Free “The Egyptian” Day 14

September 14, 2018

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Free "The Egyptian" Day 14

Esteemed New Jersey Jurist Bernard DeLury ruled yesterday that retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member and free speech martyr John “The Egyptian” Kachbalian must remain confined in the Atlantic County Justice Facility indefinitely.

Kachbalian is accused and provably guilty of posting Facebook updates about the South Jersey murder prosecution of retired Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello. Kachbalian published a list of witnesses who will testify at Augello’s trial. Opening statements are Monday.

Kachbalian named the witnesses who will testify in Augello’s trial and described the one’s who have a prior association with the Pagans as “rats.”

The Right Word

It remains difficult to know where the bright and shining line between constitutionally protected expression and samizdat is in this case although it might make a good hypothetical for law students of the future. Could Kachbalian have gotten away with calling his former friends “stoats,” “ferrets” or “rabbits?” What if he had called them “bunnies” or “chattering lorikeets?”

Kachbalian is also guilty of publishing a photograph of a blond as viewed from the rear. The woman’s face, breasts and genitals are not depicted. Prosecutors in the Augello case contend that it is a photo of Beverly Augello. She is Ferdinand Augello’s former wife and a witness in the case. On his Facebook page, Kachbalian has described her as a faithless, immoral woman and also a “rat.”

The posts are still published on Facebook. His page is still up. Neither Beverly Augello nor any other person mentioned on Kachbalian’s page has sued him for libel. There is no libel if a statement is provably true.


Kachbalian is charged with first-degree witness tampering, cyber harassment, posting obscene material and invasion of privacy.

Kachbalian was represented at his detention hearing yesterday by an experienced criminal defense lawyer named Stephen P. Patrizio. He told the judge, “We would like John home and released and we are prepared to entertain any conditions that the court would deem appropriate above and beyond the recommendation that he be released on his own recognizance.”

Prosecutor Seth Levy told DeLury that the people Kachbalian described as “rats” have complained to him that the mean things Kachbalian said about them really hurt and that they would feel less safe if he was free. Also, they people he called “rats” were members of the community who were testifying to make the community safer because they thought nobody could feel safe knowing that people like Augello were loose with their motorcycles and their keyboards and their electric guitars. And, it is not very fair that these people who were just trying to make us all safer had their feelings of unsafeness triggered by Kachbalian’s hate speech.

DeLury was impressed by Levy’s wise words and agreed with him.


19 Responses to “Free “The Egyptian” Day 14”

  1. rollinnorth Says:

    “Atlantic County Superior Court Judge Bernard E. DeLury said he granted the release of retired Pagans motorcycle club member John “Egyptian” Kachbalian due to the conviction in the murder case and the relocation of the alleged victim. He said he was also aware that Kachbalian’s health was deteriorating rapidly in jail, beyond the care that could be provided in the Atlantic County Jail.”

  2. Bone Head Says:

    They released Kachbalian (thanks for the link Blackbird) now that he can’t influence the case anymore. But I hope he lawyers up and goes after the prosecution and judge.
    These people may not be angelic A.T. The problem here is a violation of Kachbalian’s 1st Amendment rights. Please notice you’ve posted several times now, been ignored, diagnosed with a concussion, and more to probably come. Anyone locked you up yet?

  3. Blackbird Says:

    The Egyptian has been granted conditional release

  4. freebird Says:

    @ A. Tyndale

    Were going to put you on the injured reserve list until the concussion protocol results are analogized by Dr Pepper

  5. 31st Says:

    Chrissie is a left wing kook, but this is the perfect song about all the beautiful friends I lost along the way, and I’m sure everyone else can identify. Peace, and day of reckoning is coming for the Stasi PIGS

  6. Dante Says:

    What would happen if everyone who had the desire to re-posted his post?

    They can’t arrest everyone without probable cause, can they?

    Oh wait…. Waco…. answered my own question there. :(

  7. freebird Says:

    Not Forgotten…….

    What a fuck job on this Man

    United States of America 2018

    What happen…..

  8. DaniSparkles Says:

    I have 2 questions.
    1. Why does Freddy have a public defender? That is what I’m reading anyway. 2nd question, what ever happened to.. reasonable doubt. You can’t convict someone of murder if there is reasonable doubt correct? This case is nothing BUT unreasonable bullshit against Fred.

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    Tar. Feathers. Corrupt judge and prosecutor. Some assembly required.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    If anyone reading this has knowledge of ANY crime committed by ANY of the witnesses’ you must call Freddy’s Lawyer and tell Her… It doesn’t matter how long ago it was. Freddy’s Lawyer needs to ask the Detective, while on the stand… if the witness told them about said crime. Hopefully He lies… Witnesses’ who get deals MUST declare ALL crimes they committed… ever.

  11. Jim Says:

    After Fred’s trial john will be released glicks pay check will end and 2 murders will still be free but glick will have to back to selling meth and coke and the next time he gets caught then what and will mulholand kill glick to finish cleaning up his crime

  12. MtPockets Says:

    They are sure making the community safer by keeping Freddie and Angel locked up while letting a man who confessed to being an accessory to the murder walk free.
    What a crock of shit.
    I just dont understand how they can get away with this BS. Just goes to show us all just how corrupt and morally bankrupt law enforcement is these days.
    “We, the People, need to pull our collective heads out of our asses and realize this could happen to anyone.

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    That’s some pure bullshit right there. If he had said these people deserve a beating or should be taken out, that might be grounds for holding him, but this shit?

    This is nothing more than the prosecutor using this to paint Freddy’s friend’s as out to get anyone who went against Freddy. It is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, an illusion to make you think there is something there when there isnt.

    @New England Rider, the Government and its law enforcement partners are doing all they can to make sure your freedoms and rights are being eroded every day, nice compliant citizens that dont question the goverment are what they want

  14. david Says:

    Steamed New Jersey Jury-Rigger DeLury.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    This is CRAZY wrong. NJ has become more like Waco anymore. Worse.. by keeping this guy locked up. “Whatever we want to do”… Even Able Reyna and Strother never arrested people for FB posts. And there were MANY! FB ain’t taking it down because THEY KNOW they can be sued for Violation of Civil Rights… That Judge and DA know too, they just don’t care.
    Fact is… By keeping Him in jail they get another News story during trial that says, ” DeLury said the state showed Kachbalian’s long association with the Pagans, an organization known for violence and drug-dealing.” To further taint the jury. Obviously Guilt by association is alive and well in NJ. Go Figure.

  16. Gordo Says:

    That is sad

    Americans wake up

    Your losing your constitutional rights

    Free Freddy and Angel

    Seems that is an example of judicial prejudice

  17. jrino Says:

    Stephen P. can’t be much of an attorney, he could have offered to take personnel responsibility for his client and explained he’s remorseful for expressing his opinion which is a first amendment right. Further he could point out that the information posted was also posted by “others”. It was not exclusive and no-one else has been jailed for posting similar “list”.

  18. New England Rider Says:

    WTF ever happened to the First Amendment?

    New England Rider

  19. freebird Says:

    Wow….. facebook jail has moved into the dark ages

    At this rate they will be dusting off the project MKUltra playbook real soon

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