Augello Prosecutor Played Dirty

October 9, 2018

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Augello Prosecutor Played Dirty

Last Thursday, a current and two former employees of the Atlantic County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office accused showboat Damon G. Tyner of corruption including the dishonest conviction of retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello.

Tyner is a former Superior Court judge who was appointed to be Atlantic County Prosecutor on March 15, 2017. Within two months, with the encouragement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tyner ordered the reopening of a cold investigation into the high profile murder of socialite April Kauffman. The case led through April Kauffman’s husband, Dr. James Kauffman and his illicit drug business; to the two men he hired to actually murder the woman; to a half a dozen small time drug dealers and addicts who were James Kauffman’s customers; and finally to Augello who knew most of these people. All but one of them was willing to take favors from Tyner and the FBI in return for telling a jury that it was all Augello’s fault.

Augello has consistently said he was innocent. He was convicted after a two-week trial that featured no hard evidence and just one defense witness. Tyner has been gloating about his victory for the last week.

Tyner Accused

Tyner’s accusers are former acting prosecutor Diane Ruberton, retired investigator Heather McManus and prosecutor Donna Fetzer. They sent a formal complaint about Tyner to Craig Carpenito, the United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, and New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.

The three women accuse Tyner of: Conspiring to commit mortgage fraud to pay off campaign debts; cronyism; protecting “friends and political allies” from prosecution; misuse of funds and misuse of government vehicles; “unethical media contact” including leaking perjorative material to ABC’s 20/20; and failing to disclose material that could have been exculpatory of the charges against Augello in violation of guidelines established by the 1963 Supreme Court decision in Brady versus Maryland.

“I have retained legal counsel to respond to these matters,” Tyner said yesterday in a press release. “The great work of the women and men of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office will continue unimpaired under my leadership.”

All In The Game

Most prosecutors are careerists who cheat to win. As a matter of normal practice, prosecutors almost never allow defense attorneys to see evidence that proves that defendants are innocent. Everybody knows it. Prosecutors face virtually no adverse consequences when they are caught. Defense attorneys who complain about the cheating usually face much worse consequences for their actions. This travesty has been the subject of at least two seminal essays: Bennett L. Gershman’s “Litigating Brady v. Maryland Games Prosecutors Play in 2007;” and Wendy Kaminer’s “Games Prosecutors Play” in 1999.

Almost 20 years ago, in a passage from The American Prospect that sounds like a description of Augello’s prosecution, Kamniner wrote:

“Often the concealment of exculpatory evidence and reliance on perjured testimony are related: prosecutors sometimes fail to disclose incentives for their witnesses to lie or evidence that witnesses have lied on the stand. In one case examined by Moushey, prosecutors concealed the fact that their star witness was testifying under a false name and had a prior perjury conviction. In another, they did not disclose that their witness, an imprisoned cocaine dealer seeking a reduction in sentence, had bragged to fellow inmates about providing false testimony. The violations involved in cases like these are not mere legal technicalities; they bear directly on factual questions of guilt or innocence.”

“That these are old stories to people familiar with the system underscores the pervasive corruption they represent. ‘The entire criminal justice system knows that perjury is the coin of the realm,’ remarks Eric Sterling, president of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation. And Moushey’s investigation confirmed that perjury drives the prosecutions of federal cases: ‘People’s homes are invaded because of lies. People go to prison because of lies. People stay in prison because of lies, and sometimes, bad guys go free because of lies.’ Federal prison inmates ‘routinely buy, sell, steal, and concoct testimony, then share their perjury with federal authorities in exchange for a reduction of their sentences.’”

Tyner played the game the way most prosecutors play it. He seems to have been just a little more blatant about it than his more discrete peers. Antecedent probability suggests he will never be punished.

Augello has already filed a motion for a new trial. He has a hearing on that motion scheduled for December.


27 Responses to “Augello Prosecutor Played Dirty”

  1. FF Says:

    Demonic Rats use words like FORWARD, PROGRESS, ADVANCEMENT because at first glance, words like that generally provoke positive thoughts. But Demonic Rats are like Locusts.

    Their enemy are conservatives. Conservatives are like the farmers, tilling and harvesting, preserving the land. The Locusts come in and destroy everything.

    California is an example of that. A long time ago, it was the breadbasket of America. Now? It’s a cesspool. Literally. The Locusts did that.

    This is how it’s been for at least 5,000 years when men with intelligence exceedingly higher than primates figured out that it made much more sense to build a fence around the herd, instead of chasing the herd. These men were Homo Sapiens.

    The other species, Homo Erectus, remained as hunter gatherers. Too stupid to build and create, they prefer to loot and pillage.

    It was like that 5,000 years ago, and aint nothing has changed. The only solution is to stop pretending we are the same species. We’re not.

  2. Mongoloid Says:


    I’m thinking Harlem Santa Clyde is related to Tyner. That’s the only connection I can come up with.

  3. Sieg Says:

    “Fat Freddy Says:
    October 10, 2018 at 2:00 pm
    Hey, sounds like a real shitshow. Now all they need is President “Law and Order” Trump to throw in his two cents. That will blow the whole case wide open. Trump is a fat fuck who deserves solitary confinement in Leavenworth. I bet you he would be getting his butt reamed by butch queers every night, and he would have to pay them not to kill him. In fact I bet they would install a pay toilet in his cell. $50 for a pee, $100 to take a dump. Make him pay back the money he stole from American workers.”

    Fat Freddy? You mean Fatass Frank, right?

    Nice pic of the Osama bin barry you style, boy. Oh, and way to puff yourself about your “Hollywood career”. Only mystery is why you feel you have a damn thing to add to Rebel’s place…don’t ride, never been Inside, not in the life at all, and obviously don’t have a clue.

    Maybe you should just go back to sucking-off a dinge so you can feel more socially relevant.


  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Freddy,

    Sorry about that. I have been trying to get a book done and a bunch of assholes keep insisting that I pay attention to them. Unfortunately, if I don’t get the book done like right now I am going to be out of business. So I have been putting time into that.

    Aran Tyndale has an IP that pings back to a Digital Rights and Freedom Association proxy server in Bavaria. That usually means it is a Fed.

    He is gone now.


  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, Fat Freddy…there’s a lawn and leaf bag over there with a warning on it you need to test.

  6. FF Says:


    Thank you for posting the link. In reference to that, investigating a black demonicRat of ethics violation is like investigating a fish for swimming. Hopefully, the mortgage fraud is egregious enough.

  7. Curbside Says:

    Hey FatFreddy…are the purple crayons really grape-flavored?

    Asking for a friend.

  8. Retired Says:

    Curbside: Yes same name/address. Thank You.

  9. Iron Rider Says:

    Wow, so Reyna mini me 2.0 Another prosecutor playing the game for brownie points with someones life hanging in the Balance, sounds like a Reyna fan.

    I would say I am shocked but nope too much bullshit being piled high by prosecutors and judges who are supposed to be impartial but as we all know that is an illusion, I have said it before your are guilty until you can prove you innocent and Freddy’s case will be another in a long line of cases where the deck is stacked against you before you even see a courtroom

  10. Johnny Rotten Says:

    yeah Freddie…
    brilliant post…
    just stephan hawkingesque in its wisdom…

    please sit down now…
    the adults are trying to have a conversation…


  11. Blackbird Says:

    “Let’s see, attended Holy Spirit High School in Abescon NJ, class of 1988. Annual Tuition is just a tad under $10 grand a year.”

    Interesting, so did Freddy and so did I for that matter. Freddy and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Absecon.

    Fat Freddy,

    Regardless of how you feel about the President, a President has the power to pardon and just recently did pardon a bunch of people he felt were given bad/unfair deals, including a lady who sold drugs. It is my hope that this news with Tyner will lead to evidence that will help Freddy prove his innocence(it shouldn’t have to be that way, but sadly, it is). But if that fails a pardon may be an option in the future.

  12. David Says:

    @fat Freddy
    Kill yourself, please!

  13. Fat Freddy Says:

    Hey, sounds like a real shitshow. Now all they need is President “Law and Order” Trump to throw in his two cents. That will blow the whole case wide open. Trump is a fat fuck who deserves solitary confinement in Leavenworth. I bet you he would be getting his butt reamed by butch queers every night, and he would have to pay them not to kill him. In fact I bet they would install a pay toilet in his cell. $50 for a pee, $100 to take a dump. Make him pay back the money he stole from American workers.

  14. Curbside Says:

    @Retired, can Mr. Auguello receive mail at that address as well, or are there separate addresses for commissary funds and letters?

  15. Shovel Says:

    Because of government corruption and New Jersey, expect Mulholland and Glick to die soon. Because the lead investigator was fucking (raping) the daughter, Freddie should not expect justice.

  16. Retired Says:

    Anyone like to put any funds on Freddy’s book:Postal Money order.

    Ferdinand Augello
    260844 HL
    Atlantic County Justice Facility
    5060 Atlantic ave.
    Mays Landing, NJ 08330

    Thank You Rebel & others.

  17. Skag Says:

    Sounds like the appeals are writing themselves. And ineffective counsel is the least of it. Where do I donate to a defense fund? Good luck Freddy

  18. freebird Says:

    @ Retired

    I think most would call that investigation tampering……

    If you believe Freddy and right now he is the only one in this clown circus with any credibility…..

    Toss in Congressman LoBiondo and you got a new episode of banging housewives of New Jersey

  19. Patty Says:

    Does anyone have a private jet or log cabin in the woods?

    I am multi-talented and looking for a new home …


  20. Retired Says:

    How about the Sgt Detective(James Scoppa Jr) lead investigator in the case under Tyner caught having sex with Kimberly Pack, the daughter of April Kauffman. He was removed later on & demoted, but is still currently employed by the ACPO.

    Best wishes Freddy.

  21. Mark Says:

    Follow the money on this mother fucker, he’s as dirty as they get.

  22. Bone Head Says:

    If this plays out to fully expose Tyner for a genuine piece of shit it could be a real break for Mr. Augello and (hopefully competent) his attorneys. I would think an appeals court would have to be extra careful to avoid getting splattered with tynershit.

    But I’m no legal expert, so what do I know?

  23. Paladin Says:

    If they can nail this asshole, he’ll lose his pension, then he’ll be asking customers if they’d like fries with their orders.


  24. FF Says:

    Token Tyner had it rough, guys.

    Let’s see, attended Holy Spirit High School in Abescon NJ, class of 1988. Annual Tuition is just a tad under $10 grand a year.

    His Pop never worked a day in his life— he was a career politician, no doubt in a gerrymandered district. Token Tyner didn’t have to do any work, either. After HS he went on to Howard University, witch is basically the Black Marxist Academic Institutional version of the SS-Junkerschule at Bad Tölz, The Third Reichs officers’ training school for the Waffen-SS.

    It’s always the light skinned, spoiled rotten Negroes like Obama and Tyner who, in spite of attending the best schools, and who enjoy the highest privilege, go on to become radical democrats who absolutely HATE white people in general and the USA in specific. Tyner hates Augello. So does Levy. Levy and Tyner are Establishment Elites who’ve never had to compete fairly for anything, in their lives. Success was something calculated years in advance, simply by parental affiliation or membership associations with Democrat Party operatives.

    Augello represents free association. There’s no “set asides” or affirmative action when prospecting for a motorcycle club. The code of conduct is predicated on a Patriarchal design; White Anglo Saxon Men compete “unfairly” because the weak rarely thrive in their counterculture society.

    American citizens who truly live in pursuit of happiness, who demonstrate LIBERTY are a threat to the social order constructed by corrupt politicians, who 90% are lawyers (Liars). in the eyes of weaklings like Levy and Tyner, Augello and men like him represent something that MUST BE squashed.

    Guys like Levy and Tyner can’t fathom why anyone would want to be a 1%er, because is the eyes of “polite society” there is nothing to be gained.

    It never occurs to the Stasi Stooges among us that there are mountains to be climbed, for no other reason than that they are there— and they provide a personal challenge to be overcome. No trophies, no brownie points, no kissing the right ass, no promotion, no looking good on paper. An accomplishment to a shitbag like Tyner is merely a means to an end. Did you get the promotion? Did you jockey for a better position? It doesn’t matter what you see in a mirror, and it doesn’t matter if everybody else see’s the Emporer with no clothes— the only thing that matters is ADVANCEMENT, by any means necessary.

    But when all is said and done each and every one of these Stasi Stooges knows that most of their peers didn’t “succeed” because they just weren’t good enough. They didn’t “succeed” because they chose not to sing in any Rat Race Choir. And it burns Tyner, Levy, and every other Stasi Stooge out there, up.

  25. Johnny Rotten Says:



    I HOPE Freddie gets to kick their teeth six miles straight out their fuckin assholes

    GOOD LUCK man



  26. freebird Says:

    And if that was not enough for you……

    Tyner is a County Employee and according to Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson, Tyner will have his legal fees to defend himself against the allegation’s paid for by Atlantic county tax money

    Only in America…..

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