Romo Vows To Sing On

October 5, 2018

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Romo Vows To Sing On

“We must, indeed, all hang together,” the printer, reporter, editor, publisher, inventor, diplomat, sage and revolutionary Benjamin Franklin said in July 1776, “or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

It is a sentiment as American as cherry pie. Once it was an aphorism most American boys memorized before they turned 12. Not everyone agreed with that way of looking at one’s place in the world, even during the Revolution. Benedict Arnold, then, for example. Or more recently a confessed murderer and former Bandido Motorcycle Club national officer named “Downtown” Johnny Romo.

The other day at his sentencing Romo promised Federal District Judge David A. Ezra, “I will continue to cooperate with the government if they ever need an expert witness on an outlaw motorcycle gang.”

Ezra sentenced Romo to 15 years in prison.


Johnny Romo and his brother, Robert Romo confessed to the murder of an Austin drug dealer named Anthony Benesh as he left a pizza parlor with his family on March 18, 2006. They probably did kill Benesh. The Romo brothers were drug dealers as well and that was a noticeably wild and woolly time in the drug business in South Texas.

Benesh tried to enhance his credibility by claiming to be a Hells Angel. He was not. He never prospected with a Hells Angels charter in Arizona, Nevada or California. There is no evidence that Benesh ever left the state of Texas as an adult. The Hells Angels never mourned or commemorated his murder. He was murdered in front of his family by a sniper which is simply not how most biker murders occur. Ralph “Sonny Barger” testified that Benesh was never an Angel. Benesh was simply a guy who got a counterfeit Angels patch and used it to try to push his weight around.

The Romo brothers (above) confessed to the crime. The way they mitigated their responsibility was by claiming that they only killed Benesh because they were following the orders of Bandidos’ president Jeff Pike and vice-president John Portillo.

When Pike and Portillo were tried earlier this year prosecutor Eric Fuchs pursued a tortured interpretation of racketeering law that made Pike and Portillo responsible for any crimes allegedly committed on behalf of the club as a whole. Fuchs told the jury that the two club officers thought Benesh genuinely was a member of the Hells Angels and ordered him killed to assert the Bandidos preeminence in Texas.

Rule 35

Romo demonstrated his regret for killing Benesh by weeping at his sentencing hearing.

“I am remorseful for what I have done,” he confessed to Ezra. “I apologize to the family of Anthony Benesh…. I took a man’s life. It’s been a heavy burden on me for many years. Now I have to live with it.”
Romo is 48. Although his sentence precludes parole it is common in cases like his for prosecutors to file something called a “Rule 35 Motion” for a reduction in his sentence when no one is looking. Plausibly, that is why Romo promised the judge that he would keep cooperating.

Romo began his partnership with federal agents in 2014, about a year before the Waco Twin Peaks Mass Murder. He tape-recorded multiple conversations with Portillo that were later played in court.

Portillo and Pike were arrested an charged with racketeering and other crimes in January 2016, a half year after the Waco incident.

Last month, Portillo was sentenced to two life sentences plus 20 years. Pike was sentenced to life in prison plus ten years.


21 Responses to “Romo Vows To Sing On”

  1. freebird Says:

    How do they reconcile this crackheads testimony as factual on one hand and requiring Mental Health Treatment on the other……

    Another chapter in the Expect no mercy saga

  2. Wolfy Says:

    I hear it ain’t over yet!

  3. Bevis Says:

    How did all these “Ratz” get into a 1% Club??

  4. Todd Says:

    When you make the going tough on yourself, fuck someone else over and ease your burden. The absolute gospel for dope heads. keep this in mind when your brother is out in left field on dope because he is one fuck up away from sending you to the joint.

  5. od 1% Says:

    Aholes like that ruin a clubs good name.maybe should have a patch made up for bros like him .expect no loyalty

  6. RIDER 1 Says:

    Tony Romo…. It is no surprise that he will continue to sing and cooperate however he can. The guy who worried the most about his Brothers being rats, turns out to be the biggest rat! Go figure. Used to beat up on Prospects to show the Brothers what a tough guy he was. Too bad there wasn’t a test to see if he would rat on his Brothers! Too many like him still allowed to wear colors. I hope every day is a dayin hell for him and that he runs into someone he fucked over.

    RIDER 1

  7. HarryBalls Says:

    Will this piece of shit be placed somewhere will no one will be able to touch him?…if not, he should not come out of prison alive. What a shit stain.

  8. Neuro Says:

    You’re right not surprised. No one ever thought he was, but it sounds good to the lames to pump the story up. No one ever thought he was. I was honestly shocked to read that this guy was so far out there, he actually bought and wore one of those fake cuts made in Thailand and China. You can buy a fake set for any of the big bike clubs. Supposedly there was a second guy doing it in College Station but he must have stopped when Benesh did not come home from Saccone’s. I thought he was just making noise about his aspirations but I read he was going around in a fake cut.

  9. Agnarr's Lady Says:

    Hate to speak up and mention my families personal skeleton’s for everyone to know about, but this particular story has just pissed me off. They both were able to get on the witness stand, to tell lie after lie and sing their asses off for the various Federal ABC groupies as well as the Texas Law Enforcement Agencies. Now, Johnnie Romo is promising to do future performances for the LEA’s as they may need him to; as long as he continues to get a reduced sentence of just 15 yrs and making sure that has the ‘Rule 35’ attached to his sentence.

    What makes me mad is that after all these years where they where out in the public’s eye freely able to confessing to Killing someone when that happened in 2006 but is just now getting a reduced sentence of 15 yrs for being a lying, gutter-trash of a rat because he went and most likely made knowing false statements while on the stand in the trials of Pike and Portillo. which means that with good behavior Romo could be out in 7 and a half yrs.

    While my oldest son, while lets be clear here he is an idiot of the 1st Order for doing what he did. However, he is doing a stretch up to 20 for standing up like a man and saying that yes he did do the crimes, and he was willing to take the time as the punishment for doing the deeds he did.

    I mean they committed Murder; his crime was Armed Robbery, and Robbery; 1 count each and no one got hurt in either off his two crimes.

    If you want to know more on what my son was guilty of here is what he did, what he was charged with, and the sentence he received, and yes he did take a plea deal so they would drop the charge of Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Bank Robbery,(enhanced, by use of a firearm) They said that he was on Bank grounds and the sealed bank deposit bag made the money the banks property. (That was one the Lawyer was afraid we might not be able to get dropped after my son got indited. But by the efforts of the lawyer he got a lot of charges dropped and left the remaining two charges, which my son took the deal on. He told us he knew if he went to trial in Odessa, Tx. He would not be coming out of the Texas Penal System because several of the charges they had on him carried up to 99 yr. sentences, and that City was known for handing out long prison times.

    So here’s my sons story on why hes in Texas Dept. of Corrections.

    My son is currently doing a stretch of 20 yrs in the Texas Dept of Corrections. His sentence was for 1 count of Armed Robbery, and 1 count of Robbery. Because his decided that his stupid ass would start using meth and got hooked on it. He even lost his job in the oil field because of his drug use. So he decides to listen to his uglier then the asshole of a camel for a Girlfriend. So he decides to set up and wait parked in front of a bank and its three ATM’s; while he waited for his desired target. When he decided to finally make his dumb-sassed move its with a shotgun with no shells in it; and he goes for the bank deposit bag carried by an elderly lady. All of this is actually happening right in front of the ATM machines built into the bank’s outer wall and are installed so that they are actually taking 3 second delayed photos of the whole thing from when he first arrived in front of the bank, his time waiting for someone to approach the bank carrying a Bank Deposit Bag; and follows with him as he ddddddddddddddddddddthreatening her with the shotgun; then stealing her deposit bag. (It only had $81.00 for all of his stupidity), to his jumping back into the car pulling out onto the road displaying the License Plates for the ATM cameras to get good clear pictures of.

    Plus since my son had already served time before because he was stupid when he has 17 by being drunk and set on abandoned house on fire by accident. He came home from that time with a set of very distinctive prison tats that completely covered his chest and stomach as well as his arms. So guess who, decided not to wear a shirt, or any sort of headgear; to cover his face up while he committed these acts of moronic brilliance? Yep that would be my dumber then a boulder of a son.

    SO when the Odessa Police came to the house and finding the vehicle there, his uglier then a Camel’s ass-hole of a girl-friend and her friend that was living with them in Odessa was quicker then hell to turn around and say that every-
    thing was done by my son. She was very happy to take the cops around turn over the shotgun,the bank deposit bag, as well the stuff they both took from one of the Odessa Dollar General Stores. (This is where he pushed a store employee down as they tried to stop him from running after catching him shop-lifting.) So this is where he gets the Robbery charge from.

  10. Not Surprised Says:

    I cannot believe anyone thought this guy was real 81

  11. Aanon Says:

    Completely wrong article on that thought. Big black one the size of a freight train for these two.

  12. Kenny Says:

    @joey has hit that nail. Plus more then likely one would slap a guy. Encourage him to burn that disrespect full rag. Move on…worse set him up and Rob him. Lol But everybody knows who does stuff like that. The thing is the feds tried some of this out on History channel. Then spun it up untill they found the right guys to say whatever they wanted them to. Probley never did much got caught with dope. Maybe 10 years Topps. But fear of the big unknown will break a man. Untill they ask u. Hand u a legal pad and tell u. Write down every Crime u ever did. Then a real 1%er rises…or a user bends his head and crys. Respect to those Men, life plus WTF.They knew that going into it.But when it’s your brother it’s fucked. Being a 1%er u lived life to its fullest. Respect to the R.G.

  13. Trebor Says:

    Oh but when he was running about he was such a standup Badass Brother.

  14. Aanon Says:

    2 more stand up white men who are going to take a ride that they didn’t get in line for. Hvac biz, home owner, fuckin Texan. And Texans hung him out? No way.

  15. jrino Says:

    Seems like every story is about one patch who gets caught dealing and rats on who ever is the guy the feds want to take down. Not really a mystery formula for prison.

  16. Stevo Says:

    A coward dies a thousand deaths.


  17. Joey Says:

    I do not believe the National P and National VP ordered the two bandit dope heads to kill Benesh ! Benesh wore a fake patch. The two Nationals would have called 81 and asked about Benesh. 81 would have fixed that issue ! Two brothers made up shit to get away with their shit ! Thats what happened. I can see what happened how can the law not see ? I’m not a red and gold fan in any way ! But truth is truth !

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Testifying for reduced sentences should be illegal.

    When your up in age and your facing what looks like the rest of your life behind bars. Then half of all people, maybe most people, would admit or accuse anyone of anything.

    This is a broken system.

  19. Griz's Gal Says:

    What a low-life piece of shit. He feels remorse about as well as a Jihadist at a Baptist convention. And, he’s so scared of prison, that when he gets caught up, he drags down his ‘Brothers’. Covering that ol’ass, ain’t he?! Creep.


  20. freebird Says:

    If you think about it, what a great safety net……

    Deal in crystal and if you get hooked by the feds blame it on the club knowing full well they will offer you the sky to testify against them for reduced time and maybe even a job


  21. Todd Says:

    Johnny was a bully and a dope head… He never appeared remorseful about anything he did to my recollection. Throw Justin in the same group, as well as big g, all bullies with dope problems. And without a club, they are nobody, never would have been, and obviously never will be again. I don’t know too many dope heads that wouldn’t sell their soul to save their own ass, so if you are in a club what does that tell you?

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