Iron Horsemen Killed

September 6, 2018

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Iron Horsemen Killed

An unnamed member of the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club died in a motorcycle crash while fleeing from police Tuesday night in Hamilton, Ohio. Hamilton is a suburb about 15 miles north of Cincinnati.

More than thirty-six hours after the incident, police continue to guard details of what happened.
According to public accounts, Hamilton police stopped and detained a pack of Iron Horsemen. Initially, police said the riders were stopped because of their insignia which, technically, is illegal. Subsequent accounts said the pack was stopped after a patrol officer observed “numerous traffic violations.”

During the course of this stop three motorcyclist fled. Police have not said whether these motorcyclists were being formally detained or what traffic violations the patrol officer observed these three motorcyclists commit. Generally, case law dictates that traffic stops should be as brief as possible.

Additional Hamilton officers pursued the three bikers and during that pursuit one Iron Horseman crashed into an embankment and died at the scene. The two other bikers stopped to render aid and when police arrived one of them fled on foot.

The two surviving men have been identified as Anastasio Comacho of Versailles, Indiana and Kyle Ramey of Harrison, Ohio which is also a Cincinnati suburb.

Both men are charged with failure to comply with a police officer and obstructing official business.

Police have released a glaringly edited dashcam video of the motorcycle crash, below.


35 Responses to “Iron Horsemen Killed”

  1. Levi Derickson Says:

    Actually Their all some pretty cool guys met a bunch of them In bowling Green Virginia Good ole Boys not bothering Nobody

  2. Paladin Says:

    Skinner Says:
    October 12, 2019 at 9:13 am

    “As I was told when I joined, you sell dope, steal bikes, run guns…etc You’re on your own, that’s nothing to do with the Club.”

    Since the invention of RICO, what one member does on their own will affect all other members

    Long May You Ride,


  3. Skinner Says:

    Reading these comments I realize how little people really know about them…

  4. Skinner Says:

    I was a member in the late ’80s early 90’s I can attest to the fact that dope pushing is not a club activity. Like every segment of society, people do deal drugs,and do not always follow the “Rules” of society. The Club “Runs” were usually held away from the general public, to avoid, as much as possible, any confrontations. To try and lay all that bull s… on the Club is just that…BS.As I was told when I joined, you sell dope, steal bikes, run guns…etc You’re on your own, that’s nothing to do with the Club.People watch Sons Of Anarchy or The Mayans and think that’s how all Clubs behave….Hollywood ain’t real people…

  5. Shovelhead Says:


    Terrorist group?? really? Drug dealers? You mean everyone in that whole club sells drugs? Every single member in every club across the whole USA? And you’ve seen this with your own eyes? Come on Man. Stop listening to police propaganda. Or as Trump would say “Fake News”

    You don’t like the way 1%ers live? Too fucking bad. Is it any of your business?

    Just because you’re too chicken shit to Really live, don’t criticize those that do!

    Yes, we have to obey the law, so do the Cops!!

    I know, everyone should just do as they’re told right? don’t question authority, Submit, Obey, Conform, be good little sheep. Never ever think for yourself.

    God forbid to have a mind of your own.

    Respect to the real 1%

  6. Laharl Says:

    Sorry, but the sad truth is that it’s no secret that the Iron Horsemen are prominent in the drug dispensing problem. Their way of life? Yes it’s very unorthodox to normal living. But the truth of the matter is that because of their attitude against law enforcement and society standards, this makes them a target. They’re nothing short to being compared to the Cartel or honestly a terrorist organization. They solve their problems and differences with violence, and pave their way with drug dealings all while saying their just “motor cycle enthusiasts “. The Iron Horsemen contribute nothing positive into society, well..unless you count patronage to bars and tattoo shops. But in this case, yes, unlawful stop, but they chose to run, at the end of the day, you are still a member of society, whether you choose to be productive or not is all on you. Their stop already possibly has probable cause due to the fact of their history of drug dealing. was not lawful in the grand scheme of things.

  7. Paladin Says:

    @ commonsense;

    Your tactic might work when riding a sport bike. On an ill handling, under-powered Harley? Not gonna happen.


  8. commonsense Says:

    I am a white guy with 2 Harleys who hates hearing about black folk getting shot and bitching about it. . So fuck you guys who run from the cops and can’t ride well enough to evade them.If you want to be in the life, then hit 3rd gear, kill the lights and smoke them.

  9. Paladin Says:

    In the wild, there are times when we hear that the prey has outrun the predator, but it is indeed rare.


  10. 31st Says:


  11. Curbside Says:


    While I agree with the notion that there was no cause to stop these guys, and the “numerous traffic violations” nonsense was exactly that, I honestly don’t think the video was edited.

    I’m thinking it was more likely just a really shitty recorder, and I’m basing that judgment on personal experience with digital cameras. I don’t know the particular model of camera the car was outfitted with, or how old the camera is, but I do know that lower-end digital audio/video recorders have buffering issues when the frame rate and/or resolution is set too high.

    That said, fuck the police.

  12. freebird Says:

    @ Antonio

    The sad reality is they (individually) will not be the ones paying. The tax payer is the one on the hook.

    Until public opinion changes that some of these to protect and serve mother fuckers do not walk on water, i don’t see it changing

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    Tar. Feathers. Cincinatti pigs. Some assembly required.


  14. Antonio Browning Says:

    To me this is bigger than most of the shit in Washington. An entire group was stopped for traffic violations which is bullshit, but in every article the fact they wear a patch is cited as the reason either primary or secondary for the intrusion of their right to travel. This particular incident is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment. I can only hope the IH hire an attorney and seek discovery of radio communications and video as I would expect there is evidence of an improper seizure here. The problem is that this led to a mans death and whatever the amount won will not repay the offense to his person and the Constitution.
    The cops here would have never attempted this shit on a cop club, period. The fucking police in this two bunk town need to pay serious money over this.

  15. Potmetal Says:

    Deepest condolences this man’s people, and his family that is the IHMC. It’s a damn sad state of affairs when a free man can’t even enjoy a little road time with his brothers without being harrassed. While I know it’s wishful thinking, I’d love to see those cops answer for their crimes. It is criminal. If not on the books, certainly in common sense.

    Perhaps the family can sue the dogshit out of ’em. Won’t fix the hole in their hearts, but there ought to be some kind of recourse.

  16. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @sportsterjohn -the place I was talking about was The Silver Saddle in, Mt. Healthy I think. Sorry to hear about the ongoing not friendly to PH thing still going on. Was just in Hamilton in April, every 5th thing on the road was a Harley, even more than NE Ohio, which is hard to believe. Respects, and Ride Free.
    @Mark -again, sorry to hear about PH’s getting hassled, but not surprised. NE Ohio in the city, local don’t do that shit that I know of, too busy with gang members selling rock on street corner. Fed, well … You’re right about Hustler and all that, I thought either Butler or Hamilton county was where they banned all that, but my memory isn’t the best anymore. Haven’t lived there since ’90. Respects and Ride Free.

    Respects and condolences to the rider, his brothers, and family. The club is respected, and did right by everybody I know who was around them. Everybody. They love to ride and follow their code is my understanding. The man died in the saddle.
    Respects and Ride Free.

  17. Mark Says:

    It wasn’t Playboy it was Husler Magazine. In fact there was a Keating family member that got the DA’s job in Hamilton County and he was the one going after Larry Flint. Got all the religion freaks to come out for his, “Citizens for Decency” agenda. One of them got a little carried away and shot Flint in Atlanta and put him in a wheelchair for life. But Flint beat Keating’s charges. One of the Keating clan was the Keating with the Savings and Loan scandal from back in the 80’s that was a huge rip off scam, hundreds of millioins if I remember correctly but likely a whole lot more money than that. Just like the Citizens For Decency scam to give stupid religious nimrods a soapbox to preach off of, telling anyone that would be willing to waste their time to hear what they had to say. To know if they read Husler Magazine they were going to burn in hell. Not far from that area they handle snakes in church and get bit and die but they keep on doing it.
    I’ve rode through that area running cross country years back and had to deal with dipshits that pulled us over. Really stupid idiots that really tested a man’s ability to act serious and not laugh in their faces. Most of the cops back that way, last name is spelled, E, I E, I, O.

  18. sportsterjohn Says:

    Still very conservative up here. Moved here from Fla 2 yrs ago. There is a big county music roadhouse as well as another big place where they have bands. Both are by the Indiana st line. Both places have bike nights. Kicked out of both places for wearing my colors. Not club friendly in the area at all. Can’t tell you about Playboy though. RIP to the Horseman what was killed.

  19. Adios Says:

    My condolences to Backwards Bob 1% er and the Iron Horseman nation on their loss

  20. Backwards Bob1%er Says:


  21. PS Says:

    Some of my Brothers were pulled over near Dayton 2 months ago for failure to signal, everyone used hand signals….the cops said they didn’t know what hand signals were and then proceeded to check ID’s….support anti-profiling efforts.

  22. freebird Says:

    What a chain of events set in motion by:


  23. 31st Says:

    Buckeye Smokies are notorious cocksuckers who will duck shot up real proper like if you dare drive 60 mph in a 55 zone.

  24. Preacher Says:

    Sending condolences to all the Iron Horsemen brothers and their ole ladies. He will be missed. Sending prayers for all.

    Love and Respect

  25. Haole Says:

    Ohio Pigs harassaed my OL as she was visiting her brother living in Cincinnati, mother o’ 6, Army Wife at the time and all of about 4’10” having a decompression vacation from kids after I returned from Iraq. Fuck the Pigs and in particularly those of the fascist Ohio variety in Cincinnati

    Condolences to IHMC for the loss of their Brother and the Man’s additional family and friends


  26. Rebel Says:


    Yep. The stop was illegal but the cops got their story together eventually.


  27. Sieg Says:

    “Initially, police said the riders were stopped because of their insignia which, technically, is illegal…”

    Do believe what Rebel is saying is that the initial stop was technically illegal, not that the Patch was illegal.


  28. Bones_glass_1973 Says:

    Technically illegal insignia????

  29. Filburt Says:

    Pigs are lying Mf’ers .

  30. david Says:

    Condolences. Unlawful pigs(in violation of Natural law) lied when they said the patch was illegal. But then liars will be telling lies.

  31. freebird Says:

    Doubt they will call it was it is…..

    Cause of death: Insignia


  32. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Right when the bikes pass someone on the radio is saying “I’m gonna need ya to back off,” a short phrase, and the driver saying “Shut up.” When the bike hits the embankment immediately both in the car start yelling “They’re bailing!” A rider crashing at high speed isn’t ‘bailing’ (leaving his car–or ride in this case–and running away). The other two ‘bailed’ I guess.
    High-speed pursuits are discouraged in many places–unless it’s a gun, or kidnap-type thin–because of fatalities over bullshit, and word is immediately after it starts a supervisor will tell them to ‘call it off’, ‘back off’, whatever, to keep someone from getting killed. As Rebel observes this thing is way edited. Don’t know about Hamilton but radio recordings are subpoenaed all the time in some places–if not all, and video probably is too.
    Everyone knows who the Horsemen are in Hamilton, Cincy, the entire area. It’s also an area where at least up until the late 80’s even Playboy magazine was illegal–might still be. Very conservative and big on the Jesus around there. Recall one big country music road house with signs: NO MOTORCYCLE PARKING. NO ‘COLORS’ ALLOWED–don’t know if it’s still there.

    Respects, and Ride Free.

  33. Aanon Says:

    Should we back off? Shut up officer chicken. I’d bet it’s heavily redacted after the mc closkey case in Toledo a few years back.

    Rip to the fallen Horsemen, and I’m not sure to say about the others that stopped except that’s fucking right. Good on you. Condolences to all that feel them

  34. Not the 99 Says:

    An illegal center patch?
    Is that the insignia you mean?
    Explain please.

  35. 10GUAGE Says:

    Gone but never forgotten…Fuck the Police

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