Mongols Prosecution Continues

November 5, 2018

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Mongols Prosecution Continues

The two federal prosecutors in the Mongol Nation RICO trial – Christopher Brunwin and Steven R. Welk – looked like failures again today.

The two keep promising more than they can deliver. Last week, during opening arguments, they promised to show the jury video of a Mongol stabbing a guy in the face. This morning they showed the jury six different videos of a Mongol throwing a plastic water at a guy’s head. It was mutual combat. The “victim” threw a can of tea at the Mongols’ head. Prosecutors called the tea toss “self defense.” The victim and the Mongol had a history with one another.

The prosecutors and their witness, a Cathedral City, California detective named Todd Brothers, claim one of the Mongols pulled a knife out of his pocket during the altercation. The knife was not clearly visible on any of the surveillance videos. The detective explained that the original video was much sharper than the one the jury got to see.

Mean Streets

Cathedral City adjoins the urban jungles of Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage where Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra used to get into knife fights all the time. Brothers is a motorcycle gang expert. He has taken at least three courses on the subject from the California Gang Investigators something or other and the Riverside County Gang something something. Cathedral City has a population of about 50,000 and Brothers was part of the city’s three or four man, depending, “gang unit” when the city had a gang unit from 2015 to 2017. The something “political” happened and the city decided it no longer needed a gang unit.

Brothers was one of two cops who investigated the beverage throwing match between three Mongols with colorful nicknames and their victim. He repeated the nicknames over and over. My favorite was “Big Chili.”

He told the jury that the term “outlaw motorcycle gang means a group of individuals who participate in criminal activity and don’t obey the laws of the state. Someone naïve, someone like a Martian on his first trip to Earth, might think that outlaw motorcycle gangs might have something to do with motorcycles. The jury heard that is not the case.

Last week, retired ATF agent Darrin Kozlowski testified that the Mongols hardly had anything to do with motorcycles.


This morning’s two other witnesses testified that, rather than motorcycles, the Mongols were really about drugs and guns.

A Pomona, California police detective named Richard Machado testified that a man who was probably a Mongol was briefly detained after a raid on a house in Gardena, California in May 2007. Gardena is about 45 miles and a two-hour drive in traffic from Pomona. The raid discovered an 87-plant marijuana grow and 13 kilos of cocaine. A search of the house also discovered utility bills paid by the alleged Mongol.

Machado could not recall what happened to the marijuana. The cocaine was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Agency. The DEA turned to cocaine over to the ATF. The paper trail says the ATF returned the drugs to the DEA who returned it to the Pomona police property room. Then it disappeared.

Mongols attorney Joe Yanny asked Machado if the cocaine was returned “to the stream of commerce.” Machado thought it had probably been inadvertently destroyed.

No one was ever arrested over the drugs. Machado said that it was not unusual for someone to be caught with 30 pounds of cocaine in a suitcase and not be charged when the case involved the FBI, DEA or ATF. He said that in the course of his career he had seen the same thing happen about “80 times…in large scale investigations.”

Guns And Books

A West Covina, California police Lieutenant named Patrick Pat Benschop testified that he had participated in a raid on the home of former Mongols president Ruben “Doc” Cavazos on March 17, 2008. The raid recovered numerous articles of Mongols insignia, at least 15 firearms and numerous magazines and boxes containing ammunition. They were all displayed for the jury.

Welk would carry each gun into the courtroom well. ATF case agent John Ciccone would hand them to Benschop and, as Ciccone held them up for the jury to see, Benschop would tell the panel what they were seeing.

“That is a Kel-Tec .223 semi-automatic rifle…. This is a Mossberg 500 shotgun with a pistol grip…. This is a Marlin .22 caliber rifle….” The show and tell went on forever. All the guns were legal. All the ammunition was legal. Welk, on direct examination, insinuated that there should be something illegal about guns and Mongols patches in the same house.

Then Welk showed the jury a couple of publicity photographs taken for Doc Cavazos’ book Honor Few Fear None: The Life and Times of a Mongol.

Multiple sources have said that the book was written, by a ghost writer, at the suggestion of one or more of the ATF undercover agents who were infiltrating the Mongols at the time and who were “constantly with Doc.”

The Mongols have a slogan, “Respect Few Fear None.” Cavazos wanted to call his book that but he had to change his title slightly because the then president of the Mongols’ San Diego chapter had trademarked the phrase and refused to let Cavazos use it. Several publicity photos, like the photo that adorns the back cover of Cavazos’ book, were taken of Mongols brandishing firearms while wearing the sort Mongols indicia the government wants to take away from the club’s members.

Brunwin asked Benschop to match the guns taken from Cavazos’ house with the ones in the photos. The detective tried. “This could be the same Mossberg 500.”

The jury listened and watched all this without breaking into laughter even once. They all wore their plaster faces and seemed to be trying to do their best. There is no way to tell if they doubt any of the prosecutors’ mostly far fetched tale. For all anybody knows, they are swallowing every exaggeration and every lie whole.

And this trial is just getting started. Despite Judge David O. Carter’s brusque admonitions to all the lawyers to “move it along” and “stop showboating” this trial cannot possibly end before Christmas and looks like it may last until we all have to reset our watches again next spring.


41 Responses to “Mongols Prosecution Continues”

  1. Adios Says:

    Hey Rocco are you the same guy from the Southside who’s tourpack cover blew off in Indiana on our way to Florida. If so I’m the Westside guy

  2. Sieg Says:

    Officer Tommy, you’re not only a cunt, you’re a stupid cunt.


  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tommy Baker,

    I like to read transcripts and other court filings. Please send me what you have.


  4. Potmetal Says:


    Stop digging. A large population of folks have essentially told you that what you claim to have done was wrong. This same population of folks are the same ones you may actually try this shit with.

    If they’ve already told you what the likely outcome may be, why keep pushing the issue. You aren’t going to change anyones mind.

    Stop digging.

  5. rocco151 Says:

    @Muck1%er +1

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    Christ on a cracker…Just the way Tommy talks, makes me want to punch him in the face.

    Anyone even close to this life knows you Don’t take pics of 1%er patch holders without their permission.

    Support patches should only be worn by members in support clubs. Just my opinion!

    Respect to the real 1%

  7. Muck 1%er Says:

    Some folks will poke a caged circus bear, just to be able to say they poked the bear and lived.

  8. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Freebird

    “I’m too old of a cat, to get fucked by a kitten. ”

    That was EPIC. Lmfao

  9. freebird Says:

    Well Tommy i gave you benefit of the doubt

    I’m too old of a cat to get fucked by a kitten……

    There is no way in hell you survived 20 years with the attitude you have displayed here

    Someone would have checked you into a guardrail long ago……

  10. Paladin Says:

    Tommy Baker Says:
    November 7, 2018 at 11:56 pm

    “You & I – Rebel, are not – nor have ever been ‘M.C. Members’; right? Only our experiences to-wit.”

    Making an uneducated statement about Rebel or anyone that posts on this site is a mistake.


  11. Tommy Baker Says:

    People whom propagate “knowing all” – like ‘Oldskewl’;
    Might try reading / understanding what others share…

    My sole purpose in commenting via Rebel’s GREAT Site, in furtherance to MONGOLS being on-trail “for ridiculous charge of being-a-gang”; was to note ‘factual occasion’ whereupon MONGOLS’ supposed “gang modus operandi” would have surely erupted – yet nothing of the sort! Thats’ It.

    So I was simply adding counter-point to ‘Cops / Government baseless claims’ about 1% M.C. vibe.

    In-Fact, when I was arrested on 4-Felony Counts (2 Gun & 2 Drug; none of which were prosecuted); during my lengthy ‘Miranda Rights dialogue’… Gang Task Force – Lead Detective challenged similar views I am referencing here: That M.C. are not gangs (albeit, some Members are prone to react…)!

    Within that transcript (available for Rebel’s eyes only, should he like):
    Riverside Gang Task Force Leader “brought up HA / MONGOLS / Vagos as ‘his examples’ of gangs.

    My response to him (it’s in-the-transcript): How about ‘Cop Clubs’, like those whom were arrested in Sturgis (a month earlier in 2007), for “their gang activity in a bar, whereupon Cop pulled gun from his boot & shoot a Hells Angel in the gut” (Cop was loosing “fist fight” at-that-time… so punk-ass move).

    So anyway Oldskewl, these are my actual life experiences (which I complemented Rebel also having). Moreover – Clarity of ‘my disposition’ against “Cops / Gov ‘falsely attesting’ that 1% M.C.s are gangs”.

    Those hundreds of pics I’ve taken over past decade or so, NONE of which have been posted;
    I’ve only shared with ‘subjects in said pics’.

  12. oldskewl Says:


    When you come in here and talk about how “respect is earned and shown” and then ask for Rebel to prove his cred in the world he writes about everyday you make a complete fucking ass out of yourself.
    Maybe try reading a few of his books, their available on Amazon.

    You’ve been told how you disrespected the MC but you still don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge you did.

    Taking pictures of patch holders without their permission breaks protocol in their world, no exceptions. If you posted them online (which I’m sure you did) you broke protocol again.

    Don’t forget how to spell our names in your report.

  13. Tommy Baker Says:

    Rebel – You apparently aren’t aware of ‘Palm Springs Bike Fest’ being “public event”;
    It is not a “MONGOLS’ event”, although MONGOLS are regularly there, in-attendance.

    Should 20,000 attendees (mostly non-MC) restrict themselves from wearing ‘support gear’,
    unless it is “MONGOLS Support”… ? And again, MONGOLS knowing ‘public non-MC bikers’
    are prevalent throughout ‘all along Palm Canyon Drive’; MONGOLS are sensibly cool with all.

    Now it is true, I meandered into a specific area ‘where that bar is’ (bar which MONGOLS hand-out), which I knew was their turf… Still though, MONGOLS didn’t react as anything other than ‘solid M.C.’, not any type ‘gang spirit’.

    Soo what basis do you – Rebel, take liberty on-behalf-of MONGOLS, or any M.C., regarding their
    individually innate disposition ‘to be senseless’ about general public bikers’s ‘support gear’…?!?!?

    My noting M.C.’s not being predisposed to ‘just be senseless’ without due cause; clear basic truth.
    M.C. Members weigh pros & cons per “messing with random bikers”, as ‘the law’ hopes for issues!

    Respect to Each & Every ‘M.C. Member’; they’ve earned that regard via “respective commitment”.
    You & I – Rebel, are not – nor have ever been ‘M.C. Members’; right? Only our experiences to-wit.

  14. Anon Says:

    A Support Shirt is something that should be bought or in certain situations it is earned as a part of learning the brotherhod. In the case that it is a bought item, consider the money as a donation and burn the goddamn shirt.

    Wearing a support shirt potentially involves the MC in your personal shit because the po-po’s see “Tarheel Stompers MC Support” and whatever dick move you just pulled gets lumped into “The Tarheel Stompers associates did pickacrime”.

    If you really support the club you buy the shirt from, put it away somewhere nice or burn it.

    It is a target to cause a problem with another club, when you don’t speak for the club who’s shirt you’re wearing.

    It is a target for the police.

    It is a target for any civilian who dislikes a club.

    Don’t shake the fucking tree unless you want the fucking peaches.

    And yes I was that dumb once but I learned. The only people needing to wear a support shirt is someone working to probate, is probating, or you don’t want to wear colors(soft or hard) to an event.

    I never liked full face helmets until a patch in Europe pointed out to me that it covered my face.

    I don’t like somebody taking an image of me unless they ask, that’s an invasion of personal space.

    And to be honest: a fucking support patch or t-shirt on somebody other than your COC or AoMC’s looks fucking weak. If you’re a free rider, mind your own goddamn business, and don’t stick a piece of flash on a cut because you think it gives you an association with the club. It doesn’t. It isn’t a free speech thing either- it is a matter of respect.

    Tommy- you rode a lucky 287k miles but they didn’t teach you much. Shame. Let this be an example for others- don’t be a dick, keep your head low, at a party or event ask if it is ok to bring in a phone or camera. Hell, ask if it is ok to do a sketch before you do it.

  15. freebird Says:

    I may be wrong as rain but in a way i understand what your saying Tommy

    Living between the line’s

    Once you sew on a support patch you just picked a team…..

    You are no longer between the line’s

    Everything in life has a cost……

  16. Saul Goodman Says:

    Tommy Baker — sounds like the guy behind the documentary “Amercan MC”????

    If so, he knows what he’s doing.

  17. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Jus because ya can……dont mean ya should…

    Everyone loves a here, hold my beer moment…

    But those who actually enjoy it the most…
    aint the ones sayin it…



  18. Aanon Says:

    I’m almost thinking that Tommy is working reverse psychology. In the beginning of a trial to tell how sweet they were even though he was wearing a fuck you towards them. Maybe he wants to hear about how many woulda ( insert whatever violent) and these are readers of the expert witnesses site and their comments. Just a thought.
    Taking pics and showing up with the anti support reeks of setup. Convenient it was right before the raid.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tommy Baker,
    I do not doubt that you are a very good rider and a fine man. Neither does anybody else. But I am personally surprised that nobody has ever told you how rude it is to wear a Mongols shirt to an Angels’ event or an Angels shirt to a Mongols’ event. It is like pissing on the flag. It is like going up to somebody else’s woman and grabbing her by the pussy. It is like going to a string quartet recital drunk and insisting they play and sing Wooly Bully. The most polite men I have ever met are one percenters. Most people don’t have to be told any of this. I guess some people do. Don’t be rude. Now you know.


  20. rocco151 Says:


    I saw a guy at a Northside “15” party a couple of years ago trying to explain his support patch for a Christian Motorcycle Club to a couple of energetic young prospects and I would say it was at least heated until a patchholder calmed the prospects down and the guy was asked to leave…I don’t think the same outcome would have happened if the guy was wearing a support patch of the group you mentioned in your post ! You got really, really lucky !

  21. Tommy Baker Says:

    The MONGOLS acted like an M.C., not ‘a gang’; because “it takes two” – “to ignite senseless issue”:

    Trust that over my own 20yrs of being immersed in ‘the world of M.C. lifestyle’ (never as a Member), 287,000 miles on one of three Harleys, and getting arrested on 4-Felony Counts [in proximity to Hells Angels’ Public Event]; there have been numerous situations whereupon potential for ‘senseless issue’ where at-hand… Yet, I didn’t like say something stupid or elicit “a tuff-guy body language posturing”, either of which could / should invoke “igniting some type bad response”.

    “Very Basic Respect displayed”, likely ensues “respect earned”.

    On that evening in Palm Springs, about 10:30pm, with no cops in-the-nearby area, I was alone;
    My typical intrigue with ‘all M.C.’ lifestyles’, has resulted in yrs & yrs of “impromptu pics taken”…
    About 50% of those occasions, M.C. Members (no matter the club) noticed my taking pics…
    NEVER A Problem. Happy to submit the two photos from MONGOLS situation, if Rebel accepts…

    Always in my ‘virgin cut’ (with Red & White Support – Patch at waistline, and KNOWN Associate Patch ‘just below left pocket’); pretty visible one-way-or-another… I have been twice “approached by Vagos Member(s)”, once out-front of hat-same-bar in Palm Springs, whereupon they aggressively inquired. . .
    But again, no big deal.

    In my own ‘group of biker bros’ (none of us ever having been in an M.C.), conjecture has come-up with regard to wearing ‘Support Gear’; in-that it’s ‘likely’ to trigger an issue with whichever M.C. is around. My own experience(s), shared with those bros: It is all in-how oneself ‘projects a purpose’, and/or what oneself “has to say” – upon any M.C. inquiring “Why are you wearing that ‘Support Patch”)…

    My answer:
    Because “I have gotten to ride with respective M.C.” (as a Guest, or at Public Event) and therefore ‘garnered actual respect’ thereby… Never would I say: “Because this M.C. is better/best.

    That proclamation isn’t ‘Not For Me to Say’.

    We all / We each have our own experiences;
    Simply consider an example:
    ‘A typical “Road Rage” dude’, whom is igniting senseless ‘bad vibes’ onto people ‘he doesn’t know’…
    In-the-end; ‘Road Rage dude’ losses (his sensibility) via “his own skewed sense of senselessness”. . . True?????

    Respect to Those ‘Whom are Bikers’,

  22. oldskewl Says:

    I gotta take another swipe at the apple here. @ Tommy.
    The more I think about it the more I consider you one of the luckiest son of a bitches… In fact, you should buy a lotto ticket!

    Either that or your story is BS. I tend to think you probably did what you said you did and somehow got away with it. You can hinge a bet the prospects considered you “fresh meat” but were told to “stand down” because of the stupidity you showed and the event was a public.
    Had this been at night or in the dark you would have burned the book for heating fuel in your shallow grave.

    Just stupid!

  23. Gordo Says:

    30 lbs of coke

    Thats a good paycheck

    And or hookers and blow for the party

    Persecution not prosecution

  24. JohnboyFTW666 Says:

    “Unknown Mongol” is an amazing book regardless of who you support. It isn’t filled with exaggerated stories and lies told by rats or disgruntled former members. “Riding on the edge” by John Hall is another book that is great.

  25. Nanook Says:


    You went there bullshitting, you have them $25 for a book and you left without incident. You’re right, they didn’t act much like a gang.

  26. commonsense Says:

    Tommy baker..this is to weird to understand.. I mean I am a red and white guy but I would never get in their face like that. you are either new to the game or fucking stupid . Why would you have red colors on to their show….not a Mongol fan but fuck chief thats just wrong. I’m 60 years old and I hate that gangster respect shit ..but you put these guys in a bad position. Is this your first rodeo?

  27. Va.Bob Says:

    Hope it was worth 25 bucks to you,Tommy.One can get a used copy for 4 bucks now on Amazon,but that still seems like too much.”The Unknown Mongol”,on the other hand,is a better deal and read.

  28. Paladin Says:

    Hey Tommy Baker;

    Great way to try and collect on your AFLAC policy. Normally; I’d sign off with: “Long May You Ride”, but if you continue to do what you did, I don’t think you will.


  29. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Cathedral City adjoins the urban jungles of Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage where Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra used to get into knife fights all the time

    there goes that beer out my nose…

    hope this shithole romper room circus fuckin sideshow catfuckintastrophe of a trial goes the way it should



  30. Old & Jaded Says:

    “I’d felt pretty stealth myself… up-to-then, ‘discerningly taking a couple of pics”

    Tommy – If you walk into a MC function wearing support gear for an organization they are not much in love with, you are a lot of things but trust me, stealthy is not one of them.
    Oldskewl is 1000% right.

  31. Panch Says:

    The whole trial is a sham and costing the tax payer lots of funds, this is clearly judicial corruption!

  32. Trebor Says:

    Flaco open your eyes.Every club is under the gun.This whole patch thing goes back to when supposedly a certain club leader claimed to own the patent to the patch and supposedly surrendered it to law enforcement who took the ball and ran with it.Too much time and money went into the first attempt for them to admit defeat

  33. freebird Says:

    Guess i will have to stand corrected

    Looney tunes is still operating the acme entry level gang class…..

    What happen to the chain of custody paperwork for the suitcase full of blow

    Bet someone got promoted after it vanished……

  34. oldskewl Says:

    @ Tommy. “I make of it” that you were in public at a book signing and you were considered “clueless” which is why you got a pass. You should choose your attire to an event such as this more wisley.

    This was considered highly disrespectful which is why you got asked “if you were buying a book”.
    It didn’t go unnoticed, trust me.

  35. Flaco Says:

    Why is the cops only after the mongols? When the hells angels have done worse even beat pegans members recently. Other 1%ers are doing way more Illegal illegal activities but we don’t hear cops going after them. Maybe because most mongol members are Mexican. But that’s just my thought on it

  36. Tommy Baker Says:

    Two weeks prior to “raid on varied MONGOLS”, including Doc Cavazos, I was in Palm Springs (during MONGOLS Annual Rally) and purchased his book ‘Honor Few – Fear None’… directly from him; albeit Doc was out-front of their infamous bar – along with three Members & a couple of ladies. He casually sat at a table, ‘the book’ ready-for-signing… selling them for $25.00. I have that autographed copy.

    No Big Deal, yet backstory is kind-of a Big Reveal:
    I was alone – prominently & proudly wearing ‘Red & White Support – Patch’ on my virgin denim vest.
    I was taken-by-surprise via two Full Patch Members whom came-up-on-me very stealth-fully [I’d felt pretty stealth myself… up-to-then, ‘discerningly taking a couple of pics’]; zero hassle or problem. . .

    They abruptly / solely asked: “Did I want to buy the book”?!? Hell yeah (my knee-jerk response).
    And so, those two Members escorted me roughly 50ft on-over-to front entrance of bar, and Doc…

    Without any doubt, Doc and five other Members, ‘clearly noticed my Red & White Support Patch’.
    Make-Of-This What-You-Will, nevertheless MONGOLS didn’t act-at-all ‘like a gang’, simply an M C.

  37. Bubba Says:

    Now first let it be known that I back the homies “101%”!!! But there is a major problem here and I’m not talking about the pigs being the real “criminal organization”!!! The problem is that the pigs are simply trying to stop the homies from wearing there “cuts”!!! So in the end the jury can say “Well yea the pigs are a phuckin joke and really messed everything up but they showed us that potentially the Mongols could be a criminal organization. So let’s take there cuts so that maybe it will deter them from doing illegal stuff.” Get it? According to the reporting it looks like no one is going to the pinta for the Mosburg or the “yay”. Like i said I WILL BACK THE HOMIES 101% to the end of days!!! But this doesn’t look good!!!!

  38. Paladin Says:

    Based on this story, it sounds like the local cops should be the ones indicted in this trial, what with all missing and unaccounted for dope. It’s nice to know that if you’re a “man about town” with a suitcase full of cocaine, you’re given a pass because you’re obviously in the company of those paid to intercept and prevent the movement and sale of said prohibited commodity. Meanwhile; if you’re hapless enough to be caught with less that a suitcase full of cocaine, you’re sent to prison for being a nuisance.

    If the stakes weren’t so incredibly high, this would be pure comedy.


  39. Iron Rider Says:

    So the cop say in court “this video doesn’t show the knife , the one we saw was much sharper” Uh, okay so they didn’t think to bring the better quality video to court as evidence, or could it be the better quality video didn’t show the knife either.

    Wow some hard hitting stuff by the prosecution there, I swear to god all show and no substance. pounds of coke get passed from agency to agency and no one knows what happened and the cops say they routinely never charge people with that much coke? Yeah right they charge fucker for having a few grams never mind pounds…unless of course the person who got caught with it is an informant or a confidential source,

    But I am glad to see the Prosecution likes to have everyone believe in story telling and fantasy much like Disney does, because other than that, I dont see much that would wow a jury from the prosecution

  40. Anonymouse Says:

    If these brave public servants don’t keep Big Chilli from throwing water at people, who will?

    Your tax dollars at work.

  41. RLG Says:

    The detective went on to tell the jury that is was very difficult to fake video evidence.

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