Who Killed The Pretty Blonde

September 8, 2018

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Who Killed The Pretty Blonde

Retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member Ferdinand “Freddy” “Miserable” Augello is scheduled to go on trial next week for a murder he did not commit.

The victim was April Kauffman, a stay-busy doctor’s wife who had a radio talk show, a Harley and a red Corvette. She is mostly remembered as a veteran’s rights advocate. Many sources have told this page that she had a soft spot for men in uniform. She was shot twice by a drug addict named Francis “Frank” Mulholland with the assistance of his cousin Joseph Mulholland and her husband, Dr. James Kauffman.

Unnatural Deaths

Joseph Mulholland drove Frank Mulholland to the murder scene, talked to his cousin on the phone immediately after the murder and then picked him up and drove him home. James Kauffman hired the two men to kill his wife and handed Frank Mulholland the murder weapon.

Of these four players, only Joseph Mulholland remains alive. April Kauffman died that dawn in May 2012. Frank Mulholland died of an overdose of heroin about a year later. James Kauffman hung himself in his cell at the Hudson County Correctional Center on January 26, 17 days after he was charged with his wife’s murder.

There is significant evidence that Joseph Mulholland murdered his cousin with an intentional overdose of heroin. Joseph Mulholland is one of two principal witnesses against Augello. The other is Andrew “Chef” Glick who confessed to the FBI on video that he was an accomplice in James Kauffman’s drug racket.

La Majesté Du Droit

Atlantic County District Attorney Damon G. Tyner, his chief investigator, Detective Sergeant James Scoppa, Jr., and Seth Levy, the Assistant Prosecutor who will actually argue in court for Augello’s conviction, have known all along who killed April Kauffman.

The following transcribes Levy’s examination of Scoppa before a grand jury late last year.

Scoppa: “At about four-thirty in the morning he (Joseph Mulholland) picked up Francis Mulholland from his residence in Cape May county. They drove up in ,Joe’s white Silverado. Drove directly to the area of Mainland High School. Joseph dropped off Francis on Route Nine, right by the baseball fields at Mainland. Francis said Joe did not have a firearm when Francis got out of that…Francis got out of the car. Joseph then drove down to Somers Point to wait for Francis. Approximately…about a half hour later he received a phone call from Francis advising him that the job was complete and he killed Apri1.”

Levy: “Okay. Do we know whether or not James Kauffman was in the house when April Kauffman was murdered?”

Scoppa: “Based upon Joseph Mu1holland, Francis Mulholland, when he picked him up in Somers Point, got in the car. He had a small firearm on him, and he told him that Dr. Kauffman was in the house, pointed out the bedroom. That he went upstairs to her bedroom, shot her twice and then left the residence.”

Levy: “And is Joseph Mulholland’s story, and what he says Francis Mulo1land told him, is that supported or corroborated by anything?

Scoppa: “Yes. April Kauffman was struck by two rounds.”


16 Responses to “Who Killed The Pretty Blonde”

  1. 31st Says:

    Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Candlestick

  2. Neuro Says:

    Johnboy, that’s the best post so far on this entire matter. I think you got it 100% correct.

  3. Johnboy666 Says:

    Is it me or does April Kaufman seem like a gold diggin whore who was a narcissist and slut. Dr Kaufman is a liar and piece of shit who lies about being a veteran. To me they both were made for each other and got what they deserved. I love how AK daughter wouldn’t answer the question of her mothers adultery outright on 20/20.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    Remember Glick was talking directly with the Doctor… Why? Is there any evidence that Freddy was talking directly with the doctor? Phone calls? E-Mails? Meetings? Or is it Just Glick and JM’s word? Sounds to me that there is way more evidence pointing to Glick as the ringleader than Freddy… We KNOW JM is the fucking woman killer. CRAZY!

  5. Jim Says:

    I just read that glick gets paid 2000 a month by the state and 4000 from FBI this is a fact printed in the news paper holy shit getting off of his major drug charges wasn’t enough so the state pays him to say what they want poor Fred damn I guess glick saw Fred on the grassy knoll too the prosecutor should be charged and disbarred glickd evidence needs to be disallowed in this trial

  6. Anon Says:

    Dear Patty:

    Very interesting.

    Please go see the kind lady, Ms. Mary Linehan immediately, she will get the items you maintain are in your possession. If they are more complete than what Upper Township recorded, they do not need to be in your possession- and that is not me giving legal advice- that is common knowledge regarding evidence and the discovery process.

    I completely empathize with Ms. April’s family and their loss. I appreciate her good humor, her radio banter, and her man forms of service to the troops. She was very giving of her time and self to celebrate her country.

    Deep in thought yesterday I nearly drew a tear over the complete and utter tragedy that this case is.

    A published list of Judas Goats is out there and the prosecution will use to crucify Mr. Augello.

    The Judas Goats role in this matter is pretty simple: murder, narcotics, and anything else you can imagine.

    Fred Augello had a sign shop and some of those Judas Goats tromped through his life. However the reality is that we all have “people” that aren’t what they espouse or say they’re committed to- those breed of “people” cause chaos and tragedy in ALL our lives.

    I don’t fool with Federal-Information-Collection-Book. I should not be on here. I know better.

  7. Iron Rider Says:

    There was a lot of people that could have killed the Kaufmann’s , shit the good Doctor was woriied about his wife taking him to the cleaners, she was threatening to expose him unless he paid up on her way out the door. I wouldnt doubt they both had enemies. Freddy just seems like a patsy in all this.

    Honestly When the Doctor was about to be raided and arrested at his clinic, he came out the front door with a gun and got in an armed stand off with the cops, what does that tell us? The Doctor obviously was packing, all the time? Who know but he had access to a weapon and his wife was shot…hmmm… guy with lots to lose and hell bent on hanging on to what he has and a wife wanting out threatening to expose him and get him sent to jail unless he coughed up a lot of cash. Yeah no motive there for the doc to whack her himself.

    Then you have all the junkies who supposedly couldn’t wait to give someone … anyone up not to have to go to the big house for a long stretch. No offence but some people have the hook so deep in them, their god damn minds are in paranoia land 24/7 and they would tell you Elvis killed Kennedy and they know where Hoffa is buried, but just cause they say doesn’t make it true.

    Freddy seems more and more like a scapegoat, and as for a grand jury indictment, yeah a one sided shit show where a ham sandwich could get indicted on whatever comes out of a prosecutors office, and I have zero faith in that system, fuck Reyna got 177 people indicted in one evening , so what does that tell us all about grand juries

  8. Patty Says:

    I am the only person to have “Justice for April” and “Free Freddy” on the same Facebook page for a reason!

  9. 31st Says:


    April Kauffman is dead because she was married to a narcotics distributor. And she knew it. For years.

    She really thought there was going to be a happy ending after the divorce and Jimmy boy went away for life.

    Narcotics distribution never ends nicely. Never.

    But her inevitable end has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Freddy Augello.

    Yes, Freddy was associated with some scumbags, including his own wife.

    But being associated with scumbags who also were associated with a doctor running a pill mill doesn’t make you guilty of anything. If we really want to play 6 degrees of separation– or better yet, 2 degrees of separation— and convict people based on hearsay and “guilt by association” then who among us is safe?

  10. Patty Says:

    I never sat down and had a face to face conversation with Freddy until March when I showed up at the jail to ask him some questions! There is a Pandora box full of items including photographs and audio … I am the owner of said box. When the contents of that box are revealed a lot of people will have a lot of explaining to do! I can prove the corruption, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, perjury, adultery, drug dealings and murders …. I am extremely disheartened that the government has put me in the position I am in because I am putting other people’s lives in danger …. This is not a game! Somebody has to step up and do the right thing and now!!!

  11. Gandalf Says:

    Just to clarify, I have searched everything I can and from everything I read… I see no evidence against Freddy except people saying this or that. No REAL evidence. Maybe there is a “Smoking gun” video or audio against Freddy but I’m thinking not. Those people taking deals can not be trusted… Most especially JM and Glick who are testifying to save their lives. The problem is… the killer (JM) confessed and is about to walk free… What kind of man drives a junkie to KNOWINGLY kill a woman??? The DA is setting him free… THAT MUCH WE KNOW.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    Dear Family of April, I am no biker. I am no 1%er. I live 1,000+ miles from NJ. I don’t know Freddy from a can of paint. I don’t have any biker friends and never rode a bike. I only comment here on stories that I believe are right… I don’t agree with lots of his stories… BUT Rebel is right this time. I’m so sorry for your loss. She was so Pretty… :( In all due respect, IMHO the Atlantic County DA is letting April’s killer go free in order to convict a Pagan and gain recognition and promotion. I can’t say for sure if Freddy was involved but I can say FOR DAM SURE James Mullholland murdered April. Who, but a murderer, drives his cousin to kill a woman? It is also VERY possible that this man also killed his own cousin to leave no witness’s. As far as I’m concerned JM is a Fucking 2 time murderer and dangerous…. 5 years from now, when JM kill’s another person… what will you say. How will you feel? This man Freddy never killed anyone! The DA’s have lots of power to get people to say things. People will say anything to save their lives… So Sorry again for your loss. Respects.

  13. freebird Says:

    I have an opinion and Majesty is not part of the equation….

    agent provocateur does compute

  14. Patty Says:

    Your next story might be, “Who killed the crazy blonde bitch that filed an Affidavit on August 3rd …”

  15. Hero Says:


    Hang in there Freddy, this circus is almost over.

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