Trolls Fear Me

October 20, 2018

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Trolls Fear Me

Dear Oink,

I think I am going to go ahead and publish this comment because it epitomizes the kind of crap I get every day from the sorts of people, like Darrin Kozlowski, I scare. I like to scare people like you.

This came from a proxy server in Austria. That’s how brave this guy is. I think the best way to deal with this crap is to shine a light on it. And since I have decided to run it I should probably clarify a few things.

First, as should be obvious, federal police read this site daily. I don’t think anybody who comments here says anything they would not say in a bar. They shouldn’t. But you know, if this guy can convince you that it is an act of foolishness or bravery to read my words, then go ahead and do what you feel. Although, I do wonder who thinks you should never visit this site again. What should you do instead? What site should you visit?

Second, I am not Paladin. I have never been a cop. I think I met Paladin once.

Third, my name is indeed “Donald Charles Davis.” That’s outstanding investigating, you moron. That’s what it says on the books. Most guys call me “Rebel.” That’s what it says on this site. Some women call me “Donnie.” Not everybody knows that. Just yesterday, a guy with a Pulitzer called me “Don.”

Fourth, I did not offer to testify in the Carrizal trial. I was not asked to testify. I did hear Darrin Kozlowski lie on the witness stand and I did point that out to three people. One of them was Casie Gotro.

Fifth, the most basic police work should show that I renewed the motorcycle endorsement on my license in January and that my insurance payments are up to date. It is the same, sorry, old 2005 Dyna. I stopped writing features about going on the road about four years ago. I know a lot of guys liked to read them. I just ran out of fresh things to say about how the wind feels and how the motor sounds and the crap that appears out of nowhere in the middle of the 605. I almost wrote one about bending my front wheel when I missed all but one piece of firewood that fell off a pickup truck but I never got around to it.

Sixth, yep my server farm is Dreamhost and actually they don’t just roll over for the pigs. It is a lot tougher to search this site than you make it out to be. And, most importantly, there is nothing to search anyway. It all gets published. You really don’t know shit about my methods.

Seventh, a great deal of effort over the years has gone into discrediting me. Ten years ago ATF Agent John Ciccone was literally telling people I was a child molester and that they shouldn’t comment on the site or talk to me. Now you are calling me an undercover spy. Really? It isn’t just federal agents. Lots of strangers go out of their way to publicly call me a liar. Here is a little something for all you investigative geniuses out there. Knock yourselves out.

Finally, I just have to say, comments like this one tell me I am probably doing a pretty good job at this. I haven’t gotten anybody out of prison yet and I haven’t gotten any Assistant US Attorneys locked up yet but I am still working on it. Keep inspiring me Oink.


Here is Oink’s comment in case you missed it.



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[email protected]

You guys are suckers. Davis said he offered to testify in regards to Darrin’s bike. The thing is, supposedly “Davis” and “Paladin” trotted off, have gun will travel to Texas, and both offered to testify. Thing is, I’ve asked around and only one person showed up & offered Ms. Gotro anything in regards to testimony.
“Donald Charles Davis” is “Rebel” is “Paladin”.

Pen Name “Donald Charles Davis” is a lie just like his “Lazaruses” he talks about above.

He doesn’t ride, he was never in an MC that ended in a double murder or any other MC.
This is just a honey pot for him to gather information. Any of you who contributed to this site- you’ve been fooled.

If you are in a 1% club the best thing you can do is never visit this site again and pass the word regionally and nationally.

I’m honest about what I am- I am one of your “pigs”. We’re watching, and as far as his “server security” and the IO being the first to access it- that was a lie of Davis’s too. Dreamhost and ProxyProtection are in full cooperation with the federal government. That’s where his server is hosted. Anytime we want to check up on any information being sent to “Don” it’s just a form letter and a click away.

Honestly, with the way compartmentalization works, “Donald Charles Davis” is probably one of us.
I doubt Darrin ever said anything about sticking any steel in “Don” either. If he did, they were laughing over a beer. That’s just not Darrin.

As for anyone in WHINSEC, that’s US Marshal Service business.

Keep in mind, we know who every one of you are. We know who “Davis” is.

I might get a tongue lashing for this if I get found out, but that is all. I just wanted to remind you that all you children are is good for a laugh.

Ask Gotro.



76 Responses to “Trolls Fear Me”

  1. Lunchbox Says:

    Whoever this Oink guy or girl is……….He/she was probably picked on in as a teenager and this is how he/she lashes out. Hiding behind a keyboard.
    I ain’t no bad ass but, dam sure won’t hide behind a keyboard.

    Probably had his/her lunch money stolen as a child. Or maybe he/she is still a child and just trying to play tuff.

    Whatever the case is he/she is a giant fucking pussy! And we are all feeding into his/her game.

    Rebel keep doing what your doing.

    Respect to those who deserve it

  2. oldskewl Says:


    Maybe you meant, Paladin “has been on this site for 10 years”. That’s the truest thing you said. Regardless, the rest still applies.


  3. Shovelhead Says:

    If I remember right, and I know I’m getting old, but I’m pretty sure Rebel knows who Gandalf is. I don’t mean from the internet, more about Gandalfs story, who he is, what he’s done, Someone not to be fucked with. But hey what do I know??
    Gandalf doesn’t bother me, & I have a short temper. Not trying to stick up for you Gandalf, you don’t need my help! Just saying my piece.

    respect to the real 1%

  4. oldskewl Says:

    Gandalf – “I’ve been on this page for 10 years”.

    Stop with the fucking lying already! it’s a pathetic display of insecurity, it’s disrespectful and in most cases it will get you lumped up.

    You came here out of the blue for the Waco thread and you pronounced your disagreement with how the bandits got jumped by the Cosacks, you also promised after that thread you would go away and stop posting, you’re an arrogant fucking nobody in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. Now you start in with the Freddy trial, proclaiming that story as your newly found SJW project.

    You have no fucking idea who anyone on here truly is do you? I don’t, none of us do unless we’ve met someone in person.
    Paladin is not a member of an MC, nor has he claimed to be, fuck, he don’t even ride a Harley!

    One thing for sure, people who read and comment on boards like this can “sniff your type” like a bloodhound, it’s not rocket science it’s just learning how people speak in general terms and reading into what they post.

    I don’t know who you are and frankly that’s a good thing for both of us because it keeps me out of jail. One thing I do know, you’re a fucking moron with an opinion on a lifestyle you have no clue about. You call 1%ers “drug smugglers, murders, thieves, addicts” and yet you don’t know one. You couldn’t survive the handshake and eye contact of a 1%er so what gives you the right to comment about their behavior on a site dedicated to the good (and bad) in the life?

    Go back to the menial job of whatever in the fuck morons like you do, find a page with like minded folks that don’t belong anywhere near a true biker and have at it.

    Respect to those that earned it.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    So I clicked on Paladins (blue) name a ShoNuFF… A guy in a dress appears. Go ahead, click on it. I ain’t lying.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    Will someone please inform Paladin that my name is not West (or Oink) and what FOESAD means. Gezzz dude been on this blog every day for 10 years… don’t know FOESAD. (SMH) If History is a clue… It’s about time for him to cry about being insulted and threaten to take his ball and go home. Others will beg him to stay and, OMG… he will be forced to stay for the good of the people.

    Obviously Paladin has never been around anyone “real” because, (for right or wrong) He would have been smacked before that last comment ever came out. Just stop talking about me Jerk Off! What part of that don’t you get?

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @ OMG… Stop the presses. Paladin is finally right. I WAS on my phone. Great job Dick Tracy. You must have missed me… LOL… Why don’t you send me a FB request. Use your creative detective training to get it… or just tell me why you won’t. Oh, and your right again, I said EAT A DICK. But you obviously knew…somehow. Maybe the white stuff on your chin was a clue.

  8. Iron Rider Says:


    Well imagine that Rebel has wrote something that has someones knickers in a knot, so the rumour mongering is in full effect.

    Anyone who reads anything Rebel has written knows that Rebel gets more inside info than most mainstream news orgs and will touch stories that most mainstream news wont go near, and Rebel gets info because people know that if Rebel is going to print it, he will verify it and separate fact from fiction.

    Another round of tactics to try and intimidate Rebel like has been tried before and fail before. Love how they accuse Rebel of being LE or connected to them, which is laughable, because Rebel has taken on LE full force in his stories if it is deserved, not because he has a problem with everyone in blue.

    Paladin has made it known that he is ex law enforcement, and while some might not like that fact, I give the man credit for coming to the site and sharing his thoughts and opinions and while I might not agree with all his views on some things, I would equate his comments and thoughts as being unbiased, I believe he sees right and wrong on both sides of the equation, and how can you not have respect for that.

    It is always interesting to watch people rumormonger or try to spin nothing into something, it’s like watching a bad propaganda film from the cold war days, your attempt to sow discord is pretty weak, There are a lot of people who have respect for Rebel and Paladin and no one is going to buy the bullshit your selling

  9. Iron Rider Says:

    Well imagine that

  10. Paladin Says:

    Paladin, thank Gander I can use your name even though no one can speak that of “Wild West.” Did you notice the auto-corrected words in his last 2 sentences: “FOESAD Paladin. Eat a sick?” It should be “Eat a dick.” He’s on a smart-phone because a desktop with a key-board is to much for him.

  11. CatfishOCNY Says:

    I miss your stories Rebel. Great work though, you’ve got those asshat alphabet clowns worried. They should be.

  12. jrino Says:

    “Third, my name is indeed “Donald Charles Davis.” That’s outstanding investigating, you moron.” Ok that’s some funny shit Rebel! You are truly a wordsmith! I love reading your column, I’m still laughing!!!! Talk about calling a spade a spade!

  13. Stevo Says:


    They are watching…homosexual midget porn starring Gaygent Ciccone.


  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim Bob,

    Right, The same guy apparentlty molesed between 50 and 250 kids.


  15. Jim Bob Says:

    Holy shit! That’s the same Kevin Duffy that got George Rowe to become a rat on the Vagos! I had no idea what the sick bastard did besides helping a scumbag set up a bunch of mc members on a bunch of b.s. charges

  16. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin… I thought I told you to keep my name out of that cock washer on your face. I can assure you that I have no time or interest in the General troubles of 1%ers. Waco was different. Freddy too. It was very hard for me to sit by and watch Freddy make all the wrong moves… You can blame the Lawyer but in the end it was his fault he let them farm him. IMHO. To think that I would go so far as to use another name to post and smart enough to use a proxy server in bumfuck Austria is truly delusional… These days my Fantasy Football is far more interesting that trolling you guys. I’m still trying to figure out when L Bell is coming back and upset Kamara don’t get more touches… I like Rebel and know who he is. I can’t say that for the likes of Pales in and others. As for my “love” for Cassie… Lol. I would fuck her or hire her. IMHO Cassie defended Jake perfectly and all 1% should know by now evidence means shit… It’s a PR game in court. There was ZERO evidence against Freddy. More against Jake… If Y’all can’t understand what it takes to win in a trial… I’m just tired of telling you. FOESAD Paladin. Eat a sick.

  17. Drifter Says:

    “We’re watching”…doh err…FUCK YOU

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm, I think that’s called a fail troll. I like to think I did good in my English classes. One of my favorite things about reb’s writing style is that he seems to say more between the lines than in the text he writes.

    Paladin has a more stylistic way of writing in which he shares the wisdom he has accrued over many years.

    Anyone with eyes to see should know they are not the same person.

    A real troll knows to do it for the lulz, it’s the only reason to do anything.

  19. SSJ Says:


  20. panamaa Says:

    And by the way.. Fuck you “Oink”.

  21. panamaa Says:

    Fucking retards…..

    I don’t know how the hell you put up with them friend…

  22. Paladin Says:

    @ Austin;

    If Duffy was murdered, the person responsible deserves a public service award. Anyone with any knowledge regarding Duffy’s demise at the hands of another is not likely to rat out a Good Samaritan. I sure as hell I wouldn’t.


  23. Austin Says:

    Any of you smart Feds want to do something productive? Find out what really happened to Officer Kevin Duffy. Word is – the “suicide” was staged. Like…. the gun was in his non-dominant hand…

    I know audience members here have knowledge.

  24. Gandalf Says:


  25. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin… LOL Good Try. I know why you said that. LOL

  26. Mad Midget Says:

    Hey Oink~~~ FUCK YOU

  27. Patty Says:

    I think it is hysterical how many men get their panties in a twist on this site!

    I am glad that there is a site where people can still speak freely! The Aging Rebel is the only venue that has reported honestly on April Kauffman’ s murder and I, for one, am very thankful for that!

    Keep up the good work, Aging Rebel!


  28. Stevo Says:

    Oink? Is that really you Kocksuckerski?


  29. Lady Says:

    The World is full of IDIOTS, one more has entered the arena.

    Come on guy’s, we all know to well that unless we know someone or have met them face to face not to fall for their crap. Of course the Feds watch, that’s a given, yet unless we are as stupid as they think (which would have to be brain dead), there is never anything for them to see. Yet, each time a new IDIOT come’s on, we feed their fantasy of attention seeking by reacting to them. Granted, in person we all would probably never meet such a person, due to them being such coward’s. Yet, they are so brave behind their keyboards and (supposed) hidden IP’s, that they think they can never be found.

    Even though I rarely post, this is one issue that definitely pisses me off. Here is a clue for the keyboard warrior’s. The time of hiding behind fake IP’s is so long gone, it is funny. Technology, even for the lay person has gotten so advanced that very few can hide. So stop and think about whom you wish to start a war with, because some day, you just might have someone you really do not want showing up at your doorstep and calling you out on it.

    Anyway, much love and huge Respect for those that have earned and deserve it,

  30. rocco151 Says:

    Dear Sirs:

    I am an avid reader of DCD’s books as well as his site “Aging Rebel” ! I gladly contribute to this site monthly ! I have learned everything I know about courtesy, respect and honor with regards to the motorcycle community from his writings and his loyal followers, as well as a few club members that I have met along the way. I welcome anyone from L.E. to look into my background . Since you claim to know who I am please contact me anytime ! Like most of my friends who contribute to this site I ride free and have nothing to hide !


  31. Kelt Says:

    Much Respect Donald Charles Davis (AKA) Rebel. I support you as a man and as a journalist. I could give a fuck less if THEY know who I am. LnR, Kelt

  32. Shovelhead Says:

    Oink…What a fucking pussy!!

    Pigs have known me since the early 80’s I would guess. I speak my mind whether it’s here or at the local watering hole.
    I’ve never been a Rat, don’t need to lie and sleep like a baby at night.

    I choose to live free!

    Thank God I’ll never know what it’s like to be a Coward & a Rat like Oink.

    Respect to the real 1%

  33. New England Roder Says:

    LOL, Oink……what a douche. Did he think he was revealing some big mystery telling us who Reb is?!?

    BTW if you really are a cop you accomplished nothing but re-affirm what 99% of the people on this website already know – LEO is full of corrupt, loser scumbags who make it so much worse for the rare decent cop who is just trying to do his job.

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

  34. JOHN COKOS Says:

    Ditto on Cookie’s comment. Who really gives a shit who is watching who ? EVERYBODY is watching EVERYBODY else these days. Not too hard to find out ANYTHING about anybody in today’s Information Society it LEAKS info like a Black Hole.
    Maybe if you ignore him he will go away ?
    A little off topic, BUT are the Mayans a little more likable than the crew at SOA ?
    Family values and all that.
    Saw a SOA t-shirt last week at the local supermarket, are they getting brave and coming out ? Waiting to see some of the Club members down there, so far no show…

  35. Not Surprised Says:

    Billy Queen and his wife, and also Jay Dobyns and Vince Cefalo post regularly

  36. Not Surprised Says:

    What is ironic is, ATF agents are not shielded by online anonymity like other LEO. You can search tax records, real estate transactions, even voter registration records using their real names and find them.

    Is a site run by current and former agents. Invaluable intel

  37. Shovel Says:

    Respect to you Rebel. I couldn’t survive a retired cop gunning for me. Timing is everything, you publish an article showing perjury by “Psychopath” and sure enough “Dirty Dick” attacks you. By the way, I know how professional cops with 20 years experience sound and read. There’s something wrong with this idiot. Good luck.

  38. Cookie Says:

    Keep up the good work Rebel. I don’t give a shit if they know who I am!

  39. Phuquehed Says:

    I like how he so smart he uses ‘Oink’ as his nym. The sheer genius in it is amazing.

    That, or he’s just a faucktarded dipshit with the IQ of a dingleberry on my ass.

    I’ll put my money on the latter.

    You keep doing what you do, Rebel. You kick ass and do it well. Apparently the little moron of a piggy is upset about something and like all the other dumbshits who’ve tried, is trying to put you down and mark you for some stupid reason.

    The only good pigs, are those not breathing. Squeel, Oink.

  40. freebird Says:

    When you think about it, Rat’s and humans have a similar trait……..

    When some motherfucker hit’s the light’s @ 0 dark thirty

    Very similar to the quote:

    All i saw was assholes and elbows moving away from me…….

  41. FF Says:

    It all comes down to integrity, dignity, and honor. Rebel has it, you trolls dont.

    It’s real nice to know that you are in such agony to make such a pathetic post. I love schadenfreude.

  42. Paladin Says:

    @ Lee West (Gandalf);

    It’s beyond obvious that you’re in love with Cassie Gotro, but the fact that you begin and end your rant with her name is a dead giveaway as to whom you really are.

    “As for anyone in WHINSEC, that’s US Marshal Service business.”

    You might want to re-read your junior G-Man Manual. It’s WHITSEC (Witness Security Program) not WHINSEC (Whiners Security Program), which as a member of, you’re violating by posting from Colorado.

    “Keep in mind, we know who every one of you are. We know who “Davis” is.”

    The above is obviously a fantasy of yours. There are people that have posted on this blog in the past that know that I and Rebel are not one and the same.


  43. I.J Says:

    Why would he want to warn people not to send in information if he is reading and using it?

  44. TFLYTSNBN Says:

    If “I-Know-AskGotro” is so plugged into Federal law enforcement, then he needs to tell his colleagues to investigate former US Attorney for the State of Oregon Amanda Marshall. In the wake of her suspension by the Oregon State Bar Association for perjury (she argues that it really wasn’t adultery because she didn’t swallow) has decided to hook both sides of the street by opening a private practice specializing in marijuana law. Since Amanda Marshall’s cuckold, (aka “Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles”) insists on giving a marijunna bootlegger a free pass for shooting a 12 gauge shotgun at his landlord’s children, the Feds might want to ask if the Judge was influenced by the bootlegger retaining his wife (or ex-wife?) to represent them. Even if the couple are divorced, assisting his former spouse by ruling in favor of her clients will help reduce Wiles’ spousal support payments.

  45. Paladin Says:

    One can disguise one’s appearance, but it is next to impossible to disguise the way one walks or writes. As such; I have every reason to believe that “Oink” is “Gandalf”, who is actually Lee West.

    And yes; Rebel and I have met. It was at the “Save the Patch” rally.


  46. BigV Says:

    Fuck you Oink.

    I’m the only one who gets to make “Have Gun Will Travel” comments. Paladin’s said any number of times that he uses the road name Paladin because it is a synonym for the Knight- the most useful piece on a chess board.

    Rebel I’d say your scorecard is better than you think:

    1. Guess what’s high on the search engines for Abel Reyna ?
    2. People KNOW what and how Dave Burgess ended up in Bastrop
    3. People KNOW a military operation was carried out at a 3rd rate Hooters Knockoff.
    4. Sutter’s ass has been burned so many times he needs skin grafts and ham hocks to sit down.

    Fuck I’ve long said you asshats read anything I post, I know that. Are there people who wish I would exercise more caution and shut the fuck up ? A missing molar, a bridge, and a dental implant all say yes for me. You know what ? It was worth it.

    My quality of life is shit right now- stop by anytime. To quote Sam Peckinpah- “I’ll warm you breakfast, Pat”.

    Pat Oink- go fuck yourself. I am not a dummy. I know who I talk to, and I know you are so full of shit it is coming out the pores of your skin AND your scalp.

    With shitdicks like you around- Rebel would be smart to use a pen name, although he does not. Before I ever emailed him once I found that clip and matched him via Google News Archive (which no longer exists because papers were mad people could research for free). But, he’d be smart to, you’re all a bunch of Garrett’s and Ford’s- back shooters with tuned up Win 70’s, Rem 700’s, and any litany of of M1x commercial manufacturers.

    On behalf of Rebel and Paladin- fuck you.

    On behalf of myself- you familiar with what a jackmormon would call blood atonement ? When I wish upon a star tonight, I hope you get to find out what that is you fucking coward.

    PS to Mr. Mead: Would you please recut the film with other former patch holders you talked to, sans any Christy ? Would you consider a go fund me to get it back from whatever production bond company has it ?

    I’d like to hear the stories from those other men you talked to and Rebel’s narration.

  47. Peachy Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    Thank you for what you do. I am not sure if I even want to give Oink the time of day. He seems to be a very confused individual with all of his personalities blending together. He claims to have had personal interaction with Gotro and her defense of the Carrizal case. But then he claims to be a pig. But oh wait he says you are a pig undercover to gather info. For someone to think you and Paladin are the same person… lol… only someone pretending to be multiple people would accuse you of such. Apparently you and Paladin have hurt this poor man’s feelings. If you ever do find Oink please let the regulars know. Maybe we will give a donation for the meds he obviously needs. And gu as what Oink. We are all smart enough to know we are monitored. I guess it is good that we do not know anything.

  48. Curbside Says:

    Wait…this guy isn’t really so stupid as to think most of us don’t already know the telecom and hosting companies are already in bed with the feds, is he?

  49. freebird Says:

    Keep in mind, we know who every one of you are. We know who “Davis” is

    Sounds a lot like a life well lived in my book

    The day they dump the fresh dirt on you Oink, there will be no one there

    The apex of your life is being a pimple on a bikers ass after a long ride

    Compartmentalize that dickhead…….

  50. Nick Mead Says:

    Don!!! Rebel!!! You mean when you came to my house for dinner, when you “rode” to my house for dinner, it wasn’t you ??? When I come to your house for dinner it’s still not you. You don’t actually exist!!!
    Must be the Koolaid!!!

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