Pittsburgh News Cycle Turning

October 26, 2018

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Pittsburgh News Cycle Turning

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Oh sure, the washed-up catalog models who read the news on Pittsburgh TV are still saying “Pagans motorcycle gang” and “undercover detectives” but the news cycle continues to grind on whether those local celebrities comprehend the pages other people give them to read or not.

The story was supposed to be “operator heroes of elite undercover drunk squad go toe to toe with the most violent, evil, anti-social, criminal motorcycle gang in the history of criminal motorcycle gangs.” That is what the Pittsburgh police wanted it to be.

It was typical of Pittsburgh police that after harassing, pepper spraying, Tasing and beating four members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, for being members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, the undercover drunks and their enablers charged the beaten men with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and riot.

Usually Pittsburgh police only pull this on Ghetto Yo Boys and fans of baseball teams that are not the Pirates. This time the police attacked four motorcycle outlaws. That is why you keep reading about this.

The Outlaw Mystique

Pittsburgh police probably beat and insanely charged six people this morning on their ways from their cop bars to the donut buffets at their station houses but nobody saw any of that. Those people were just trees that fall deep in a forest. Nobody cares. When they get lawyers their lawyers will be public defenders. Public defenders don’t get paid to care. The press doesn’t care. Why should they? Read the headline. “Four Drunk Cops Use Homeless Guy As Punching Bag.” Do you really think that is going to sell advertising?

What was different about the beat down at Kopy’s Bar early into October 12 was that the incident involved Pagans.

America loves motorcycle outlaws. America even loves imaginary outlaws on television like the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy. Nothing turns heads and inspires animated conversations in this country like a three-piece patch on a 115 decibel, stripped, raked Harley flying past their Prius at ninety or a buck. Except the same thing with a lingerie model on the back. On that barren stretch of the 40 west of Winslow between Twin Arrows and Leupp. At the end of July when the road shimmers like a moment in a fairy tale. A fairy tale about what America once thought it was.

The world might not love motorcycle outlaws but it sure loves the idea of them. So the “brawl” between Pagans and Pittsburgh police became a front page story in New York and London. For the first week or so, what actually happened was not nearly as important as the first headlines.

Outlaw Bikers Brawl Cops In Bar!

Damn this used to be a better country.

The News Cycle

The problem with a story like the Pagans Cops “brawl” is the news had to keep following it out past the first headline. The story, as is said, had to be advanced lest the attention the biker angle created was squandered. In places like Pittsburgh, even if not in places like Waco, what actually happened gets gradually revealed. So in the last week or so the news cycle has transformed this story about motorcycle outlaws into a story about the quasi-official coverup of the craven brutality of four drunk cops named Brian Burgunder, David Honick, Brian Martin and David Lincoln who thought they would not only get away with it but would be praised because they were “the good guys.”

The story advanced a little closer to a conclusion yesterday.

Thursday, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. started publicly distancing himself from the police department. The next hearing in the case is a prelim on November 16. Zappala said if the hearing was held yesterday he would drop the case. And if he did it wouldn’t be because he was soft on violent, evil, anti-social, criminal motorcycle gangs. It would because the police had withheld evidence from him.


Zappala washed his hands for 30 minutes in front of local reporters at the county courthouse.

He said he still hasn’t seen the video footage of the brawl recorded by the body cameras of the uniformed officers who arrived at the bar just as the “brawl” started.

“I’m not sure what the reason is,” he explained.

He did emphasize that he is a staunch opponent of police brutality. “We had an issue on the South Side involving an off-duty detail a couple years ago … and there were strikes to somebody’s head,” he told reporters. “I said back then I have a problem with it. You’re not talking about controlling a situation; you’re talking about trying to hurt somebody.”

“Controlling the situation and trying to hurt somebody are two entirely different things,” he emphasized.

Despite video and testimonial evidence to the contrary, Zappala could not confirm that the four drunk cops were actually drunk, “They shouldn’t be drinking at all,” he said, “and I don’t know that they were.”

He doesn’t admit to knowing much. “I don’t know that they were undercover. I don’t know why they’re in the bar. We haven’t heard from the supervisor that they were on duty. We haven’t heard from the supervisor who the target was, if there was – in fact – a target.”

Thee will probably be more on this tomorrow. This is still one of those stories, as is said, “with legs.”


21 Responses to “Pittsburgh News Cycle Turning”

  1. david Says:

    On the civil-rights violation law suits already filed by members of the Pagans.

    The City of Pittsburgh(Inc.), being complicit in the beatings and electro-shockings via its issuance of Kopy’s liquor LICENSE, Kopy’s permission to sell alky, can and should be a named DEFENDANT in the Pagan’s lawsuit if it ain’t already, not merely the drunk pigs, for the following factual reasons.

    1) Without a City issued LICENSE, Kopys could not, and did not, sell the alcohol beverages which was instrumental in causing the drunk pigs to beat, arrest, electro-shock torture, then further beat the Pagans.

    2) City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages within City limits without a LICENSE, passed another ordinance requiring businesses to obtain, and PAY a FEE for said liquor license, and Kopys complied.

    3) Without the City’s involvement and complicity, the city employee pigs would not have been able, at that place and time, to beat, use excessive drunken force, and commit other actionable crimes such as obstruction of justice against the Pagans, crimes which pigs are capable of committing while not under the influence, but which were made much more likely, and possible, via City liquor sales regulations.

    The City operatives, Council, pigs and BS City attorneys, having been selfish, greedy and control-freaks for years, now need to defend THEIR corrupt actions, AND the systemically CORRUPT legal FICTION known as the City of Pittsburgh, Inc.

  2. Ben T. Over Says:

    Wake up folks the DA is the dirtiest of them all. Gets his job through nepotism protects the police when he isn’t tossed in the spotlight over something stupid that the cops did. He’s is the real problem In Allegheny county and is a complete piece of mafia garbage

  3. popeye Says:

    Charges dropped

  4. Old & Jaded Says:

    “I don’t know that they were undercover. I don’t know why they’re in the bar. We haven’t heard from the supervisor that they were on duty. We haven’t heard from the supervisor who the target was, if there was – in fact – a target.” Let’s add on that he didn’t know if they had been drinking or not.

    What??? If Zappala’s statement is accurate, the police report must have been along the lines of, “There we were minding our own business. Six guys attacked us for no reason. We fought back. We called for back up and arrested them. The end.”

    Charges should never have been filed and if they had the sense God gave a duck, they would have dusted these guys off and released them asap. This will likely prove a costly lesson.

  5. Stlrzfan Says:

    My ideal headline for this police state fuckup… “Largest Armed Gang in America Steps On Dick, Again”. Video, man. So much video of the gang in blue fuckin’ citizens. The worm is beginning to turn!

  6. Aanon Says:

    16s, much respect. As a fly on the wall,it looks like they are willing to go to embarrassing lengths to get ya. Make room for Xmas maybe. Never know when that aunt is showing up. You know how she is, make sure the house is clean.

  7. Aanon Says:

    Yes, fuck these guys. I hope the community taxes don’t go up to cover it. How about each cop signs over his pension instead of the city having to eat it. So many levels of this are wrong.

  8. MtPockets Says:

    Let’s hope the narrative keeps turning until these lowlife boys in blue are charged under RICO.
    You all know damn well, if the tables were turned that’s what the patches would be looking at.

    Thanks for all you do, Rebel!

    To everyone else- click the links or the donate button!

  9. RLG Says:

    Ahahhaha, that video will fuck the cops, as much as cops can be…

    I see a HUGE settlement from the city.

  10. Fud Says:

    Dam the broken camera trick didn’t work this time.

  11. Straight Shooter Says:

    Another reader also sees the white middle class waking up to the system that is feeding on ANYONE, rather than the minority & poorest of whites. The deep state is really the communist/socialist gang that runs the show. Top down, no one dare call them out for being labeled ‘anti’ Rebel should know this by now, being in the research & information highway savvy. They own the money & media system. And of course the puppet show called politics.

  12. Shovel Says:

    Free Freddy Augello; another Pagan (former) and victim of the same establishment. Zappala is a hero of the down trodden. He caused the most damage to the police without starting a legal brawl with the police union. He’s smart, that’s why he’s called a lawyer.

  13. xplor Says:

    Now you see the deep state.

  14. Straight Shooter Says:

    Drunk cops? Test them for dope including prescription. By now, on a national scale you readers should be able to deduce the system is corrupt from mega city to small town USA. And the dreaded ‘Little Man Syndrome’ is at all time high with these code enforcer’s.

  15. freebird Says:

    @ JR

    The one who does not want to have to evolve like a recent President

    It’s called spin control…….

    Talk for an extended period of time and say nothing of any value

    And yes their are professional class’s taught on this very subject

  16. freebird Says:

    It has legs for sure……

    Just not the legs they wanted

    The sad reality is, no one other then those who love the life will give two shits

    Until it their son, daughter or family member getting their ass kicked while restrained by above the law assholes

    Makes me want to dust off Falling Down and watch it again

  17. jrino Says:

    What kind of a DA goes to court with zero information? This guy Zappala is a functional idiot! Didn’t know if the cops were drinking? Didn’t know if they were “undercover” or on duty? Didn’t talk to the Supervisor or get video from uniforms?

  18. racer x Says:

    Zappala is as crooked as the rest of them..must be some pretty damning evidence for him to turn on his brothers in blue..to cover his own ass.
    I went to kangaroo court in Allegheny county once,and ended up with my life in ruins.
    don’t trust any of them would be my advice!

  19. Pappy Says:

    And the cops wonder why nobody trusts them…..

  20. Irish 1%er Says:

    That video speaks for its self. Those ” cops” are clearly coward punks! They beat that one dude over and over while he was detained and doing nothing. I over heard a cop the other day talking to a young guy and he was telling the guy NOT to become a cop, he said it’s all changed people has cops now go be a fireman. This is why people HATE cops! This why even whites in the suburbs no longer look at cops as the heros and are starting to believe more and more that they are NOT the good guys. Bunch of punk bullies who hate their lives and beat their wives and are depressed alcoholics! Everyone hates bullies and the American people are starting to realize that the boys in blue are the biggest bullies on the block! Fuck em all! Keep shining the light Rebel! Get these pigs fired! Respects to the honorable few.

  21. Hero Says:

    The Narrative Nationwide is changing when it comes to how 1% motorcycle clubs conduct themselves and in around the public eye. The last 20 years has made its impact and the community is adapting and changing (minus the few idiots who have a self district allways in the red) so that we may all keep our freedom to ride. This isnt new territory, IO has been doing this for sometime now. We know the trap is always set, this time they set it where they could not destroy or edit the real truth. Video is there and the DA running in the other direction!!!! Glad hes not a Waco DA. He he obviously likes his job and it’s not going to try to prosecute a case that’s going to result in him being in the unemployment line. Somehow is the Earth this gentle sigh of relief and a small belief that there can be Justice in this f*****-up justice system. Hope the Pagan’s motorcycle club comes out on top financially and Pittsburgh wines are paying a huge debt. Kudos to the bar owner for standing up to the cops and not letting them delete the evidence. If I’m ever in Pittsburgh I will Patron your establishment.

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