November 9, 2018

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Two, acclaimed veterans of the perilous crusade against the motorcycle club menace testified yesterday in federal court in Santa Ana, California in the Mongol Nation RICO trial.

The United States Department of Justice wants to prove that an unincorporated association called “Mongol Nation,” comprising all the patched, or fully patched as prosecutors say frequently, members, is a criminal enterprise that directs and encourages members and associates of the Mongols Motorcycle Club to commit various terrible crimes. So far the crimes described in court have included beatings, stabbings, murder, intimidation and scalping. If the government convinces a jury to convict Mongol Nation, the government will seek to seize the Mongols name and some or all of its insignia or, as it lawyers call it, indicia. Indicia is a Latin term that refers to indicators of membership.

So far prosecutors Chris Brunwin and Steve Welk have told the jury those indicators of belonging include a “murder patch;” memorial patches; bits of cloth in honor of various unconventional sex acts like making love to a corpse, and the diamond shaped patch common to many motorcycle clubs that contains the language tokens “1%er” which is pronounced “one percenter.”


The government will never be able to litigate these symbols out of existence. It doesn’t matter what a jury in Orange County California thinks. The government cannot prevent a group of men from forming a club and calling that club “The Mongols.” So this is mostly an exercise in alarmist propaganda. Yesterday former undercover agents Jay Dobyns and William Queen told their tales of the horrors that have seen.
Joe Yanny, the Mongols’ attorney in the case, subpoenaed both men. Neither Dobyns or Queen seemed to help the defense much but Dobyns certainly helped the motorcycle club most because almost all of his testimony was about the Hells Angels and the so-called Laughlin Riot in April 2002.

Dobyns admitted to making the accusation that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in “a corrupt organization and that some of the Bureau’s agents have lied on the witness stand. He refuted the testimony of another agent named Darrin Kozlowski that Kozlowski was not in Laughlin the night a deadly brawl erupted in Harrah’s Casino between Angels and Mongols. And, he very much downplayed the crimes of an undercover informant named Michael Christopher “Mesa Mike” Kramer. He would not admit that there was any connection between Kramer’s murder of 44-year-old Cynthia Garcia and Dobyns’ infiltration of the Angels.


Garcia was a substance abuser who died after going to the Hells Angels Mesa Arizona clubhouse. There were six Hells Angels in the clubhouse while Garcia was there. Two of them, Dennis Gilliard and David LeMoine, were club prospects. The other four, Kevin Augustiniak, Paul Eischeid, Richard Hyder and Kramer, were patched members of the club. Kramer was the most senior member present and was feared by other members of the club. He punched Garcia and knocked her off a stool for speaking rudely; ordered Augustiniak, Eischeid and Hyder to join the assault and throw the woman in the trunk of his car. Kramer slashed and stabbed the woman in the desert south of Mesa. And then fled to Los Angeles. A month later he approached the ATF and agreed to become an informant. He explained that after he nearly decapitated the woman she grasped his pant leg and the memory of that moved him to cooperate with federal police. He was eventually sentenced to five years probation for the murder and was paid about $415,000 for his work as an informant.

Of course, the story Dobyns told was very different from the facts. Sometimes he didn’t know, sometimes he didn’t remember and sometimes he just lied. Dobyns lies as most men breathe. He claimed for example, in great detail, to have been dispatched to Las Vegas as a club prospect to assassinate certain, unnamed Bandidos and he then had to devise an elaborate strategy to avoid going through with it. Whenever Doyns was confronted with obvious lies in his memoir No Angel, he described the lies as being merely “the theatrics of the book.”

It would help the Mongols case if the jury believed his tall tales. Yanny has tried to portray several violent clashes between Mongols and Hells Angels acts of Mongols self-defense. Dobyns, who pretended to murder a Mongol while undercover, testified for hours that the Hells Angels were always ready, willing and able to kill any Mongol they could locate.


Queen infiltrated the Mongols for about 26 months from 1998 to April 2000. He published a book about his experiences in 2005 titled Under and Alone.

He portrayed the Mongols as merciless, wild Indians who beat and stabbed man named Daniel Herrera to death for insulting the club and scalped another man for the same offense. His infiltration was a watershed for him. He said it cost him everything. He has grown old since his wild days and in court he has been said to be “in poor health.”

He is hardly sentimental about most of the Mongols he knew. He thinks more of them should have gone to jail.

But the one time he seemed to smile was when he recognized the current Mongols president, David Santillan, from back in the long ago and cried out “Li’l Dave!”

That might have been the highlight of the day.


9 Responses to “Veteranos”

  1. Iron Rider Says:

    Well old Jay “Knob Gobblin” Dobyns memory seems to be real different from what he has said in the past.

    That is the thing about bullshitters, when they lie all the time they have a hard time keeping track of what they said in this lie to cover up that other lie and they get so confused to what the lie was to the story they told is because they have lied about it so often and when questioned on the inaccuracies in their story, they just cant keep the lies straight to match their story.

    SO Dobbyns can go fuck himself. As for Queen yeah didnt feel anything for the guys in the club but that is not what he has said in interviews and on t.v., guess it wasnt the smoothest move to give a shout out to those Mongols he didnt think were so memorable then…lol

  2. Freeman Says:

    Most people have chromosomes X-Y
    I suspect these motherfuckers have a bunch of Z thrown in the mix…

  3. FF Says:

    Birdbrain Dobyns is a washed up Jock Meat Head still trying to overcompensate for a raisin sized sack and a peanut for a dick. An analogy of his pathetic, ill spent life can be summed up thus

  4. Stevo Says:

    I know you’re reading this Jay the Gay, you shitcunt rat . Fuck you. I hope you feel sick with self loathing each and every time you look in the mirror to shave.


  5. jrino Says:

    That’s what the government is doing in court this time ” Making love to a corpse” of a case!

  6. Kenny1%er Says:

    I read Queens book. In the end it sounded to me as if he regretted being a liar and a ATF agent. That if he could he woulda been a Mongol. Not a undercover liar.He talks about the brotherhood. Sad but True. That being in the ATF can turn u into a gay dobbins.

  7. freebird Says:

    Two, acclaimed veterans of the perilous crusade against the motorcycle club menace

    I see them more as a paid assassin of the govt

    They come into your house under false colors for the sole purpose of stabbing you in the back in front of your family

    I can’t even imagine what demons lurk in their dreams at night

  8. popeye Says:

    Dobyns is the tranny who snuck in the mens room and sucked some dick. Then later wrote a book called “How to be a Man”

  9. RLG Says:

    If the feds can cuff ‘the Mongol nation’ and Habeas their Corpus — then by all means lock ’em up. If not — stop harassing taxpayers!

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