Bikers For Castagna

September 14, 2018

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Bikers For Castagna

A suburban Pittsburgh school superintendent is accused of hiring four members of the Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club to attend a school board meeting in an attempt to intimidate board members.

West Mifflin Area School District superintendent Daniel Castagna reportedly paid four members of the club $200 each to attend the meeting. The Sin City Deciples is a respectfully regarded, predominantly black motorcycle club. The club was founded in Gary, Indiana in 1966. Members wear a one percenter diamond and the club has a national presence.


Castagna is trying to keep a job he has held since 2011. He has worked for the school district since 2007. The school board is in the midst of a series of hearings, mandated by state law, that would allow the board to fire Castagna as early as next Tuesday.

Castagna was cited for driving under the influence in September 2017. He had a blood alcohol level of .15. It was his second drunk driving arrest. He had had a contentious relationship with the board since 2014 but the board kept him on the job until last January when it suspended him with full pay. The board continued to pay him until July.

He promptly filed a federal lawsuit against the school district and the six board members, of nine, who voted to stop paying him.

Castagna’s lawsuit alleges that he was suspended for purely political reasons and does not mention his drunk driving arrests. The suit is ongoing.


5 Responses to “Bikers For Castagna”

  1. racer x Says:

    here’s an update…total
    the Disciples were there to be good citizens,sponsoring a student book bag giveaway..that still hasn’t happened.

  2. stroker Says:

    I’m hoping there’s more to this story that we don’t know yet. My club has been approached many times (as I’m sure other clubs have also) to intimidate somebody or other. Our response is always the same:
    “We don’t do that shit.”
    A real sure way to attract unwanted attention from LE.
    We may take care of our own, but I don’t know of any club that puts themselves out for hire.
    (Unless they are the Mayans!)

  3. jrino Says:

    Sin city disciples did have to sit thru a whole board meeting! $200 seems more than fair to me! Those meetings drag on for hours!

  4. 31st Says:

    The NEA is a virulent Communist front group

    Using violence is merely a means to an end

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