NYT On Mongol Nation

November 21, 2018

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NYT On Mongol Nation

The New York Times published a 1,500 word news feature this morning on the Mongol Nation racketeering case now unfolding in a federal court in Santa Ana, California.

The article by Serge F. Kovaleski is titled “How to Crush an Outlaw Biker Club: Seize Its … Logo?”

The story summarizes the issues at stake like this:

“After a decade of trying, they (government attorneys) have failed to deliver what they view as the coup de grâce: seizing control of the Mongols’ trademarked logo, a drawing of a brawny Genghis Khan-like figure sporting a queue and sunglasses, riding a chopper while brandishing a sword.

“Now, in a racketeering trial underway in Orange County, Calif., federal prosecutors believe they have their best chance yet to take the Mongols’ intellectual property, using a novel approach to asset forfeiture law, which allows the seizure of goods used in the commission of crimes.”

“‘The patch is like the American flag to these guys and speaks to the identity of the club, the individual and the culture,’ said William Dulaney, a retired associate professor who is an expert on motorcycle groups. ‘Some clubs have the rule that if the colors even touch the ground, they have to be destroyed.’”

Besides Dulaney, the Times quotes Mongols president David Santillan, Mongols attorney Joseph Yanny, former U.S. Attorney Thomas P. O’Brien and Hells Angels attorney Fritz Clapp, Kovaleski couldn’t get a comment from current prosecutors Steven Welk or Christopher Brunwin.

The Times reports, “A spokesman for the United States attorney’s office for the Central District of California said he could not comment on the case.”


22 Responses to “NYT On Mongol Nation”

  1. Stevo Says:


    Welk lies like 13 year old boys masturbate.


  2. rollinnorth Says:

    “Witnesses during the trial said the Mongols began in the early 1970s among returning Vietnam war veterans, many of them Latinos who were barred from joining the Hells Angels. One witness making that point was Jesse Ventura, the retired professional wrestler and former governor of Minnesota, who was active in the Mongols in 1973-74.

    But Welk told the jury the gang began among prisoners.

    ‘The evidence indicates this gang was violent and engaged in criminal activities form the time it was born in prison,’ he said.”

    “Prosecutors Call Mongol Biker Club a Criminal Gang
    DON DEBENEDICTIS December 4, 2018.”



  3. commonsense Says:

    To shovel..Put the meth pipe down..get some food and eat and sleep.The last time I heard you we’re advocating shooting people in public. I Know your ranting on our host rebel who through thick and thin has been here for years. He gives us a forum to speak. Don’t step on your dick shovel

  4. Shovel the Shit Says:

    The Aging Rebel is special. Not Special like a Federal Bureaux of Investigation “SPECIAL” Agent; certainly not: In Charge. But, as in the case, the RAT Insane Throttle states, that he, I.T., has to cut off the dialogue on his, I.T’s., You tube channel, about Aging Rebel, because too many bloggers are threatening to kill The Aging Rebel. I don’t know Aging Rebel personally, but, he tipped me off about Sierra Vista and you know who. I want to tip you off that Rebel is the victim of a Rat, Insane Throttle – Harley Liberty.

    On I.T’s. site right now is a blog by James “Hollywood” Macecari and the “Truth about Motorcycle Club Protocol & Why Bikers have it wrong about the Confederation of Clubs.” I.T. and Hollywood are cops or cop suckers. Here’s why and because Aging Rebel is a babe in the woods when it come to C.I. & E. I’ll tell you why in a sentence (cover your innocent naïve ears, Rebel):

    Hollywood: “When I was first coming up in the motorcycle club scene in the early 1990’s the Confederation was just starting to spread it’s wings. Thankfully so! The 90’s, especially the early 90’s. This was a time when guys were getting thrown off their bikes and put faces down on the ground just because they were wearing a patch. Leo was out of control, and the rights of motorcycle club members were being violated every chance Leo got. Now you know why old timers and those who lived through the early periods of the scene can’t stand cops. There would be no way you would catch anyone associating with a cop, unlike today’s biker. Actually the easiest way you can tell if someone lived through those times and were actually involved in the biker scene is simple. Do they profess a desire in any which way to work with leos or support them. If they do, they were not apart of the scene in the early days. Again, cops back then didn’t give a shit one bit about bikers. They lumped bikers in one big category. It wasn’t until the RUB invasion of the mid 1990s they started to hold back some on the antics. Why? Because those RUBS were not full-time bikers and held positions of power. A cop couldn’t have one of them face down on the ground.”

    The above is a cover for the increased violence against bikers today. According to Insane “Rat” Throttle, 1%ers owe a debt of gratitude to the RUBs for the kinder gentler treatment Hells Angels, Mongols, Bandidos, etc. receive today at the hands of motherfucking LEO. That’s pure propaganda put out, along with hating on Rebel, by police groupies and cock suckers like Throttle and Hollywood. Rebel is a backwoods when it comes to countre-espionage, even though he knows that playing the L.A.P.D. for the suckers they are helps prevent cops dying in L.A. as Eazy E and I advocate. But, Insane T. is the Rat. Rebel is some Rube who’s in over his head.

  5. Matlock Says:

    I was tied up in court and just got a chance to check back. Why is JM picking on Stoney? Stoney communicated a thought. He didn’t take credit for it. Who cares who originally said it? It’s the truth. This is an example of exactly what I’m talking about. Why do we fight each other while the real enemy laughs at us?

  6. Stevo Says:


    I reckon JM gets plenty of nuts from his daddy.


  7. Psycho Says:

    j M is big mad. You should eat a snickers.

  8. Stoney Says:

    JM Yawn.

  9. Johnny Rotten Says:

    sure seems like someone is takin up alotta real estate in someones head
    quite humorous..

    respects to those


  10. j M Says:

    @ “stoney”……i guess you’re too stoned ( or ignorant,stupid,brain dead OR devoid of brain cells or ALL of the aforementioned ) ~ to realize,differentiate and accurately report ,quote,write or accurately repeat and print Famous Americans who said things that relate to this latest debacle that the feeble 9th circuit of appeals are trying to hang ,persecute and imprison,seize trademarked indicia,prosecute or imprison people
    associated with , and who are members of this circus of fools . A Sphincter like YOU says what ?
    YOU obviously failed history or even failed to attended even one class that afforded you a glimpse of the lesson about the forefathers that signed the Declaration of Independence and forged the Constitution regarding the Amendments that protect Americans against forfeiture and seizure. Get your shit together ,wired straight and linked to common sense when you quote a GREAT AMERICAN like Benjamin Franklin and his wisdom . Try getting a library card and learning how to read . Me : an ATF Wannabe….? ASSHOLES TOGETHER FAMOUSLY….? Nope……..Sounds like the club YOU belong to .I used my keyboard to rebut YOU , and correct your delusional stupidity and lack of knowledge regarding historical meaningful quotes from our forefathers that you so flagrantly write and throw about – therefore showing YOUR ignorance and Stupidity . Fuck You you flagrant idiotic CUNT.

  11. Stoney Says:

    Really JM? you got to be a ATF wanna be. Was it Franklin and what does it matter who said it its still the same message. O and by the way your a real tough guy there with your key board.

  12. Mark Matis Says:

    Somebody ought to form a club and go with this:


    and see what “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal” system do…

  13. commonsense Says:

    To Shovel….Shooting anybody in public like a ball park is an amateur. Innocent civilians …concealed carry people..not good.

  14. freebird Says:

    @ Stoney and Matlock

    Charles “Lucky” Luciano had such a plan

    Fool’s can say what they want……. he was a genius IMHO

    “Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.”

  15. j M Says:

    Hey “stoney” : IT WAS BENJAMIN FRANKLINS QUOTE; “WE HANG TOGETHER OR WE WILL MOST CERTAINLY HANG SEPERATELY”…….NOT Patrick Henry you fucking ignorant punkass cunt .

  16. Matlock Says:

    And on that same thought, Stoney is exactly right. We need to stand together against this ridiculous oppression. And we need to NOT give anyone ammo to use agains us. Please consider that anytime a man wearing a patch has a fight w/a man wearing a different patch the cops/feds/gang task forces/etc squeel in delight b/c it means they can justify more budget. Don’t pay for the bullet that kills ur Brother! Let’s tand together and focus on the real enemy!

  17. Shovel Says:

    That sucker Dobyns sure looks like Joe in Silver City, New Mexico.
    Joe’s dad looks like him, too. Joe sounds like Jay, as well, damn.
    Silver City is damn close to Tucson. When Joe lived with me he
    used to shoot up Cliff with Dilaudid ($10.00 – $20.00 a tab,
    depending on the pusher). When I moved to Tucson, Joe’s associates
    were slowly beating Cliff to death with baseball bats and 2X4s –
    something cops would turn their back on and walk away from, sure
    sounds like Dobyns. Some of them like Jay/Joe get off on it. Cliff
    wanted to stay. Fuck Cliff and fuck Jay/Joe Dobyns. It’s always
    worth busting a cap in a motherfucker’s head, even at a ball park.
    I’m sorry the homie didn’t off Dobyns at the ball park.

    Big Red Friday shows what scum bags cops are. Good for the homies.
    By the way, South Tucson is not like the video and neither are the
    homies. The homies here are smart.

  18. Matlock Says:

    This case, going on since 2008, is a total waste of money and resources. Everyone everywhere should contact your Congress people and express outrage at this waste of tax dollars. In the Federal system it’s all about budget and if our elected officials realized this idiotic waste has already gone on for 10 years they would put a stop to it. U can b skeptical if u want, but please make the call…at least ul b doing something.

  19. Iron Rider Says:

    Too bad the times didnt report an estimate of just how much money the U.S. Government has spent to take the patch away from the Mongols, which is nothing more than a symbolic victory and hollow and will mean nothing to most taxpayers and is still not going to stop the mongols.

  20. Stoney Says:

    I’ve been saying this from the start of this case years ago clubs need to put aside their beef with each other and come together and fight this. If/when they get the Mongols patch you can better believe that the HAs, Pagans, Bandidos, Vagos and every other club will lose their patch. Remember what Patrick Henry said ” We must all hang together or we will surly hand separately “.
    Combine resources to fight this because as you see the government has unlimited resources and will not stop unless we beat them in the Supreme Court. And that’s where this will end up or until the Mongols run out on money.

  21. freebird Says:

    Found it interesting they reference Old Glory in the article…..

    I hope the jury understands they are being asked to open Pandora’s box

    Thus the article reference to the flag…… IMO

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