Ancient Outlaws Case Continues

August 21, 2018

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Ancient Outlaws Case Continues

The Eastern District of Wisconsin’s ongoing racketeering case against members of the American Outlaws Association, seems unlikely to end soon.

The case began during a time of hard feelings and troubles between the Outlaws and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club with a massive 1997 RICO case titled USA v. O’Neill et al., and continued with a smaller RICO case titled USA v. Anastas et al. It was where ATF agent Darrin “Koz” Kozlowski came from. Kozlowski was so good at his chosen profession that Kevin P. “Spike” O’Neill later described him as a psychopath.

Randy “Mad” Yager was a defendant in the original case. He went on the run for 19 years with his girlfriend, a concert musician named Margaret Jelovcic, until Marshalls and Federales caught up with them in Ensenada in 2014. They captured Yager. They murdered Jelovcic.

Southside Orvie

Orville J. “Southside Orvie” Cochran was indicted in a second RICO case related to the Outlaws-Angels war. Cochran stayed in the wind for 16 years until he was arrested for trying to shop lift a back brace from a regional super store in Evergreen Park, Illinois on April 17, 2017. Cochran is now 68-years-old.

He is a survivor of both a gunshot and a mostly bygone era. The charges against him sound like what Sons of Anarchy wanted to be.

He was the president of the Chicago Southside Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and he is actually charged with that as well as attending Outlaws’ meetings. “At these meetings, referred to by the Outlaws as ‘bosses meetings,’ they discussed, among other things, the war between the Outlaws and the Hella Angels.”

In January 1993 he allegedly planned and participated in an armed confrontation with members of the Hells Angels in LaCrosse Wisconsin.

He is accused of being among the Outlaws who busted up a bar called JR’s Watering Hole Tavern in Calumet City, Illinois on March 19, 1994. He supposedly helped bomb the Southwest Tattoo Emporium, Ltd. in Chicago on August 4, 1994.

The next month he is accused of participating in a brawl at Lancaster Speedway in Erie County, New York that resulted in the death of a Hells Angel named Michael “Mad Mike” Quale “under circumstances evincing a depraved indifference to human life.”

Police say he helped set fire to the Hell’s Henchmen clubhouse on Grand Avenue, in Chicago in December 1994.

And he is accused, in March 1995, of killing a man named Jack “4By” Castle at a trucking company on George Street in Chicago, placing his body in a car and then driving the car to a salvage yard named All Will County Auto Parts and Wreckers, Inc. where he left instructions that the car should be crushed.


These sorts of things don’t happen quite as often these days as they once did so anticipation has been simmering in Chicago and Milwaukee since Cochran was arrested. He will probably go on trial sometime but not anytime soon.

Cochran had been scheduled for trial September 10. But, it is an old case and there are many pieces of evidence to consider so this summer his lawyers asked that the trial be continued while they consider their defense. A district judge named Lynn Adelman granted the request.

A new trial date has not yet been set. There will be a status conference on August 31 and a new trial date might be set then.

Or maybe the case will continue to sit on a shelf for a little longer, like the last bottle of an old wine that everybody remembers but that nobody makes anymore.


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29 Responses to “Ancient Outlaws Case Continues”

  1. Liveshere Says:

    Randy Yager was captured at La Maroma Bar in Rosarito Beach.. He lived there for 17 years and very few people knew him as anyone other than Steve. Margie died directly across the street after a 15 minute chase by Mexican PEP police. Her car flipped multiple times and slammed into a tree. The memorial remains on that spot to this day and is maintained by friends they made while living there. Margie once played the piano for me.. she was incredibly talented and a good friend.

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    @ David

    No hurt feeling here. My reply was more tof whoever is saying that Rebel is rat obviously doesn’t follow the man and know he stand by what he writes. Good to see you a regular reader, like I said before Rebel goes where the other wont.

  3. Irish 1%er Says:

    Insane Throttle is owned and funded bye the Iron Order! The whole thing is set up to look like biker news but they slowly have been trying to legitimize the IO and the Cossacks. Don’t take the bait! It’s IO propaganda! Fuck those rats! There the real rats!!

  4. David Says:

    @Iron Rider

    Didn’t mean to insult Rebel at all. I know it was expert testimony against urine odor. But it not just insane throttle but other sites. I saw it too on the newly minted 1% Copsack website message board. I’ve followed Rebel for years and know he s stand up. I apologize for hurting your feelings.

  5. Johnny Rotten Says:

    insane throttle is jus another generic news site
    they garner news from here and bnn.
    usually a day or 2 behind…
    regardless of how they claims to be the best informed…
    aint particularly knockin em…
    jus sayin whats fact.
    some folks are on top
    some folks are trodden

    it aint hard to step over…

    respects to those deserving


  6. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Paladin

    So that is where David is referring to. Posted by Urine Odour trash, I should have guessed that.

  7. Paladin Says:

    @ Iron Rider;

    There are those that post on the Insane Throttle blog that have called Rebel a rat for his expert witness testimony in the estate case of Tonya M. Focht. These idiots thought that if the io were found guilty it would set a legal precedent regarding guilt by association. These same jackasses were unaware that RICO has always included a civil cause of action component.


  8. Iron Rider Says:

    @ David

    I dont see where anyone is calling Rebel a rat, and if they are then they obviously have never read a word Rebel has written.

    The only people who have issues with Rebel are the folks in Law Enforcement who don’t like that Rebel gets more inside info than they do and calls Law Enforcement out when they deserve it and the idiots from the Urine Order, because Rebel called those fucksticks out long ago and they tried their little intimidation games to make Rebel stop reporting on their antics, which failed miserably.

    I would trust Rebels writing and sources more than I would trust any other journalist with their word and sources. Rebel will go where the mainstream media wont tread, and if you think Rebel isnt a thorn in the side of Law Enforcement, look at the shit the Urine Odour tried to pull on him and same with old Uncle Reyna and friends, and Rebel never backed down nor went away.

    There isnt anyone here that isnt in law enforcement or in the urine odour who doesn’t think Rebel is a stand up guy, I have never thought of Rebel as a rat nor will I. You dont come this far after all the threats and intimidation tactics and keep reporting and writing stories if you didnt believe them or have the courage to take on writing the stories no one else is willing to cover unless it is the police PR version of events.

  9. Penguin Says:

    Is off topic, brother, but I will bite…

    No, had not seen such claim.

    Claims are like sand, all over.

    Is public space. Do not say what you wish to keep secret.

    Not all cops are illiterate. Some read. Some are nuts, true, but many are merely delusional and need a job – they are swept along, as people are. They believe what they must.

    One deduces the character of a man over time according to his actions. It helps to know him from childhood, and know his family. Rebel seems to me to be doing a real job of sound and needed journalism. I judge him on that and what seems to be a sober moderate policy in line with fairness and good sense. Yes, there’s a bit of honeypot potential, but the entire net is the result of a DARPA project to mount a universal spynet. It worked. They even managed to get people to fill their own STASI file on Fakbuk or whatever, and transmit their geolocation data every few minutes… (ain’t they proud!???)

  10. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    I believe it is because Rebel stood against Iron Order who killed Tonya M. Focht.
    All thos old unsolved crimes… oh that again.. more innocent people going to prison for crimes they didn’t commit.

  11. David Says:

    Why are people online calling rebel a rat? Anybody else see that?

  12. JohnboyFTW Says:

    @Lunchbox +1

  13. Lunchbox Says:

    @Irish Mike
    What makes you the expert? Do you even own or ride a motorcycle? Where do you get your information on 1% clubs? News media? Because we all know we can believe anything they say it must all be the truth. Sons of Anarchy, again we all know that shit must be true!


  14. rocco151 Says:

    @white witch +1

  15. Penguin Says:

    If persecution gang waits long enough a cogent defense becomes impossible. The USC says speedy trial.
    Waiting many years to bring to trial is right out of the Stalinist period.

    Is a standard bureaucratic game in Police States.

    Penguin has seen documents from Detroit demanding “payment” of “back child support” (plus fines and interest). These demanded about 25 grand and claimed that the “debt” came from 1962… The target man replied that he’d paid the child support when it was due, in the 1960’s. Detroit said, “Ok, send receipts”.

    Ok fellas, who can prove they paid a bill in 1960’s?

  16. white witch Says:

    @ irish mike you and new england rider would make a good team.
    neither one of you has a clue what the hell you are talking about
    you can both meet in P-Town and play grabass

    ride free
    white witch

  17. white witch Says:

    @ Irish mike
    Dude what is your problem? why are you on this site.
    Why don’t you take your trash talking up to a real biker and then see how tough you are. Get out of the basement. ask your mama first mikey you are a clown

  18. Shovelhead Says:

    Irish Mike,

    1%er life has nothing to do with committing crimes. Don’t you have a bottle of whiskey you need to crawl into?

    respect to the real 1%

  19. Irish Mike Says:

    Classic,crime doesn’t forget. The 1% way of life, commit crimes hide, then get caught and pay the price with your old ass in jail. Idiots

  20. FF Says:

    That man is a rock star.

  21. Sieg Says:

    rocco151, Orvie was good people back in the day…like you said, amazing that the FedCoats are gonna try to put something together from back then, but hey, maybe the fat BOY is gonna sing to bring down the curtain, not the fat lady.


  22. New England Rider Says:

    LOL – run Randy, run!! So awesome how he ran for a long, long time from the law. Mad respect.

    New England Rider

  23. Iron Rider Says:

    I know the Feds love to cobble shit together to try and make a case, but isn’t this digging back into the vault a little too far? How many witnesses are going to remember ANYTHING from that far back? Shit my old lady can’t remember where she put her keys down 5 minutes after walking in the door.

    Prosecutors are going to rely on testimony from people that far back? Good luck with that. I have seen some cases that are a real reach, this one might take first place, I mean seriously digging shit up to make a case.

    Ought to be interesting to see what the defence gets in discovery, cause from all those years back? I will be surprised if it is anything they still have. If they are going to rely on witness testimony, I dont see that going well on cross

  24. Snow Says:

    Not guilty, case closed. Next case

  25. rocco151 Says:

    Old&Jaded +1

    It must be strange for Orvie to be facing charges from a time 25 years ago when most of the Feds prosecuting him were still in school dreaming of playing Wyatt Earp ! The amazing part of this story to me is that Orvie lived under the radar doing some kind of job, functioning as a completely regular guy ,or at least not getting caught doing so much as jaywalking until this shoplifting error in judgement ! Long gone are the days when a car engine went flying down Grand Avenue in a battle that at the time seemed worth fighting…the opposition leader is now selling vitamins and supplements down South after doing a suspiciously short stint in jail…the large gentleman that headed one of your groups after you went under is now Out Bad and has become a writer…you were accused before the towers went down and UBL is long dead…it’s kind of sad that Orvie is going inside for “all day” for charges that are forgotten to everyone except the Feds (who couldn’t find a guy living a few miles from his last known address for 25 years) !

  26. freebird Says:

    I think i still have a bottle of 1968 Pink grapefruit MD 20/20…..

    Brown paper bag not included

  27. jrino Says:

    Shoplift a back brace? Gee don’t the brothers have one they can loan you?

  28. Old & Jaded Says:

    Allegations from 1993, 1994 and 1995?

    Should be interesting. Bet that wine has gone sour.

  29. Paladin Says:

    “Or maybe the case will continue to sit on a shelf for a little longer, like the last bottle of an old wine that everybody remembers but that nobody makes anymore.”

    Justice is like that. Yes; it is.


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