Freddy Augello Rages From Jail

August 31, 2018

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Freddy Augello Rages From Jail

This is another of several occasional letters from retired Pagans Motorcycle Club member Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello.

Augello is accused of arranging the murder of a woman named April Kauffman in 2012, of conspiring to murder the dead woman’s husband, James Kauffman, early this year and of masterminding a prescription drug distribution network.

He is scheduled for trial beginning September 10.

The judge in the case, Bernard E. Delury, Jr. (above) thinks prospective jurors should know nothing about Augello’s case except what they have heard second hand from prosecutors over the last eight months. The Aging Rebel thinks responsible journalism compels this page to put Augello’s words into the public record where prospective jurors who want to look can find them,

To whom it may concern:

To begin with, I do not have a criminal or arrest record prior to the para militarized raid on my family residence in Upper Township, New Jersey on January 6th, 2018.

To make this clear, I must explain my position as an American citizen who has never been convicted of a crime in my 62 years. I hold a valid N.J. Firearms identification card, I also possess a New Jersey State Hunting License along with a Rifle Permit. I was never caught or apprehended at any crime scene nor was I found selling, buying or taking drugs of any kind.

When my house was raided on January 6th, there was nothing illegal found in the home or in my commercial sign shop. The shop was raided simultaneously. My door was crashed in at 6 a.m. by 21 FBI agents. The leading group dressed in full militarized camouflage battle dress as in lraq or Afghanistan. This procedure was obviously overboard and was intended solely to terrorize the homeowner, my fiancé, into distancing herself from me and the situation For the record, it worked famously, unfortunately for myself and my loved ones.

The FBI removed several things from the home which included: all computers (two towers, three laptops a few iPads and an iMac); all cell phones; a 1996 Harley-Davidson Sportster (purchased by my fiancé in the early 2000s); and my 2008 Dyna Wide Glide 96-cubic-inch Harley-Davidson Motorcycle that was purchased as a leftover in 2009 using a trade in. I am the original owner and possess the title as a record to this testimony. They also removed all my guitar amplifiers and assorted musical equipment that I have been collecting for the past 20-plus years.

Nothing criminally evidentiary or incriminating was found on any of my family’s computers of course, nor mine for that matter. Nothing pertaining to this case was found on my sign shop computer or my iMac or iPad as well.

Nine days later, after a week and a half of a negative ‘media circus,’ courtesy of the Atlantic City Press and the Tri-State media in general – they portrayed me as guilty even prior to my indictment – came my detention hearing. My detention hearing was filled with biased, inaccurate statements presented by prosecutor Seth Levy and never challenged by the ‘impartial’ judge.

Here are two examples of blatantly false narratives presented by Mr. Levy during my detention hearing:
“Every time he is out, he attempts to murder people who may do him wrong…. For that reason, above all others, the defendant needs to be detained.”

He also said I “had no problem committing not one murder but, at least attempting to commit two.”

First of all, I had never been incarcerated before, nor have I murdered or attempted to murder anyone. Secondly- I have committed absolutely zero murders. The prosecutors statements are false. They are completely nonfactual and blatantly false narratives meant to mislead the judge in this hearing and to wrongly sway the balance of the scales of justice. Both absurd statements by Mr. Levy went unchallenged.

On April 3, 2008, which ironically was my birthday, a grand jury chose to indict me. My indictment minutes are also full of false and misleading statements made by Mr. Levy and Detective Sergeant James Scoppa.

The following are a few of their false statements and nonsensical fantasies scattered through my indictment hearing. They were meant to mislead the grand jury and indict me based on false narratives:
Under oath Scoppa states that I bought ‘numerous vintage guitars.’ This is a blatantly false accusation and was created to convince the jurors that I was spending what would amount to thousands of dollars, on vintage/antique guitars – guitars that begin in the price range of S25,000 for Fender instruments of the 1950s and 1960s.

Again under oath, Scoppa said I ‘bought a vehicle and a motorcycle.’ That’s another misleading statement. Like most people of modest means, I paid monthly payments on a 2016 Van. I also purchased my 2008 Harley-Davidson in 2009 as a leftover. I have the title that names me as the original owner. The State acknowledges that this alleged racketeering case began two years after I bought the motorcycle.

Again under oath, Levy asked Scoppa, ‘Was Freddy successful at having Kauffman murdered in jail?’ Scoppa replied ‘No he was not because law enforcement, specifically our office and the FBl, took control of the situation and made sure that Fred was not going to be able to kill Dr. Kauffman.’

These accusations are absurd. First they concocted this plan. Entrapment was their specific goal, Dr. Kauffman was never in danger in the Atlantic County Jail. There was never anyone in the jail hired or inspired to hurt him. The FBt and the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office invented this ruse and used the Confidential lnformant to enact their plan.

Levy and Scoppa know Dr. Kauffman was never in danger in the jail because they are aware that the purpose of this story/plan was attempted entrapment, having confederates in this plan along with others from the FBI and ACPO for at least two full months.

In the transcript, Levy quickly moves the conversation to a completely different subject before the reality of the fraud being portrayed is exposed through his questioning. This was nothing more than a skit, a performance, a rehearsed act performed for the benefit of deceiving the audience, the grand jurors.
Dr. Kauffman was lied to, moved to another facility. The location was publicly announced for all. He became despondent and committed suicide. The catalyst wasn’t me or a crazed inmate bent on harming the doctor but the authorities who gave him absolutely no hope through their deceptive fraud. This scenario is easily provable. The fictitious jail inhabitants who were part of the plot to kill the doctor can never be produced simply because they never existed.

The civil forfeiture case is full of errors.

All the instruments listed as Fender Guitars are not Fenders Guitars. They are reproductions, which is easily researched and is another example of the ignorance on the subject and evidence, or perhaps poor and/or selective detective work. I believe the latter. Far from a mistake but purposely done by design. My indictment minutes where the false direct statement is made in thefollowing line: “Mr. Augeilo bought numerous ‘vintage’ guitars.’

I also have expert testimony from Mr. Steve Mceuaid at CMC Guitars that handled my line of instruments, that indeed my guitars are not ‘vintage Fender guitars’ but were ail built by me and not purchased in a music store.

In addition, many of my speaker cabinets are ‘refurbished, storm damaged.’ I am able to produce documentation to support this. Several objects taken from my home are the property of others. That includes an amplifier and an acoustic guitar.

In closing, to whom it may concern, I have been the subject of a politically motivated witch hunt strewn with false facts and misinformation given ‘under oath’ by several parties representing the prosecution. I hope these few simple pages shed some light on my case where none has been shed; especially from a venomous media bent on reinforcing the prosecution’s false narratives about me, my successful sign business and my music career that has spanned almost three decades.

Thank You,

Ferdinand Augello


19 Responses to “Freddy Augello Rages From Jail”

  1. Dicky Betts Says:

    So your alledged guitar business was a making knock off vintage reproduction counterfeit Fenders guitars. This is another offense of copyright law.

  2. freebird Says:

    Stand back and watch the feathers fly……

    The chickens are coming to roost

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Good job, Rebel!!


  4. 31st Says:

    @Johnny Rotten

    Nope. We aint fucked yet. We still have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We still have freedom of speech and freedom to arm ourselves. The communist termites have taken over our government; the DemonicRATS and the republicans (vichy regime enablers) were THIS CLOSE to usurping power for the globalist ZIONIST OCCUPATION but Trump stopped that shit dead in it’s tracks — HALLALUJAH. My rights were endowed upon me by my Creator, Wotan/Zarathustra and no BUREAUCRAT STOOGE in the FBI or the State Department can take them away. CLICK CLICK BOOM! GET SOME, MOTHERFUCKERS.

  5. Johnny Rotten Says:

    i coulda swore i read somewhere…

    long ago…
    maybe long long ago…
    maybe even in a galaxy far far away…

    innocent until proven guilty…

    and john mccains a hero…
    look at his record lately ?

    we are so patently fucked..
    a real average american has no chance at anything resembling justice…
    its now spelled by the man as ….JUSTUS…



  6. Detroit Dutch Says:

    Typical prosecutorial misconduct and profiling. Once the DA and their henchmen get their sights set on a “Club” all of sudden it becomes a conspiracy and they go wild. ala SOA. When in fact some of the most ardent supporters of the Military and Veterans are 1% clubs. This was the case her in the Detroit Area, when I was the project manager fo Home For Our Troops (building specially adapted homes for severely wounded veterans) home- SPC Alex Knapp. It was the Outlaws MC- Detroit Eastside who stepped forward donating thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours physical labor to make this home a success. Did it make the newspapers? NO

    I feel awful seeing this man in jail with little to no evidence, and guilty by association. When in fact this man was nothing more than helping out Veterans causes and happened to know this Doctor and his wife. Makes you rethink how our constitution fits only certain people?

    4th Amendment- The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    14th Amendment- No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    Sorry Rebel, been awhile since I’ve commented but this case is as rotten as Twin Peaks as far as I’m concerned.

    Detroit Dutch

  7. david Says:

    The court is owned and operated by bankers, and the entire fiasco is about monetary greed, theft and other evil motives.

  8. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Rule 3.8: Special Responsibilities of Prosecutor
    We the people need to start pushing on this. The same thing is happening and has been happening for far to long. ENOUGH OF IT. SADLY all paid from taxpayers money.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    “Thursday, Mulholland, 53, of Villas, told a different story. He admitted that he obtained prescriptions for oxycontin from Kauffman and sold them to reputed Pagans leader Francis Augello on 6 or 7 occasions.” NOW I ASK YOU…. Who TF is the dealer and Who TF is the user… ??? Heck, by those phone conversations (the code) it seemed like Freddy wanted them for his girl… WTF? It’s like LE is working down to get to Freddy… Bust the doctor to get the dealer to get the user…. WTF? Next thing you know they will be busting Meth cooks… then the dealers and giving them all pardons to testify against the tweeker. CRAZY!

  10. Gandalf Says:

    “Glick was arrested in early November on drug charges, but that arrest was never publicized with the others. The arresting officer listed on Glick’s court documents is a member of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office who was credited for his role as a lead investigator in the Kauffman case.” This seems important. Glick may have been arrested for the sole purpose of testifying on Freddy. If so… his testimony becomes even more suspect. Why would a prosecutor be credited with the arrest? I thought detectives and agents investigated and arrested… Prosecutors prosecute. Glick’s testimony (interview) sounds like BS to me… Why is Glick talking to the doctor? …. because he didn’t. They called Glick in… told him He’s being arrested… then told him they wanted Freddy and got him to wear a wire (?). Then Glick told them what they want to hear to save his life. No way Glick was the 5th man in on a hit… a woman… a reporter. That’s just crazy.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    Americans watch real cops bust doors down every night on TV. Just before Wheel of Fortune… they don’t fucking care. So long as nobody is shot and killed, (LE especially) it’s a “successful” take down. Bitching about how you were arrested is a no win and sounds like your a cop hater. Remember Jake (Cassie) thanked the cop for saving His life… The same group of cops who wasted those other bikers. Like Jake Freddy needs to be thanking LE for not hurting anyone (and the dog) in that bust. Fuck what is real and true…. This is court and court of public opinion. Freddy’s Lawyer needs to HUMANIZE Freddy at all costs. Freddy (like Jake) is a easy name to repeat and His Lawyer needs to use it over and over… get the Witnesses to say “Freddy” over and over… Cassie even had the DA saying “Jake”…. Freddy also needs to take the stand but not say even 1 word that he knew about any “Hit” before or after. Should Freddy say, “I knew JM killed the woman and his cousin because he told me.” Is the kiss of death. Remember… Freddy needs to be a “good” man in the Juries eyes… Good men don’t KNOWINGLY associate with people who kill women for $.

    As Always… IMHO

  12. Mark Says:

    I wouldn’t say Freddy is raging from jail but would say he’s reaching out with his side of this matter to get the truth out in the public eye. He seems to be sane, level headed and completely caught off guard having this spring on him out of nowhere and for no reason. The big problem is, the judge will never allow Freddy show the DA’s office lied to the court and in the media. The judge will parrot the same old BS, (SOB) saying that Freddy’s defense is not going to be allowed because the DA and his employees are not on trial. But truthfully, honestly and legally their case is on trial as much as Freddy is if not more because the proof is on them. Enough for the pipe dream of an honest court, hell the POTUS can’t get or find an honest court. But the key to Freddy’s defense is, why? Why is the DA going after him when he’s totally clean and has a spotless record. There is a reason the DA is doing this and putting himself and his office at risk, why? Freddy and company are going to have to find that answer and move forward from there. This case against Freddy was calculated and put in motion for a reason even if that reason is a criminal scam. Does one of the rats that is going to take the stand against Freddy have something on someone that’s powerful and Freddy closes doors with his conviction? Or is Freddy a needed firewall to something larger? Freddy’s thinking seems clear and logical, he needs to get with his family and friends find out what the hell is going on with why he is going through what he’s going through. The one crazy thing that really doesn’t add up is the FBI and DOJ lawyer’s being in the middle of this, why the feds? Everything is wrong with this case against Freddy and the smell test is H2S. He needs a lawyer and that lawyer needs a PI and a whole lot of discovery needs to be filed. The truth doesn’t alway set one free, he needs some help.

  13. Slobodan Slubaban Says:

    Correct the copys incorrect dates.

  14. Paladin Says:

    @ 31st;


    Long May You Ride,


  15. Iron Rider Says:

    I have said before this case stinks, and reading Freddys words, it just confirms my suspicion even more that this case stinks. Have to love grand Juries, a one sided circus where anything goes and your sure as shit going to be indicted, the old indict a ham sandwich still rings true to this day

  16. Outrider Says:

    Now your fighting Freddy. Great read . Someone is not scared to let your side be told.know this lots of United States Veterans an Citizens read this Blog.Be aware of this people.

  17. freebird Says:

    There are a lot of folks pulling for you Freddy…. more than you know

    Political witch hunt, IMO bingo

    I find it strange that the former Prosecutor James McClain who just happen to be a Medical Patient of James Kauffman did not come to the same conclusion…. as Tyner did

    James McClain is currently a Superior Court of New Jersey judge..

    The First Black Prosecutor for Atlantic County

    Someone is being groomed for the top court in the country

  18. Hero Says:


    or you may be the next one set in destitute by the American Gestapo.

  19. 31st Says:

    21 FBI agents…

    All of them, worthless Peter Strzok Obamunist bastards.


    This Viet Cong shit works in UNARMED NATIONS.

    It aint flying in ours


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