Augello Trial Follows Script

September 25, 2018

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Augello Trial Follows Script

It will be up to the jury to decide if Ferdinand “Freddy” “Miserable” Augello shrinks and softens every morning just before he walks into the courtroom.

He is sitting right there in plain sight. The witnesses prosecutor Seth Levy calls to the stand keep testifying that every time the jurors look away Freddy turns into a cruel fiend with the power of life and death over anyone who doesn’t shrink from his gaze or obey his terrible commands.

It is no surprise that Levy keeps trying to turn the sordid murder of a Housewife of South Jersey named April Kauffman and the entirely preventable suicide of her estranged husband and alleged murderer James Kauffman into a straight to cable horror movie starring Randall “Tex” Cobb as Freddy. Cobb’s most famous role was as the “Lone Biker of the Apocalypse.”

Also Starring

This week Kevin Spacey, as Joseph “Irish” Mulholland, and Lindsey Lohan as Freddy’s victimized ex-wife and inescapable business partner, Beverly took the stand.

Beverly Augello testified that she would pick up 120 OxyContin tablets from James Kauffman every month. The tablets had a street value of about $2,400 and she would split them with her ex-husband. If true, that suggests Freddy sold a whopping $1,200 worth of drugs every month. The former Mrs. Augello also testified that she picked up an envelope from James Kauffman two days before his wife died. It was, she testified, half an inch thick and she had no idea what it might contain. She gave it to Freddy without looking inside

Augello has said that the envelope contained samples of Nexium, a heartburn medication. He says he had his ex-wife pick up the samples because she spent so much time visiting Kauffman and he suspected she was talking to him on a “burner” phone or app. Augello believes his wife is sexually promiscuous and was having an ongoing affair with Kauffman. Kauffman, in turn, accused Augello of having an affair with his wife April.

Can’t you just imagine what Oprah Winfrey or Lifetime Television could do with this?

The Mysterious Envelope

Beverly Augello admitted that she bought and set up the burner phone but testified that she then gave it to her husband. It was, presumably, a personal favor for an ex-husband she hated and still hates. James Kauffman called the burner app she claims she set up for her ex-husband 276 times before it suddenly went dead, the day before April Kauffman’s murder.

What Levy wants the jury to conclude, although he can’t prove it, is that the mysterious envelope contained a $30,000 payment for the murder of April. In other words, Levy wants the jury to think that Augello is so cold blooded that he arranged the murder of his mistress for money from her husband.

Mulholland, who has admitted to actually being an accessory to April Kauffman’s murder, has the job of convincing the jury that the envelope held thirty large.

Mulholland, testified Beverly Augello picked up the payment from James Kauffman although he didn’t actually describe the envelope so the jury will have to connect the dots all on its own.

Mulholland also testified that he didn’t kill April Mulholland himself, even though James Kauffman offered him $100,000 to do it. He did not do it himself because he had moral reservations. Killing a woman he wasn’t sleeping with for a quick $100,000, “Ain’t my style,” Mulholland said after he swore to tell the truth and whole truth.

Keep The Change

But he did agree to drive his cousin Frank to the murder scene so his cousin Frank could kill April Kauffman. He testified that Augello paid him $1,000 for that. Which would seem to indicate that there were some limits to Augello’s heartlessness.

Augello didn’t have to give Mulholland $1,000. Mulholland was going to do it anyway because Mulholland, an admitted drug addict and drug dealer, feared for his life. Mulholland testified that Freddy Augello told him that he either had to drive his cousin to the murder or “I was dead.” Then Mulholland said, “I feared for my life.”

Let’s recap. The jury is being told that as a trembling Mulholland was bowing slightly and backing out the door, Augello peeled off a fistful of Benjamins from the big roll he always carried in his pocket and said, “Here, pal. On the way home from killing this bitch for me why don’t you buy yourself an ice cream cone.”

In return for her testimony, Beverly Augello had three felonies reduced to misdemeanor drug possession. In return for his testimony, Mulholland will not be sentenced until after the trial. As part of his plea deal he confessed to second degree racketeering. Second degree racketeering carries a penalty of five years in prison and Mulholland will be eligible for parole after 20 months.

Dramatists and screenwriters know that every script has a “point of improbability” beyond which viewers and readers will no longer willingly suspend their disbelief. Instead they will start asking logical questions. The prosecution of Freddy Augello for the murder of April Kauffman might have just found its point of improbability this week.


8 Responses to “Augello Trial Follows Script”

  1. Mark Says:

    @ MtPockets
    Bingo! You nailed it but the state’s evidence is the taped phone conversations that have been decoded by the man in the moon. That is what the state’s lawyers shell game is, to keep the jury from zeroing in on the fact that the only evidence is the word of criminals who will likely be locked up for the rest of their lives if they don’t testify against Freddy. So the decoded phone calls are feed into the mix to keep the jury off balance. Which makes it even more clear about gag order to shut up Freddy and locking up the Egyptian without bond to protect the BS and propaganda that is the core of this train wreck to railroad Freddy. This whole pile of BS reads like a cheap spy novel, that happened behind the Berlin Wall in East Germany to propagandize the communist and make hero’s out of the agents in the west.

  2. MtPockets Says:

    Is it just me, or did every single one of the prosecutions witnesses confess is open court that they are testifying with the hope of leniency in their own cases?
    How can any honorable individual NOT see how that taints their testimony?
    In reading about the case both here and in the local newspaper, it looks to me like they have zero actual evidence of Augellos involvement.
    I sure hope the jury has enough sense to see that.

  3. panamaa Says:

    If what you state is true….I would be very careful of what you say here. A lot of different people read these post. While I’m sure of you’re concern for Mr. Augello I don’t know how helpful you could be in a court of law when you’ve given your checkered background to everyone and their brother….


  4. Patty Says:

    @ Anon:

    Just for the record, I have been trying to get Freddy out of jail since January! I went to the Public Defender’s Office and spoke with Scott Sherwood in person, emailed him and even showed up at the courthouse to find him. He lied and told me that he gave my information to Mary Linehan. She had no idea who I was in July when I contacted her and filed a four page Affidavit with Judge DeLury!

    I felt responsible for April’s murder for six years. I met April in the 1980’s. I had a miscarriage on my 16th birthday in 1982 and was a patient on my mom’s floor at Shore Memorial Hospital. I grew up in New Gretna before moving to Atlantic City.

    I redid Jim and April’s Wills a few months before he murdered her. After that I discussed with April a few things, one of which was the fact that Jim was never in any branch of the military. I have a major problem with people who claim to be in the military especially since I have a triangle flag in my house and my father is a 20 year purple heart Air Force veteran.

    There was no big Oxycotin ring in 2011! She did not threaten him with that. That is part of the made up story.

    While I am not a Pagan, I am extremely close to a few as I have friends in the Mafia and other real gangs, not clubs.

    You guys would know better than me but I do not believe that if there was a big Pagan Oxycotin ring I don’t believe that they would seek the services of a minor league biker and his sidekick to do their work! Just saying …

    Do I know why Ed Jacobs said Freddy did it … yes!

    I also used to sell drugs and do them. I know dozens of people that sell their prescription medications and major drug dealers. I even told the FBI and ACPO that they did not know how much power I had because I could go outside and make a phone call and have someone taken out for free!

    I have family members in law enforcement and even on the SWAT team. This is not funny at all.

    I will stop here but hopefully you realize how fucked up this is and help me “Free Freddy”!

    Thanks …

  5. Hangaround Says:

    For reference and hopefully a juror, 30G would be three times as thick as that.

  6. Anon Says:

    Patty if you have all this info make it public or are you waiting for them to convict him?!

  7. AZ Supporter Says:

    Half an inch for 30 g’s huh? Let me guess… thousand dollar bills? Get the hell outta here and let this innocent man free!

  8. Patty Says:

    Thank you, Aging Rebel! I was starting to think that I had smoked some really bad crack or something …

    I do not know what readers know of me or what they think of me and I do not fucking care at this point in my life …

    Please know though that even if I do die, the truth will still come out!

    I never sat down and had a conversation with Freddy Augello until I had the balls to show up to visit him in the Atlantic county jail …

    The amount of corruption and official misconduct that I can prove is sickening!

    Somebody from Washington, D.C. needs to land a helicopter here pretty soon …..

    That is not a threat …

    Free Freddy …

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