Free “The Egyptian” Day Six

September 6, 2018

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Free “The Egyptian” Day Six

John “The Egyptian” Kachbalian, the retired Pagan who was locked up last Friday for commenting about a pending murder trial on his Facebook page remains locked up today. A detention hearing yesterday was continued without a ruling.

In addition to ruling that Kachbalian must stay in jail, Judge Bernard DeLury restrained Kachbalian and his attorney from commenting on either Kachbalian’s case or the case of retired Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello.

Augello’s was the first case nobody except the prosecutors was supposed to talk about. DeLury and Atlantic County New Jersey Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy are concerned that if people who think Augello’s accusers are lying are allowed to say that in social media Augello’s pending lynching will be tainted.


Augello has been held without bail since January. So far, the accusations against him have cost him everything he once had or loved, down to and including his dog. He is charged with somehow being involved in the murder of a woman named April Kauffman in 2012, of intending to murder her widower James Kauffman and of masterminding a drug distribution racket.

James Kauffman, who procured all the drugs in the case, committed suicide last January. April Kauffman was actually murdered by two cousins named Frank Mulholland and Joseph Mulholland. Frank Mulholland later died of a heroin overdose and there is both anecdotal and scientific evidence that suggests his cousin Joe killed him. Jospeh Mulholland has confessed to being an accessory to April Kauffman’s murder. He is one of the witnesses against Augello.

Kachbalian Knows

Kachbalian knows Mulholland and has commented on his credibility in a blunt way on his Facebook page. He also knows and has commented on two other Augello accusers. One is a major drug dealer named Andrew Glick. Another is Augello’s ex-wife Beverly Augello. All these witnesses have been offered plea and sentencing agreements in return for helping prosecutors convict Augello.

Kachbalian has protested that the case against Augello is unfair and he has mocked these former friends mercilessly.

He has been particularly contemptuous of Beverly Augello who he has known for decades. He thinks she is an unfaithful woman of low standards who has had many casual sexual partners. And Kachbalian tried to prove this last point by posting a nude photo of a woman. The photo does not show the woman’s face, breasts or genitals and Kachbalian leaves his readers with the impression that he personally took the photo. He does not identify the woman in the photo as Beverly Augello.

Prosecutors retaliated for the Facebook posts by charging. Kachbalian with first-degree witness tampering, cyber harassment, posting obscene material and invasion of privacy/disclose sex act without consent.


14 Responses to “Free “The Egyptian” Day Six”

  1. Hmmm interesting Says:

    Its funny how the prosecution likes to persecute ppl who have an opinion when most of the public doesnt know that the prosecuter Seth Levy’s father was a child molester his victim was his own adopted daughter and he took his own life by hanging before he could be prosecuted. Maybe that information should be public to smear his and his families name as he has done to so many others

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    The war on information is being waged and anyone putting forth Freddy version of events or telling the public what the prosecution doesnt want the public to know is headed for lockup, this just gets more fucked up as each day goes by

  3. Old & Jaded Says:

    @freebird +1

    Right on point!

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Judge Bernard DeLury – as corrupt as they get apparently. It’s amazing this shit-stain judge can drink clean water without it screwing with his system and giving him the scours.

  5. freebird Says:

    Defying logic…..

    The Egyptian is still in jail for total bullshit

    Yet one of Trump’s campaign advisors gets 14 days for lying to the FBI

  6. Patty Says:

    For starters, April did not threaten Jim about any alleged drug ring.

    Freddy Augello had nothing to do with her murder.

    One of the burner phones belonged to a woman.

    John did not threaten anybody and the contents of his Facebook page are still visible for the whole world to look at.

    The amount of corruption that is about to be made public is sickening.

    Free Freddy, John and Paul and write them checks! WTF

  7. Gandalf Says:

    Freddy’s Lawyer needs to solicit “good” things about him from EVERY witness. Example- (to an investigator) “Were you aware that Freddy played music for cancer patients at the Hospital?” and/or (trick question) “Can you tell me anything “good” about Freddy?” A No answer might show hatred and bias.

    Question: If this opioid ring was a Club Criminal Enterprise…. Why were there so many non club members? And why was it led by JM? (or whoever). And if Glick was the leader… why is the “leader” being given a deal to testify against Freddy who is obviously an underling… or the user?

  8. Gandalf Says:

    I’m only trying to say, I have 1st hand knowledge of how to beat the DA… more than once. Not bragging… it is what it is. “Good vs Evil”… evidence is 2nd to that concept. The Jury will size the defendant up… if they decide your “good” and the DA is messing around (bad). They totally block out ALL evidence. Trump knows… the DAs knows… everyone knows. (please no political crap! It’s an example. No lib would acquit Trump. No MAGA would convict Trump… NO MATTER THE EVIDENCE… Trump is saying, “The DA is messing around… The DA is “bad” I’m “good.” It’s a show… 100% spin.

    Freddy’s Lawyer needs to make JM be REAL “bad”… Then, without being too direct, suggest that the DA is letting the real murder go… Maybe for Political gain? Maybe just duped? They won’t even listen to the other witnesses. Except Glick who is simply an opportunist… doing what it takes (saying anything) to stay alive.

    FA’s Lawyer MUST, at the same time… Humanize Freddy like Cassie did for Jake. But someone MUST be responsible for that woman’s death… JM (+ her husband) must be responsible.

  9. Aanon Says:

    Gandalf, come on now. That is certifiable Bragadocio. New name.

  10. Mark Says:

    This keeps getting creeper by the week and mirrors the Police State of a few decades ago that operated behind the, Iron Curtain. The whole thing is criminal but the people caught in that web are never going to get an honest trial because the judges are going to make damn sure of that. Freddy needs to file a motion using all of this BS to get his case out of Dodge. Of course the judge will not allow the trial to be moved, watch and see.

  11. Old & Jaded Says:

    So people can’t make comments on pending criminal cases? No public opinions allowed?
    All the jurors are going to be swayed over one person’s Facebook page?
    Wonder if the right to write a blog article about this case will go next…

    Appears that freedom of speech is not alive and well. Pathetic that his defense attorney did not have him out of custody immediately.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    I have been in front of more than 1 Jury. I have never been convicted by any Jury. Understand this… A Jury trial is about “Good” vs “Evil”. THE END! It’s why rich, “good” white men beat charges with huge amounts of evidence against them. (see Rodney King cops) and why poor minorities can be convicted without any evidence.

    In 1 of my trials 4 eyewitnesses said I walked into a crowd and beat down 2 guys. The other 2 apparently took notes of the perps size and description… and came to the conclusion that it was me. All 4 knew me and testified that I told them days before not to sell drugs on the corner in front of my house. Apparently the perp walked out of my house and beat the crap out of the 2 guys then walked back into my house. When my Lawyer got them to admit they were in a gang… and I was wearing a suit and tie… The Jury decided it wasn’t me. Oh well. “Good” vs “Evil”… White guy in a suit with his family VS Raggetty wannabe gang members selling drugs. Like I told the DA, “It wasn’t me!” NOT GUILTY!

    SO… The moral of the story is that LE does what they can to make ALL of 1%ers “Bad”… in the media. THATS how they get you! Jake and Cassie showed what needs to be done to change that for the Jury. Reyna was playing games and Jake took the stand and showed who he was. THEY CHANGE THAT PRECONCEPTION. Reyna and the Cossacks became “bad” and Jake became “good”.

    Jake/Cassie NEVER went after the Police as being “bad” She went after Reyna. Going after the Police only makes YOU look “bad.” The targets for Freddy is JM and whoever made the deal to let him go. FREDDY MUST TAKE THE STAND! IMHO In order to change the “gang leader” into just “Freddy”. Freddy’s Lawyer MUST address all Questions about Freddy with his 1st name… “Freddy” (like Cassie did Jake)

    “Good” vs “Evil” is ALL THAT COUNTS. JM killed that woman and the DA gave him a pass… Why? Because convicting a Pagan Leader brings more promotions than convicting a nobody, skum bag double murderer like JM. That same DA did not investigate FM’s death ON PURPOSE…. to let his star witness skate…. maybe to kill again????

    As always… IMHO

  13. No one important Says:

    Funny how the DOJ will do everything in their power to go after people they don’t like, while at the same time turn a blind eye to the multiple crimes perpetrated by people in the government. Sad times we live in. The all powerful OZ will soon silence us all. Thanks for being a real reporter Rebel! How long until they come after you for speaking truth? IMHO, it won’t be too long. America needs to wake up!

  14. freebird Says:

    Control the information at all cost is the end game IMO

    Knowledge is power…. good or bad

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