinks.
    2.If you’ve ever worked one,you know how much work it is.

  38. Mick Says:

    They sure didn’t return the money that these men raised! That dreaded dirty money touched by such heathens! Nope! Great men do great exploits! Thank you all for being so charitable! God Bless America!

  39. david Says:

    The cause of the Salvation Army spokesman’s patch “embarrassment” might be a lack of full body orgasms due to the religious sexual prohibitions imposed by the organization he’s a member of.

  40. MtPockets Says:

    Leave it to the PC Police to take a good deed and twist it into something bad.
    Fuck those cocksuckers!
    Im sure next time the Patches will find a better charity to voluteer for!

  41. I.J Says:

    At least the Salvation Army aprons they will provide future volunteers as an appropriate uniform are RED…….

  42. freebird Says:

    @ rocco151

    SVA just wet their finger and are checking wind direction

    They think the world is still flat, go east don’t go out west that’s the badlands……..

  43. freebird Says:

    The Salvation Army may refer to this someday in the future as

    “The day we stepped on our dick”

    How’s that policy going to work when a group of were not sure if were male or female today wants to ring the bell……..

  44. troyez Says:

    Notice from the story that whoever complained, said or did nothing in person to the HA members, they waited a day and unleashed their fury online, like soyboy, betas are wont to do. Pathetic little worms hid behind their computer screens, of course. Not that it would’ve gone well for them had they confronted the HA members over their patches.
    I hate this PC bullshit culture!

    God Bless the HAMC!

  45. rocco151 Says:

    C’mon…enough is enough…the three individuals mentioned were not charity workers dressed up as bikers, they are bikers who decided to do some charity work ! I take it the money collected by these men went into the Salvation Army coffers just like the Toys for Tots donations will get to the proper place despite the color or message of the vests involved. I can see that some people may take offense at the dress or appearance of these guys but to be fair don’t these men deserve some credit for trying to do some good in the community ! They volunteered for a shift, did a good job and moved on…I wish some of the aforementioned spokesmen and politicians would adhere to the example set by these guys and serve a term, leave the situation better than they found it and ride off into the sunset !

  46. david Says:

    Maybe the S-Army ran out of the required red aprons.

  47. Phuquehed Says:

    Meh…I wrote about it being red cross when it’s the salvation army.

    I still feel no different about the red fucking cross, but have always thought well of the salvation army. I guess they get nothing from me anymore. I could be almost penniless going in or coming out of a walmart for kisstmuhass because of getting presents I can’t hardly afford and still would give something because the salvation army is actually found to be the one and only donation thing that *isn’t* corrupt. I find they’re full of pussies now though.

    Fuck you salvation army, you got my last dollar last year, no more.

  48. Phuquehed Says:

    As usual, the usual whiners and the *REAL* fear-mongerers accuse some bikers of being ‘bad people’ because of some patches, and completely and blindly overlook what those people with the patches are doing.

    I’d bet my bike though, that the fucking pussies who ‘complained’ never donate and never volunteer a damned thing or any of their time. They’re the same lying, scumbag hypocrites who have kids in school and are the ones who catch up to me in school zones or pass me in them or speed right through them, and break more rules of the road than I ever dreamed of doing.

    Fuck the sheeple with a devil’s walking stick, fuck them all.

    Oh, and fuck the red cross…not enough people know that those air-wasting fucks keep more money than they give out, and are corrupt as hell. Look up the story I wrote/posted of those useless fuckers I caught while I was in Israel.


  49. tiopirata Says:

    “Thou hypocrite, first cast the beam out of thine own eye, and then thou shalt see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother’s eye” Matthew 7 1-5.
    I believe Hells Angels have been doing such wondrous works for some decades, a fine example to the rest of us.
    Fuck the naysayers.

  50. Hero Says:

    When they do wrong no one forgets, when they do right no one remembers until now. When they do right they are still wrong. I won’t be donating or volenteering for SVA ever again.

    Taters gona Tate.

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