Quoting Yves Lavigne

September 17, 2018

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Quoting Yves Lavigne

The lawyers made their opening speeches and testimony began today in the trial of Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, a retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member from the South Jersey Shore.

Augello is accused of arranging the murder of a doctor’s wife named April Kauffman in May 2012. The prosecution claims the woman’s husband, James Kauffman paid Augello $50,000 for the murder and that Augello then paid a drug addict named Francis Mulholland $10,000 to kill the woman and a former Pagan named Joseph Mulholland $1,000 to be his cousin Frank’s chauffeur.

According to evidence in the case that has not previously been publicly disclosed, Francis “Mulholland told (Joseph Mulholland) that James Kauffman was at the house (where April Kauffman died) and he provided him with the gun and pointed out the bedroom to him. He fired two shots and she let out a scream. Kauffman got in his car and drove away and Francis left the house.” Another stack of evidence indicates that the gun was “black or brown.” Presumably it was a revolver. It has never been recovered and there are conflicting stories about why. The one the prosecutors will probably present argues that Freddy Augello is a criminal mastermind like Keyser Söze.

Murder Plot

The way the murder occurred cost Joseph Mulholland about 990 Benjamins “At one point,” a grand jury heard, James Kauffman “offered Joe Mulholland, while they were in the Doctor’s office together,” for some unknowable reason, “$100,000 to have it done. Dr. Kauffman complained that Fred was taking too long to get it done and told Joe if he’s willing to do it he’ll give him $100,000.”

“Did Kauffman ever tell any of these people his plan for how to kill April?”

“He said it would be very easy, that he would leave the door unlocked. She would be asleep in her room and they would kill her there.”

Other Murder Plot

Augello is also accused of plotting to have James Kauffman murdered in jail. The accusation is based on statements made by a single witness.

“He (Augello….) Several times he told our witness that he was broke at the time but he would be willing to barter with getting the individual who killed him a guitar…or pay later, pay them later on or owe them favors later on.”

Each life, it seems, has a different value. April Kauffman’s life was worth $100,000. James Kauffman’s was only worth a used guitar.

Great Police Work

“And did he go so far as to actually accept a plan…specific plan for how to kill James Kauffman?”

“Yes. Our witness had let it be known to Augello that there was different ways that could have Dr. Kauffman killed in a jail, one of which was poisoning him.”

“And was Freddy successful of having Kauffman murdered in jail?”

“No, he was not because law enforcement, specifically our office and the FBI, took control of the situation and made sure that Fred was not going to be able to kill Dr. Kauffman.”

Jamers Kauffman killed himself about two weeks after he was charged with his wife’s murder.

Ben Franklin One Percenter

Much of the case against Augello will be based on his membership in the Pagans, The Pagans, the grand jury heard, “are an organized outlaw motorcycle gang”

“They formed as a gang of outlaws. Their slogan is that they’re one percenters, which they state that 99 percent of individuals who ride motorcycles are law abiding and one percent break the law and they are the one percenters.”

Of all the people who might obviously have been tried for April Kauffman’s murder, the only one left alive is Freddy Augello. If the bloody maw of justice is to be satisfied the sacrifice must be Augello. Not Frank Mulholland or James Kauffman who actually killed her. Not Joe Mulholland who was offered $100,000 to do the job but decided to take one percent of that to drive the getaway car instead.

Assistant prosecutor Seth Levy alluded to this obvious fact this morning in his opening statement to the jury. “Three people can keep a secret if two are dead,” he said.

It is an interesting turn of phrase and it is interesting to hear a prosecutor use it in this case.

The phrase was coined by Benjamin Franklin in 1735. Franklin is a local Philly hero and Levy might have been alluding to him. But the aphorism’s original intent was just to be prudent about potential gossips and who you confide in. Levy, who seems to be more slick than erudite, might not even know Franklin said it first. It seems more likely that he was referring to a more recent use of Franklin’s quote: As the subtitle of outlaw biker authority Yves Lavigne’s 2000 book Hell’s Angels: Three Can Keep a Secret If Two Are Dead. Lavigne, many people understand, is a self-dramatizing twit who doesn’t know that the club’s name omits the apostrophe. “There are many hells,” any Angel will tell you.

Yet his publisher promises that the book “takes you deeper into the world of the modern motorcycle gang than any journalist has dared – or could stand – to go. Not since Hunter Thompson’s Hell’s Angels: A Strange And Terrible Saga Of The Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs appeared in 1967 has there been such a thorough account.”

It is one of those books.

It already looks like it going to be one of those trials.

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10 Responses to “Quoting Yves Lavigne”

  1. freebird Says:

    @ Patty

    Damon Tyner picked this file on purpose because it was the quickest way to get national attention … and bolster his next political agenda!

    Keyword may be Political from audio recordings

    Christie & LoBiondo

  2. Jim Says:

    Dear mr glick we need to wrap this up quick when your done you can pick up your last paycheck whatcha gonna do then Andy oh yeah you don’t have to go home but ya can’t stay here in your nice secure place we had for ya oh your lawyer wants his money looks like your gonna have to dip in that money the doc gave ya maybe sell a few of those bikes you have or the place you have in Florida ya did good cooking at a retirement home Fred has one bike and lived with someone do the math he wasn’t doing anything all these witnesses have shit the want to skate on oh yeah Fred’s so called vintage guitars are the ones he built himself mr prosecutor oh didn’t glick have a bundle of loot on him let’s see Fred never was a patient or had any scripts but old Andy was a patient and had scripts do the math

  3. Patty Says:

    The Mulhollands were not Pagans!

    Andrew Glick does not look like a scary outlaw either…

    Damon Tyner picked this file on purpose because it was the quickest way to get national attention … and bolster his next political agenda!

    Seth Levy just changed the numbers in the Pretty Little Liars theme song! He wasn’t quoting Ben Franklin.

    … to be continued …

  4. Parsifal Says:

    In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward mobile – and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. H.S.T. Fortunately or unfortunately there was a man that was winning, he had lived a life that society would dictate to him of being a loser. Losers aren’t supposed to win. So! Now this illegal system must grind this man down to his core. Fuck the pigs, Fuck the court, Fuck the system, damn them all to Hell! I hope this Man walks away FREE.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    @ Glick “Did you tell the reporter that if you didn’t testify against Freddy you might spend the rest of your life in Jail?” “Would you lie to save your life?”

  6. Gandalf Says:

    By Glick’s account there is WAY MORE evidence that Glick was running the Pill Mill and Glick got JM&FM to kill the woman. This Trial is CRAZY! They got the 2 guys responsible… Glick and JM. But they want Freddy even if they have to let the guilty POSs go Free… (with pay)

  7. MtPockets Says:

    If it weren’t for the pre-trial publicity by the persecuters I would think this case would be a slam dunk. Unfortunately, Freddie was not afforded the same latitude in talking about the case.
    From where I sit, the prosecution still needs to come up with some pretty solid evidence. Just a junkie squealing to save his bacon AINT enough to get a conviction- or at least better not be!

  8. Gordo Says:

    Ya right

    I’ll do it for a guitar or favours in the future

    Who is that witness?


  9. freebird Says:

    If i had the skills to write a book my first one would be titled:

    “The IOU Murder that never happen”

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