Augello Trial Voir Dire Underway

September 11, 2018

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Augello Trial Voir Dire Underway

Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello’s trial is underway. It is another one of those satire-proof cases.

After eight months of dumping plutonium and pig droppings in the jury pool, New Jersey prosecutors and Judge Bernard E. DeLury are looking for more than a dozen adults who have no prior knowledge of the case. That would seem to limit potential jurors to recently released mental patients and Rip Van Winkle,

What Jurors Can’t Know

In case you are recently released mental patients or Rip Van Winkle, and yet, for some reason you have read this far, you might want to know that:

1)Augello is a retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member.

2) He is accused of murdering a well-remembered, minor celebrity named April Kauffman. Her husband, James Kauffman, was an entrepreneur specializing in Medicare fraud and Opioid wholesales. Also he lied to his wife about being a haunted war hero.

3) April Kauffman was murdered by cousins Frank and Joseph “Irish” Mulholland and James Kauffman. Kauffman provided the gun and paid the Mulhollands with cash and drugs.

4) Joseph Mulholland then limited his exposure by murdering Frank Mulholland with an overdose of heroin. Like a telenovela isn’t it? Wait! There’s more!

Pagans And Pills

5) A perceived, prescription pill addiction problem was brewing in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area around the time April Kauffman was murdered. And there was a Pagans connection. Between 2012 and 2014, a Philadelphia-area osteopath named William J. “Doctor Bear” O’Brien III wrote 9,890 prescriptions for 378,914 oxycodone pills and 160,492 doses of methadone as well as significant amounts of Xanax and muscle relaxants, A half dozen or so Pagans with colorful road names helped O’Brien recruit patients and move product. The case was investigated by the FBI and the DEA and shortly before everybody got rounded up an incarcerated Pagan named Sam “Bullet” Nocille was tape recorded complaining to his wife that he wasn’t getting his pill money. Nocille was prone to angry talk. In one tape recorded conversation he complained that another Pagan named Peter “Nose” Marrandino was taking over the business while Nocille was in jail. “All of a sudden he’s changing the whole fuckin’ thing,” Nocille complained. “It’s not gonna happen. The door was opened for him due to me…. Even that fat motherfucker (Dr.) Bill (O’Brien) in Levittown is gonna get it,” Nocille said. The FBI took that for a death threat.

6) The same agents who investigated “Doctor Bear” O’Brien investigated James Kauffman. They discovered that Kauffman was smarter than O’Brien but eventually the pressure got to Kauffman. During a raid on his offices on June 13, 2017 (see long video below), Kauffman totally melted down, pointed a gun at a cop, and went to jail and never got out.

Never Ending Story Continues

7) Meanwhile, the O’Brien case became a template for the Kauffman case. Fifty years after Hunter Thompason’s quasi novel Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs; Tom Laughlin’s The Born Losers; Easy Rider and the Altamont film Gimme Shelter nothing rounds a headline or guarantees a conviction like the dulcet phrase “outlaw motorcycle gang.” And, sure enough, there were Pagans moving product for Kauffman too. One of them was Joseph Mulholland who participated in April Kauffman’s murder. Another was Andrew “Chef” Glick (above right with Augello left). At the time of his arrest, in November 2017, Glick possessed more than a pound of crystal methamphetamine, five ounces of cocaine and $35,000. Glick agreed to testify to anything government officials wanted. He also implicated Joseph Mulholland in April Kauffman’s murder.

8) Joseph Mulholland confessed to his part of the murder and agreed to deliver Augello. He recorded telephone conversations about paint chips which prosecutors describe as coded language. If they were coded language they would seem to describe Augello wanted to buy pills from Mulholland, not the other way around. Augello argues that he just wanted a room painted and wanted to hire Mulholland, who was a painting contractor and a club brother, to do it. At one point, Mulholland tells Augello about a letter sent by James Kauffman’s lawyers to the police shortly after April Kauffman’s murder, five years before, naming Augello and Mulholland as suspects. On tape, Augello describes the accusation as “retardedness” and declared, “I don’t know this doctor. It’s just fucking ridiculous!”

Who Goes To Jail

9) Augello, Mulholland, James Kauffman and others were very publicly arrested in January 2018 for April Kauffman’s murder and for participating in a drug ring. Mulholland’s attempts to get Augello to confess have never been acknowledged by prosecutors. Mulholland pled guilty to selling drugs to Augello in June 2018 and agreed to testify in return for an unannounced, reduced sentence.

10) Again using the O’Brien case as a template, prosecutors charged Augello with conspiring to murder James Kauffman in jail and had Kauffman moved to the jail with the highest suicide rate in New Jersey. Six months after he was video recorded by police threatening to kill himself, Kauffman hung himself in his cell on January 26, 2018. That left Augello as the only defendant. A logical question, in every criminal case, is “who goes to jail?” In this case, because of homicides and suicides and plea deals, Augello is the only defendant left. It is a biker case so even if he didn’t do this he must be guilty of something.

11) A sophisticated public relations campaign advocating for Augello’s conviction was unleashed by the FBI and Atlantic County prosecutors. Highlights included a telephone interview with Glick by Peter Edwards of the Toronto Star arranged by the FBI and an episode of the ABC television program 20/20 featuring interviews with prosecutors and publicized by prosecutors.

12) In July, Judge DeLury enjoined Augello from speaking in his own defense on his Facebook page. At the beginning of this month, prosecutors charged a friend of Augello’s named John “The Egyptian” Kachbalian with multiple felonies for speaking up for Augello on Facebook and for mocking his accusers.

Shocked! Shocked!

Over the weekend, Augello complained about the industrial-political-corrections industry-journalism-infotainment complex in general and The Press of Atlantic City, his hometown paper, in particular.

“Every article that I see written about myself or anyone else who has become connected with this case publicly, has me referred to 100 percent of the time as the ‘former Pagan gang leader and alleged murderer of a veterans advocate! Now I am going to go into my trial within 48 hours with this narrative drilled into the minds of the thousands of subscribers, or should I say readers of The Press of Atlantic City. I am sure it will become obviously amplified over the next two to three weeks, all because of the disingenuous facade that I would taint the jury pool by publicly reacting to this one-sided treatment.

“Does everyone remember the loaded question ‘Do you still beat your wife?’ Or the old joke ‘heads I win, tails you lose?’ I think these analogies to my situation fit perfectly. It is a win-win situation for everyone but me. The prosecution uses the AC Press vicariously for their own narrative and then all of a sudden they exclaim, ‘looks like we can’t pick the jury because of all this media and what Mr. Augello did months ago. Looks like we will have to keep the guy in jail another six months;’ realizing that I am 62 yrs old and even though I am in general good physical condition I do have particular medical issues that focus around dental and severe broken blood vessel blockages around my left ankle and leg. Neither of these can be looked after in the substandard conditions of the Atlantic County Justice Facility, and absolutely everyone involved in the criminal justice department of my particular situation knows this and is using it to attempt to break me down through attrition.”

Yesterday, before voir dire began, Augello’s public defender, Mary Linehan, also showed a little outrage.

She was outraged to learn, just now, that prosecutors have been paying Glick $2,000 a month since he agreed to help convict Augello. She characterized the payments as a “complete shock.”

It is standard law enforcement practice in biker cases to pay informants more than $2,000 a month so Glick is working cheap.

A letter admitted into evidence yesterday acknowledged that Glick had also received a $4,000 payment from the FBI. That probably helped him make ends meet.


24 Responses to “Augello Trial Voir Dire Underway”

  1. "Raiders of the wind" Says:

    Nothing here seems fair for Freddy. People want someone to pay for a crime weather fact or fiction Paid for testimony for the prosecution. But Freddy shouldn’t be able to declare his innocence publicly.
    The street to the court house should have a plethora
    of “One Way” srteet signs. Everyone wants Tru justice not but not at the cost of an innocent man.
    I believe the jury pool was influenced/tainted and
    led down the path with conjecture and less than credible witnesses (paid for) $$ and what else ?
    I try and believe in our justice system,for the most part. But I keep envisioning a “Railroad Station” not the scales of justice.Why can’t the prosecution
    play fair instead of pulling trumped up cards from
    their proverbial sleeves. Most people want to see justice not a train ride.

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Corrupt judge and prosecutor(s).

  3. oldskewl Says:

    panamaa Says:
    September 13, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Why yes, I believe you’re right…

    Thanks, so does everyone else. Typical internet troll with nothing better to do than stick his nose and opinion where it doesn’t belong. MF’r doesn’t even ride (except his sister) and yet here he is commenting on a world he doesn’t belong to or in. The men he comments on would bury his ass in a heartbeat but again, no clue.

    Have a great day,


  4. Gandalf Says:


  5. panamaa Says:


    Why yes, I believe you’re right… That’s what I recall him saying but then again, some people just can’t seem to just shut the fuck up.;….

  6. oldskewl Says:

    @Cuntdalf. Why don’t you garble a cock dipshit. Why are you here? Weren’t you supposed to leave after the Cossacks case was done? That was your only purpose here remember?


  7. david Says:

    Since all court proceedings so far have been of the Star Chamber variety(assumed guilt), with a incompetent public “defender” on hand, and the alleged use of a “jury” of peers as a mere distraction from the railroading, there ain’t going to be ANYTHING honest, just or even sensible, come out of that fucking court.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    @ Neuro

  9. freebird Says:

    Sad state of affairs when the alleged evidence of a case was paid for by the taxpayer’s…..

    When you pay for something there is an expectation it’s what you want or want to hear

    What could possibly go wrong

  10. Neuro Says:

    @ oldskewl –hilarious.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    For right or for wrong… In a battle of liars the 1%er gets convicted. Chose your lies carefully…. I guarantee that DA did.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @oldskew…. (jaw breaks)

  13. panamaa Says:

    oldskewl Says:
    September 12, 2018 at 8:15 am
    Gandalf Says:
    September 12, 2018 at 7:18 am
    “I’m having a real problem thinking”…

    Yes, yes you do.


  14. Gordo Says:


    Freddie becomes the fall guy

    Seems only circumstantial evidence ie witness testimony may convict him

    Or is it heresay evidence and could be ruled inadmissible

    The defence can’t cross exam the Dr or the actual murderer

    Whose to say that the Dr’s death letter is true

    As for JM and Glick ie the rats and other witnesses Freddy’s defence lawyer has to expose the truth or lack thereof of their testimony under cross examination

    As for Glick and his payday sadly wouldn’t be the 1st rat to sing for money

  15. oldskewl Says:

    Gandalf Says:
    September 12, 2018 at 7:18 am
    “I’m having a real problem thinking”…

    Yes, yes you do.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    I’m having a real problem thinking about those “paint chips”. If Freddy sticks to that story he’s fucked. REMEMBER JAKE AND “THE TOOLS”. Admitting paint chips are pills for the wife OR Lie to the Jury and be found guilty of Murder… CREDITABLILTY IS EVERYTHING! Cassie knew… If that Public Defender lady doesn’t know Freddy is Fucked.

    As Always IMHO

  17. Agnarr Says:

    WTF????…. $2000.00 a month going to a Jail house snitch! Shit! That’s more than some of our veterans receive; and many of them have come home from service messed up.

    I’m not just meaning all those that have served in this last 17 years or so fighting terrorism. But those of us who are older and may have served even before then. And those vets who are disaabled but not given the rightS/C ratings, a mother with children in need of food, clothes, or home to stay in are all more deserving of these funds then a jail house, lying through his ass teeth Fucking snitch.

    How his Lawyer get the payslips of them paying this fucker off admitted into evidence for the jury to see. Him being paid to testify after being in jail like that is reasonable doubt in my book. Makes it really hard to tell fact from story.

    Respect to all.


  18. jrino Says:

    Better to have good attorney than to rely on a $2000 a month snitch. I think the Pagans should take are of their own brothers! But I guess that’s not part of what Freddie signed up for

  19. Gandalf Says:

    @ Scott…. EXACTLY! Take the stand Freddy… Forget the paint chips… 1 lie can sink you.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    “Augello argues that he just wanted a room painted and wanted to hire Mulholland, who was a painting contractor and a club brother, to do it.” DO NOT DO THAT! Big mistake. 1st liar loses…

  21. Bone Head Says:

    Just curious if the jury may get to see a warrant being served to the bushes on the building’s corner.
    No offense to any readers/posters who live in New Jersey, but this whole episode seems fucked to me.

  22. Paladin Says:

    In this judicial game of musical chairs, Augello was unfortunately the only one without a chair when the music stopped.

    It would be interesting to examine and test the credibility of the alleged letter Kauffman’s lawyers sent to the police, implicating Augello in April Kauffman’s murder.


  23. Scott Says:

    I took the stand in both my trials. I made 1 ada quit and the second one actually cried while she begged the jury for a conviction. Stand your ground and the cowards will fold.

  24. freebird Says:

    It is standard law enforcement practice in biker cases to pay informants more than $2,000 a month so Glick is working cheap

    Could it be that since his written agreement is more than likely with the feds it was put out for bid….

    Guess he was the low bidder in the snitching section

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