Immigration Games

August 23, 2018

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Immigration Games

The Global War on Terror metamorphosed into a Global War on Motorcycle Clubs years ago – mostly because bikers are much easier to spot and arrest than Jihadis. For at least a decade Australia has been a laboratory where American federal police have experimented with ways to equate motorcycle outlaws with the Islamic State.

Three years ago at a secret, police only conference in North Carolina, ATF biker analyst Jeremy Sheetz bragged to a room dressed mostly in blue, “I just came back from Australia. We were assisting them in how to work long term investigations, how to change their laws.”

Australia is a good place to practice subverting the Bill of Rights because Australia doesn’t have a Bill of Rights.

A couple of recent, small stories illustrate this.

Stevan Utah

An Australian Bandido, scoundrel and former drug dealer who calls himself Steven Utah earned at least $600,000 and became the object of international attention after he decided to become a police informant in 2004. He invited much of the attention. He started giving interviews in 2007 and published a biker memoir titled Dead Man Running in 2008.

Utah claims he was himself betrayed by the Australian Crime Commission in 2006. He says he was almost murdered by his former club brothers and was then forced to flee to Canada.

Utah was granted refugee status by Canada almost a year ago. He had argued that he was forced out of his own country because of “corruption, ineptitude and structural difficulties” within several Australian police agencies. He is widely reported to be the first Australian refugee to be granted asylum by Canada.
This Australian immigrant story grows complicated because, apparently, Utah has run out of money. So he is now suing the Canada Border Services Agency for not granting him asylum sooner – on account of he is one of the English speaking peoples, as Winston Churchill put it. Utah is accusing Canadian officials of leaving his asylum request linger in “legal limbo” for many, long, cold Canadian winters because they did not take it seriously enough; because they didn’t equate living in a country with Bandidos to living in a country run by ISIS.

Utah is seeking $1.35 million for lost wages, presumably as a biker expert, $1 million in general and punitive damages – because when you have to hire lawyers you can always use an extra million – and another $200,000 to compensate him for mental difficulties because all that waiting around in Canada  has messed with his head,

Anonymous French Angel

Meanwhile, a 44-year-old man identified only as a French Hells Angel was taken into custody at Perth Airport by the Australian Border Force last Saturday after his flight from Singapore landed. He was denied entry into the country.

His entry visa was cancelled because his status as a member of his club presented “a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community, or a segment of the community.”

A Border Force spokesman named Rod O’Donnell explained the visa cancellation by saying, “These gangs pose a significant threat to our community and are known to be involved in serious criminal activity including drug trafficking and violent crime. Any non-citizen involved with a criminal organization such as a bikie gang can expect to be identified and targeted by the ABF, have their Australian visa cancelled and then be removed from the country.”

The unnamed man was deported the next day.


20 Responses to “Immigration Games”

  1. Snow Says:

    Paladin is correct, there is no right to free movement off your own private property and even that can be is sometimes is restricted. A border is a declared line of of property, cross at your own peril. Also a U.N. piece of paper is only good for wiping your ass with.

  2. Paladin Says:

    @ Penguin;

    The second paragraph in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that you linked to states that the declaration is not legally binding. So; the “science” in the “legal citation” you linked to has no force of law.


  3. TX_Biker Says:

    Does anyone else hear a Hitleresque narrative concerning our lifestyle?

  4. I.J Says:

    In Australia even if you take out Australian citizenship but retain your country of birth as a dual citizen then you will still be deported…….

  5. Filburt Says:

    But, those countries will accept muslims with open arms… let the Mfer’s learn the hard way. Phufk muslims and islam.

  6. Penguin Says:

    @Paladin. Don’t you want the legal citation? I only pointed out the division between law and ukase. The gradual conflation in thought and language that equates right with privilege…

    Between the reality you describe so vividly, and the law itself – something we are sworn to uphold, the USC, I presume, anyway, there exists the matter I pointed out, a “fissure” (Clapper called it that).

    Peace Brother, read what I wrote, and ask for evidence, refute it or counter it with proofs, or accept it as fact…or go on your trip. It isn’t going to matter to anybody… Hey, it’s science, man…not emotions,

  7. Paladin Says:

    @ Penguin;

    If I own a section of land (with no easements), no one has the “right” to cross or be on my land unless I extend them the “privilege” of doing so. To do otherwise is trespassing and is illegal. My property has borders, which legally define the boundaries of the land that is under my control. As such; I am within my legal right to eject (with force if necessary) anyone found on my property that I have not extended a “privilege” to be there.

    As private property is held by an individual, a country is nothing more than a larger piece of privately held property, held by the population living within its well defined borders. One has no more “right” to be in another’s country without permission than they do on an individual’s private property without his or her permission. The permission, if granted is in the form of a privilege. To be found in another’s country without having been granted the privilege to be there, makes one an illegal alien.

    The privilege to be in another country not one’s own is granted in the form of a visa, issued by the country one wishes to enter. In order to be granted a visa (privilege), one must first obtain a passport (another privilege) to leave one’s country of origin.

    So; let’s review: One has no “right” to be on another’s property, or be in a country not of their own without the express permission of that land owner or that country. There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States that speaks to a God given “right” of travel to other countries. Yes; you have the God given right to pursue happiness, but only within the boundaries of the United States. Outside of the United States, the pursuit of happiness becomes a privilege. As such; passports and visas are privileges granted to individuals by countries so that they MAY, with permission, travel from one country to another.

    Because travel abroad is indeed a privilege and not a right, that privilege can be suspended or revoked. In certain cases, Judges will require an individual to surrender their passport as a condition when granting bail. As a condition of parole or formal probation, parolees and probationers have to ask permission to leave a specific geographical area. Leaving the country is pretty much out of the question. There are also times when a country will close its borders and entry will be denied to all that don’t live within the borders of that country.

    Still think you have a “right to passage”? Try getting caught on foreign soil without a passport and or a visa and see what happen. I guarantee it won’t be your best day ever.


  8. JMacK Says:

    Paladin is right. Canada is a lost cause. It’s infuriating to watch it all take place and know what my children are going to have to deal with. The current Liberal govt is providing more for asylum seekers and illegal border crossers than they are for even Veterans. And any question thrown at that fuckin idiot trudope gets called “racist”. It’s fucking brutal really.
    Hey world, here’s a message – My Canada don’t want your fuckin problems. Fit in or Fuck off. And snitches? Don’t even fucking bother. Alberta (my province) is the only rat-free human inhabited place in the entire world. Let’s keep it that way!


  9. Penguin Says:

    @ Paladin, who wrote: “As far as deciding who is or who is not granted the privilege of entering a foreign country, that’s the prerogative of that country”.

    Surely the right, not privilege, to travel exists as US ratified international law,(I looked it up). That would seem to make it constitutionally also valid inside the US, TSA notwithstanding…

    And the essay is about rights, and the loss of rights, not disreputable individuals…

    But I agree that as a practical matter, everything is a privilege. Even life.

    The conflation in language of the two ideas, right, and privilege, seems to say something dark about all legal rights, and the direction of things…

  10. rookery Says:

    If you watch the youtube clip on the guys being stopped entering OZ then I should advise you that the opening sequence with the alleged HA member from France is obviously fake. Can’t speak for the rest of the film but that clip is fake as are the patches….. begs the question as to whether they have deported some wannabe with on-line bought colours, which would be deliciously ironic in all sorts of ways…

  11. bcnasty Says:

    @ Penguin,
    “What was it that Niemoller wrote?”
    No kidding there.

  12. Damon Says:

    Dear Rebel, It’s almost ten years since your Sydney Biker War piece led me to this page, and despite a few successes against the various State non-association laws and other nuisance legislation, the situation in Australia has gone from bad to worse in that time.
    Something of a perfect storm has been building since at least the late 1970s. In a nutshell, for a long time everyone knew which fish swam in which pond and any brash new popups or shit magnets were quickly educated. As the 1990s saw the rise of corporate HR and all the wank language that went with it, police promotion became increasingly based on merit rather than seniority, and ‘the bikies’ became a prime target for ambitious young police managers looking for behavioral examples for their next application for transfer or promotion. Police policies became more frequent and petty, and in many places several big fish decided to stop doing the policing for them and the resulting chaos has been building for the police ever since. There are now cities with a dozen chapters when before there might have been 2 or 3.
    A handful of years ago, the deportations of ‘persons of bad character’ started ramping up in English speaking countries everywhere and the latest figures I saw earlier this month claimed the Australian Immigration Dept were running 4 or 5 MC members a week out of the country. That number is primarily guys who migrated to Australia as kids and never took out citizenship, although there’s now also a growing trade in noting when anyone of bad character leaves the country, and cancelling their right to return.
    As below, so above. Canada and New Zealand have followed suit and there was even one story of a guy who was helping a buddy clean up a clubhouse the morning after a party in return for a support shirt – which he was wearing when the police paid a visit for something minor related to the party, and by lunchtime he was in a cell at the airport. Right now, any close friend of a club who isn’t a citizen of the country they’re living in should think about becoming one or keep a very low profile. I don’t wear support shirts anymore, and if I catch up with old friends I’m careful how, when and where. I quit drinking several years ago now, there’s too much to lose from an impulsive word or act and less chance of making bad decisions in the heat of the moment.
    Yeah, some of it’s probably over cautious, maybe even paranoid, but in an age when you can be fingered for a 1967 murder by leaving your spit on a napkin at IHOP in 2018, I’ve got no intention of finding myself back in the land of my ancestors because I didn’t think they’d go that far. Happy trails, Damon the backward nomad.

  13. Penguin Says:

    With caution, as I do not intend a dialogue, Paladin’s idea about travel and entry/exit seem to me be in error. It is not a privilege to leave or return, travel is a right… It is a right according to law. By the way, the high cost of passports is, arguably, illegal due to this right. There’s a class-action suit…

    Yes, people are properly examined, passports, visas, an all, but this has to follow equitable legal principle…and yes, the law is generally not closely followed, but there you have the discomforting and obvious implication that the Nth State is a criminal organization, eh? One clearly criminal gang setting up in judgement of individuals based of imaginary or secret denouncements and “tips”. One might be tempted to remember the 3erd Reich…

    The topic of the essay is given in the first 3 paragraphs…and if I may say so, the topic is the gradual conflation of “terrorism” and “biker” or clubs in the mediaspace, and in law, and in law the cops intend to change (rather an insult to the legislative branch, eh? Some might say that’s treason to the Constitution, but I would say it merely seems like criminal conspiracy to commit a fraud, malfeasance, crimes along those lines.

    It may be that the examples the author’s mooted, Mr U and Mr A, are not of absolutely sterling character. Rights must protect everyone equally before the law, or they are something more like what Paladin said… [mere] privilege [extended by a criminal gang} to somebody they “like”. Such as the intrepid Mr U, one might speculate.

    To be fair I will note that in my lifetime the term “privilege” has replaced the term “right”…both in language, and also in reality. Now it is a “privilege” to live, as They claim the “right” (in law!) to kill anybody on Earth…can y’all spell “drone”? After they finish conflating turrursts and clubs, how long until they do a job on…well…whodyatink?

  14. Paladin Says:

    Utah is a piece of shit. I have no sympathy for informants or pussies. Canada should kick this asshole back to Australia.

    As far as deciding who is or who is not granted the privilege of entering a foreign country, that’s the prerogative of that country. All one has to do is look at what’s happened and is continuing to happen to the countries of Europe that lack discernment in their immigration policies. The United States better take heed. Canada is a lost cause.


  15. Penguin Says:

    What a great job of sleuthing old man! Kudozzz!

    Is logical to expect that clubs will become more secretive, with some success over time. After that it becomes “associated” and then “related to”, since membership will be underground…well, deeper underground than now. Is only the beginning, brother. Dump the radiophones and recording gadgets? Well…

    Why? They cannot abide any non-coordinated organization, no club but the ones they control? Especially a club of men, which is to say any potential militia? If many are veterans and patriots? Heaven forbid!

    The job in Oz is “beta testing”? Duh. And interesting that the cops imagine their job includes changing the law, not mere enforcement.

    (Apropos nothing at all, I see that Trump revoked Brennen’s clearance. That’s something JFK failed to do when Dulles and that gang did their little ol’ job…he fired Dulles, but left him to continue his “project”. Now if Dulles had been on ice, inspecting a salt mine…)

    What was it that Niemoller wrote?
    (insert “bikers” anywhere in poem)

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  16. Gordo Says:

    Not sure if went thru 1st time

    I said

    “No empathy for rats, snitches, CI’s etc”

    “Lie or lay in the bed ya made for yourself”

    Not the 1st or last time a 1% club member had been denied access or expelled from a country because of membership in a 1% motorcycle club”

    Hope the lawsuit fails

  17. jrino Says:

    Looks like they are turning up the heat down under,some bikers now have to go to the zoo to see a kangaroo. Better Canada for Utah than Utah!LOL

  18. Gordo Says:

    I have no empathy for rats snitches CI’s etc

    Lie or lay in the bed ya make for yourself

    Not the 1st time or last time a 1% club member has not been allowed and/or expelled from a country because of their membership in a 1% motorcycle club

    Hope the lawsuit is unsuccessful

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