Mayor Backs Undercover Drunks

October 27, 2018

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Mayor Backs Undercover Drunks

Yesterday, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto defended the four, drunk Pittsburgh cops who harassed, pepper sprayed, shocked and beat four members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club in Kopy’s Bar on October 12.

The incident appears to have been an assertion of police dominance over non-police. In order to punctuate that dominance, the cops contrived a cover story and charged their victims with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and riot.

The cover story claimed that the four drunken police officers were on duty, investigating drug sales and that the motorcycle club members provoked their own assaults by “staring” at the police officers rather than meekly averting their eyes like guilt stricken dogs. The narrative of events contrived by the police to justify the assaults is maddeningly at odds with video recorded by the bar’s surveillance cameras, smartphones, police body cameras and by statements of eyewitnesses who are not police officers.

The four Pittsburgh police are Brian Burgunder, David Honick, Brian Martin and David Lincoln. The four motorcycle club members they attacked are Frank Deluca, Michael Zokaites, Erik Heitzenrater and Bruce Thomas.

What Reality

During the last 15 days Pittsburgh police have concealed or destroyed evidence that most people who are not the Mayor of Pittsburgh would find to contradict the official narrative. That evidence has become public knowledge because the bars’ owner and the Pagans’ defense attorneys have made efforts to reveal the truth. That evidence is embarrassing for police. People who have seen that evidence and are familiar with the case are not embarrassing the Pittsburgh police. The police are embarrassing themselves.

The ongoing battle between city and police officials on the one hand and the Pagans, the witnesses, the attorneys on both sides of the case and the news media on the other hand epitomizes an evolving dispute over who gets to define the increasingly slippery concept of “reality.” Early in the new millennium, military thinkers began to theorize that the battlefield of the future would be inside people’s heads.

Readers who are interested, can begin to learn more about the so-called “information battlespace” here, here, here, and here.

Since Vietnam, numerous military concepts, like the evolution of Swat teams into special operations units; the acquisition of “intelligence” using electronic remote surveillance relying, for example, on drones, remote cameras, stingrays and license plate readers; the processing of all that information in central command and control locations like fusion centers; and the aggressive manipulation of the information battlespace have trickled down from the Department of Defense to local police.

Your Lying Eyes

Yesterday Mayor Peduto politicized the October 12 incident of what was once called “police brutality.”
Just the day before, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr . held a press conference to complain that he had seen the videos and that the local police were probably lying about what the police were doing in the bar and who started the fight,

““I don’t know that they were undercover,” said about the police assailants. “I don’t know why they’re in the bar. We haven’t heard from the supervisor that they were on duty. We haven’t heard from the supervisor who the target was, if there was – in fact – a target.”

Friday, Peduto defined Zappala’s comments “disappointing” and “unfortunate.”

The Mayor denied that the video evidence is definitive. “What I saw is troubling, with the actions of escalation of force that didn’t seem to be warranted, but without full evidence of what actually happened, it’s very difficult to make that judgmental call,” Peduto lied. “And a district attorney’s role is to investigate first, then comment; not comment and then do an investigation.”

“If you are in a biker bar that is suspected of being a major trafficking area of illegal drugs, and you’re sitting there drinking tea, you are going to expose yourself and possibly put yourself into a life-threatening situation,” Peduto lied some more.

In what would have once been consensual reality, which is to say what virtually all sane people would agree on, Kopy’s is not a “biker bar” and it is not “a major trafficking area of illegal drugs.”

There are obvious reasons why Mayor Peduto would mock his own credibility and the common sense of the citizens he has volunteered to serve. None of them are exactly fun to think about.


28 Responses to “Mayor Backs Undercover Drunks”

  1. racer x Says:

    here is the latest update..charges against the club members dismissed.
    after the cops were foiled trying to hide the security tape,it seems now they are trying to sweep the whole mess under the rug.

  2. Mountain Cruiser Says:


    Thank you for your explanation. This one of the reasons I don’t do bars. I don’t want to get in a fight. But if I was in one and some guy got mouthy I would like to think I would just say, “yeah okay” and walk away.


  3. Shovelhead Says:

    Mountain Cruiser,

    A bar fight is a bar fight, whatever happens, it’s between them. When Pigs get into a fight out of uniform, if they’re losing, they always pull the badges, that’s what Iron Order does. As soon as that badge is pulled, the Patch has no choice but to back off and get beat.
    If they fight back, they get arrested for assaulting an officer. They’re fucked no matter what.

    This is why Cops have no honor, why couldn’t they just fight? Don’t pull a gun, don’t announce you’re a cop, just fight…may the best Man win!

    Cops get mouthy in bars because they know they can pull the badge, they know they can pull a gun. Without that gun & badge, they’re just a bunch of Cowards!!
    This whole scene has nothing to do with Rat Packing though.

  4. Mountain Cruiser Says:


    Yes, I understand that. Let’s forget they are cops for a minute, held to your higher standard and pretend they are just another group in the bar. Watching the video there are words being exchanged but no physical contact until Deluca shoves a guy. From that point it is on and the Pagens quickly get their ass handed to them. So, if these guys were not cops would you have a problem with the way things turned out?

  5. James W Crawford Says:

    The Pittsburgh police officer involved in this assault against the Pagans FUBARed.

    However; I have to respect the Pittsburgh police officers who responded so effeftively to the synogogue shooting. They aggressively engaged the shooter rather than follow Standard Operating Procedure in massshooting situations which seems to be to cower in the parking lot while they wait for the shooting to stop.

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    Mountain Cruiser,

    Clueless joins in. Do you even know what rat packing is Mountain? Have you ever seen it?

    In case you didn’t know…Police are public Servants paid by the very people they sometimes abuse.
    Which is pretty ironic! We pay them to assault us.

    Rat packing has it’s place in our world, but is seldom used. We are not Public Servants.
    Usually something happens and all members jump in before we even know what happened, you support your brothers no matter what.
    Same as the military, If you see your Brother attacked, you put the enemy down…quick as possible. Then move on!

  7. Mountain Cruiser Says:

    When you clubbers rat pack some unsuspecting person you celebrate it, but oh how you whine when you get rat packed…..

  8. Gandalf Says:

    If the ass clowns shown in the video are supposed to be Pennsylvania’s “finest”, i’d hate to come across Pennsylvania’s worst. THATS A FACT.

  9. david Says:

    Municipal executive branch members, like Mayor Peduto, will ALWAYS back fellow executive branch members such as city pigs no matter what they do, no real suprise.

    The “equal justice under law” idea works when the rule of law is being followed in the Mayor’s (Read:ruling rich families owned)municipality. The mayor is a mouthpiece for the wealthy families running the “show” behind scenes.He’s an installed puppet, with words put in his mouth, and if he ever decides to speak his own mind, the wealthy Pittsburgh powerbrokers he represents will use the press to accuse him of something illegal he did, OR did not, do. And the rich OWN the DA as well, and make the rules.

    Under ruling rich and controlling family rules, there ain’t no “equal justice”, or ANY justice of any kind. It’s what we determine, decide and say. The behind the scenes powerbrokers’ attitude is, “you’ll have whatever we determine is ‘justice’,
    and you’ll like it”. Fuck the people who actually make the rules, the powers that shouldn’t be, AND the horses they rode into town on.

  10. RIDER 1 Says:

    Wish I could find a job where I could get paid to drink all day and act like a ass whenever I feel like it. So were they on duty or off duty? I mean it really shouldn’t be too hard to determine. Either way, they should be fucked because in my eyes the videos say they were shit faced. If nothing ever happened the same assholes would have jumped in their cars and drove off. Funny how many times I have seen cops leave a bar and drive drunk but the same assholes probably pull folks over for suspicion of drunk driving all the time.

    RIDER 1

  11. MtPockets Says:

    Hey Joe, why dont you show some respect and wipe the cop come off your pie hole before you comment?
    If you think its ok for some drunken asshole cop to do what the video shows, then you you either are a drunken asshole cop or are blowing one.
    Either way, take a fucking hike.

  12. jrino Says:

    So the mayor thinks 4 undercover cops are needed to drink for hours to uncover a massive drug distribution operation? Four drunk people will no doubt get the job done, if it’s simply to incite a fight after they have been asked to leave. But “If” I was selling something illegal I wouldn’t go near those guys. In any case how does beating up people after your cover has been blown help you stop drug sales? 1 cop lies and all 4 cops lie+ the uniform goons! Someone going to pay and it not the Pagans.

  13. William Rosini Says:

    Here is the main points that aren’t being covered in these stories.

    1.) How competent are the police to become that intoxicated while being filmed by multiple surveillance cameras? This is Cops and Bad guys 101 be aware of the cameras in a situation. How pathetic!!!!
    2.) How competent are police to assault and batter innocent people on film!!! This is borderline idiotic!!!!
    3.) Why aren’t the cops being charged with conspiracy as the Pagans naturally will be because of the RICO act. The RICO act stresses organized attempts to break the law. All of these cops are guilty of this.

  14. Joe Says:

    Nothing like beating a dead horse. The average swinging dick does not care that some Pagan’s got punked by some drunk cops. Asshole on asshole in most peoples eyes. When you hang out at some shit hole bar this is what’s expected. I’m sure lot of shit talking before beat down.

  15. Iron Rider Says:

    Let me guess a little cash under the desk from the Police Union or is Mayor McCheese trying to save the city a few million in the payout from the lawsuits that are going to get filed.

    The tapes dont tell the whole story, nope he is right they dont what they tell is how cops went looking to pick a fight and then tried to blame it on the bikers and trumped up a bunch of charges because they can and abused their authority, and it’s all bullshit, that is what the tapes do tell.

    So fuck Mayor McCheese and tell him he better slap some chap stick lip balm on if he is going to kiss the cops ass that much

  16. Paladin Says:

    When one is sworn in as a peace officer, one takes an oath. One takes that oath of their own free will, it isn’t forced on anyone. As such; one’s word becomes one’s bond. As when joining a branch of the military, even after retiring, the oath one takes has no expiration date.

    If the ass clowns shown in the video are supposed to be Pennsylvania’s “finest”, i’d hate to come across Pennsylvania’s worst.


  17. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    James Crawford (below) asked a very good question:

    “Under Cover”? How do you make a drug bust if you identify yourself as a cop and demand that the bar owner eject your alleged suspects?”

    It also points out the obvious: Neither the Pagans nor the bar employees could have been the focus of any investigative matter, if the officers wanted them to leave, and were not afraid to badge the workers.

    I think the answer to that will be very telling, should the Internal Affairs investigator or the defendant’s attorney ask it.

  18. Drifter Says:

    After the mass shooting at the Synagogue (Godspeed to the Fallen) this past weekend, he has come out advocating increased gun control measures. So he blindly supports the pigs, and wants to give them more control and allow them to rewrite the facts in cases against them? Backing criminal cops when it is obvious/likely the motorcycle enthusiast did not initiate the violence, and still support them when they are holding a guy down and beating him into hospital treatment, man Peduto you are lost……………………………………………….
    Note to the uniformed pigs, you all are just as unscrupulous and liars like your drunk buddies, busting the bikers when your boys started the brawl, oath breakers one and all.

  19. rollinnorth Says:

    Saturday’s horrific incident at Tree of Life Synagogue will have the collateral effect of filling up the news cycle, sparing Mayor Peduto, State and Federal prosecutors and Pittsburg Police from scrutiny for this debacle, for awhile.


  20. Stoney Says:

    Much like the Iron Order coward cops call for back-up when they start some shit and it starts to go south. That one fat cop could barley stand he was so drunk. Undercover my ass hey were out partying and decided to play Billy Bad Ass with the wrong people. Fuckem

  21. freebird Says:

    When you start piecing together similar statements given to media sources a plan of action becomes clear

    In just the last couple months there is a emerging effort to intimidate those who have a casual interaction with 1% clubs

    It first surfaced in the DOJ press release dated September 24, 2018 titled:

    Former Bandidos National Vice President Sentenced to Life in Federal Prison

    The message:

    As I have said before, this prosecution shows that the Department of Justice has the tools to strip away a veneer of legitimate activity to expose and punish underlying criminal conduct. Others—and not only those involved in violent activity—should take note,” stated United States Attorney John F. Bash

    Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

    “If you are in a biker bar that is suspected of being a major trafficking area of illegal drugs, and you’re sitting there drinking tea, you are going to expose yourself and possibly put yourself into a life-threatening situation

    It appears operation isolation has commenced

  22. racer x Says:

    Peduto is a good example of everything wrong with this country.

  23. rocco151 Says:

    This story may be the single scariest thing I’ve read since becoming a follower of this author !

  24. MtPockets Says:

    Did Pluto even watch any of the fucking video? There is no doubt that excessive force was used. I dont understand how the guys holding and punching Deluca are not already in custody.

  25. freebird Says:

    Spin it Mayor….. spin it

    The amount of liability is on the table…..

    Your going to pay, how much is the question .

  26. FF Says:

    “the cops contrived a cover story and charged their victims with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and riot.”

    Which is to say, they charged their victims with crimes they themselves committed.

  27. Paladin Says:

    “Peduto lied. “And a district attorney’s role is to investigate first, then comment; not comment and then do an investigation.”

    As obvious as it is that the cops were way off the reservation, I think DA Zappala jumped the gun by remarking on the case before the investigation was completed and officially presented to him.


  28. James W Crawford Says:

    It would be informative if you could post unedited video of the incident rather than cut and paste collagues from the Lame Stream Media.

    It does appear that the Pagan that was severely beaten did shove one of the drunks. Howwrver; it appears that this was in response to the uniformed officers showing up after the handshake. I see no prior event happening that would warrent calling the police.

    “Under Cover”? How do you make a drug bust if you identify yourself as a cop and demand that the bar owner eject your alleged suspects?

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