April Kauffman Book Announced

October 19, 2018

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April Kauffman Book Announced

Just when you thought Ferdinand Freddy Augello’s legal dilemma had reached maximum sensationalization, a small Philadelphia publisher called Camino Books has announced the scheduled publication next spring of The Doctor, The Hitman and The Motorcycle Gang: He had a license to prescribe and a motive to kill by Annie McCormick.

Augello, a retired member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, was convicted earlier this month of conspiring to murder April Kauffman in May 2012, conspiring to murder her husband, Dr. James Kauffman, late last year, and of being the real mastermind behind James Kauffman’s prescription pills racket. James Kauffman killed himself last January. The prosecution in the case was tainted by sensational pretrial publicity and numerous ethical lapses. Augello was without the benefit of even a token criminal defense. His jury deliberated for two hours before convicting him. He faces life in prison.

McCormick, above and in the videos below, is a general assignment reporter for Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate WPVI. She joined WPVI four months after April Kauffman’s murder and according to Nick Vadala of the Philadelphia Inquirer she “covered the case extensively at its height.”

Let’s Count The Clichés Together

A press release by the publisher synopsizes the book like this:

“A prominent New Jersey doctor and members of a notorious outlaw motorcycle gang transform the doctor’s office into a drug ring pumping thousands of highly addictive opioid pain pills onto the streets in exchange for cash. Everything was going smoothly until one person discovered their plan – the doctor’s wife. When she threatened to divorce him, the doctor’s unholy alliance with his partners in crime turned deadly and the doctor hired a hitman to kill her.

The Doctor, The Hitman and The Motorcycle Gang is the true story of the murder of April Kauffman, a beloved and vivacious, local radio personality and veterans’ advocate who was found shot to death in her suburban New Jersey home in May 2012. In the months leading up to her death, she had uncovered a tangled web of deceit surrounding her husband. She feared he was trying to kill her and that he might harm her family.”

“McCormick details the twists and turns in the investigation that dragged on for years until investigators caught an unexpected break that sparked a string of arrests including the arrest of the doctor and several members of the Pagans. McCormick includes several never before seen or heard details from the investigation through her years of covering the case and she documents the relentless search for justice by April’s family, friends and her daughter.”

“McCormick is represented by Atlantic City based attorney and former magazine publisher James J. Leonard Jr. who represents Real Housewives of New Jersey personality Teresa Giudice. Leonard has collaborated with the TV star on her New York Times best-selling memoir, Turning the Tables, and its critically acclaimed follow-up, Standing Strong.”

“McCormick began her journalism career in the White House as a photo intern and then went on to freelance for several major newspapers including the New York Times and for several major magazines as a photojournalist before transitioning into broadcasting.”

Atlantic City writer Kevin Shelly has also said he plans to publish a book about the case.


15 Responses to “April Kauffman Book Announced”

  1. MtPockets Says:

    I wonder if her book will be considered fiction or nonfiction?
    If nonfiction, will she include the little detail that there is zero actual evidence that Freddy was involved? Will she mention that he was convicted solely based on stories from people who were either being paid to tell stories or who desperately needed to come up with ” a spiel” to save their own asses?
    How about the undeniable fact that the one person who is still alive that was admittedly directly involved in Aprils murder is not even being charged because he had a story to tell? Will that be included?
    If any of these are excluded from her book, it obviously should be billed as fiction.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Billy,

    Yep. Same one, She said it was a bullshit charge. This is getting spun, and sold, as a victimized woman story. Isn’t that ironic?


  3. Billy Says:

    Isn’t this the same Philadelphia reporter Annie McCormick whose husband pleaded no contest to groping a woman in his office a few years ago?

  4. Paladin Says:

    @ BigV aka AnotherGoddamnAnon aka Anon;

    Apology unnecessary, but respectfully accepted. In the end, we’re all really nothing more than the sum total of our life’s experiences, and for better or worse, they color our perspective on most things. We make decisions and choices based on the information that we have at the time. Show me an individual that hasn’t made a choice or decision that they wish they could go back and change, and I’ll show you an individual that’s never truly lived.

    I am saddened to hear of your physical situation. It is a fact of life that those that ride are always at risk and those that ride risk all. You have lived your life on the “outlaw motorcycle frontier” and have lived to tell the tale, an accomplishment in and of itself. A warrior is judged by what’s in their heart, not by their trappings. A motorcycle is an extension of what you are, but it is not who you are. If you chose to stop posting on Rebel’s blog, there will be one less that speaks useful words.

    May you heal, so that you may ride again,


  5. JOHN COKOS Says:

    Paladin: I always do a double-take with the Few Bad Apple’s comparison. It’s a trite palliative to obscure the fact that what we are dealing with is a systemic, institutional corruption that is prevalent across the board.
    The few ” good apples ” that you run into from various institutions are just a PR effort for the great unwashed.
    Some folks are getting the message to clean up their act, and others are ignoring it. If you are or were in the mix, this shouldn’t be a revelation. It is what it is.

  6. BigV aka AnotherGoddamnAnon aka Anon Says:

    Dear Paladin:

    Thank you for the kindness- you’re an eloquent writer and I should not have horned in on your metaphore . Your civility and kindness is appreciated. I don’t really hate much anymore, mostly I’ve accepted the explanation that we live in an entirely broken system and the incompetence, malice, and corruption is merely symptomatic of the entire machine. I have come to believe that it may not happen in your lifetime, and it may not happen in my lifetime- but I think this system is so rotten it is self destructing.

    This is no excuse for me motherfucking you all those years, sometimes I meant you and said so, but the times when I said generaally LE- either retired or current, that was not a shot at you- but yes, I did motherfuck you and I apologize.

    You say you have an idea about my mine, and I’ll clarify it:

    Where I grew up, I can honestly say LE never did anything for anyone like me, or like my parents who are clueless, honest, tee-totaling, never missed a payment citizens. My grandpa was born in 1910. During the depression he had 12 brothers and sisters and his mother and a mentally handicapped uncle to take care of. The L&N Railroad was in Western NC and ran down to Chattanooga where there was more likely to be work. If you had a nickel or a dime you could pay the gunbulls at the railroad yard in NC to get in an empty or unfull freight cart and ride to Chattanooga. But at Chattanooga they didn’t recognize the agreement to ride, and everyone was treated as a hobo- the railroad “poe-lease” beat the hell out of my gramps several times and he said he just counted himself lucky- they used a leather baggy full of ball bearings or lead shot(I think the term is a “sap”) and he watched bleeding as they beat a 14 year old boy to death. It was in Chattanooga’s paper, they treated the “poe-lease” as heroes.

    The other thing that colored my attitude is that as I came up so many new clubs were forming and they’d relax the rules and not tell TPTB that they were letting in ex-LE, retired LE, ex and former MP’s and jailers, bondsmen, etc. Invariably who did dirt, was a central part of doing the dirt, and then took a sweetheart deal- the people who worked for the government in some capacity. It was even worse when national clubs would patch in one of their members, and the national club would take a hit too. I know for a fact TPTB had and have rules against that crap and taking that risk, but every so often a lousy PI led to bad background check and that was all she wrote- the one to roll or introduce a CI or UC to get out of trouble- was the guy who was tangentially LE or had been some form of LE and lied about it.

    Coming up and watching good people go to jail from age 18+ when I first really interacted with an MC instilled a hate for the fuckup “mistake” that let the LE-related guy in. It also made me passionately hate LE rather than also include the PI, sponsor, and officers who chose to patch the dirty assholes in. It was just easier that way- and that was and is weak on my part. My experiences probating have helped me grow in some ways I think.

    I hated that a cop planted 6 pills on in a cage I’d bought 3 months prior, and honestly- I hadn’t had those pills in that car and I sure as fuck wouldn’t let anybody with any dope in my car with what I was doing at that time. I heard from my supervisors that LE had called in about my arrest and it got me fired at all three institutions even though I was fighting it. They also released the text of my traffic stop where I had said as little as possible to a free weekly and the free weekly made sure to print it, and where my indictment was. I had a dissertation to file and I was done. 7 years work killed by 6 pills planted to justify stopping me at 1am for “tint too dark” and then illegally detaining me for two hours after I asked if I was free to go- while he waited for a drug dog- it covered that LE’s ass. The same LE group fucked up when the child of two latina lesbians disappeared, even though she’d been gone and an amber alert had been issued. Their prejudice got put on display nationally(and there may be people I don’t like too well but a kid is a kid and no harm should ever come to a child). They let that little girl die at the hands of maintenance man(supposedly- he hung himself before he did one day in prison), the LE officer with the drug dog didn’t show up for the search(college football was on that day) and his chief of police boss told witnesses “Somebody get a damn boom box- I ain’t missing the GA game.”

    Despite the fact they had to retire their drug dog a month later because he hadn’t scented the girl’s presence in an empty apartment or decomposing in a dumpster- no other cases the drug dog was involved in were reviewed. The dog was supposedly certified in search and rescue, drug detection, and I think E/O detection. The town gave him as a gift to the cop that ran him.

    That traffic stop led to 7 years down the shitter, a permanent rift between myself and my folks, and it led to 2 years of bullshit deferred adjudication with monitoring and non-association. That was the hangup for the DA’s office- “They’d normally drop a case like mine, but the things they found I was reading and writing- and the people that I….” She ended it there- it was my association and support and enjoyment of public runs and parties that made me guilty in the ADA’s eyes and she refused to drop it. Drug it out a year, plus the 2 years deferred adjudication.

    My most recent encounter with LE came as I was driving on a US Highway, and a woman from Quebec driving with the insurance equivalent of state sold DUI bond pulled out in front of me. I did everything I could to keep my equipment and my motorcycles in tip-top shape, but despite that, there was no way to avoid her runnning a stop sign at intersection of two US Highways. I slammed into her quarter/bumper. My left side took the brunt of it, my FXRS I always wanted and finally built was wadded up. I ended up partially on tarmac/partially on grass. Got me on the left side. I will be getting two pins put in my hip to hopefully keep a nerve from being severed, I twitch and jerk- and my typos are much worse now- that comes from 5 impingments on my lower spine caused by impact spinal stenosis, I don’t sleep too good because of post concussion syndrome and what they’ve said will likely be a TBI, but is too early to tell. It cracked a rib and pushed it such that I suffered and still have some internal bleeding. I have a hernia that cannot be repaired. It fucked with my mimd permanently.

    She got let back into Canada and I’m left dealing with her “bond”. She was never ticketed or otherwise. I had two witness behind he say she’d been driving like an ass and passed them on the right-of-way to get to the intersection first. Didn’t matter. Only 9 Staties in 4 counties working a rotation where 3 at a time work- if I had been killed or permanently crippled they would have ticketed her and maybe charged her- otherwise too much trouble to go to Jackson County’s courthouse.

    That was not newsworthy. She’s happily in Canada and I watch her LinkedIn and her Facebook- “Beau voyage dans le sud-est des États-Unis”

    So I’ve learned from my experiences probating, learning from silverbacks and zoo gorillas, and my contact with LE: No point hating. The system means I have to share space with everyone. I don’t hate much anymore- surviving is much more important.

    And I will agree with another sentiment you put up about free riders. The brotherhood is not there- but neither is the constant worry in the pit of your stomach that you will go to jail with innocent brother because you are associating via brotherhood with some jumpy idiot with a penchant for doing stupid shit. That is a part of patchholding that absolutely sucks today: If you hold a patch, it is a constant worry that the one dumb sonofabitch that got voted in because of politics, that he will bring the house down on all the patches. For some people, some patches, the motto of “Don’t worry about that, just remember the good times with your brothers because that’s better than anything the man can do to you.” I talk with some zoogors and silvebacks that have said 20-30 years of shitting in public and sharing a cell the size of a closet with another man, will change a person’s mind.

    I apologize for the disrespect and when I motherfucked you. This is sincere. Sometimes in my life I’ve been dumb enough to do it in public when I felt pissed enough- some squabbles I won, some I lost. As I’ve said elsewhere- my dental work and the amount required reflects my gradual maturation.

    So I owe you this public apology. I also figure that in this strange and fucked up life I’ve lived I am liable to meet you in public. For the record- I owe you three free shots to the face and/or mouth(can you pop the the left side ?) and I will buy you beer and I will have cranberry juice. I can tell you about fuckups I’ve met in the world and you can tell me about about the fuckup idiots who were doing dirt and thought they were hot snot for getting off.

    Because that’s who I am now. Some do change their stripes. I don’t hate LE anymore or carry around an Everest Sized chip. I don’t like Junior G-Men, corrupt men like Koz and Ciccone or some of the ones I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I just recognize: I live in a system that is broken.

    I wish you well. After you deliver my owed 3 punches in the face, I think we’d get along quite wellor at least share space peaceably. I’m glad you were an LE who did help poor stupid, helpless citizens- people like my folks and my granny and pa who believed in their country and the system.

    I figure if I have any balls at all, I deserve to give you one more final complete apology for all the motherfucking and disrespect.

    PS: As a kid instead of cartoons, after the soap operas ended the local NBC affiiate filled time til the 6’oclock news by playing COMBAT, HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, and a sort of slapstick war show(name escapes me).

    Sure has been fun fellas. I’m going to miss riding. Don’t reckon I have any more point in coming around here anymore.

    Bye ya’ll. Be safe. Watch for bitches from Canada.

  7. Paladin Says:


    I have always understood your and others hatred toward cops. I didn’t and don’t take it personally. I’m wary of them as well. Cops have put in a lot of overtime, building the reputations they have. Not all cops are bad, just as not all bikers are bad. Unfortunately; those that are (cops and bikers) fuck it up for the rest of us. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the wearing of a gun and badge, as does come with the wearing of a patch. There are those that wear neither well.

    I understood your posted comment. I just wanted to make it understood to those that read here that my comment was not directed at Rebel.

    I wish you fair winds and following seas.


  8. Patty Says:

    Save a fucking tree and stop the presses …

    This book is obviously fictional!

    The real story will be out soon …


  9. AnotherGoddamnAnon Says:

    @Paladin: We bury hatchet long time ago. I no think you direct your video at Rebel, nor mean to imply you do. I just thought it was an excellent example of what is being done to both April Kauffman, the case in general, and more specifically Freddy Augello.

    I think the mainstream media has once again been a bunch of turkey buzzards, found something on the roadside dead, torn it to the skull and bones. And to add insult to injury there’s some asshole there to make sure the skull is cracked to the brain so every last bit is torn apart by these media whores. Purely my opinion.

    I do not consider DCD a media whore and I did not mean to imply that Paladin was saying anything negative about DCD.

    Paladin, I hope we are cool again. I can’t hobble fast enough to get away from Richard Boone, much less ride my crumpled HD anymore, I’m just waiting out my medical and then… I’m no more. You take care.

  10. Muck 1%er Says:


    I just tried to kick you a donation, using the donate button on this page. My anti-virus aborted the connection to pay pal, saying it was infected with HTML:Paypal-B[Phish]

  11. Paladin Says:

    To be absolutely crystal clear, my post and the link attached is not directed at Rebel.


  12. FF Says:

    Anon, just did



  13. freebird Says:

    Guess the elephant in the room will be how do they handle the issue of Tyner and the complaint against him……

    Change the facts…… change the outcome

  14. AnotherGoddamnAnon Says:

    And a much more important book is being written by a someone who isn’t a turkey a buzzard. I think this person is overtaxed and underfunded. In case you’re LE or a little slow: I’m talking about Rebel. I’ve been reading this site since 2008. It has been around a decade.

    Without your support, it probably won’t be around much more. I have enough money to pay for gas to get to the doctor, pay the electrical bill, pay dues, put money on two elderly friends commissary and I will kick up when I get a piece of shafting cut for jockey shift and to the owner.

    Everybody else who isn’t or hasn’t thought about kicking up: kick up. You can donate from a credit card, your bank, or add cash to a Paypal account and kick up.

    If you’re tired of seeing anyone wearing a patch drug through the mud, tarred, feathered, and then staked out ALIVE for Paladin’s tibetan funeral- kick up some money.

    It has become increasingly sickening to see people like the above media prostitutes, Shelley and McCormick have their books get published through a publisher and DCD aka Rebel is shunned.

    The publishers and these media whores banked on the outcome of Augello’s trial. (My opinion)

    Rebel has never been a buzzard, he’s never been a maggot, he’s never been a liar- those media whores(my opinion) have been guilty of all those things.

    Kick up so Rebel can finish his book. Trying to run this website and write a book is about like the Tibetan funeral. You can make it slightly less painful by donating.

    If anyone has ever meant any damn thing they’ve said on here- donate to Rebel.

    Peace gentlemen.

  15. Paladin Says:

    The feeding frenzy of Freddy Augello.



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