Augello Guilty

October 2, 2018

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Augello Guilty

After deliberating for less than two hours, a jury in Mays Landing, New Jersey found retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member Ferdinand “Freddy” “Miserable” Augello guilty of murdering April Kauffman in May 2012, conspiring to murder April’s husband James Kauffman and of masterminding a prescription drug ring.

At least as early as 2011, Dr. James Kauffman, an endocrinologist in suburban Philadelphia was supplementing his income by selling prescriptions for opioids and custom medications. The custom, or “compound” prescriptions were very lucrative. There has never been any estimate of the extent of the opioid scheme. But the Kauffman’s were very prosperous. They owned multiple corvettes, a suburban mansion, a city condo and many nice things.

After ten years of deteriorating marriage April Kauffman tried to blackmail her husband into a favorable divorce settlement. An Acquaintance said, “All she wanted was a fresh start and she really thought she was going to have it.”

According to numerous official and unofficial sources, she threatened his “empire.” She also threatened to reveal that he was not a war hero. Kauffman responded by trying to have her killed. After a year of trying, he finally struck a deal with cousins Joseph and Frank Mulholland. Frank actually killed the estranged wife by shooting her in the arm and chest with a gun he was given by James Kauffman, James Kauffman was in the couple’s suburban home when she was murdered.

Today the jury convicted Augello of arranging that murder by taking money from James Kauffman and splitting it with the Mulhollands.

Count Two

Last fall, federal and state agents tried to trick Augello into confessing his role in April Kauffman’s murder using a former Pagan named Andrew Glick. Glick had been caught with dealer amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine, $38,000 in cash and numerous pistols he intended to sell. Federal and state authorities agreed to absolve Glick of his crimes if he helped them convict Augello. During the drama the two men played out late in 2017, Glick invented a plot to kill James Kauffman and he told Augello about it. The jury thought Augello’s comments were sufficiently incriminating to convict him of conspiring with Glick to kill Kauffman.

Kauffman was told of the plot and killed himself in a jail cell in January.

Count Three

Originally, the case had eight defendants: Augello; James Kauffman; Joseph Mulholland, who had been trying to incriminate Augello at the same time Glick was; another former Pagan named Glenn Seeler; Seeler’s ex-girlfriend Cheryl Pizza, Augello’s ex-wife Beverly Augello; Tabitha Chapman and Paul Pagano.

Mulholland, Seeler, Pizza, Beverly Augello and Chapman all testified against Augello and helped convince the jury that Augello was using intermediaries to get prescription pills from James Kauffman which he then sold.

Augello’s public defender, Mary Linehan, barely put on a defense. The only defense witness was a private investigator who testified about a small aspect of the case involving a “burner” cellphone or cellphone app.

Linehan convinced Augello not to testify. “I really wanted to testify but the lawyers begged me not to. They said it would open up a can of worms that we couldn’t close,” Augello explained last week.

Augello is 52-years-old. He will be sentenced to at least 30 years in prison.


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  1. Blackbird Says:

    Freddy’s sentencing this this week. His lawyer filed for a new trial based on the stuff that came out after the trial about how the prosecution withheld evidence. We shall see. Others ion the case will have sentencing too,. I will keep you all posted on what I hear.


  2. Paladin Says:

    @ 31st;

    That video pretty much says it all. When one combines TRUE brotherhood with an addiction to adrenaline, one does indeed have a force multiplier.

    Back in the day, when vacationing overseas, one of our directives was worked with dogs whose prey (adrenaline) drive and loyalty were so strong that only under extreme circumstances were they allowed to be brought home.

    Depending on whom you ask, some people will tell you that I stayed too long. Depending on the circumstances. Some people will tell you that I never left.


  3. freebird Says:

    @ 31st

    You have full rights to 9:30……

    I,m taking 16:20 if your ok with that, it’s kind of my happy place

  4. 31st Says:



    Paladin, long may you ride

  5. freebird Says:

    We still have a honorable man trapped behind enemy lines…..

    “The Egyptian”

  6. Blackbird Says:

    I did hear of a Go Fund me page a while back, but I think it was taken down. Its a shame that he didn’t have a good lawyer that would actually fight for him. He got the shaft plain and simple.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Irish Mike can pull his head out of his ass now, breathe once, then fuck off and die, preferably slowly and painfully and with any luck, the crack whore of a wife of his will either help out or join. What a cunt, air-wasting pig you are, Irish Mike.

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