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September 1, 2018

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The Justice Swamps Of Jersey

A former Pagan Motorcycle Club patch holder named John “The Egyptian” Kachbalian (above) has been arrested for posting Facebook updates about the South Jersey case against former Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello.

Augello is accused of being an accessory to the murder of radio host April Kauffman in May 2012, attempting to murder Dr. James Kauffman earlier this year and of distributing prescription opioids.
Kachbalian is a fierce, vulgar and often wry advocate for both the Pagans Motorcycle Club and for Augello.

On his last Facebook post, Kachbalian reproduced the witness list for Augello’s trial and described it as the “Rat Roster.” He also provided a link to an identical witness list posted on Facebook by a local journalist named Kevin C. Shelly.

This is what both Shelly and Kachbalian published on their pages:

List of witnesses for prosecution:
State of New Jersey v. Ferdinand Augello et al Indictment Number 18-04-0517 State’s Witness List
1. Beverley Augello
2. Robert Avellino
3. Chester Brown
4. Tabitha Chapman
5. Gary Collins, M.D.
6. Adele Darby
7. Joseph Drinhouser
8. Wayne Finnegan
9. Ian Finnimore
10. Daniel Garabrant
11. Barbara Greenling
12. William Gonzalez
13. Andrew Glick
14. Captain John Hamilton
15. Thomas Hauk
16. Robert Holtzin
17. Edwin J. Jacobs, Esq.
18. Julia Loftus
19. Joseph Mulholland
20. Brian Oatman
21. Nicole Ott
22. Kimberly Pack
23. Paul Pagano
24. Cheryl Pizza
25. Kevin Ruga
26. James Rosiello
27. Timothy Sarzynski
28. James Scoppa
29. Glenn Seeler
30. Mary Ann Sokalski
31. Mildred Tate
32. Mary Welcer
33. Matthew Widder
34. Steven Wittenwiler
35. Det. Computer Crimes
36. Pharmacy Personnel
a. Roni Briese
b. John Brittin
c. Gwyn Hagaman
d. Aaron W. King
e. Ankur Patel
f. Lori Rohr
g. Scott Reef
h. Jenn Welch
i. To Be Determined
j. To Be Determined
k. To Be Determined
l. To Be Determined
m. To Be Determined

Shelly is a former editor of The Press of Atlantic City. He has told The Aging Rebel he has contracted to write a feature article about the Augello case for In Jersey Magazine and is negotiating a deal for a book about the case. Shelly has frequently been contemptuous of this page’s coverage of Augello’s prosecution. Augello has told The Aging Rebel that he thinks Shelly’s coverage has been biased against him.

If you have a Facebook account and you open another window in your browser and sign into your account, you can still read Kachbalian’s entries here.

You can read Shelly’s Facebook page titled “KauffmanCase: Murder, Oxy, Greed, and More” here.

And you can find Shelly’s personal Facebook page here.

Shelly has not been charged with any crime. Kachbalian is charged with with first-degree witness tampering, cyber harassment, posting obscene material and invasion of privacy/disclose sex act without consent, according to court records.

In addition to the publication of the witness list, Kachbalian has also published rude comments about Ferdinand Augello’s ex-wife, Beverly Augello, and a relatively demure photograph that depicts an attractive, naked woman from the rear. The photo does not reveal the subject’s face, breasts or genitals. According to virtually all case law pertinent to the subject, the photograph is not legally obscene. Kachbalian does not name the woman but implies it is Beverly Augello.

In other posts, Kachbalian has described Beverly Augello in blunt terms as licentious and as a “rat.”

Kachbalian will spend the last long weekend of summer in jail. His initial appearance is scheduled for Wednesday.


41 Responses to “The Justice Swamps Of Jersey”

  1. JOHN COKOS Says:

    Don’t you all wish you lived in New Jersey ? It’s a Soap Opera on a good day.

  2. 31st Says:


    What has Tyner offered JM?

  3. Jim Says:

    Wintness tampering damn when the prosecutor offers co defendents no jail time or reduced jail time to testify that’s witnesses tampering oh no that’s extortion giving discovery to 20/20 that no one seen at that time that’s witnesses tampering and by the way Paul pagano is not a rat he took no plea just to clarify that funny how Glick goes from 40 to life to nothing and joe mulholand he turned state witnesses so fast you know he is guilty of murder 2xs any way Fred needs a change of venue asap

  4. Gandalf Says:

    On JM and his plea deal: It is standard operating procedure for DA’s to give deals to people who testify… on the condition that they confess to ALL crimes they committed in the past. Obviously JM did not confess to killing his cousin. Freddy’s Lawyer needs to try to convict JM for that murder in the juries eyes… in Freddy’s trial. JM has already confessed to killing the Doctors wife because driving the car IS MURDER by Law. THAT FACT must be hammered home. PLUS, How do we know that JM just drove and wasn’t the actual shooter? Because JM said so???
    What is not so obvious are the crimes JM did in the past. Crimes Freddy (or others) might know about… that JM never told the DA. Anyone with information of ANY crime JM and those witnesses committed in the past… you should contact Freddy’s Lawyer. If they left any past crime out… they can be charged and their Testimony is worthless. Same thing with Glick… If Glick ever stole a bike or robbed a house ect. And did not tell the DA… Freddy’s Lawyer needs to confront him about it on the stand. After already questioning the Detective about crimes they admitted to. The DA will be trying to keep secret about all the other crimes they have committed.

  5. Nobody Says:

    Arresting Egyptian falls under a violation of his constitutional rights… doesn’t it?

  6. Aanon Says:

    Man go home. We don’t get it here. Maybe you’ll get it there. Ride safe.

  7. freebird Says:

    @ 31st

    You just smoked that tire…..

  8. freebird Says:

    @ Gandalf

    If we need a pivot man you have the job…..

    If we can’t laugh at the fucked up state of this world, what else is left?

  9. Gandalf Says:

    @ Bragi, Freebird, 31st and hosertoo …. Take that fucking circle jerk down the road. Anon is right. Google Q and find a room. Where TF did these guys come from? 1st time posters? LE misinformation? WTF?

  10. freebird Says:

    @ hoosiertoo

    Like there is any other place……

  11. freebird Says:

    @ 31st

    Were these deleted scenes from the 20/20 interview…… or home video from the Kauffman’s during happier times

  12. 31st Says:


    I hear ya, my only message to normal people who may or may not be selected for the jury is this:

    Tyner wants you to believe Freddy had something to do with Kaufman and Mulholland (the one still wasting air) doing a little bit of nastiness simply because he knew both men.

    That’s a stretch. Freddy’s lawyer needs to drive that home.


  13. hoosiertoo Says:

    @ Bragi, Freebird & 31st

    The fringe is a great place to hang!

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Yes… I only posted those 2 links for the News Outlet… not the story. Sorry. TY for your links to the others… That’s what I was trying to do. BTW People need to “follow” those news outlets on FB for the next few weeks.. Then comment on the FB alert AND the Story it’s self. Just for these coming weeks. The fact that JM drove the car to murder that lady is just crazy. If a person simply drives a car to rob a house… and someone is killed… that’s murder. JM ACTUALLY DROVE KNOWING IT WAS TO MURDER A WOMAN! WTF? There ain’t NO AMOUNT of $ anyone could pay me to drive a guy to murder anyone…. esp a woman… esp a Reporter. The DA is letting go a cold blooded murderer who kills for $ with no regard… Add he probably killed his cousin, “ratting” on anyone to save his life is just par for a Psychopath’s course. It’s what they do.

  15. Hangaround Says:


    I don’t disagree with your idea of commenting on articles about the trial and adding facts to those articles to help sway public opinion. I do believe that commenting needs to be done on recent articles. The links you posted are to articles from back in January and have not seen commentary added for at least 7 months. Unfortunately I could not find any relevant recent trial coverage except for on “The Aging Rebel”…. Go figure.

    For those so inclined, google says this is a list of the top ten media organizations in New Jersey.
    The Star-Ledger. …
    The Record. …
    Asbury Park Press.
    The Press of Atlantic City.
    Courier-Post. …
    The Times. …
    Home News Tribune. …
    The Trentonian.

    I suggest that we start with “letters to the editor”.

    Remember if you have the time to post something to this page then you have the time to scan your post for political correctness and copy paste it into an email to the editor…

  16. Gandalf Says:

    On codes: Rule #1- Codes don’t work. Paint chips, widgets and mufflers ain’t cutting it. Everyone fucking knows and if they don’t… LE is liable to replace paint chips with dead bodies and some stupid jury will believe them.

    There is only 1 way to “code” and it’s basic and simple: Example-
    “Yo what’s up? I will be around your way and was thinking of stopping over.”
    Meaning- I got what you wanted OR Do you have what I want?

    “No, I won’t be home all day… I have stuff to do. Maybe we can watch the game at that bar tomorrow night”
    Meaning- I don’t have what you want right now but maybe tomorrow night. We can talk at ? bar.” OR

    “Yea, that’s good… bring some beer.”
    Meaning- “Yea, I got what you want. Come on over”

    After that STOP…. No code works. Person to person is the ONLY way.
    Judging by that FA-JM coded conversation IMHO… FA wanted pills for his girl. JM was selling…

    “Paperwork” IS ALWAYS money… ALWAYS. I don’t give a fuck if your in the middle of a conversation about you Tax returns…. “I got that paperwork” means “I got that money.”

    That said- Shit flows down hill as sure as $$$ flows uphill… JM was ALL “uphill” to FA and why would a Doctor who was writing scripts to JM ask FA to kill his wife? Answer- Because He never did. He asked JM to do the deed. And JM did… Probably KNOWING he was going to OD his cousin after. You might also notice that FA said, “Doctor” (FOUL!) and JM got scared…. I’m thinking anyone involved with killing a doctors wife is scared to death about that word… Freddy wasn’t- JM was.

  17. Anon Says:

    Ya know, it’d be great if a money tree was there that just crapped out the $10k-$20k it would take to stay in Atlantic City. Last time I checked, the host of this website doesn’t have said tree. Said host owes nothing to no-one.

    Anyone under the mistaken impression that there is such a thing as “innocent until proven guilty” is severely mistaken. Look at the sheer number of detainees waiting for their trial date because they cannot afford to post bond.

    And one final thought: given that the only positive things likely to be said about Mr. Augello will come from this website, how about we knock off laying blame on Marx, armed revolt, and blaming an ethnicity for this ? You’re more than free to your personal opinion, but when someone(like maybe a juror) goes looking for more than trial testimony for information on Mr. Augello- it doesn’t paint him in the best light because everything is guilt by association.

  18. Iron Rider Says:

    Is there anyone that Freddy’s prosecutors aren’t going after? What a fucking circus this is turning into. Makes me think once again how their is no innocent until proven guilty, more like your guilty before you can prove your innocent

  19. freebird Says:

    @ Bargi

    Flows like Poetry…..

  20. Gandalf Says:

    It’s not that I believe this Doctor but lets not forget that in his suicide note he said he (by extension Freddy) had nothing to do with his wife’s murder…. and if THAT ain’t “reasonable doubt”… that Freddy also had nothing to do with it… I don’t know what reasonable doubt means obviously.

  21. Bragi Says:

    @ Freebird & 31st

    ‘We have a lot in common…. ‘

  22. Gandalf Says:

    Glick says, “The doc kept complaining, ‘Why is it taking so long? We’re working on it. It’s not like there is a store where we can go to hire hitmen to kill women.’”

    Why is Glick talking to the Doctor? Because He’s lying to save himself a Life bit.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    Glick says, “Kauffman paid Augello in cash and illegal prescriptions”, culminating in Augello hiring Francis Mulholland to shoot and kill April Kauffman on May 10, 2012.

    YET…. “Thursday, Mulholland, 53, of Villas, told a different story. He admitted that he obtained prescriptions for oxycontin from Kauffman and sold them to reputed Pagans leader Francis Augello on 6 or 7 occasions.”

  24. Gandalf Says:

    AGAIN, “Thursday, Mulholland, 53, of Villas, told a different story. He admitted that he obtained prescriptions for oxycontin from Kauffman and sold them to reputed Pagans leader Francis Augello on 6 or 7 occasions.” But the Doctor asked Freddy to do the Hit???? WTF?

  25. freebird Says:

    @ 31st

    We have a lot in common…. the fringe section of the road

  26. 31st Says:

    Vindication and Victory, HAIL the Gods!

    Hail the Heirophant

  27. Gandalf Says:

    LISTEN TO ME! The fight in NJ begins tomorrow. Freddy is being framed/scapegoated. All Civilian supporters and associates need to take 2 weeks out of your life to Troll for Justice. Exactly as you did for Jake in Waco. Instead of the Waco Tribune these are your 2 sties:

    You need to “like” them on your FB page and comment on EVERY STORY for 2 weeks. Both on FB AND the News Page. These 2 weeks will be a full court propaganda press against Freddy. I KNOW FOR A FACT that the 16 supporters were supporting Jake in Texas. I’d ask ALL my Texas friends to do the same for Freddy. Follow Rebels lead and investigations… Slam that fucking murderer Joe Mulholland without mercy. This guy drove the shooter to the soccer mom’s house to kill Her. That’s murder! He also killed his own cousin… IMHO. But he gets to walk for saying it was all Freddy. WAKE UP! Don’t let them convict Freddy in the Media…. MAKE COMMENTS! LISTEN TO ME! Please. :) If only this once.

  28. Austin Says:

    I went. I saw.

    Rebel reports true facts.

    While on fb – had a thought, but don’t want my door kicked in so… kept it to myself.

    I’m down to witness however. Yes – the two posts have same info.

  29. jrino Says:

    this is becoming funny, I mean New Jersey is where i grew up till i was 17 and left. what a fucked up state! Who the fuck would live there?

  30. Hero Says:


    FREE Kachbalian

    Fork the Gestapo before they fork you!!

  31. Mark Says:

    There is a reason the cops and government lawyers want to frame Freddy and those cops and government lawyers want to keep sealed up tight. This arrest is proof of the abuse of Freddy’s Rights and to silence anything about Freddy that is different than the government’s story line from reaching the public. Freddy needs to demand a change of venue to get this case the hell out of that county and area. This latest arrest is crystal clear, some very crooked BS is going on, this is really over the top for everyone to see.

  32. Johnny Rotten Says:

    april 1st already?
    i know im bad with dates but fuck man…
    musta been some bender i been on…

    posting a list…
    and porn to boot…
    i spose some folks get off on those underwear ads they toss in the sunday rags…
    callin someone a rat…

    snowflakes unite…

    this worlds a humorous place as of late…
    unfortunatly not for some…
    and thats a fuckin shame to be able to fuck with someones life over such trivial bullfuckinshit…



  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shovel,

    No. You’re wrong. As usual. Do exactly what I tell you to do, Open a new browser window. Sign into Facebook in the new browser window. Click the link in The Aging Rebel post. As of 2 p.m. Pacific on September 1, Kachbalian’s page has not yet been taken down. Please stop trying toe mislead other readers with shit you pull out of your ass. Occasionally, one of your nonsensical comments slips through. That just happened now and it was up for several minutes. Stop it.



  34. Not the 99 Says:

    Do we need to start a Go fund me account for you now?
    I sure hope not, but you are, getting the words out for a man who has been unconstitutionally silenced.
    Man o man…..
    This shit is getting ridiculous.
    Be safe out there Chuck.

  35. Gandalf Says:

    FA – I know I’ve been bugging you a lot, calling you a lot lately, but this paint stuff.
    JM – Yeah, it’s no big deal. No biggie.
    FA – But…uh, I’m going to go, me and Dawn, we are going to go out and eat dinner. I’m going to go to dinner with Shawn and his old lady, so you know.
    JM – Oh, okay. No Biggie.
    FA – It’s all good. (inaudible).
    JM – Alright.


  36. freebird Says:

    Always wondered what it would look like when there is no case, just make it up as you go…

    Case in point

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