The Murderer’s Murder

August 24, 2018

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The Murderer's Murder

The prosecution in the ever-more sordid April Kauffman murder case believes that the dead woman was shot and killed in her home in May 2012 by a drug addict named Francis “Frank” Mulholland who was abetted in the murder by his cousin Joseph Mulholland.

About 17 months later Frank Mulholland was found dead. His body was discovered by Joseph.

April Kauffman was murdered, prosecutors allege, because her husband, Dr. James Kauffman, paid the Mulhollands to do it. James Kauffman was charged with the murder earlier this year and killed himself the same month. Joseph is now a principal witness that a retired Pagan named Ferdinand Augello was responsible for April Kauffman’s murder. An empty bottle of OxyContin prescribed to Joe Mulholland by James Kauffman was found at the scene of his cousin Frank’s death.

No Accident

An autopsy was performed on Frank’s remains the day after his death. Later that year Regional Medical Examiner Hisham A. Hashish certified that April Kauffman’s putative murderer died from the “Toxic Effects of Heroin” and that the manner of death was “Accident.”

There was no heroin in Frank Mulholland’s system because heroin has a half-life of two to six minutes.
But the postmortem toxicology report did notice three heroin metabolites in his blood and in his urine.

“Morphine (free): 0.186 mg/l in blood, 3.148 mg/l in urine.

“6-mono-acetyl-morphine: 0.375 mh/l in urine.

“Codeine: 0.479 mg/l in urine.”

A source with extensive experience in forensic decomposition, speaking anonymously, told The Aging Rebel “based on the profile of the heroin’s metabolism this was either a suicide, accidental manslaughter, or murder…of the decedent…based on the limited information provided.”

Heroin Matabolism

When asked to explain, he replied in writing:

“Heroin goes into your body and it is processed by the liver. Many ex-opiate/opioid abusers have liver problems analagous to heavy drinkers.”

“Primary metabolism is within the liver. Renal metabolism is secondary.”

6-Monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM, 6-acetylmorphine, or 6-AM) is one of three active metabolites of heroin (diacetylmorphine). The others are morphine and 3-monoacetylmorphine ( or 3-MAM).

“Free morphine is the major metabolite of heroin. Codeine occurs because the deceased must have lived long enough in a state of euphoria for his liver to further metabolize the morphine into codeine.”

“That is the red flag.”

Red Flag

“If the deceased had overdosed on Oxycodone, the major metabolite detected would have been noroxycodone, then oxymorphone, then noroxymorphone. Whoever this deceased is got a really hot bag of pure heroin. No evidence of fentanyl. Just 90 to 99 percent heroin there. The decendent would have lapsed into a state of euphoria, further with depressed kidney and lung function. Essentially he or someone administered what used to be called a ‘hotshot.’”

“Normally if you see a death like this, it means you’re going to find the person was a ‘tester’ or a distributor who is an addict. The distributors don’t use marquis reagents or gas chromatography to determine potency. They use themselves, if they are acclimated to heroin use, or they use a ‘tester’ who is a user with much experience in opiate/opioid addiction. The tester takes a shot and then rates the quality, much like a wine taster.”

“After the test the distributor knows how much they will contaminate the product in order to increase quantity and reduce potency. For this decedent to have this profile of metabolites, he got a high potency shot. Either someone gave him a ‘hotshot’ or he was a tester or I would bet you he was found with a large quantity of heroin.”

Frank Mulholland was not found with a large quantity of heroin.

“More than likely this would be investigated as a murder if he was not found with an amount this significant.”

“Death for this decedent went like this: Administration. Three or four hours of euphoria. Then he is unable to breathe. He might vomit and choke. Otherwise if he does not vomit there is a few more hours of life where his brain slowly dies as he asphyxiates.”


13 Responses to “The Murderer’s Murder”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    “The doc kept complaining, ‘Why is it taking so long?,’” Glick said. “I said, ‘We’re working on it. It’s not like there is a store where we can go to hire hitmen to kill women.’”
    Seems to me Glick is running the “kill the Wife” Show.
    WTF… How many people know Doc hired a guy to kill His wife? 5? Doc, JM, FM, Glick AND FREDDY? Who else? I call BS!

    JM killed 2 people and gets a deal? Glick says, “… but I never thought I’d be looking at 40 years,” Glick said. “It would basically be life for me.”

    BOTH of these guys are testifying FOR THEIR LIVES!!!! Who wouldn’t say anything with a gun to their head.

    Make no mistake about this… JM killed FM in cold blood and was the brains in the Wife killing. FA’s Lawyer needs to put JM on trial for FM’s murder. Get that Jury REAL MAD that the DA let him go with a deal. Glick don’t know SHIT! He’s just saving his ass and would say anything.

    Get a new Lawyer Freddy. A Philly “Pit Bull” Lawyer… Keep the Trial date but have someone else argue at Trial. That Lawyer/Mom might be a good lady but you need a RUTHLESS Lawyer to rip apart JM. Forget the other ratz. Regular cross is good for them. Once the Jury sees JM for who he is… The others won’t matter. Get that Jury REAL MAD. A new (Philly) Lawyer won’t be too respectful in court AND that DA knows where that Lady PD is going… knows her defense strategy. Surprise is everything. Find out who sold JM that Hot bag or find someone JM asked for a hot bag. Those things don’t just grow on trees. JM must have asked someone… check recently convicted H Dealers in Jail. Maybe JM asked them about a hot bag?

  2. Gandalf Says:

    Both Glick AND JM are ratting to save their lives.

  3. Mongoloid Says:

    What could they have possibly offered Mulholland? That’s what I don’t get.

  4. Gordo Says:


    Link went open the story about Glick

    He was going to get 40 years so he sang

  5. moto Says:

    Give a man 40% pure heroin and it will keep him high for the night

    Give him 90-99% pure and it will keep him high for the rest of his life.

    Seriously though, 90+% pure heroin is fucking ridiculous.

  6. Gordo Says:

    Another twist to the tale of Freddie’s prosecution or persecution

    More to this story

    No physical evidence linking Feddy just testimony from the rats

    Will the jury see/find “reasonable doubt” in the case put before them??

    Hope so


    Thx for the updates Rebel

  7. Mark Says:

    On the chemistry side of what Rebel said, is very accurate. Which throws a new way of looking at this whole matter. Is there a heron ring in the background and the cops are working with that heron ring? Let’s go back to the doc’s arrest. Did the doc really pull a gun on the cops which I’d odd he would still be alive if he really did because in our world today if the cops see a cell phone in someone’s hand, there is a reasonable chance that person will be removed from the living, on the spot. Or is the doc and the gun another tale so the doc would remain in jail. If the doc really did pull the gun and lived he’s as described many times on this site as, suicidal. If the doc was suocidal, how did he kill himself in jail? Tester, that kind of heron doesn’t float around on the streets normally and there was no spike in OD’s on heron in that timeframe in that area. 3 deaths the doc, his old lady and the junkie. Did/are the cops covering for a big money heron ring, that offed the doc’s old lady because she figured out that the doc’s pill sideshow was connected to a heron ring for disturbing the shit? Was the doc going sideways for one or a few reasons and needed to be removed from the picture to make sure his operation stayed separated from the heron ring? Is Freddy’s arrest a larger firewall to protect criminals in the system? Pure heron does not float around on the streets, so there is no question of a heron ring being in the shadows of this mess. No wonder Freddy is being silenced by the cops and government lawyers from the social media. In the real world the cops and government lawyers would want a defendant to run off on the social media. Because the defendant could help their case. But if the cops and government lawyers knew the defendant was not guilty and that defendant was being used as a firewall to protect the cops and government lawyers. They know the defendant can hurt them far worse than the other way around. So the defendant needs to be silenced. Remember whenever anyone walks into a court they are walking into a closed union shop. For Freddy to get an appointed lawyer, that would defend Freddy even if that defense exposed the cops protection of a heron ring or any drug ring, is never going to happen. Which explains way Freddy wants to defend himself, he’s got nothing to lose and what a fucked up situation to be put in.

  8. Freebird Says:

    Three can keep a secret if two are dead…..

  9. Paladin Says:

    Regional Medical Examiner Hisham A. Hashish? Bet he was extremely popular and “the go to guy” all through school.


  10. FF Says:

    Freddy, if your family can read this and print it out and give it to you to comfort you in your hour of need—

    There is NO WAY a jury is going to convict you.

    Every piece of shit lined up to testify against you was on a first name basis with Kaufman. What did Kaufman need you for?

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