Pittsburgh Whitewash Begins

November 20, 2018

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Pittsburgh Whitewash Begins

Last week the Allegheny County district attorney’s office finally dropped charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and riot against Pagans Motorcycle Club members Frank Deluca, Michael Zokaites, Erik Heitzenrater and Bruce Thomas a month after the four were savagely attacked by four, drunk, Pittsburgh cops named Brian Burgunder, David Honick, Brian Martin and David Lincoln. The drunk cops were aided and abetted by two uniformed officers.

The attack was videotaped. The drunk cops were clearly the aggressors in the incident. The police tried to cover up what happened. An official alibi was concocted that said the four drunks were working under cover, that they were investigating illegal drug transactions, and that getting sloppy drunk was part of their “undercover personas.”


After district attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. couldn’t tell the cover story with a straight face mayor Bill Peduto defended the drunks and insinuated that Zappala was being soft on crime.

Peduto said it was “disappointing” and “unfortunate” that Zappala was reluctant to join the official coverup. Peduto said he trusted the confabulations of drunks over his own eyes. “What I saw is troubling, with the actions of escalation of force that didn’t seem to be warranted,” he said about the videos, “but without full evidence of what actually happened, it’s very difficult to make that judgmental call.” He said Zappala should keep looking for a way to excuse the cops conduct. “A district attorney’s role is to investigate first, then comment; not comment and then do an investigation.”

“If you are in a biker bar that is suspected of being a major trafficking area of illegal drugs, and you’re sitting there drinking tea, you are going to expose yourself and possibly put yourself into a life-threatening situation,” Peduto said

Kopy’s, where the assault took place, is not a “biker bar” and it is not “a major trafficking area of illegal drugs.”


In a jaw-dropping editorial last Friday, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review lauded the uniformed officers who joined in the beating and lied in for the drunk cops as a “calm, level- headed presence”who responded to the police assault with “a calm and professional manner despite being faced with a chaotic situation,” The belligerents, the newspaper explained, were “human beings” who “deal with incredible stress and unbelievable risk.”

The FBI has launched an investigation into the drunk cops conduct.


16 Responses to “Pittsburgh Whitewash Begins”

  1. FTW PGH Says:

    Mayor Bill Peduto used to be a run of the mill city council member. During that time he frequented a bar by the name of Kelly’s, I was a bareback there as a kid and know him personally. He is not as naive as he plays, there was just as much “drug activity ” going on around him there as there would be at Kopys, little to none or maybe someone doing a bump in the bathroom. He is full of shit and a total disappointment to the east side where he got his start in city politics. A real piece of shit in my opinion, that statement he made is 100% bullshit and he knows it

  2. Austin Says:

    Talking heads just read what’s on the paper. Nifty little search feature?? I would bet that Welk and Brunwin shop online during their workdays. The only people who find out the truth are the curious, and the passionate. I hope Judge Carter starts reading AR. I hope he, like many of us, reads every single article, and comment. I hope he reads fayettenam hoe’s poetry. I hope he reads about Vinnie 1%er and Stolen Valor. I hope Judge Carter reads the obituaries, and about riding down to the Salton Sea. I hope he learns about riding during deer season, and how the Feds framed Dave Burgess. I hope Judge Carter reads the ballistics reports from Shaun Diamond, and from Waco. I hope Judge Carter reads until his eyeballs burn, and then reads some more. What “justice truth transparency ” did here – That is democracy in action.

  3. Justice truth transparency Says:

    gentlemen I’d like to tell you that after I posted on here I sent the info to Kdka wpxi and wtae and within 24 hours wpxi had a segment where they literally used my research verbatim. I literally did their job for them they should be paying me for that shit or some credit or something. Wtae Paul von osdol went a little further and found out more.200k for that idiots sense of entitlement and bullshit cop toughness when it’s 2 on 1. The tribune review also picked up on it. Here’s the wtae story. Wpxi story search for it. Btw thanks Austin glad my gumshoe detective work paid off!!they should give me honick’s job!! I’d probably be better at it than him!! https://www.google.com/amp/amp.wtae.com/article/pittsburgh-police-officer-accused-in-bar-brawl-has-history-of-excessive-force-complaints/25255171

  4. SlimFMC Says:

    Nothing more than pieces of shit taking in our air. There is absolutely no use for any pigs period. They wonder why no one gives a shit when a cop gets wasted anymore. Shit, it’s a celebration knowing one more piece of shit is off the streets.

  5. FF Says:

    Think about how different things would be right now if Stephen Kopy didn’t make copies of the video.

    That man deserves respect, he didn’t let the pigs intimidate him or turn him into their chump.


  6. Austin Says:

    @justice truth transparency;
    Great work there.
    Shine your light!

  7. freebird Says:

    The FBI has launched an investigation into the drunk cops conduct

    I sure as hell hope it’s not the same FBI Team looking into Abel Reyna….. aka’ Tony Montana

  8. Anon Says:

    There is no justice in this world, and there is no world here after to worry about. If you choose the 1% path this is the bark you chew.

    Those cops were typical Pittsburgh cops- they went to Kopys looking to get piss drunk, abuse someone, and then feel big. The cops lives were already more fucked up than hammered shit, as clearly evidenced by their actions and behavior; the incident in the bar will hopefully hammer their shit a little flatter.

    I hope the victims in this case get to physically recover, they lost no dignity or honor to their credit.

    As @O.M. said “At least the charges are dropped”.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    “joined in the beating and lied in for the drunk cops as a “calm, level- headed presence”who responded to the police assault with “a calm and professional manner”

    ^ Then assisted in punching the restrained defendant over 30 times in the face.

    “Awwww it’s alllll perfectly legal!” /end quote.


  10. justice truth transparency Says:

    Google detective/officer David Honick …..This guy is a real piece of work!!! Committing crimes while hiding behind a badge….Seriously this guy is going to kill someone soon if he hasn’t already …. 5 maybe 6 stories of this guy using excessive force on people for no reason then more or less filing phony charges to cover his tracks…lets face its your word against theirs and there is nobody more full of s$%t than a cop……Not to mention Pittsburgh has paid to settle his cases with these people he beat…not only does he still have a job but he’s a detective!! Also he and his wife had a domestic altercation in which they we’re charged and poof magically dropped by the DA. Click on the images in google search with his name and see his handy work… some news station in Pittsburgh should run with this…..

    Exhibit 1.Southside Bar Fight

    Exhibit 2.Lojak Excessive Force Lawsuit

    Exhibit 3.Domestic Dispute With Wife

    Exhibit 4. DA drops charges

    Exhibit 5.Pittsburgh Pays 10,000$ after Honick beats someone with no drugs on them

    Exhibit 6. Honick breaks somebodys cheekbone at bar

    Exhibit 7.Honick assault costs city 75,000$

  11. Paladin Says:

    Oregon Moose Says:
    November 20, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    “At least the charges were dropped. Of course it would be great to see charges brought against all 6 of the officers. It’ll likely never happen, but one can dream…”

    I wouldn’t bee to sure about that. I can cite a number of cases and Rebel has written a couple or stories where cops have been sent to prison for abuse under color of authority. Just recently there’s this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DXCob4IpVo and this: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/roy-oliver-former-texas-police-officer-guilty-of-murder-in-fatal-shooting-of-black-teen-jordan-edwards/ And finally this from Philadelphia: https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Philadelphia-Officer-Killing-David-Jones-Charges-492397821.html

    Long May You Ride,


    @ Oregon Moose;

  12. MtPockets Says:

    Moose and Jrino- 100% agree
    The drunken cops belong behind bars. Period. End of story.
    The fact that they are not currently incarcerated points directly to the level of injustice that exists in our Justice system.
    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some very fine, upstanding officers in my time. I can guarantee that they would be as enraged as the rest of us that these scumbags are still walking free.

  13. RIDER 1 Says:

    Any cop on duty or off duty, should not be allowed to perform ANY LE duties because of their impaired judgement! What if a suspect had gotten into a vehicle? Would these cops be justified to be driving DUI? What if one of these drunks had shot and killed someone during that fight? Any lawyer along with the video should be able to prove that these cops exercised impaired judgement and went overboard during the so called performance of their duties. Most bars won’t even let a bartender get shit faced while working! Cops will say they can’t do dope while under cover but this police dept doesnt have a problem with them getting shit faced. WTF! I hope a good lawyer tears this shit apart and the police dept is exposed for what they are, a GANG of criminals with badges and guns.
    For the cop lovers that want to say you can’t judge a dept on the actions of a few screw ups, I say dont judge a whole MC community based on the actions of a few! We should start checking that every cop we see isn’t drunk… but that would be considered profiling! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

    RIDER 1

  14. jrino Says:

    There is absolutely no risk to Holding a man so others can beat him in the face 27 to 30 times! So is that “serve and protect”?

  15. Oregon Moose Says:

    At least the charges were dropped. Of course it would be great to see charges brought against all 6 of the officers. It’ll likely never happen, but one can dream…


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