Feds To Protect Undercover Drunks

October 25, 2018

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Feds To Protect Undercover Drunks

Let no one doubt that the members of the Pittsburgh Police Department’s elite Undercover Drunk Unit who insulted, mugged and falsely arrested four members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club in Kopy’s Bar on October 12 have already gotten away with it.

That is why preliminary hearings for Frank Deluca, Michael Zokaites, Erik Heitzenrater and Bruce Thomas scheduled for two days ago were postponed for a month. The torch is about to be passed.

The hearing was continued for a month because, as Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala explained, he, the police department, the police union and all the other proud members of the elite Undercover Drunk Unit need more time to learn where the Saudi’s buried Jamal Khashoggi’s body parts so they can bury this case in the same place.

“There are several issues with this incident that are problematic. Once our office receives all the evidence that we have requested, we will be able to more specifically address these charges in court,” is the way Zappala put it in writing. He put it in writing so nobody could see him wring his hands and weep over his imperiled political career and, also coincidentally, his damned soul.

There is a lot of video to review. The Undercover Drunk “operators” sat there and drank for more than five hours.

Stephen Kopy

In a statement released by defense attorneys yesterday the bar’s owner, Stephen Kopy, said Pittsburgh’s finest started drinking at 7:30. The Pagans came in four hours later and the cops got up the courage to start the fight an hour after that. They thought the Pagans diminished the genteel ambience of Kopy’s bar.

They insinuated to Kopy that they were going to wreck his place if he didn’t throw the Pagans out. After identifying himself as a police officer one of them told Kopy “he liked me and did not want to see anything happen to my bar.”

“I was then asked by one of the undercover officers whether I was ‘siding’ with the bikers,” Kopy wrote. “I told them that I was not ‘siding’ with the bikers. I just did not agree with the undercover officers that the bikers were trying to cause trouble.”

Serve, Protect And Intimidate

After the fight, an unidentified police lieutenant bullied Kopy some more. “The lieutenant then stated that ‘this was my fault for letting them in with jackets,’” Kopy wrote. “I responded that the bikers did not cause the fight and the lieutenant then began screaming to me about the bikers being dangerous and referenced that they had a gun and that someone could have been shot or killed.”

Kopy wrote that police told him a homicide would cost Kopy his business, that it would all be his fault and that he would have to “live with a dead customer on my conscience.”

Kopy gave copies of the surveillance video hard drive to the Pagans’ defense attorneys and the Pittsburgh Police Citizens Review Board before police could seize the video evidence and destroy it. Which is what they tried to do.

After seizing the original video, a Pittsburgh detective told Kopy that his video system was broken and that any footage it might have contained was lost.

Feds To The Rescue

All of these revelations have made life hard for District Attorney Zappala. Yesterday he was finally forced to ask Scott Brady, the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, to cover for him.

Bad cops’ cases usually end in federal limbo.

Just this week The Washington Post ran a 2,100 feature on the subject. “When cops are suspects, feds often take years to file charges,” the Post reported.

The Washington paper cited a “study of more than 13,000 misconduct cases submitted to the Justice Department over 20 years, conducted by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in 2016” that “found that no charges were filed in 96 percent of them.”

The Post concluded that “Justice Department investigations into sworn law enforcement officers — police, jail guards and sheriff’s deputies — often take years. An examination by The Washington Post of more than 50 recent civil rights cases filed by federal prosecutors against such officers found an average of slightly more than three years elapsed from the day of the event to the day that charges were filed. The cases were all the subject of Justice Department news releases in the past year announcing either charges or a conviction in a federal prosecution of civil rights violations ‘under color of law.’”


27 Responses to “Feds To Protect Undercover Drunks”

  1. 22troubles Says:

    If this isnt terrorism then all in this world is lost..whats the definition of being terrorized.

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    Imagine that the cops trying to bully and intimidate someone to change their version of events to the cops version of events and shit like this goes on every day. If it wasn’t for this bar owner giving the defence and the Police civilian oversight folks the video, we would only have the cops word to go by.

    Love the philly detective saying his video equipment is broken and might not have any usable footage, fuck that is downright funny, caught red handed lying, but of course I am sure the police Pr flack will just say that was a miss communication or they mixed it up with some other device…. “what those marks from a bat on your DVR… oh they were there when we seized it”

    Nice to see cover ups are still alive and kicking, and the blue wall is alive and well

  3. Neuro Says:

    Hey I totally agree with you. The cops are completely wrong here, but we have seen how feeble minded juries can be these days. As has been commented several times, I think it would have been wise to follow those other two members out and far away from there that night, but it is what it is now.

  4. Aanon Says:

    Mc mike, next time you trail one of their rides or hand one the beer from the bottom of the ice chest I’d say just hand him your phone with your posts and tell him you support him. Bet you are not allowed back. At least that’s what an imaginary riding buddy said.

  5. Anonymouse Says:

    Eyewitnesses say they were trying leave the bar. I think off duty cop, having already called for backup, was waiting for the troops to arrive. I think he was trying to prevent the victim from leaving peacefully, and literally blocking his way.

    Anyone blocking the way of someone trying to leave a bar should expect to be shoved. I think any reasonably decent lawyer should be able to talk him out of that. If anything, it’s a simple misdemeanor battery. Not rioting, and certainly not deserving of that beat down.

  6. jrino Says:

    tapes don’t lie pigs lie! A good attorney would push this into the public light and the drunk drug cops would pay. I hope it happens!

  7. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovel;

    My response was specifically directed toward your claim that hammers, heavy flashlights and Yamaras are non-lethal weapons. How you comport yourself when threatened is none of my business or concern.


  8. Neuro Says:

    I don’t think it is going to go well for the 16. Watch that bottom video. Pagan DeLuca “starts” the fight when he shoves the much taller cop. He is shaking his finger at the cop and the cop is shaking his own head, then the Pagan lays hands on the cop. They are not going to get shit when or if the jury sees him lay hands first, they are ass out with that video. The cops were not that good at cq rat packing. They made the classic mistake of getting in each other’s way, but did manage to lump DeLuca up in spite of it.

  9. Trebor Says:

    Be in kopys best interest to video every interaction with law enforcement.He is on their shitlist.We’ve been to many places where cops go in after we leave wanting to see video tape and threatening you make it hard if the owners dont enact a No colors policy.Never any trouble and we mind our own business but it doesn’t matter that its always drunk fucks that start the shit

  10. T.M. Says:

    One of the cops resigned this morning- save his pension before fired.

  11. Luncgbox Says:

    Those cops were out of control!

  12. Anonymouse Says:

    I think I agree with Stlrzfan. I was just going to post that I’m probably very naive, but I think the DA got the police reports, got told the video was not available, and ran with it. They filed on the four guys according to what they were told.

    Unfortunately for the cops, they were too stupid to check for copies before destroying the hard drive and pronouncing the video unavailable. On the day of the prelim, he sees the videos. He’s got a choice, he loses his ticket by charging ahead with the original narrative, or he sees the writing on the wall and knows he better take a big step back.

    Of course, if he had any integrity, he would have dismissed the charges and requested an order for the four guys’ immediate release. Instead he kicked the can down the road and turned it over to the U.S. Attorney. He wants the U.S. Attorney to be the bad guy who gets the cops in hot water and sets the city up for a massive lawsuit. Not that the cops behavior and abusive shit is what set the city up.

    The officers’ uniformed brothers really screwed the pooch on this one. They of course sided with their drunken cowardly buddies and claimed they were undercover investigators, not off duty drunken pussy bullies. Had they admitted the truth that they were a bunch of drunk off duty assholes, they could have minimized their liability by simply firing the officers and distancing themselves. Instead they tried to make the officers out to be valiantly fighting crime when they were attacked.

    Which begs the question I haven’t seen asked yet. Okay, they’re 4 on duty narcs, sitting in a bar for 4 hours to eradicate the drug menace. They’ve tirelessly and selflessly sat there for four hours, but apparently the opportunity to make or attempt a buy hasn’t happened. And then, in walk 6 people with patches on their backs that, as the police tell us, mean they do all sorts of bad and illegal stuff. Like selling drugs. Especially selling drugs.

    Do all four immediately start salivating and become hard? Are they excited for the chance to finally do their duty and eradicate the menace? No. They immediately start antagonistic shit, and insist that the bar owner throw out the scary guys. It doesn’t make sense.

    No. They were off duty troublemakers. And their on duty pals just lost careers and pensions by backing them up. The four involved lost careers and pensions, and probably their freedom. One can dream.

  13. James Loyd Says:

    @ irish mike,
    me thinks you are a pig. first you hate all 1%’s and now you are supporting HA’s
    which is it mikey. Try to keep you lies straight you dipshit. you are proof that you do not have to be very smart to be a cop.

    ride free
    white witch

  14. Stlrzfan Says:

    Rebel. No offence intended when I say this…I get an entirely different read from the DA. His quote about controlling the situation or trying to cause harm speaks volumes. These drunken shitbirds deserve jail time and I think they are going to get it. Believe me when I say this is a pretty big deal here in Western Pa. It is still fresh in everyone’s memory of the Kops beating an innocent concert goer who was trying to stop another from Kop beating an arrestee and when the video came out the shit really hit the fan. I live 90 miles from Pittsburgh and I heard about it before it was on your site.

  15. Sylo Says:

    He better if they were featherheads

  16. rookery Says:

    To irish mike

    Kindly fuck off and support someone else. Don’t need that kinda crap on rebels site.

  17. FF Says:


    Good advice. I’m happy Kopy made copies before the pigs destroyed the original. Sounds to me like he’s also got a legitimate case to file a civil suit. These police goons are a menace.

  18. Irish Mike Says:

    Its always good to see a pagan getting thumped no matter who does it
    Support 81

  19. Shovel Says:

    Paladin, you missed the mark. I carry 4 concealed knives: 1 Bowie knife, 1 Arkansas toothpick, and 2 neck knives. I don’t have any brothers or old lady to defend. So, if someone grabs or punches me before I can walk or run away I will stab and cut them. “THEY” know this and leave me alone. Being armed is the only way I survive. If I was a Patched member of a motorcycle club I would have to stay and fight beside my brothers and the old ladies and children. Sometimes such as a barroom brawl deadly weapons are too much force and fists are not enough force. There are shades of gray. It’s not always black and white. Ooops, ha, ha, oh yeah it is all Black and White. Anyway I live in the best state of the Union for knives – Go Arizona.

  20. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovel;

    A friendly correction: Anything that can be used to cause grave bodily injury or death to another, when used aggressively against another is considered a deadly weapon. This includes the items you mentioned in your comment. Not to put too fine a point on it; those who were armed with concealed firearms were properly permitted to do so. On top of that, there is nothing in the Pennsylvania criminal code forbidding the consumption of alcohol while in an establishment that primarily serves alcohol, when in the possession of a concealed firearm.


  21. Va.Bob Says:

    Damn.drinking for 5 hours?That takes chemicals.should ‘ve piss-tested the cops.They had to be doing bumps off confiscated blow.

  22. Paladin Says:

    In my Department’s case, complaints of abuse were filed by attorneys an PDs on behalf of their incarcerated clients. This resulted in the Feds (FBI) smuggling a mobile phone to an inmate. You can read more about the results of that here: https://www.dailynews.com/2017/03/16/heres-the-fallout-from-the-la-county-sheriffs-department-jail-abuse-scandal/ You’ll note that it took six years from the start of the investigation to the convictions of those involved.

    There is no such thing as “swift justice” within the justice system. However; I have faith that the wheels of justice although slow, will eventually grind these assholes up.


  23. Aanon Says:

    I think paladin summed it up quite nicely about the short eye convictions with patches. I believe burgess is not guilty. Boo dan? While it does suck to get jammed up for an hour on the side of 101 when you are heading to a wedding… I know most people don’t have an on site bad ass. Maybe unpopular, but if an elementary school gets ripped off we arent out searchimg for the pieces of shit. We’re at work. These cops deserved to be charged as aggressors. Hindering an investigation. Making a false claim. Being pussies. Shit, I bet with a waiver everyone of the 16s woulda went however the under cover of a stupor cops wanted to. But that’s in a perfect world.

  24. FF Says:

    Hey look.

    If you don’t see what has happened in the USA over the past 30 years, I’m going to give you the cliff notes.

    2001 the US Government violated the US Constitution ostensibly to go after a conveniently amorphous enemy called “terrorists”.

    Millions of people thought it was to go after Islamic subversives, but no, alas it was to go after to middle aged white men who ride motorcycles.


  25. Dasein Says:

    Can’t the recipients of the drunks’ badge wrath sue in civil court?

  26. Shovel Says:

    Pagan’s should carry non-lethal weapons such as hammers, heavy metal flashlights, and metal Yamaras. But, those won’t do them any good if they just stand around watching their brothers get pounded.

  27. Hangaround Says:

    Reyna take note. This is how it’s done.

    On a more serious note. If you intend to not destroy your own surveillance video having a system that sends the video to the internet has invaluable. For cell phones there is a cop watch app that does this just in case the pigs “accidentally step on your phone”

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