I Warned You

August 29, 2018

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I Warned You

FX Networks has announced it is partnering with Trejo’s Tacos and Postmates to celebrate the series premiere of its highly-anticipated drama series Mayans M.C., the next chapter in Kurt Sutter’s award-winning Sons of Anarchy saga.

Beginning this week, the Los Angeles-area taco chain founded by actor Danny Trejo will offer the exclusive “Trejo’s Mayans M.C. Taco” at its three Cantina locations (Hollywood, Pasadena and Woodland Hills) as well as its two fast casual locations (La Brea and USC). Additionally, Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts in Hollywood will be offering a custom, limited-edition donut, the “Trejo’s Mayans M.C. Donut.”

The promotional partnership ends Monday, September 10.

For those whose “chopper is in the shop,” FX is sponsoring free delivery of Trejo’s fare via Postmates until Thursday, September 6. Special Mayans M.C.-themed trucker hats will be available as a gift with any Trejo’s Taco’s purchase from the Trejo’s Tacos – La Brea, Trejo’s Tacos – USC and Trejo’s Cantina – Hollywood locations, whiles supplies last. To order, download Postmates on iOS or Android or visit Postmates.com.

“Set in a post-Jax Teller world, Mayans M.C. follows Ezekiel ‘EZ’ Reyes (JD Pardo) who is fresh out of prison and a prospect in the Mayans M.C. charter on the Cali/Mexi border. Now, EZ must carve out his new identity in a town where he was once the golden boy with the American Dream in his grasp. The series also stars Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Carla Baratta, Antonio Jaramillo, Raoul Max Trujillo, Richard Cabral, and Danny Pino. Recurring stars include Emilio Rivera, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero, Vincent Rocco Vargas, Maurice Compte, Gino Vento, Tony Plana and Ada Maris. Mayans M.C. was co-created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James. Norberto Barba directs the first two episodes. The series is executive produced by Sutter and Barba, with James as Co-Executive Producer. The 10-episode first season is produced by FOX 21 Television Studios and FX Productions.”

I warned you didn’t I?

I said, “You are about to get FX’s new television show, Mayans MC shoved down your throat for at least the next month. Whether you like it or not.”

I know I said that.


16 Responses to “I Warned You”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    All I can say is, I’m glad I don’t have to see one of those shit-hole restaurants live, nor one of those shit-stain roach-coahes, *and* I’m still fucking glad I threw the teevee out 6 years ago.

    Fuck Trejo and hollywood and those shit-heads Sutter and this fucktard owning this mayans crap.

  2. Dasein Says:

    Uncanny. Rebel not only sees the future, he can apparently even taste it as well.

  3. Freeman Says:

    À ‘’MC’’ Mayans trio coming to a franchise near you soon.,, wonder what toys will be in the happy meals,ak47? Uzi?kinder surprise? Sure negotiations are still going.

  4. Va.Bob Says:

    Man,that’s some expensive shit.Can’t blame Trejo,though.He’s older than dirt He was in prison when the late Edward “No Beast So Fierce” Bunker was ,and gets a mention in his memoirs. Ya gotta get it while you can.

  5. Igo Says:

    Maybe they can team up with a medical supply and have their own line of colostomy bags and trusses also…..

  6. Mac Says:

    Wait a minute. If Mayans MC is a gang. And they’re involved in organized crime…and I wear the Trejo-Mayan hat. Do I get lumped into all Rico charges against real MCs that the Feds pull out of their asses?

  7. Bones_glass_1973 Says:

    I ate at said taco joint couple of weeks ago @ the USC location,12$ carne asada quesadillas,shoulda got the 14$ burrito……Anyways,I woulda felt better getting a free hat

  8. Aanon Says:

    Hangaround, they might do straight across for a dyna with t bars and an I robot fairing. Never know.

  9. freebird Says:

    @ Hangaround

    Forget it…. only a cop could eat that many

  10. Paladfin Says:

    Question: Can it get any more embarrassingly desperate than this?

    Answer: Stand by.


  11. freebird Says:

    You may have said something about it…..

    I am waiting on the Mayans MC toilet paper

    Simple pleasures

  12. jrino Says:

    those trucker hats will be collector items !!!!LOL Danny bot into hallowwood big time. it’s where the money is. Can’t wait to see who else gets in on the gravy train.

  13. 31st Says:

    Welp, it doesn’t get much more “autentico” than Danny Trejo!

  14. New England Rider Says:

    Sounds like some delicious tacos……

    New England Rider

  15. Hangaround Says:

    How many Mayans donuts do I need to redeem to get the Mayan themed Harley Road King
    Low Rider Special?

  16. David Torres Says:

    $32.95 for five of Trejo’s Tacos, Chips n Salsa and a medium drink.

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