The Ex-Vagos Candidate

October 11, 2018

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The Ex-Vagos Candidate

Police in Upland, California, a suburban town about 50 miles east of the Pacific and roughly in the middle of the Los Angeles megalopolis, are opposing a candidate for city council because the candidate,47-year-old Rudy Zuñiga, is a “documented” member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club

“Vagos are an outlaw motorcycle gang that refer to themselves as a ‘club,’” Upland Police Chief Darren Goodman told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. “By definition, they’re a criminal street gang as defined under Penal Code 186.22. Its members go through a prospecting stage where they’re required to commit crimes at the direction of existing members.”

The Bulletin is part of a quiver of eleven, daily, community newspapers called The Southern California News Group.

Zuñiga denies that he is now a Vago.

Police Source

The Bulletin obtained documents from local police that state that Zuñiga was stopped while riding a motorcycle with a modified exhaust and for a helmet law violation on March 5, 2011 and subjected to a “field interview.” According the interview report he “was wearing Vagos gang attire. His motorcycle was also decorated with a “22” sticker and a “SGV” sticker. His personalized license plate number was “GNG GRN.” Zuñiga told the investigation cop that the plate was an acronym for “Going Green.” The officer editorialized “but I believe actually means ‘gang green.’”

“Zuñiga refused to let me take photos of his tattoos and his fingerprint,” Duran wrote. “Zuñiga stated he is a member of the Vagos,” the report reads in part, quoting Zuñiga saying the club is “nothing more than a ‘family group.’”

Gang Expert

The Bulletin, which apparently will not be endorsing Zuñiga, quotes Hunter Glass (photo below), a private investigator and former officer with the City of Fayetteville Police Department as saying “When you get into stuff like the Vagos and the Angels, that’s a brotherhood. You don’t just turn your back on your old buddies. It’s a fraternal order you don’t walk away from. No matter what you think, you will always have those ties.”

The Bulletin identifies Glass as “a nationally recognized expert on street gangs, gang mentality and culture.”

According to Glass, “Outlaw motorcycle gang members often own businesses, usually bars or nightclubs, in which they typically engage in illegal activity.”

Zuñiga has no criminal record.


14 Responses to “The Ex-Vagos Candidate”

  1. Scottero Says:

    I am an Upland resident as well as a club member.
    One think is for sure is that the City only cares about the downtown are and the historical district.
    We have parks over run by homeless drug addicts who piss and shit all over and will steal everything not chained down….
    The city of Upland needs Rudy..
    There are far more corrupt cops and politicians then anything else yet we are supposed to trust them even though they continue fucking up..

  2. Jim Bob Says:

    Damn right they are!

  3. Joe Says:

    Cops are more crooked than any mc or x mc member

  4. Bone Head Says:

    The whole country could use a man like that. Looked straight at them, spoke his mind with no bullshit. If Upland doesn’t want him he could do well just about anywhere. Good luck to him.

  5. Opie Says:

    I know more straight up MEN in clubs than anywhere else. Vote this guy in and give him a chance to show everone what club men are. Good luck Rudy. Youcare exactly what we need in politics.

  6. Austin Says:

    Rudy has better composure at the mic than some Supreme Court Judge aspirants. If that opponent chose to go personal, low & dirty… well – she deserves to lose, and by a LANDSLIDE. Get out the Vote Upland!!! Great TV spot – that will resonate with the community.

  7. Bill Pezel Says:

    Good Luck Brother you sound like you have a good handle on what it s that you want to get across
    to people and upon come across very credible. I wish you all the luck and keep the sonny side up.

    Tophat Vago Nomad

  8. Johnny Rotten Says:

    unfortunately, as weve seen in recent and aged posts/threads…

    the government wants nothing to do with men of any integrity in a position of power/voice…

    someday, albeit to late …
    that will have to change
    perhaps the tyranny will be unveiled for what it is…
    it happened once…
    perhaps we will see it again..
    i almost long for an apoctolyptical event to set this country on its ass..
    men will once again have to rise to survive…
    no more creampuff anything
    ya got it…
    or ya get i…
    plain and simple…
    i fear for my grandchildren if we dont see some right come outta all this fucking wrong



  9. Hero Says:

    If i was in CA i would vote for him. This is one of many big steps in fixing the broken system from the inside out. Trying to fix it from the outside has not seemed to work real well. His campaign funding will be microscoped and mud will be thrown his way, thank you for stepping up to help our community.

  10. Psycho Says:

    Considering most law enforcement agencies receive some form of federal funding or assistance, the actions of the Upland police sound an awful lot like a violation of the Hatch Act of 1939. Just my 2 cents.

  11. FF Says:


    The “champion” pursues a perilous quest– alone.

    The Champion has no obligation, only his virtue, dignity, and honor.

    We live in a world where “every man has his price”. A cliche…?

    What man cannot be bought off? In the face of:

    1. Life in prison
    2. Death
    3. History trashing his name
    4. Torture and insanity

    Stasi Stooge: Here’s a few million dollars, or… 1,2,3,4

    The pigs murdered Kennedy, and Sadat, put hit’s out on Reagan, Pope John Paul II, took out the Shah of Iran…

    Who’s going to open up their mouth against that? Who’s going to go into that fight knowing what they are up against, and what is in store for them?

    I’ve thought about it. Everybody who see’s what’s going on needs to think about it. And make a decision. Fast.

  12. jrino Says:

    WoW! wait till they find out who’s running local government around Laconia!

  13. tiopirata Says:

    Another travesty among the many you bring to light Rebel. Surely a policeman is required to keep his political views to himself, expressing them only as a private individual. I hope that the day soon comes when many old bikers stand in representation of their communities, they would certainly be more representative then any cop, particularly this idiot.

  14. Lunchbox Says:

    Good luck Rudy!

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