Charity Gone Wrong

November 26, 2018

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Charity Gone Wrong

Last Friday, between 10:00 a.m. and 2 p.m., three Hells Angels in Porter County Indiana, east of Chicago, tried to show their community and Christmas spirit by manning a Salvation Army donation kettle at a Walmart in Valparaiso.

You know, big, tough guys with hearts of gold.

Saturday afternoon, the Northwest Indiana Region charter of the big red club posted photographs of three members posing next to a kettle with the caption “Thank you Valparaiso for showing your support for our less fortunate neighbors, You helped us fill 6 buckets fulla cash! Big thanks to the Salvation Army for the opportunity to help our community.”

What could go wrong? One of the Angels was wearing a side rocker that read “Aryan.” Another guy had adorned his vest with a Confederate flag. The photos were on Facebook and 10,000 people saw them.

The situation cooked off for about a day before finally exploding into a storm of political correctness yesterday.


Walmart told Newsweek the offensive word “Aryan” and the flag of the Lost Cause were not the retailers fault.

“As soon as this was brought to our attention we asked the Salvation Army Bell Ringers to leave. We made the Salvation Army aware and they apologized,” Walmart said. “The Salvation Army is responsible for screening its volunteers stationed outside our stores. We’ve had a long history of supporting the Salvation Army and regret this isolated incident. We will direct further questions to the Salvation Army.”

A spokesman for the Salvation Army told The Times of Northwest Indiana that the charity was “embarrassed” by the patches. Lt. Christopher Nicolai told the paper, “Our commitment to nondiscrimination includes a dress code for bell ringers, requiring that they wear red Salvation Army aprons, and making it clear that no ‘symbol, marking or lettering that is viewed as discrimination” may be worn.’ Clearly, the bell ringers in question did not comply with this dress code. They will not be allowed to volunteer in the future. We are embarrassed that we were unable to prevent this incident, and apologize to all who were offended, as were we.”

Angel Responds

The Times quoted an anonymous Hells Angels spokesman who said, “Our worldwide, multinational, multiracial motorcycle club accepts motorcyclists from all walks of life.”

According to the newspaper, “the representative said some members may wear ‘heritage-based’ patches, such as Latinos wearing ‘LATINO,’ Japanese wearing ‘BUSHIDO’ and whites wearing ‘ARYAN.’”

“That’s not what our clubs is about,” he said. “However like all Americans, we love exercising our freedom. Sometimes freedom means you see and hear things you may not like. We accept that. The focus of today has nothing to do with freedom though. It has to do with charity and sacrificing for you community. I’d suggest to those making negative comments that maybe a little less time should be spent exercising your freedom of speech and a little more be spent to making a positive difference in our society.”


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  1. Sieg Says:

    @ryan, maybe YOU best to read up on your history before you attempt to correct me.

    The word “Aryan” entered the lexicon as a descriptor of the northern Euro peoples around 1795, when a fella name Blumenbach decided that Europeans must have descended from the people who migrated from Persia, through India, and eventually, to the Caucasus region.

    Today it is more of a descriptor of all Descendants of the Original Europeans, as opposed to “Europeans” who are black, or brown, or yellow.

    “Caucasian” as a descriptor was also a made-up thing, and was applied to people who it was thought had descended from the original, yup, you guessed it, Persians.

    As far as my name, it has no racial, religious, or political connotations.

    Enough of Rebel’s bandwidth.


  2. Austin Says:

    @ryan RE: “Octavio Paz, we’re all hijos de la chingada.”

    Well – THAT’S the F*ing truth!!

  3. ryan Says:

    I certainly don’t have it. I posted on some Waco threads a couple years ago. At the time, I had studied the various videos to try to sort out what I thought happened. I remember that one news cast had a shot of, if I remember, bikes riding in, from a vantage point that seemed to be near Don Carlos, only higher than ground level. I believe that if you were at Twin Peaks, looking towards Don Carlos, that the camera would have been to the left of DC, or at least at the left side of DC. My thought was that surely that the video probably didn’t end there. But the full video wasn’t one of those that leaked out.

    The other videos mostly showed peripheral action, and the one that covered the central area of the event was from ground level, with people blocking the view at the critical time. This was the only video that might have shown the earliest parts of the incident, and the sequence of things.

    It probably can’t be FOIA’d, since it relates to an investigation that is presumably active, which is a legal FOIA excuse. Defense counsel may well have it. But if not, they ought to, and could probably sue for it if they could show that it existed. I could definitely see someone “forgetting” to release it on discovery.

    I don’t remember well now, but it’s possible that the 4-second clip at 4:54 or so here:

    … is from the camera I’m remembering. But I remember a much clearer video than this blurry and useless shot. I also feel like the video I remember was higher, but mostly, I remember you could see into the crowd from a slightly raised angle, and that video is so blurry that it’s difficult to determine how much you could see of Twin Peaks in a clearer version.

  4. FF Says:



    The “Iranians” were Persians. Persians were CAUCASIAN. People in Iran who are dark are dark now because the Arabs invaded Persia in the 9th / 8th Century.

    The “Scythians” came from the Siberian Steppe 5000/6000 BC, on horse and chariot— the first people verified with horse and chariot.

    They descended into the warmer regions; the Hindu’s myth of Arjuna describes this “invasion” … they interbred with the vegetarian Dravidian in the Indus Valley.

    They also became the Hittites and the Spartans.

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ryan,

    Nope. If you have a copy I would love to see it.


  6. ryan Says:


    Off-topic, I’m wondering about the Waco case.

    You’ll recall I had posted a couple times about a video that didn’t surface when all the others did — there was only one clip of about 4 seconds that came out in a news broadcast. But that video seemed likely to show much more of what happened, since it was from a higher vantage point looking at the center of the action. In particular, it seemed likely to be the only video that could have captured the ‘inciting incident,’ and given a fuller account of the timeline. I speculated that it was taken from the top of the “mobile command center” police RV.

    Did that video ever come out? The videos that leaked were detrimental to some of the defendants, and to me it seemed likely they were leaked by prosecutors. That made me think that the more central, overhead video might have been more problematic to the prosecutors. Was it ever provided to the defense on discovery? Has anyone ever told you more about it?

  7. ryan Says:


    Actually, the Indo-European homeland was north of the Caucasus and they left at various times to conquer Iran, Turkey, most of Europe, northern India and large parts of central Asia. They were the original Comanches – overwhelming the more developed, higher technology civilizations around through their mastery of mobility on horseback.

    Those that called themselves Aryans did indeed go south and east, to Iran, as well as eastern Anatolia and northern India, and to far western China (as the Tokharians). There’s really no basis for calling anyone European an Aryan unless you include the rest of those descended from the original group, likely the Yamnaya people. The word itself was pulled into western languages relatively recently (ie, more recently than my ancestors arrived in Pennsylvania). It’s from Sanskrit and has no etymology in Germanic or Romance languages, not even any cognates.

    If you want to call yourself Aryan, it’s all good, but you’re stressing your relationship with Iranians and south Asians. Which is actually pretty cool if that’s what you’re after, and factual. But it may not be to your taste, given your handle. Might be best if you didn’t lecture people on such things.

    Ironically, many Indians shy away from all the evidence of their Aryan forebears, because they see it as a sign of their having been conquered by Indo-Europeans. Which is exactly what happened. To them, but also to the inhabitants of Europe and indeed everywhere north of the Levant and east of Chengdu, so it’s not exactly a sign of modern shame. In the words Octavio Paz, we’re all hijos de la chingada.

  8. Sieg Says:

    Joe, won’t get into a huge debate, and lay out the entire thing, but you’re right, and you’re wrong.

    Yes, Aryans were originally from the area we now know as Iran. That was beaucoup moons ago, though, and the present inhabitants are far from Aryan.

    Thousands of years ago, the Aryan tribes began a migration that took them from the Caucasus into western Europe. There they settled and founded a civilization.

    Todays Descendants of the Original European Peoples are the true Aryans.


  9. Joe Says:

    An ” aryan” is actually someone from Iran. Look it up.

  10. rocco151 Says:

    @jM +1

    These guys are even better guys than I realized when I previously posted ! Thanks for adding some more background !

  11. jM Says:

    ANYONE of the general public ~ or even the CUNT who posted the picture on facebook-then deleted it 4 hours later ( either afraid or realizing into common sense ) should take into consideration : these MEN VOLUNTEERED and were accepted as charity workers . This particular Wal-Mart location was the scene of MANY prior thanksgiving/christmas robberies and RIPOFF’S of charity workers from the SA and other public service orginizations posted outside…… so the LOCAL HAMC CHARTER Stepped IN and offered to man the kettle outside this particular location – and help out the community and other less fortunate people who’s donations THEY Collected & GAVE FULLY – and surrendered and totally HANDED OVER THE SALVATION ARMY ALL THEY COLLECTED ON 6 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS that can & will make for a better holiday season and ease the pain and suffering of those less fortunate then ourselves . What FUCKING LIBERAL CUNT WOULD OPPOSE THIS -DESPITE WHAT PEOPLE WEAR collecting for the less fortunate ?????

  12. Gandalf Says:

    Hey Poser… Nuff said

  13. Paladin Says:

    Hey shit stick;

    Your name isn’t worth mentioning.


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