Mongols Nation Trial Begins

October 31, 2018

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Mongols Nation Trial Begins

A shiny new jury heard opening arguments and testimony in the often delayed United States versus Mongol Nation trial today in the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and United States Courthouse in Santa Ana, California about 35 hellish freeway miles south of Los Angeles.

A no-nonsense federal district judge, a former Vietnam Marine officer, David O. Carter demanded that a jury be voir dired and seated yesterday. He got what he wanted. He usually does. This isn’t, say, the 54th District Court in Waco, Texas, where today’s first witness, a retired ATF agent named Darrin Kozlowski last testified. This is a big boy court run by a big boy judge.

Carter has already dismissed this case once. He is only trying it now because the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals told him he had to. And it was already pretty clear by about four hours into today’s session that the clueless prosecution has probably already lost.


Today was a ten-year reunion of Operation Black Rain, the most expensive motorcycle club investigation in history, complete with vintage photos of the ATF undercover agents, photos of Mongols from years gone by and, since this is Halloween, vintage costumes.

The government wheeled in cuts seized from defendants in that long ago investigation on a commercial clothing rack. They even included a Hells Angels vest for comparison. John Ciccone, who was the ATF case agent in charge of the undercovers in Operation Black Rain, was reduced to wardrobe assistant for today’s fashion show. He carried this Mongols vest and that – Hector “Largo” Gonzalez Kevlar reinforced cut, Ruben “Lil Rubes’ Cavazoz cut with an Oakland side rocker and so on – into the middle of the courtroom well where the jury could get a good look at them.

Christopher Brunwin and Steve Welk, the Assistant United States Attorneys when Operation Black Rain was announced in October 2008, are still prosecuting this case. It is the better part of their careers.

Fear Criminals

Brunwin gave the opening argument. He told the jury that they were not one percenters, and that one percenters “are criminals.” He reinforced that point over and over by displaying a Mongols one percenter diamond until Carter finally told he to “get on with it.”

Brunwin told the jury that they should fear one percenters and that they should hide their daughters lest a Mongol happen upon them. “You need to hide your daughters from us,” Brunwin, a small, balding, professorial man in a suit of indeterminable shape and color, said in his best outlaw voice. “That’s what one percenter means.”

He said every alarmist thing one might say about the Mongols five or six times. He described the slogan “Respect Few Fear None,” as a threat to the general public. Long ago on the ATF Sponsored “reality show” Gangland a Mongol was enticed to say, “I’ll fight you just because it’s a cloudy day.” Brunwin must have repeated that quote eight times.

So Bad

He promised to show the jurors videos of “shooting and stabbing.” And described the club as dangerous and said the club supports and rewards its members because it “pays the legal costs for members who commit crimes.”

Brunwin wants to base this case on the same incidents he wanted to base his prosecution on ten years ago: An ugly brawl at an Mixed Martial Arts show at the Morongo Casino, near Palm Springs, in 2002; The Laughlin Riot in 2002; the stabbing of a Hells Angel at a gas station; a stabbing in Merced; a stabbing in Pasadena; a shooting at a toy run; the stabbing death of Hells Angel Mark Papa Guardado in San Francisco in 2008; a beating death in a dive bar in the high desert; a shooting at a strip club called Nicola’s; and an allegedly racist assault at a bar in Hollywood called The Tokio Lounge. One problem with the prosecution’s theory of the case is that all these events were adjudicated long ago. In every case someone was charged and prosecuted and punished.

Brunwin thinks “Mongol Nation” – and today it meant all the Mongols Motorcycle Club patch holders – should be convicted of racketeering because he doesn’t like Mongol Nation. The chapters “Have sergeants at arms,” Brunwin sputtered. “What kind of an organization has a sergeant at arms?”

Yanny Replies

To which the Mongols attorney, Joe Yanny replied when it was finally his turn to speak, “The Elks and the House of Representatives have sergeants at arms.”

Yanny told the jury Brunwin’s opening statement was. “One of the greatest pieces of fiction ever delivered on Halloween.” He said the trial was about crimes of individuals versus the crimes of an organization”

He said veterans are one percenters too because “only one percent of the population actually served in the military. He said he intends to call to testify Ciccone: former ATF agent and author Billy Queen; ATF Tactical Field Agent Chris Cervantes, former ATF agent Jay Dobyns, former Hells Angel George Christie and former club president Ruben “Doc” Cavazos.

Yanny thinks this trial is just the latest episode in a self-perpetuating cycle of prosecution aimed at motorcycle clubs. He accused Ciccone of carrying out simultaneous infiltrations of the Mongols, Hells Angels and the Mexican Mafia and encouraging them all to fight one another. “When there is blood on the floor there is more budget next year,” he said.

“The deep state has its own course and direction,” Yanny told the jury. “This is the deep state meets main street.” He said all the Mongols who had been accused of the incidents Brunwin described had already been kicked out of the club.” Yanny said this trial is about “Punishing the guys they (the expelled Mongols) used to ride with.”

Purple Wings

Then Darrin Kozloqski took the stand and Steve Welk examined him. Welk is the head of the Central District of California’s forfeiture office. He thinks the Mongols various symbols and insignia are at the root of the criminality and debauchery Brunwin told the jury about when he warned them to hide their daughters.

Welk questioned Kozlkowski closely about this.

“The white wings are for performing oral sex on a woman after she has had intercourse with another man,” Kozlowski explained.

“The blue” wings are for having sex with a woman associated with law enforcement.”

“The red wings are for performing oral sex on a menstruating woman.”

“The brown wings are for performing anilingus on a woman.”

“The green wings are for having sex with a woman who has a venereal disease.”

“And, the purple. What about the purple wings?”

“The purple wings are for having sex with a dead woman.”

Yanny objected. “None of these things is a Rico predicate crime.”

But Welk was ready for that. He pointed out that having sex with a dead woman is a state crime. Then he opened a very large book and read the section from the California health code that forbids it. He was prepared for that.

The trial will continue tomorrow.

Maybe they should sell tickets for this.


26 Responses to “Mongols Nation Trial Begins”

  1. Sgt Sedenko Says:

    I meant local 22. Slip of the fingers. Getting old.

  2. Spriggan Says:

    That a particular fantasy of yours then Fozzy? Gang of big butch bikers all……..

  3. fozz Says:

    surprised they never had rainbow wings , no prizes for guesing what they awarded for

  4. Neuro Says:

    Thanks/no, I definitely don’t speak for them or anyone else. It has been said in interviews by known members. I thought it was “an old, well known story “, those patches for dirty deeds. I didn’t mean to upsets you, nor divert from Rebel’s story. My neck has been on the block for a long time. I am waiting.

  5. commonsense Says:

    Neuro… You are a sick fuck. but coming from someone who was spawned from a Leakey colostomy bag who am I to say? Then again people like you get taken out at the neck . Do you speak for the Mongol Nation ?

  6. freebird Says:

    If this comes to pass……

    The tree of Liberty needs watered

  7. Jim Bob Says:

    Well, this reminds me of the saying “Fight through mud you can fuck through blood”

  8. Shovelhead Says:

    Have to say, I’ve never seen a Brother with purple wings, or green wings. If I do, I’ll have to shake his hand because that’s one tough/sick Motherfucker.

    Red wings, yeah, I had those. Not as bad as it sounds Patty!

    Respect for the real 1%

  9. Trebor Says:

    Dont know too many Brothers that are going to hug and kiss up on a Brother they know fucked a dead woman.Lets just hope theres not a special purple wing for going down on

  10. Not Surprised Says:

    My hope is the club will prevail. Much respect to them for, really, taking a hit for all clubs.

  11. MtPockets Says:

    “Purple wings are for having sex with a dead woman.”

    Gives “Stopping for a cold one” a whole new meaning!

  12. Neuro Says:

    It’s a throwback, old school 60’s thing that the Mongols have kept alive, Patty. The validity is to be verified by eyewitnesses, I’ve heard. Supposedly purple indicates a dead body. Love it….

  13. Patty Says:

    Do grown ass men really get girl scout type badges for doing that shit? EGG. Who verifies the validity of their statements?

    Do they just bring it up at a meeting. … like it is wing night?

    I am going to ask every man I meet now about his wings… lmfao

  14. Matlock Says:

    “When there is blood on the floor there is more budget next year.”

    That is a fact. I pray we all keep that fact in mind….

  15. rollinnorth Says:

    Misinformed media version:

    “Feds Pull Out All the Stops Against Mongols Biker Gang.”


  16. Hero Says:

    Lost the case before in the opening statement. Its about time the scales are even, and it will still be an up hill battle. Good luck to the Mongols M.C. we are all pulling for you even if not all are saying it.

  17. freebird Says:

    I tend to agree with the theory that laws are only for those who obey them

    Knowing and accepting that there are those above the law is two separate solar systems IMO

    I know lots of folks who still hold out hope that it is not as fucked up as it appears

    Keep fighting Paula…… your heart is in the right place

    Always good to see you at the COCI meetings!

  18. Stoney Says:

    Brunwin sputtered. “What kind of an organization has a sergeant at arms?”
    How about congress you dumb POS. Really you said that no wonder you lost your case ten years ago.

  19. Paladin Says:

    @ Paula Carroll;

    It is a fact of life that laws are made, enforced and ignored by those powerful enough to do so. I would have thought that if you had learned nothing else, you would have at least learned that by now.


  20. Paula Carroll Says:

    When will the people get tired of paying for this case? How many times has this been in the court system? What part of the first Amendment don’t they understand? Patches are not illegal they are freedom of expression and the government employees want you to think that they mean something bad, their theories of what there meaning is 100% false.
    As for all these government employees who claim that motorcycle clubs and members are dangerous and cold blooded killer’s, yet they infiltrated them and all are still alive to testify, POINT THAT OUT. Where is Lisa now? Call her as a expert witness, for that she is.
    These federal district attorney’s are not following the law of Rules 3.8 : Special Responsibilities of Prosecutors & costing taxpayers billions.

  21. Dasein Says:

    If Brunwin actually referred to “the stabbing death of Hells Angel Mark Papa Guardado” he’s misinformed on that event, and suspect in his rendition of whatever else he’s blabbering on about.

  22. Trebor Says:

    What sort of Organization has a Sergeant of Arms?My local ABATE chapter as well as my local Labor Union

  23. The 906 Says:

    Could it possibly be?
    A judge that actually sees the case for what it really is?
    The sheeple in this great land of ours better wake the fuck up because this type of shit will keep happening and not only to Motorcycle clubs. The long arm of the federal government will reach into everybody’s lives.


    The 906

  24. freebird Says:

    Hope the members of the jury figure out by the standard being pushed by the Govt they are now member’s of a gang

    The Jury Duty Gang……

    Wonder what color wings they will get for having sex with a cheap pizza in deliberations

  25. SoCal Says:

    Is consensual sex with a dead woman a crime?

  26. L-Frame S&W Says:

    ‘Brunwin sputtered. “What kind of an organization has a sergeant at arms?” ‘
    Every rod & gun club I have been in has a sergeant at arms; I have held the position several times.

    L-Frame S&W

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