Freeing Freddy’s Words

August 30, 2018

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Freeing Freddy's Words

Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello has been officially forbidden to comment on the criminal case against him since July 23.

Augello is accused of arranging the murder of a woman named April Kauffman in May 2012. Prosecutors theorize that the murdered woman’s husband, Dr. James Kauffman, hired Augello to kill his wife because she had discovered that he was peddling OxyContin into the grey market and because she had learned that he was not a war hero. Augello is also accused of plotting to murder James Kauffman in order to cover his tracks. And he is accused of distributing drugs he got from James Kauffman.

The evidence against Augello is slight. It is comprised of anecdotes told by snitches. There are some tape recordings, but the meanings of the words they contain have been absurdly tortured by the prosecution. Since he was arrested last January, prosecutors have been trying Augello over and over in the court of public opinion. He tried to tell his side of the case through social media but, reasoning that Augello’s protests would somehow deprive Augello of a fair trial, Judge Bernard DeLury issued the gag order.

So the only place you are likely to read what Augello thinks of all this before his trial starts next month is here.

A Letter From Freddy

“To believers in the Constitution everywhere:

“I am Ferdinand C. Augello, one of the seven defendants in the April Kauffman murder and opioid racketeering case featured unfortunately on ABC’s 2O/2O recently.

“I myself am the only person with a murder charge and subsequently the only person incarcerated in the Atlantic County Justice Facility in Mays Landing, New Jersey. Dr. Kauffman, some months back, also was charged with murder and moved to another facility just before he committed suicide.

“Recently Judge Bernard Delury has placed a gag order on my case. I believe what he has done is unconstitutional and allows the local media, namely The Press of Atlantic City, to continue to smear me with false narratives and innuendo ruining my reputation, which includes my 35-year-old, local sign business and professional music career that has already been destroyed by this practice over the last six months, almost biweekly.

“I understand the ‘free press’ and believe The Press of Atlantic City and others have the right to do as they see fit under the First Amendment but I also have the right to speak publicly in my defense which would, in 2018, include social media outlets. The prosecution, after six months and following a 2O/2O production starring themselves, decided to motion for a gag order once I started to speak out publicly (which isn’t easy from inside this facility). Judge DeLury granted the gag order, effectively shutting off my defensive replies to the character assassination that had continued since my arrest. This order has completely shut me down and has left me speechless – literally.

“The codefendants in my case have openly, through FBI interviews, confessed to a multitude of crimes, up to and including participating directly in the murder of Mrs. Kauffman and have been granted full immunity without the public knowledge, while I sit here in jail for over six months professing my innocence. This is my discovery and I have the right by law to share it with anyone I wish and also to speak on my own behalf to illuminate the untruths and rhetoric that fills my Grand Jury indictment straight from prosecutor’s mouths, in their own words. Many of these statements by Detective Sergeant James Scoppa are under oath and are what I believe to be perjured statements.

“ln conclusion, one side of the story is being told by the media, turning me into a pariah and still directed by the prosecution behind the scenes and via their false narratives and plea deals for ‘over the top’ charges on codefendants via the Atlantic City Press. Meanwhile I am silenced on all media from telling the truth about myself and my case.

“I would be grateful, at the least, to have anyone who believes in or has the ability to address this constitutional injustice to delve into it, as it is quite enlightening from the beginning, starting with the unnecessary para-militarized raid on my family residence, which by the way netted nothing illegal and left my loved ones with PTSD and sadly seeking help.

“The First and Fourth Amendments are completely applicable in my case, as I believe this entire case, specifically the gag order, is a travesty of justice and nothing more than a ploy to give the prosecution an extreme advantage as they and their surrogates demonize me publicly on a bi-weekly basis.

“Thank you,

“Ferdinand Augello”


18 Responses to “Freeing Freddy’s Words”

  1. jrino Says:

    a good attorney is needed

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    Judge Bernard Delury needs to do this nation a favor and test the warning label on a plastic bag.

  3. Iron Rider Says:

    I agree with what Johnny Rotten and Bone Head have both stated. You have to feel for Freddy, the smear campaign is well under way but the minute Freddy speak up, all of sudden the Judge orders his silence mean while the prosecution is free to try Freddy in the media.

    Thank God Rebel is voice for those who are oppressed, I will take Rebels reporting over some main stay media anyday, as least you know Rebel will dig and dig until there isnt a stone he hasnt turned to tell what the other media wont

  4. 31st Says:

    The FBI is nothing but a Stasi Stooge Goon squad for the Demoncrat party. Obamugabe fundamentally transformed the USA into East Germany.


  5. Gandalf Says:

    Freddy needs to start a GoFundMe… On the basis of a weeks $ a Lawyer could take the case. (Like Cohen) 2 weeks prep on His PD’s discovery and pretrial. Game on, Sept 11th… But let the New Lawyer shoot from the hip. Tell the Judge, “OMG… I got $ for a Lawyer, but I don’t need anymore time.” Or take a postponement if needed…

  6. Gandalf Says:

    If Freddy was the big dog making $ from killing soccer moms and pushing scripts where’s the fucking $… ??? He spent it? On what? When? Dude has a PD and could use some commissary $. ??? I bet John Gotti didn’t have these problems. If Freddy is/was running a criminal organization he ain’t doing a good job… No $… The whole fucking world knows about the soccer mom hit??? I’m telling you, from what I am reading that fucking JM was running things and I think Glick just saw an opportunity… Making shit up. Heck Freddy should sell pardons, “Come testify against me…” WTF?

  7. Concerned Citizen Says:

    This is disgusting this whole trial is bullshit I hope someone picks up his case. Free Freddy FTF

  8. 31st Says:

    Anyone who STILL doesn’t see and acknowledge that the Government Media Industrial Complex / ZOG isn’t waging a persecution campaign against white men, then just look at the way Freddy is being treated vs the subhuman vermin in New Mexico who murdered a 3 year old boy.

  9. AZ Supporter Says:

    I can appreciate the optimism here but I have the worst feeling that this man is gonna get fucked. This shit makes me sick. It’s disgusting. I’ve lost all hope of anyone beating the beast once it’s claws are in this deep. Fuck this corrupt ass system and fuck where the world is headed. Sorry for the negativity Rebel and everybody, but it’s just one story after another. It’s so damn frustrating!

    FREE FREDDY!!!!!!

  10. Gandalf Says:

    This case is crazy… JM is a fucking Psychopath, Murderer and rat. Killed his own fucking cousin. Killed the Blonde mother… WTF? The key to this case is to rip JM apart for the jury to turn that anger at JM and the DA… Heck JM admitted to murdering the Lady… Driving the car to murder IS murder. WTF?

  11. Bone Head Says:

    As Johnny Rotten stated, you have given him voice. Thank you for that. But I wait to see if the judge decides to order censor of your website. They do not want this man to have any voice. And as others have stated this whole deal stinks. Best of luck to you Rebel and to Freddy.

  12. moog153 Says:

    Anyone wishing to write or send some much needed commissary money in any amount – can do so by filling out a postal money order and envelope with this exact information on both:
    Ferdinand Augello #260844 HL
    Atlantic County Justice Facility
    5060 Atlantic Ave
    Mays Landing NJ 08330
    Remember Atlantic Co Justice Facility does not allow pictures or photographs – they will not accept any and will send everything back including the letter.

  13. jrino Says:

    now you know why people leave new jersey. justice is in the ass end of a horse.

  14. Gordo Says:

    Yeh the US constitution

    Used to mean something for a US citizen

    Most importantly is the defendants constitutional rights which must/should be respected

    Yeh the smell from the judicial system is overwhelming

    Ya do have supporters Freddy

    Words of support from this reader


  15. Nihilist Says:

    Sounds worthy of another book by Mr. Davis.

  16. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Freddy has a voice…
    it is yours Mr. Davis
    and i as many countless others would agree
    yours is the voice of bard and wordsmith.
    sing loud sir on this mans behalf.
    Someone certainly must defend him in court, as mentioned…
    i hope its some fire breathin throat rippin ass tearin motherfucker
    its time fer all this shit to stop..

    any way to toss some scratch at his coffer?



  17. Hero Says:


    Chin up, my faimly and I will be praying for your immidate release.

  18. freebird Says:

    I still hold out hope that a top gun defense attorney takes his case…..

    This whole case stinks worse than the old lime pit shitters @ Fort Benning in August

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