Glick Sings Augello Laughs

September 19, 2018

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Glick Sings Augello Laughs

The only evidence offered against retired Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello so far in Augello’s trial has been the testimony of former Pagan Andrew “Chef” Glick and Glick’s interpretation of three conversations with Augello that Glick recorded over a two-month period late last year.

Glick is a desperate man. He was a desperate man when he agreed to try to frame Augello. He had been caught red-handed, in the most conservative telling of the tale, with at least 17 ounces of methamphet- amine, five ounces of cocaine, $35,000 in cash and a duffel bag full of the guns he ran up the East Coast to Philly from Florida. He was busted by the FBI on federal charges and, with time off for good behavior, he was looking at a minimum of 408 months in some lovely destination like Terre Haute or, with luck, Lewisburg.

Glick was probably a good brother. He became chapter president after Augello retired with his colors. It is just that some guys are ready, for all practical purposes, to lose their life right now, which is what going to prison for 408 months means. Some guys believe in second chances. Glick is one of those guys. So for three days he has been trying to fill in the blanks in deluded Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy’s case.

Didn’t Do It

Yesterday, Levy played the jury an hour of evidence. “I didn’t murder this guy’s wife,” Augello tells Glick on the clandestinely recorded conversation. “This is bizarre.”

The same thing could be said about the entire case which is as hard-boiled as a James M. Cain novel. Only Levy isn’t smart enough to see the case in those terms or he doesn’t think his jury is smart enough to get a story where none of the characters – starting with the alleged victims, Dr. James and April Kauffman – is entirely without sin.

So far, to make his case, Levy has been forced to torture the actual evidence like a baker tortures dough. His argument seems to be that “I didn’t murder this guy’s wife” is really a confession that means, “Oh, yeah. I murdered her good.”

What’s That Smell

Glick has testified on the prosecution’s behalf that several times as he clandestinely recorded Augello and tried to get him to say something stupid, Augello would say he felt like he was being spied on by the police. Levy wants the jury to think that no Pagan ever has reason to suspect that he is being spied on by the police. And guilty men always proclaim their innocence.

Today, while Glick remained on the stand, Levy played the recording where Glick and Augello talk about killing James Kauffman. Killing Kauffman was Glick’s idea and Augello was skeptical.

Glick told Augello that he knew a made guy who would arrange Kauffman’s murder for $10,000. Augello thought that sounded cheap and that Mafia guys are not famous for their sentimentality.

Glick explained that he was the Mafia guy’s great customer. If Glick went to jail, Glick explained – not if Augello went to jail but if Glick went to jail – the Philly Mafia guy would lose the $250,000 he made from Glick every year.

“I’m kind of signing a deal with the devil,” Glick told Augello.

Who knows what the jury made of that. Who knows what Sigmund Freud would have made of that.
In the meantime, Augello remains confident that he will be acquitted.

“Hey,” Augello said to a friend. “Did they see Glick not recognize a picture of himself and call it Frank? It was priceless. I think he was high or drunk.”

“It was like a comedy routine. My lawyers had to tell me to stop laughing.”

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15 Responses to “Glick Sings Augello Laughs”

  1. 31st Says:

    Levy and Tyner… one day in the not so distant future, I’m going to read about one of your children dropping dead from a drug overdose, and it was Glick who provided the transaction. And I’m going to laugh, just thinking about his bowl haircut, and both of you laughing tonight.

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    We can only hope this stupidity is also making the jury laugh in their rooms after each day, so that when they read the verdict, the head jurist guy will be laughing as he tells the judge and everyone else what corrupt, stupid assholes they are and to let Augello free with a not guilty.

  3. AZ Supporter Says:

    Oh thank goodness… I was worried about this case until I just watched that doofus testify.

  4. MtPockets Says:

    I doubt itd be allowed, but it would seem worthwhile to ask Glick what kind of a deal he got on his own drug charges in exchange for testifying. Even if it got struck from the record it’d be a seed that needs to be planted.
    I sure haven’t seen any actual evidence of Freddys involvement, hopefully the jurors can see that.
    Good luck, Freddy!

  5. New England Rider Says:

    Jesus-H-Christ enough with this. Free Freddy Augello.

    New England Rider

  6. Iron Rider Says:

    Bonegead hit the nail on the head describing Glick’s testimony. Glick seems to be the one who was trying to induce Freddy to say something… anything to get Glick a “thata boy” pat on the back from his handlers.

    Well this case is heading into shit territory so far, if this is their star’s testimony, I hate to see what the rest is like

  7. Bone Head Says:

    I watched the video of Glick testifying. He’s awful nervous and fidgety. Kind of like me as a kid when Mom and Dad caught me lying about whatever stupid shit I’d gotten caught at. If a person told me in that manner the sun was shining I’d go outside and look up.

  8. 10Guage Says:

    This guy is a fucking joke…fucking junkie scum bag…he’s high right now.

  9. Patty Says:

    When I showed up for the trial Tuesday I had the most bizarre experience ever!

    When I walked into the courthouse, one of the Sheriff’s Officers said, “Miss Colon”…

    I laughed and replied: “Yes and how would you know that? Is there an all points bulletin out on me?” I never got an answer but I did get a bodyguard the entire time I was at the courthouse! Good thing I shaved my legs!

    I never experienced such royal treatment when I worked for Jacobs and Barbone!

    I don’t know what they think I am going to do next!

    What an acid trip …

  10. Anon Says:

    Take a look at that motherfucker’s eyes. They have him on methadone(you can only see his iris’s- not his pupils) and tiny enough amount of some beta blocker or a anti-anxiety drug that he’s able to lie his ass off.

  11. jrino Says:

    “Did you agree to wear a wire and become a snitch er…a informant?” Well I got caught and the FBI said they would reduce my sentence so yeah that why I’m you know under oath…. and saying what I am.

  12. freebird Says:

    I have to believe Freddy is only a stepping stone that will walk

    Toss in a former prosecutor now Judge, Congressman, Governor and the mafia if you believe dick i mean Glick

    Screw the Mayans…..

    We have a mini series in the planing stages…..

  13. 31st Says:

    Nice bowl haircut, Glick.

  14. Lunchbox Says:

    This is a circus!

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