Augello Sends Out Message In Bottle

October 6, 2018

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Augello Sends Out Message In Bottle

Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, the retired Pagan who was convicted earlier this week of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and a couple of counts related to drug distribution, was back on Facebook this morning, protesting his innocence and the corruption of the criminal justice system that convicted him.

“This week has been tremendously disappointing for me, my family and those who love and support me” he began. He rages that “the entirety of my situation” is a “false narrative that has been propagated since the very beginning of this nightmare and the farce that has become known as “Justice For April”. If this was the intended purpose to begin with, you would think that “Justice For April” would certainly encompass the incarceration of self-confessed under oath, physical accomplice to murder, Joseph Mulholland who was never charged at all in this case?”

Augello compares his fate and that of one of the two principal witnesses against him, a former Pagan named Andrew “Chef” Glick. All of Glick’s “first degree charges, prior to this case were dismissed following the raid of his home where guns, drugs and money were found in abundance. My home and place of business were raided by a paramilitary force and absolutely nothing illegal was found in either. Following this the media exploitation of my case began, culminated by a half hour segment on ABC’s 20/20 show that included a stroll down the Atlantic City boardwalk with Prosecutor Tyner, a tour of the Kauffman residence and my picture flashed at the end. This all occurring months before the trial. Next in the line of fraudulent occurrences – the prosecutor asked Judge DeLury for a gag order a month after the airing of this program around the same time I began to defend myself on this very medium that I speak to you today (Facebook). Of course the judge grants their wish subsequently shutting down my 1st amendment rights as the Press of Atlantic City continues to be the media wing of the prosecution through backdoor channels and a general historical relationship they have with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.”


He calls another former Pagan named Joseph Mulholland and his cousin, Francis Mulholland, “the actual persons that murdered April Kauffman” and complains that Joseph, “under oath on the witness stand, described in detail this awful chain of events. All predicated on Joseph’s complete perjury that I had a relationship with Francis Mullholland that included me giving him $10,000 and casing the Kauffman’s home with him several times. There is only one problem with this theory that in actuality hasn’t been proven by anyone or told to the jury by my lawyers…I do not know Francis Mullholland whatsoever. I have never had an in-depth conversation with him, never had a beer with him, never ate lunch with him, etc. I have told my lawyers and others numerous times that I am more than willing to sit down side by side with Joseph Mullholland and take a polygraph test to reinforce this fact. Here is another problem – my court appointed lawyers never called any character witnesses to attest to this fact. There is no person that knows me that would ever put me anywhere with Francis Mullholland. There are dozens of people who saw me daily and know that Francis Mullholland was not a friend or acquaintance of mine.”

Augello would seem to have every right to be annoyed with his lawyers. He had two of them and they never bothered to put on a defense.

The convicted man complains that Judge Bernard E. DeLury, Jr. “wrote a two page diatribe to the jury about my motorcycle club. For most of the trial itself, you would almost think that it was not I on trial but my club. This came up constantly, every day the mantra was beat into the jury while my lawyers did not object to its usage even once. The prejudicial nature of this was outstanding.”

Changing The Rules

Augello has a right to complain. DeLury changed “the very parameters of my indictment. He asked that instead of me being in a conspiracy with just Francis Mulholland that I would be in a conspiracy with any ambiguous person.” “In the final day he decided to make it read that I was in a conspiracy with Dr. Kauffman, Joseph Mullholland or Francis Mulholland. This is not what is written on my Grand Jury indictment – not even close.”

This last minute maneuvering all but insured Augello’s conviction. Last week he said, “After the defense and prosecution rested, (prosecutor Seth) Levy tried to get the charge changed from conspiracy to commit murder with Francis Mullholland to conspiracy to murder with anyone. Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Anyone.” Before closing arguments, Freddy Augello complained about, “changing the rules at the end of the game.”

The last minute ruling prevented Augello’s defense from disputing any connection between Augello and Frank Mulholland. It also prevented the defense from looking at how Frank Mulholland died about a year later. Throughout the case, Augello has said that Francis Mulholland was murdered by his cousin Joseph, second indispensable prosecution witness in the case. According to Augello, Joseph Mulhollnd killed his cousin with a heroin “hotshot” to keep Francis Mulholland quiet. The death was ruled an accidental overdose but there is significant evidence that Augello’s assertion is true. The Mulholland cousins killed April Kauffman at the behest and with the assistance of the late Dr. James Kauffman. Then Francis Mulholland died. Then James Kauffman died. The hole in the case has always been why did any of them need Freddy.

The jury, partly because of the ineptness of Augello’s lawyers and partly because of DeLury’s late ruling never heard any of this.


The verdict was announced “with Mrs. (Kimberly) Pack(April Kauffman’s daughter) in the audience along with Tyner and Levy still propagating the fraud directed at her that this was ‘Justice For April.’ Mrs. Pack became visibly upset.” It “was more than understandable and very heart wrenching.” Meanwhile “everyone still pretended that Joseph Mullholland’s testimony that he and his cousin committed the murder was unimportant.”

Augello thinks “there has been no ‘Justice For April’. The idea of incarcerating me falsely is a fraud and serves nothing but the political aspirations of Tyner and his golden boy Levy. If anyone really wants to know or find ‘Justice For April’ they should pursue the mysterious death of Francis Mullholland that ended up with only two persons on the scene. One of them was the person who always referred to Francis as ‘my cousin Frank’.”

Augello finishes by calling his arrest, and conviction a “travesty of justice.” He has a point. But the real travesty is that his protests probably won’t make any difference.

Freddy Augello has sent out a message in a bottle. He has been unjustly marooned. People should care. The real tragedy is that nobody will care. Augello asks anyone who finds his message “to alert the proper authorities and local or national media people.”

Justice Is A Story

The trouble is that the “local” and “national media people” have already told the story of April Kauffman featuring  Freddy Augello. The men and women who told Augello’s story are not bad people. But the simple fact is that the people who might use the truth to rescue Freddy Augello people who get face time on ABC or CNN or Fox, don’t get paid to tell the truth. They get paid to tell good stories and they have already told this one.

This is the story of the beautiful, kind and blameless doctor’s wife trying to escape a loveless marriage to a crooked and ruthless psychopath. The psychopath is too smart and weak to kill his wife himself so he recruits the leader of an outlaw motorcycle gang to kill the woman for him. These vipers almost get away with it. But a crusading district attorney and his relentless investigator and his brilliant young prosecutor refuse to give up, damnit. Finally, they get the worst of the worst – the biker gangster. A righteous jury finds him guilty in two hours and he is taken from the courtroom in chains.

Isn’t that a great story? April Kauffman and everyone who loved her are the victims. Freddy Augello and his murderous Pagans are the villains. The police and the prosecutors are the heroes. The story is finished. Why would anybody in the press ever want to change a thing?

Of course it is a false narrative! What do you think makes this such a compelling story? Why do you think it has been getting reporters page one stories for months? How do you think this tale got on TV?


15 Responses to “Augello Sends Out Message In Bottle”

  1. Blackbird Says:

    Well lookie what I just found on the AC Press. Damon Tyner is under scrutiny for possible hiding evidence in this case as well as mortgage fraud, by county employees and ex employees. There could be hope yet.

  2. 1%er Says:

    13 1/2 12 jurors 1 judge and a half of a mother cumin chance!!

  3. Jim Says:

    Fred was the escape goat a escape goat with a lawyer who really didn’t do shit wonder if the the prosecutor picked the lawyer for him the witness both had blood on ther hands and admitted to it but to get there deal they had to taint themselves to get there deal I guess it was hard for Fred to have any defense with a judge who basically did everything a judge shouldn’t do and jurors were 12 people not smart enough to get out of jury duty here is a few facts where is the corvette down payment Fred never had a vette never had much money enough to get by but the cook at the old folks home he had a stack and a house in Florida and several bikes he had this before he started slinging drugs only wanted to save up 50 large the other guy I didn’t know much about him other then he helped kill April funny how Fred’s is best friends with frank the dudes cousin how the fuck does that happen ummm it don’t joe and his cousin killed her he killed him glick told people this hope Fred gets a better lawyer

  4. Blackbird Says:


    I was wondering the same, although I kinda got the impression with her last post that she may not post again and I was hoping she would keep us updated from the courtroom. I work during the day and was unable to attend. I did see a media article where she responded in the comments section and was the only one; its funny actually how out of all the articles by the media, No ONE ever comments in the comment section, like its taboo to talk about it or something. I hope she comes back. I did figure out who she was by her posts. Maybe she has her reasons for not posting in a public forum now. Time will tell.

  5. freebird Says:

    @ Johnny

    Maybe she caught the last train to the coast

  6. FF Says:

    There’s no good in being Maudlin; like the British say, Stiff upper lip and Drive on.

    Lesson’s learned:

    Anybody trafficking Narcotics— even if I just THINK you are— is anathema to me. Non-association. Period.

    Phone calls, meet me at place and time. Click.

    Social Media, scrubbed. Clean.


    You might have done some work on a 74 Mustang I owned in 1983, at Brian P’s in Garwood, NJ. You were a bit of legend to me and some of my friends in HS. Peace and Respect.

  7. Johnny Rotten Says:

    excuse me for my interruption…
    what happened to the chick that had the pandoras box, all the Real EVIDANCE?
    is it just me?
    no one else sees this absence as unusual?
    hopefully she aint dirtnapped somewhere…
    but she did make the claims…

    seems to me Freddie should be at home makin calls to right some misdeeds some suits made to the tune of a lifes work and worth



  8. Paula Carroll Says:

    Conviction Integrity Unit in the State. These overzealous prosecutors who continue to not follow the Rules 3.8: Special Responsibilities of Prosecutors.
    Vexatious litigation also may apply.

  9. Hippie Says:

    Better to be carried by 6,then judged by 12

  10. Aanon Says:

    Can only hope that his outcome is similar to Romeos but shorter, at this point.

  11. jersey Says:

    Freddy needs help asap – this innocent man needs help with his defense. Is there anyone out there able to help??

  12. Kenny Says:

    12+1= N.F.C.

  13. Neuro Says:

    Freebird, I am pretty sure that was total sarcasm.

  14. freebird Says:

    This is the story of the beautiful, kind and blameless doctor’s wife trying to escape a loveless marriage to a crooked and ruthless psychopath

    Calling bullshit on that one……

    She knew what was going on and loved the end result, money

    Lets not play games, she played the field

  15. Bone Head Says:

    I wish Mr. Augello good luck and better attorneys in his appeals. And a better judge who does not change rules and anything else during the hearing.

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